]MINUTES OF TEE BOARD OF TRUSTEES    -      June 1, 1910

      Governor Cox reported orally for the Committee on the President 's Report

 as follows: We wish to commend the most excellent report of President Patter-

 son. There is one feature of the report that we most especially desire to

 commend, and that is the consolidation of the Agricultural Department and the

 Experiment Station. We think this is very necessary, and the time has came when

 such a thing should be brought about.  We commend the report in its entirety.

      The report of the Acting President we also commend.  rThe recommendations

made hy him in regard to salaries, we asked be referred to the Committee on Salaries.

We approve the report.

     Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the report was received and


      The part of the Report with reference to the relations between the Agricultural

Department and the Experiment Station is referred to the Special Committee com-

posed of the Executive Committee and the Board of Control, for the purpose of con-

solidating and re-forming the Agricultural Department.

     At this point President Patterson stated that the Committee which had been

appointed at the meeting in Frankfort on February 3rd, to notify Judge Barker of

his election to the position of President had not made a formal notification to

Judge Barker, and that Judge Barker had expressed his desire that the formal

notification be postponed until the meeting of the Board in June; that Judge Bar-

ker was now present, and ready to come before the Board, and that this would seem

to be an appropriate time to make the formal notification in the presence of the

whole Board.

      Thereupon the Board stood upon one stde of the room; Judge Barker came into

the room, and standing on the other side, President Patterson made the formal