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     Board met pursuant to adjournment at 9-30 A.M., June 1st, 1910, at the same

place. The roll call showed the following members present:

     Present: Diessrs. Atkinson, Carpenter, Clay, Edelen, Nichols,
                Patterson, Stoll, White, Wfalker, Cox, Wathen and
                Regenstein,                                            12

     Absent:   Messrs. Willson, Davies, Smith, Terrell, Turner
                and Barker,                                             6

     A quorum being present business was proceeded with.

     Mr. Walker presented the report of the Committee on Experiment Station, which

is as follows:

     The Committee appointed on the Experiment Station submit the following report:

     Wdle have examined the Experiment Station as well as the limited time afforded

and we concur in all the recommendations of the Director and we ask their adoption,


     That the appropriations from the Hatch and Adams Acts, the incomes from the

Fertilizer, Food and FeedControl Work, and Farm and any interest accruing from

these accounts, be appropriated by the Board for the use of the Station.

     In accordance with the general rule, the salaries of the heads of departments

and assistants of the Station be fixed, beginning July 1, 1910, as per the follow-

ing schedule and we ask its adoption.

    M. A. Scovell                                4800.00

    A. M. Peter                                  2400.00

    H. E. Curtis                                 2400.00

    H. Garman                                    2400.00

    R. M. Allen                                  2200,00

    J. 0. LeBach                                 2200.00

    J. D. Turner                                 2100.00

    Mrs. M. L. Didlake                           1600.00

S. D. Averitt




     0. '. Shedd                             1600.00

     J. W. Nutter                           1300.00

     Miss Lillie Liston                       840.00

     E. C. Vaughn                            1300.00

     George Roberts                          2000.00

     E. S. Good                              2100.00

     Miss 0. L. Ginochio                      900.00

     H. D. Spears                            1600.00

     J. W. MicFarlin                         1500.00

     B. F. Scherffius                        1500.00

     Miss Anna Wvallis                        720.00

     Farm Superintendent                      soo.oo

     Miss Katherine Hopson                    720.00

     E. Kinney                               1300.00

     W. C. Mathews                            600.00

     T. R. Bryant                            1200.00

     Fertilizer Cheieist

     L. A. Brown                             2000.00

     Drug Inspector                          1200.00

     John I. Claybrooke                      1200.00

     B. D. Wilson                             900.00

     D. J. Healy                             1900.00

     Miss R. B. Nutter                        480.00

     Ass't. in Co-Operative work              900.00

     We concur with the Board in the matter of an addition to the present Station

Building and recommend that the Board of Control be authorized to make such an


    At the April meeting of the Board, Dr. Daniel T. Healy was elected chief

Bacteriologist of the Food Division, upon recommendation of the Director, and *e

June 1, 1910


MlnUTES OF 'ME BOARD OF TRUSTEE    -  June 1, 1910

ask that this election now be confirmed.

     We recommend the election of Professor George Roberts as Agronomist of the

Station to take the place of Mr. W. H. Scherffius, resigned.

                                   Respentfully submitted,

                                          Louis L. Walker, Chra.
                                          C. B. Nichols
                                          Tames K. Patterson.

     Mr. Nichols moved that the report be adopted, which motion was seconded by

Mr. Atkinson, and upon the roll call the vote stood as follows:

     Ayes: Messrs. Atkinson, Carpenter, Clay, Edelea, Nichols,
            Patterson, white, Walker, Wathen, Regenstein,          10

     Noes. none.

     The motion was unanimously carried.

     Upon motion of President Patterson, duly seconded and carried the Chair appoint-

ed the Board of Visitors called for in the 27th paragraph of the Report of the

Executive Committee, acting as a special committee on Budget, and appointed the

following named persons: President Patterson, Chairman, and Messrs. Regenstein

and Walker.

     Ir. Walker, made the report of the Comnmittee to nominate an Executive Com-

mittee, and reported that the Committee nominated the present Executive Committee,

to be the Executive Committee for the ensuing year, to-wit: Messrs. C. B. Nichols,

Chairman, C. E. Clay, Judge Claude Terrell, R. Ce Stoll and IDweel Davies.

     Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried unanimously, the report of the

Committee was adopted, and the above named persons, elected as the Executive Com-

mittee for the coming year.



     Upon motion of President Patterson, duly seconded and carried, IMajor R.S.

Bullock was re-elected as Treasurer of the College.

     Upon motion of Mr. Walker, duly seconded and carried, Mr. D. C. Frazee,

was re-elected to the position of Business Agent of the University.

     At this point President Patterson stated that it had been the custom of the

Board to elect new men to positions for one year, and at the end of that year

if they prove satisfactory, to re-elect them to their respective positions, to

serve at the pleasure of the Board, and that in accordance with this custom it is

proper at this time to present to the Board the names of certain Professors and

assistants re-election, and moved that Prof. Glanville Terrell be re-elected to the

position of Professor of Greek; that Prof. Louis Franklin Snow be re-elected dean of

the Department of Education; that William T. Carrel, to the position of Associate

Professor of Civil Engineering; that Tames T. C. Noe, be elected to the position

of Associate Professor in Department of Education; that Columbus R. Melcher, be

elected to the position of Associate Professor of French and German; that Joseph M.

Davis be re-elected to the position of Associate Professor of Mathematics; that Miss

Sue D. McCann be re-elected to the position of First Assistant in Entomology and

Zoology; that William S. Webb, be re-elected to the position of Assistant Professor

of Physics; that Tames E. Tuthill be re-elected to the position of Assistant Pro-

fessor of History and Political Economy; that Louis Edward NsollA, be re-elected

to the position of Assistant in Drawing and shop work; that Robert C. Terrell be

re-elected to the position of Assistant Professor of Rural and Highway Engineering;

that Harry D. Easton, be re-elected to the position of Assistant Professor of Mining

Engineering and Mietallurgy; that Alfred H. Gilbert be re-elected to the position

of Assistant Professor of Botany; that Ezra L. Gillis be re-elected to the Position

of Assistant Professor of Education; that Edward F. Farquhar, be re-elected to the


MflMMUES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES           June 1, 1910

position of Assistant Professor of English; that Thomas J. Barr be re-elected

to the position of Assistant Inspector of Hlines and Assistant in Mining Engineering;

that Lloyd C. Daniels, be re-elected to the position of Assistant in Chemistry;

that Ralph D. Quickel be re-elected to the position of Assistant in Moining Engineer-

ing; that Robert H. Spahr, be re-elected to the position of Assistant in Physics;

that Harold H. Downing be re-elected to the position of Assistant in Mathematics

and Physical Education; that Elijah L. Rees be re-elected to the position of First

Assistant in Mathematics; that Arthur M. Elam be re-elected to the position of In-

structor in Steam Laboratory; that Knox JTamison and Alfred C. McGregor be re-elected

to the positions of Assistants in the Academy; that Clarence R. Egelhoff be re-

elected to the position of Assistant in History; that Marion Rexford Schnaitter be

re-elected to the position of Assistant in the Academy.

     Said motion was seconded by Mvr. Walker, and passed unanimously.

     At this point MIr. Eubanks came before the Board and made a statement about the

movement to erect a monument to President Patterson, recommending that the Board of

Trustees appoint a Committee one from each Congressional district in the State; to

solicit subscriptions for this monument.   No action was taken on same at this time.

     Gao. Cox reported for the Committee to nominate a Board of Control, that the

Committee nominated the present Board for the ensuing year, to-vit: R. C. Stoll,

Chairman, L. L. Walker, C. B. Nichols, Acting President of the University and

Director of the Station.

    Upon motion of iar. Walker, duly seconded and carried, the report of the

Committee was received and adopted.



     At this point President white presented to the Board the matter of remitting

fees of student A. F. Baker, in the Law Department, stating that Mr. Baker was

unable to pay his fees.  After some informal discussion, President Patterson

offered the following resolution:

     Ordered that A. F. Baker, be required to execute his note to the Treasurer of

the University, due one year hence, for the tuition fees due in the department of

law, #30.00 to be renewed if unable to meet his obligation at maturity.

     Said motion was seconded by Mr. Walker, and carried unanimously.

   At this point President White presented the matter of the degrees recommended

by the faculty to be conferred at this time.

         M1aster of Arts.

    Aberdeen Orlando Bowden

         Bachelor of Arts.

    Marietta Finley Cassady
    Florence Crowder
    Rubye Ringo Fleming
    Mary Elizabeth Hayden
    Alpha Hubbard,
    Halcomb Hudson
    Sarah Rossetter Marshall
    Elizabeth Ewing Sargent
    Mary Scott Spencer
    Esther Vaughn
    John Henry Wilcox
    Homer Wilson
    Earl Benton Webb

         Master of Science

    Isabella W-est Marshall

         Bachelor of Science

    Robert William Adams
    Frederick Garman
    Lida Jones
    Isaac William Robertson
    Katherine Margaret Schoene

J-une 1, 191c



     Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.'

George Becker
George Robert Eastwood
Avory Early Ewan

      Bachelor of Arts in Education

Richard Alexander Edwards

Master of Arts in Education

     Wrenn J. Grinstead

     Bachelor of Science in Education

Mary Eva Clark
A.vin Clarence Elliott
Nell Herbert Whitfield

     Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

Leonidas Mecalf Allison
Richard Carroll Barbee
Stephen Emory Caudill
Frank Finley Cawood
Milton C. Crafton
Frank Clark Dugan
Jordon Grove Estes
Walter Cuthbert Fox
Edward Hugh Lewis

William Eugene Mosby
Caleb Wallace Marshall
Harry Andrew Nelson
Shelby Post
Benjamin Franklin Robinson
Hal Walker Smith
William Wash(i)ngton Shelby
Daniel Voires Terrell
Thomas Phillip Warren.

     Mechanical Engineer

Horace Hildebrand Wilson
Charles Edgar Schoene
Robert Estill Dragoo
Charles Jarrett McPherson

      Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Leonard Caleb Bridges
Lawrence Edward Brown
William Frederick Clark
Royslston Haywood Cram
John Tames Curtis
Monroe Jacob Frankel
John St. Clair Garvin
Joseph Bryan Shelby

Thomas Hercules Hays
James Henry Hall
Chester Arthur Kuebler
Ben Harrison Logan
George Pemberton Mills
Lauren Snyder O'Roark
Evan Layton Shuff
Shelby Shanklin

Mining Engineer

Ralph Detweiler Quickel

Tune 1, 1910



        Bachelor of Mining Engineering

     Robert Ryland Atkins
     Page Blanton Blakemore
     Robert Alexander Lowry
     Charles McCarroll

        Bachelor of Laws.

     William Wathen Prewitt                Edwin Rugar Sweetland
     Samuell P. Reed                       Wallace Atlee Gastineau
     Charles Emery Baldwin                -Alexander Frank Baker
     Morgan Frederick Jones                Carroll Cholson aaylor
     IHenry Clarence Faulkner              South Strong
     Lindsay Otto Thompson                 Robert Lytton Maddox
     Grover Cleveland Thompson             William George Clugston
     Robert Lee Sinus                      Edgar Hedges Webb
     Tarlton Combs Carroll                 Job Darbin Turner
     Ethelbert Reed Wilson                 Louis Ichize Ogata
     Clement Francis 'Kelly                 aines Thomas Clay
     Harry Staples                         Squire Webber Salyers
     George Riley Pope                     Marvin Clyde Spradling
     Ballard, R. B.                        Fears, T. C.

     Upon motion of nr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Edelen, and unanimously carried,

the faculty are directed to confer the following degrees upon the following named


                         See names above.

     President Patterson presented a communication from a representative of the

U. D. C. of Kentucky, and President White presented a request from the local

Chapter of the U. D. C., with reference to the granting of scholarships in the

University, and after considerable informal discussion, President Patterson offered

the fbllowing resolution:

     Resolved that the Board of Trustees of the State University concede two

scholarships in the State University to the State organization of the U. D. C.,

tenable until the completion of the course of study upon which the holders of the

scholarships enter.

     Said resolution was duly seconded and carried unanimously.

Tune 1, 1910


]MINUTES OF TEE BOARD OF TRUSTEES    -      June 1, 1910

      Governor Cox reported orally for the Committee on the President 's Report

 as follows: We wish to commend the most excellent report of President Patter-

 son. There is one feature of the report that we most especially desire to

 commend, and that is the consolidation of the Agricultural Department and the

 Experiment Station. We think this is very necessary, and the time has came when

 such a thing should be brought about.  We commend the report in its entirety.

      The report of the Acting President we also commend.  rThe recommendations

made hy him in regard to salaries, we asked be referred to the Committee on Salaries.

We approve the report.

     Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the report was received and


      The part of the Report with reference to the relations between the Agricultural

Department and the Experiment Station is referred to the Special Committee com-

posed of the Executive Committee and the Board of Control, for the purpose of con-

solidating and re-forming the Agricultural Department.

     At this point President Patterson stated that the Committee which had been

appointed at the meeting in Frankfort on February 3rd, to notify Judge Barker of

his election to the position of President had not made a formal notification to

Judge Barker, and that Judge Barker had expressed his desire that the formal

notification be postponed until the meeting of the Board in June; that Judge Bar-

ker was now present, and ready to come before the Board, and that this would seem

to be an appropriate time to make the formal notification in the presence of the

whole Board.

      Thereupon the Board stood upon one stde of the room; Judge Barker came into

the room, and standing on the other side, President Patterson made the formal



notification in these words:

                                     Lexington, Ky., Feb. 7, 1910.

Judge Henry S. Barker, L.. D.,

  Kentucky Court of Appeals,

Dear Sir:-

         Messrs. Richard C. Stoll, Louis L. Walker, William H. Cox, TIbbis

Carpenter and James K. Patterson have been appointed a committee by the Board of

Trustees at meeting held in the city of Frankfort, February 3rd, 1910, to inform

you that you were upon the date above mentioned elected to succeed James K. Pat-

terson as President of the State University of Kentucky, and to request that your

pleasure in the premises shall be made known to the Board at its annual meeting

in June of the current year.   This duty we now have the pleasure to discharge.

     The most responsible office in the University has by the Board of Trustess

(Trustees) been conferred upon you, an office second in dignity and in importance

and in far-reaching consequences to none in the Commonwealth.   The foundations of

the University have been well and securely laid.   Its period of probation is

already past.    It has established a prescriptive claim to life and maintenance.

Its organization is compact and effective, its staff of instruction able and

energetic, its revenues increasing every year with the growing resources of the

Conmonwealth and the increasing liberality of the General Assembly.   While dif-

ferences of opinion have existed upon policies and expediency, there are no em-

barrassing line of cleavage and factions are non-existent.   It will be with you

to perfect and enlarge this organization, to stimulate and encourage its staff of

instruction, to augment its revenues and to prevent the growth of faction and

mutual distrust, to co-ordinate all its activities to the attainment of the end

for which it exists.

     The University is an agency created by the Commonwealth for a definite end,

viz:  The education of her sons and daughters.   It differs in kind from all Other

Tune 1, 1910



institutions created and maintained by the State. It is neither penal, nor re-

formatory, nor eleemosynary.   Sentiment may and should occupy a prominent place

in the management of these but in the up-building and conservation development of

a State University, it occupied quite a subordinate place.   All the activities of

the University are based upon the principle of a quid pro quo of competency, economy,

efficiency, a definite quantum of capable services for a definite cash equivalent.

Sentiment finds no place in the loans and discounts of a banker, in the Judicial de-

liverances of the bench, in the operations of the stock exchange, in the management

of steamship and railroad companies.   All these transactions are based upon the ex-

change of equivalent values.   So with the conduct of i University. Trustees and

governing agencies appointed by them apply to public uses funds not their own but

the property of the public.   They administer a trust, not for their own benefit, and

the benefit of their friends, but for the benefit of the public at large.   The idea

of trusteeship and all that it involves is often ignored.   Trustees and their em-

ployees are appointed too often on other grounds than integrity, capacity, efficiency.

The public too has come to believe that a public institution is a legitimate object

of public plunder, that it owes to unfortunates and incompetents and favorites and

dependents a living and feel agrieved if sinecures are not provided for them.    The

appeal is made to the sentimental and sympathetic side.   If conceded, the object of

the foundation is frustrated and the public, in whose behalf the trust should be

administered, suffers.   I have not been devoid of experience along this line,   Neither

will you.   The remedy is that the policy of the University should be dictated by a

sense of duty alone and that economy and efficiency and integrity should be the guid-

ing principles of action.

     You can make or mar the State University.    If you hold the reins with a strong

hand, if your colleagues know you govern discreetly, wisely and firmly, that you are

not simply primus inter pares, but master, you will secure a ready acquiescence and

co-operation, but to this end your colleagues and your trustees must know that you


MINUTES OF [Et BOARD OF TRUSTEES  -     June 1, 1910

are dominated by a sense of justice and of duty and that your path is a path of

rectitude.   Then will the State University grow  and flourish, lengthen its cords

and strengthen its stakes, rooting itself in the affections of the public and receiv-

ing from a generous Legislature and from an intelligent executive and from an appre-

ciative public all that it needs to make its work effective and glorious.  You have

a great opportunity.   You are called to preside over the destinies of an institu-

tion which ought to be a cheif (chief) factor in the progress and development of

Kentucky.  -Within these walls will be educated the men and the women who will realize

for themselves, for their contemporaries and for posterity and vast resources, agri-

cultural and mineral, which a bountiful nature has provided.   Within these walls

will be educated the men and the vomen who by moral power and cultivated intellect and

spiritual insight shall interpret nature in harmony with the principles of a rational

philosophy, recognizing the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.   It will be

your duty to instruct, to guide, to direct, to co-ordinate all these activities,

material, mental and moral, to the end that latent potencies may be vitalized, moral

instinct quickened, spiritual insight deepened and strengthened and purified and


     With intellect of a high order, you will bring to the discharge of your respon-

sible duties a judicial mind, a knowledge of men and of affairs, business capacity,

a sound morality, courtesy and integrity, important qualities in administration, and

when you shall have completed your work and laid down the duties of your office, to

be succeeded by another, may the verdict of your contemporaries and of posterity not

be that of the greatest of Roman historians or one of the best of Roman Emporors:

"Major privato visus dum privatus fuit et ominum consensu capax imperii nisi imper-


     Deeply conscious of the responsibilities of the hour, while congratulating you

on your election, this committee pledge the support of the Board of Trustees to make

your administration successful, hoping and believing that with the aid of the Devine

Providence, you will make good and upon your retirement leave the University on a



higher level than it has yet attained, loved at home and respected abroad.

     Judge Barker replied to the notification as follows:

                                              Lexington, Ky., June 1st, 1910.

To the Board of Trustees of

     State University of Kentucky.


     Having been this day formally notified by the Committee appointed for that pur-

pose, of my election to the office of President of the University to succeed Presi-

dent James K. Patterson, resigned7  I hereby except (accept) the high honor thus

conferred upon me, and with rtur permission will assume the duties of the Presidency

at the expiration of my term as Appellate Judge, January 1, 1911.  The reason for

postponing the assumption of the duties of the Presidency to the date named, is that

I feel that it is due the people who elected me to the office of Judge that I should

fulfill the implied contract on my part to serve them for the full term to which

they elected me.

     In accepting the position so long and so ably filled by President Patterson I

recognize not only the natural difficulties of discharging the arduous and respon-

sible duties of the office, but I also recognize and appreciate the additional dif-

ficulty that must necessarily come to his successor, of being contrasted unfavorably

with one so splendidly endowed both by nature and accomplishment for the place he

filled so long and so well.   I have, however, put aside my own fear of a want of

ability to discharge the duties of the office, and rely rather upon my confidence in

your superior judgment. If the Board of Trustees, composed as it is of the ablest

men of the State, having only the welfare of the University at heart, and well know-

ing what my qualifications are, have elected me to the position of President, I feel

that I am Justified in accepting the place without regard to my own apprehension for

Tune 1, l9lo



a want of qualification.

     I am too much comforted in the knowledge that we have not entirely lost the

services, nor in any wise the deep interest and solicitude of our loved Ex-President,

who under the blessing of God, will be with us for many years as emeritus President,

and his supervising care and advice will be at our service in every time of need and


     I do not deem it wise or expedient to unduly extend this letter of acceptance.

It seems to me sufficient at this time to assure you that I will give to the Insti-

tution my whole time and energy in order that it shall grow and prosper as it de-

serves. To that end it will be my most earnest endeavor to maintain the highest

educational standards to be fair and just to the faculty and student body; to pro-

mote in the utmost harmony among themselves, and the greatest unity and zeal in ad-

vancing the welfare of the University; to prescribe and enforce a wholesome dis-

cipline for the students, allowing them every rational liberty commensurate with their

own vwlfare and that of the University to secure the confidence of the students, and

to promote among them the utmost diligence in study, and the highest standard of

morality; to advertise and popularize the institution so as to increase the number

of its students; to cherish and foster in every proper manner the deep interest of

the alumni of the University in its welfare, and to this end giving to their wishes,

and opinions on questions of policy, the wieght (weight) and consideration they

deserve, to aid and assist in every practical way the advancement and uplift of the

conmmon school system of the state, and to cultivate and foster an intimate and sympa-

thetic relationship between the University and the Normal Schools and High Schools

of the Commonwealth; to increase in every feasible way the endowments and income

of the Institution in order that it mey go forward in its great anid noble educational

work, and take its place in the very fore-front of the educational Institutions of

the country.

                                         Very respectfully yours,

                                             Henry S. Barker.

Tune 1, 1910


MIUTES OF TBE BOARD OF TRUSTEES      -      June 1, 1910

     Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried the report of this special Com-

mittee was received, and approved, and the whole proceeding ordered spread at large

upon the minutes, as appears above.

     Upon motion of Mr. Stoll, seconded by Mr. Walker, and carried unanimously, Judge

Barker's Acceptance of the office of President of this University is accepted, his

term to begin on January 1st, 1911.

     Upon motion of Mr. Walker, duly seconded and carried, the Chairman was directed

to appoint a committee to confer with the authorities of the city of Lexington and

County of Fayette, in regard to the moral conditions in Lexington, in connection with

the student body.

     Thereupon the chairman appointed as such committee, President White, Mr. Stoll

and Mr. Walker.

     Mr. Stoll reported for the Committee on Military Instruction and College Dis-

cipline orally that a year ago this Committee had made a full report commending the

establishment of a course for military instruction; that this report had been re-

ferred to the Faculty, with direction that the faculty report back on same to the

December meeting of the Board; that this b.ad not been done; and the Committee now

recommends that this report referred to as made a year ago be now referred to the

Faculty with direction to report on same to the Executive Committee on the establish-

ment of a military course, and give the Executive Committee power to act.

     Without objection the report of the Committee was adopted.

     Upon motion of Mr. Stoll duly seconded and carried, it was declared to be the

duty of the Secretary of this Board to transfer to the President of the University

for delivery to the faculty a copy of every resolution of the Board, which iP directed



to be referred to the faculty; and further that it shall be the duty of the Secretary

to transmit to the Executive Committee at the next meeting of the Board after the

adjournment all matters which are referred to the Executive Committee by the Board.

     At this point Mr. Stoll presented a communication from Mirs. Stout, Dean of

Women, with reference to certain differences between herself and the Faculty Ath-

letic Committee, about the basket-ball work of the girls, which communication was

by the Secretary read to the Board.

     Before the reading of said communication was completed the Board upon motion

duly made, seconded and carried adjourned until 2-30 P.M. of the same day.

     Board met pursuant to adjournment at the same place, and same members present.

     The reading of firs. Stouts communication was completed.

     Mr. ITalker moved that the salary of Miss Hutcheraft, stenographer, be raised

to $05. a month, instead of d340

    Said motion was duly seconded, and being placed upon its passage, the vote on

the roll call stood as follows:

    Ayes: Messrs. Atkinson, Carpenter, Clay, Edelen, Nichols,
           Patterson, Terrell, Turner, White, Walker, Cox and Barker,      12

    Noes. None.

    The resolution was unanimously carried.

Tune 1, 1910



     At this point President Patterson offered the following resolution:

     That without expression of opinion on the merits of the controversy, and while

expressing regret that any difference of opinion has arisen between the Professor

of Physical Education for women, and the Committee on Athletics in regard to their

respective duties and the scope of their jurisdiction, tha Board of Trustees affirm

that the head of the Department of Physical Education (and dean of Women) equally

with the heads of Departments and Deans of Colleges, is the sole and exclusive

judge of the condition attaching to physical education and physical condition and

physical qualifications of all who compete in match games in athletics; and that the

authority with which she is invested may not be traversed or set aside by any other

head of Department or Committee, subject only to the control of the Executive Com-

mittee and the Board of Trustees.

     Said motion was duly seconded and carried unanimously.

     At this point a communication was read by the Secretary from Evrs. Stout, Pr-

fessor of Physical Education for Women, with reference to a proposition of Baroness

Rose Posse, of Boston, Mass., to bring the Posse Gymnasium, of which she is direc-

tress, to Eentucky, and attach same to the State University.

     Upon motion of Mr. Walker, duly seconded and carried, the communication was

referred to a committee of two composed of President Patterson and Judge Barker,

to look into the standing and condition of the Posse Gymnasium, and the advisability

of dealing with Baroness Posse, and report back to the December meeting of the


Tune 1, 1910



_     June 1, 1910

     Upon motion of nr. Stoll, duly seconded and carried, Judge Barker was

appointed as a member of the Committee on Appointments in place of Prof. Crabbe,

who is no longer a member of the Board.

     Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Boar