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     Minutes of the Regular Oquarterly beeting of the 3oaid of Trustees
of the University of ilentucy for Tuesday, -une 13, l9'2

     The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in regular
monthly session on Tucsday, June 13, 1922 in the President's office
at 3.1:30 a. m.  The following members were present:   Mr. Colvin, Mr.
Rornsby, Mr. Rash, Senator Frcan, Judge Stoll, Judge    lea, Mr. Idcee,
and Mr. Johnston.   The meeting was called to order by Judge Stoll who

     (i) Alproval of Minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were
approved as published.

     (2) Vacancies on the Board. President McVy-reported that the
Governor had recently called for a statement of the vacancies on the
membership of the Board.   Acoording to the Governor's records, terms
of offire of the following   rsoas expired in January 1922: J. R. Rash
on the Board of .agrioulture, P. P. Johnston, Jr. from the Aliimni,
Rainey T. Wells and, Richard P. Ernst from.the State at large;

     (3) The Meeting of the Board of Trustees for September,  Presideht
MoVey read .a oor~manication frone J. I. Lyle, asking that the fall meet-
ing be placed sometime in October.   It vas the opion of the members
present that the meeting can not be legally postpoxned.

     (4) The Business Agent s Report.  The report of the Business
A.gent was read and authorized incorporated in the nAinutes,   The repot
was as follows:

                        University of Kentucky
             Condition of General Fund as at June 30., 1922
                            - Estimated

   Overdraft as at May 31, 1922                           $35.l20.47
   Jute Expenditures (estimated)                           55,CVO0O00
   Overdraft Notes                                         80,000.00
   Peabody Note                                            34000. 00
   McLaughlin Note                                           4-500O00
   Muliigan No ;:e                                           9.500.OO
   Smith gall Notes                                         910O00;00
   looounts Payable                                      _00
                                                           23', 320.474

      Government Student Pees             ;LJ623.73
      State Warrants                      .36;50.18
      State Tax                           35V,00O. ; 
      Vocationz.l Education               14 , 000.00



Petty Cash
Miscellaneous .ccounts Receivable
Departmental Material and Supplies
Store Room
Insurance paid in advance
Returned Checks
Memorial Building

Included are the following oapital
Expenditures and Liabilities
Paid on Mulligan Property
Mulligan Note
Paid on Smith Hall
Smith Rall notes

530, 00
15;4/e ;;72

  ..2500 .00

* 112iL08. 63
  124, 060.84.

10, 5 00 00
5, 000.00


      University of Kentucky
Statement of Income and 2xpenditures
          as at May 31, 1922

General Pund
   Income to April 30, 1922.             643;694.64
   Income for May 1922                    13, 552.11

   Expendituresto April 30, 1922         594,395;96
   Expenditures for May 1922              4oi66.26
   Zxcess of Income over Expenditure
   Excess of Receipts over Expenditures
      for General Ledger aocounts
   1920-1921 0coounts Payable liquidated
      during Current Year

   Excess oz Reoeipts over Expenditures for
      fiscal year to date - General Fwand
   Cash in Bank July 1, 1921 - General Fund

Trust lund
   Receipts to          1922               6-445.48
   Receipts f   ay       192212

   Expenditures to April 30, 1922           6,o1,
   Expenditures for May 1922 2,06.0

   Excess of Reoe~.pts over Expenditures for
      the fiscal year to date - Trust Fund
  Cash in Bank July 1, 1921 - Trust Fund
  Cash in Bank May' 31, 1922 - Trust Fund


641, 562,22

   78, 542.04


8,' 2.92
. _L ,2.f  

    8, 257. 2

._j- 3 4 1.5L


Experiment Station

Income to  pri-l 30, 1922         174, U3 17
Inco:;  for May 1922               22R-02

Ex:penditures to April 30, 1922     188 ,33,00
Ex-e n .itu:-s fo ........ "-n' 1.999 _Q2.s.?

Excess of Expenditures over Income
1920-1921 Bills Receivable Collected (State W'.arrants)
Excess of Expenditures over Income
Cash in Bank July 1, 1921 - Lxperiment Station
Cash in Bank May 31, 192a - Experiment Station

Extension Divisien
  Income to April 30, 1922
  Income for May 1922

269, 116.25




(.1, 5t'8.19).
.9.  .. 7.


Expenditures to April 30, 1922    253,908;86
Expenditures for May 192i 2 4.,$178                  278.725O.64
              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~.                          ...  ..................
Exoess of Income over Ex-penditures                   18,645;57
1920-1921 Bills Receivable Collected (State Warrants) 28-651.99
Excess of Receipts over 2xpenditures  .47,298;56
Cash in Bank July 1, 1;02 1    ion   Dln "'.on      J2i35      L
Cash in Bank May 31, 1922 - Extzntion Division        18.6630.

Estimated Receipts and Expenditures for
   5iune' 1922
     State Warrants                28, 397.'88
     Board of Hleaith (Reoeivo)    l8 000 00
     State Taz                      3,57-51
     Other Ueoeipts                16 ooo.0oo

     Expenditures - estimated
     Exoess of ixpenditurcs over iReceipts-
       esti nated . aim
     Balance in Bank Mlay 31,'1922
     Balance in Bank June 30, 1922 - estimated


.     0.11000


  -. . 2.  .

                                          D. E. Peak
                                          Business Agent

     (5) Reo~r.t of President  President voVey then gave orally the
following report.

         "Gentlemen of the Board of Trustees. I submit my annual
    report and will, review briefly the present situation at the ULni-
    versity.  I wish to discuss the follo-wing items:  First, the
    oonditions obtaining at the University at the present time;
    seconlly, some problems fre have to meet; and1 thirdly, the pro-
    gress of the institution,




     "(a) Present Conditions. In vie' of our financial situation
it is necessary to make every effort toward maintaining the
present staff up to the standard which we have set, to keep our
buildings in iroper repair, and to maintain our present laboratories
and eouipmcnt., This is the problem which confronts us for the
next two years, and it will be very difficult to ccntinue previous
ou la;;s for repairs.  Thc budget must be curtailed in such items
as the repairing, o, roof&s., painting of buildings, and increases
in salarizs of the staff.   It is probable that we may lose some
mein on our staff, because of the fact that we oan not continue
to pay the salar'ics whi h somc of the men demand.   Already same
of the staff   * have gone clsevrhi: ;a.t increases in salariese
It is inovitable that J'C shall lose some ground but it is hoped
that we can hold the next two years what we have gained.    It is
necessary, therefore, that we keep withint the budget since the
balance is only  $7600.   To carry on business with a 2% leeway
in a budget is a difficult matter sinoc the surplus should be at
least a 3% leeway of $15,000 or $20,000.    FRowever, it hat net
been possible to makel a budget with such a provision and it is
therefore necessary to do the best we can under the. circumstainees.

     In this oonnection I wrish to recommend th e appointment of
' requisition coma-iittee tkr t-shall have authority to pass on .all
expenclitures, large or msal1.  Such a comrnittce will serve to kceep
down oxpenditures, and *rill help to keep within the budget.   Tbee
incorhe of the University from State taxes will be reduced from
$360.ooo to about $140,000 by reason rf tke deorease in m
Hoyrever, we expedt an income from the Governament of about $335000
by reason of the conduct of the Guidanoe School for ex-service Meal
I am asking the Govermnent to inorease the amount from $GoO to $350
annually for each man.   This request is made on the basis that
thc Government is no longer mrking guarantees for 2 given number of

     "(b) T3he. Fsprit de Cor2s at the Universi'. During the past
year conditions ha.ve been on the whole satisfactory.   A sTA endli.
morale ani a fine spirit in both studcnts and faculty have    eocn
manifest.   The. students hava shown a good spirit anb havo bt-en
loyal to the institubi-on.  There has been very little oeor,a:S;03
for discipline in any way.  Student government among t.ie lenw was
established last year and it has been vrorking w1ll.  '!i;. St iiednt
Council which Was set ur, at first thought that they wanled more
authority, but this co;izi.l is finding in ~he  inaci inal-ysis
that they feel they have difficulty in carrying oui i. a cnostruc-
tive wrny the authority that has been given the.    'ney arne making
progress in this direction and the Student CuaU~rtL is using its
utmost-efforts to carry on the program satisfawtoviv .v,

     "(c) Prospeots for Students for Ticxt Year. It is likely
that the number of' studauts for ncat year wvll increase by about
15% over this year.   Last year the increase of the student body
over the previous year was a.bout 21%.   Thc economic conditions



over the State, however, are such that I do not predict an inorease
of more than 15% in the student body in the coming year. It has
been demonste.ted several times'that we can get all the girl stu-
dents that'we can find rcoom for.  We must provide housing
facilities, however, because parents will not permit their girls
to live outside the University buildings. \e shall have an in-
crease in the number of girls provided vre can find housing
facilitics to take care of them.   It is my judgment that -ire
shall have during the year an average attendance of something over
1,500 students. This is about as many students as tlc University
can provide instruction for with the present staff, and it is
possible that we shall have'to consider the advisability of limit-
ing students to that number.

     "I have called attention from time to time to the fact that
the addition of about one hundred students to the institution re-
quires the addition of some three or four instructors to take care
of them.   this means an added cost of something like $10,000
annually, and this is a burded that we cannot stand at the present

     "(d) Some of our Problems.   There is a controversy that has
been going on lor some time with the State Printing Commission on
the. question of printing tags.  The Board is more or less familiar
with the situation, and I think it has reacs d a point where we
will have to make a decision.   The State Printing Commission has
taken the position that under tha new law the various departments
of the. State will have to bear their own expenses for paper.  At
the same time the. amount which we pay for prihting and paper
under present contracts is something like 30% higher than vie can
purchase it in the open markets.   This controversy with the
Printing Commission ought to be settled before the first of July.

     "We have also had some difficulty with the State Board of
Wealth, but this has been settled.   Mr. Gordon reoentl.y held a
conference with the State Board, and settled the matter.

     "(e) Retirement Fund.   I would like to call the attention
of the Board to the fact that we have ton men on our staff who are
62 years old or older.   In about five years we shall have some
men on our staff who have reached the age of seventy anrd some
general plan for retiring these men should be provided. -At the
University of Nebraska men are retired on half pay with the unders
standing that they give a course or two.   It is a problem that
we want to be thinking about, and we ought to take the matter up
in the hear future and get some sort of satisfactory solution wtorkea

     "(f) Work of the ExDeriratnt Station. The work of the Experiment
Station during the past year has been progressive and helpful and
the Station has solved a number of practioal problems for the farmers
of the State.   The followiag is a list of some of the problems
that they have undertaken:


         1. Investigation of the method of control of diseases affectiig
    tobacco and corn.

         2. Investigation to develop more eoonomic methods of applying
    the Pri$nciples and practices of soil building.

         3. A detailed soil survey of all important .

         4. Methods of organizing farms for gre.test -profit,  Studies of
    the cost of producing all classes of farm products.

         5. Investigation of cause and method of control of abortion par-
    ticularly in cattle and spine.

         6. Investigation of cause and control of sterility and barren-
    ness of stallions and mares.

         7. A determination of the oost of marketing farm products.

         8. The method of organization of successful cooperative enter-

         9. The conduct of an annual egg-laying contest for the purpose
    of ascertaining prolific strains of various breeds of fowls.

         10. The operation and establishment of additional soil fields
    and an experimental substation.

          "The work of the Extension Division has been effective and has
    increased the demands that have been made on the Experiment Station
    by reason of this work.

          "(g) Travel Outside the State. Under the provisions of the
     State law recently passed it is necessary to obtain permis-sion be-
     fore travel can be made outside the State of Xuntucky.    The amo~unt
     of travel which the staff does outside the State is small and w1ll
     probably not exceed. a thousand dollars throughout the year, but I
     think it would be advisable to obtain blanket authority from the
     Sinking Fund Commission as required by law.

          "(h) Guidance School.   The Guidance School for ex-service men
     has been conducted during the past year with an attendaa:an.e of 117
     men.   The courses were offercd in Zlementary Agriculture, Mining,
     and Electrical work.   In addition, there are forty Government men
     who are taking regular college courses,

     (6) Committee on the Printing Question.   On motion of Mr. Colvin,
duly seconded and unanimously adopted, the chairman was a'sked to appoint a
committee to take up the matter of printing with the State Printiag Commis-
sion, the committee to be given authority to employ an attorney and to enter
into a suit with the State Printing Commission if necessary.    The chairman
appointed Mr. Colvin, President MoVey and Mr. Wells.



     (7) Candidates for Degrees. The following list of candidates for
degrees was oresented by President McVey and oh motion duly seconded the
degrees recorm.ended were ordered to be confirmed:

    The University Senate recommends to the Board of Trustees of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky the following persons for the degrees ta4iested:
                          Baohelor of Arts

Paul Wen'dell Atkits
Airam Taggett Allen
Aubrey Webster Arrnentrout
Etna Janes Baker
Riith Baker
Robert Francis Bamber
Mary tmith Barret
Henrietta Clay Bedford
Martha Clarice Be]lew
Lula Beatty Blakey
Ella Nute Btown
Neal flRant Cannon
John Fred Casner, Jr.
Carlisle Chenault
Sue El:Zzabeth Chenault
Myrtle Totten Clar
Margaret Haggan Cole
Eva Congleton
Nelson Bush Conkwright
Isabelle Thomson Darnall
Lois Pni.n P-ake
Jessie Ceoile Dodd
Dewey Col.fax Duncan
Guthrie Frornan Duvall
Ordle Morton Edwards
Otto Vernon Elder
Leonard C. Fielder
Amanda Louise Forkner
Edward Carl Fowler
Alleene Everman Fratman
Evelyn Baerlo Friedman
Mary James Gibsot
Carrie Goldenburg
Elizabeth Mae Greene
Gerald Griffix
Mary Esther Eaggan
Chester Bryant Aamilton
Margaret Dean Harbison
Emilie Marie Harman
Esther Lynne Harris
Gertrude Wallingford Eeavrin
Anna Catherine Hendricks
Charles Isbell Henry
Lafayette Brown Herring
William Robert Hutchersoa
Keen Johnson
Raymon T. John son
Joe Speed Jordan
Luey Ererin Kavanaugh       *

Corte7 Sackson Lemon
Joe Thomas Lovett
Martha Berkeley McClure
Gladys E, McCormick
Martha McElroy McDowell
Louise Thornton McKee
Mary Orena McMahon
Prances Maitland Marsh
Annie Russell Moore
William Ira Moore
Dorothea Gene Murphy
Pansy Marie Myers
Anna Laura Parrish
Martha Payne
William Hlugh Peal
Anna Browning Peck
Robert Lee Porter
Ella Raymond Proctor
Katherine Reed
Milton Kirtley Revill
Geneva B. R.ice
Addie Lucile Rice
Georgia Lee Riley
Henrietta Gist Rogers
Allen Emry Sams
Jares Milton Server
Susan Margaret Settle
Margaret Elizabeth Shropshir c
Eugene Edwgrd Siler
Wendell Merritt Smook
Edna. Dee Snapp
Nellie Rose Stone
Neal Grace Sullivan
"'ola Clarence Swearl.igen
Ilma -nitra Thorpe
Daysie Lee Tinsley
G'It!s Bemnett Tinsley
Marion Brooking Tompkins
Roxane Weathers Trimble
Sadie Mae'VanArsdell
Lindsay Holding Warth
Cova Vernner Watson
Lucy Miriam Whitworth
Frances Motrette Wiglesworth
James E. Wilhelm, ;,r

Die& April 24, 192t


r.fed Kemp-Keffori
Charl'es Ale,-az'a.er Tennacy
Ei0.zahbet- f    Xsnn -Imbrough
Robext ;dw:l Lav.n

                     Bacheler of Soience

37 e  Y     D.e:eck er
l-,.i2   ;;:'.tas BElake
William Carter Broderick

Jrnhn White Cooke
Walter Wesley Morris
Osoar Charles Racke
Martha Pettit Van Meter

Baohelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry

Louis Prootor Gould

Jarres Andrew Eagan

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Adaline Clara Mann

Margaret Alexander Smith

Bachelor of Scienoe ift Agriculture

Mary Christian Adams
John )gonry Atkerson
Marion Thomas Brooks
Oakley Ray B-rown
Uva Seldon ByrrX
Robert EU-more Davis, Jr.
Philip Eiwards
J. Harold Ealow
.J Ahn 1F 1.:oLanC.n
William Brown Howell

John Thomas Eunter
Henry Sherley Long
Courtland Lee Short
Terry Edwin l7ade
Fletcher Clevelard Walker
Frank Josef Wedekemper
Herschel Jonas Weil
Logan West
Ber.ley Winton

Bachelor of Science in Home Eatonomios

Eloise Saunders Allen
Noma Usrey Duna
Virginia Crnitcher Downing
Marie Taylor Gordon
Fannie Geneva Heller
Angie Mae Hill

Henrietta Marcella Ilhardt
Miriam Klincheloe
Sara Elizabeth King
Bernice McClure
Pearl Briggs Morgan

Baohelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Renry Jordan Beam
George Wesley Benson
Law4enoe Wrancis Bisohof
Charles Pice Bourland
John Tlerner Crenshaw
William Bradley Davis
Howard Ermmit Glenn
Frederick Walter Nesaler

James McCarley Sil.er
Arthur Crowell Smith
Sholto Marion Spears
Orville Foster Threlkeld
Alfred Henry Voelolcer
Harry Wilbur Whaley
Randolph Chamberlai, Wilsoki
Silas T. Wilso           I



Bachelor of Soience in Mechanical Engineering

George Burns Altin
Joseprh F -anklin Baugh
George Woerner Ba.umgarten
Raswell Ma'ining Dennett
Newtoni Osborne Pelt
Ra'rmond Hicks Craig
Baroid Thomas Dlivid
Samuel Duerson Fendley
William Daniel Futreli
Clyde Rogers Gibbons
Been George Gibson
Samuel Soper Gregg
Yancy Carman Efoibrook
William Gol.sm5t h Xfauver.
James Robert Kelly

WiJ.liam Glenn Miller
George Kyle Nicholson
Joseph 'lialter Owens
Thomas Bryan Propps
Thomas Milton Riley
Cary Russell Roberts
Arthur Price Shanklin
.3cosenh Jef ferson Slomer
Lawrence A, Soper, Jr.
William Kenneth Stokes
Davida Laws Thornton, Jr.
Harry Wood Walling
Neil Mitchell Wilkersoa
Norman Douglas Wiitt
Rot hwell Woodward
Chester Clay young

Bachelor of Sci enoe in Mining Engineering

William Gi.lmore Bobbitt
Lloyd Greenworth Titzgerald

Albert James Muth

        Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

Rosooe Conk'in Little

Bachelor of Laws

Paul Elliott A.shby
Bailey Bales Daxter
Sames C. Farmer
Berl Boyd
George Frederick Gallup
Guy Letwidge
Tolbert Potter Oliver
Edward Lee Ritchie

Saz Bryan Royster, Jr.
Henry Wilbur Sullivan
Brady Marshall Stowart
John William Swope

                        Master of Arts

Carrie Louise Dwyer
Edgar St. Clair Lacy
Gladys Marie Lowe
Ralph Waldo Owens

                     Master of Science

James Gilbert Black
Garland Eale Barr Davis
Eli Baerlo Friedman
Jennings B. Taylor



                    Master of Science in Agriculture

    Lawrence Anderson Atkinson

                             Civil Engineer

    Charles William Lovell
    David MoCord Phelps

                            Electrical Engineer

    Louis Henry Bauer

                            Mechanical Engineer

    Hugh Meglone Milton
    Henry Tyler Watts

                             HONORARY DEGREES

                             Doctor of Laws

    Robert W. Bingham
    Edwin E. Slosson

                              (Signed) Ezra L. Gillis
                                             Secretary of the Senate

     (8) Granting of Honorary Degrees.   A motion was made, seconded, and
unanimously adopted, providing that in the future all recommendations for
honorary degrees shall be presented to the Board of Trustees at its April

     (9) Purchase of Coal.   The following communication from the Super-
intendent of Buildings and Grounds was read and ordered incorporated in the

                                        June 13, 1922

     President F. L. McVey
          University of Kentackv
               Lexington, Kentucky

     My dear President:

          I have talked over the matter of coal supply for this coming
     year with a number of coal contractors.   About 80 per cent of the
     non-union mines have signed the "Hoover Agreement" for oaal on a
     basis of $3-50 per ton at the mine for run of mine coal, $3.25 for
     nut and slack and $3.75 per ton for lump coil.   The freight rate
     to Lexington from the mines from which we would be most apt to se-
     oure coal is $1.70 per ton.   Seventy five cents per ton is the



    minimum that we could figure on the cost hauling to the buildings
    er placing in stock pile. This makes a total of $5.95 per ton.

         The first of July the freight rate is to be reduced 10 per
    cent making *the cost of coal delivered to the University $5.78.
    T talked to two dealers who state that they can cut a little under
    'GL l  t'jor .',  However, I do not believe this condition will pre-
    vail for any great length of time.   According to the Coal Trade
    Journals only 50 per cent of the coal now used is being produced.
    the other is coming from stock piles located at the mines and mined
    before the coal strike came into effect.   This stock is rapidly be-
    ing exhausted.

          Orders for domestic and industrial use for the winter will
     soon be placed. The Question of probable railroad strike when
     the new freight rate comes into effect should be considered too.
     I believe that we should call for bids for our next year's sup-
     ply immediately and place an order.

                                        Very truly yours

                                              A. 0. Whipple
                                   Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds

     Or, motion duly seconded and unanimously adopted a committee was ap-
pointed consisting of President McVey and Senator Peak, who were authorized
to enter into contracts for the purchase of coal.

     (10) Election of Officers.   The following officers were elected for
the next fiscal year:

          Vice-Chairman -- Richard C. Stoll

                               (Richard C. Stoll
                               (Robert G. Gordon
          Executive Committee (Rainey T. Wells
                               (P. P. Johnston, Jr.
                               (George Colvin

          Secretary -- Wellington Patrick
          Treasurer -- W. A. McDowell

     (11) Memorial Building.   President MoVey reported that apoximate.r
$184,000 had been raised for the Memorial Building.    This fund, he said,
is expected to reach $200,000 in the near future. He indicated that thle
Memorial Committee expects to make arrangements to build a $200,000 buila -

     (12) Budget for 1922-1923.   President McVey presented the budget for
the fiscal year 1922-1923 which was examined by the members of the Board,
and on motion duly seconded was approved subject to such minor changes as
it may be necessary for the President to make.    (The budget is aided to
these minutes as a separate document ant the portions pertaining to the
various departments and deans will be sent them for their information.)



     (13) Appointments.  The following list of appointments was recommcnded
by President MoVey and, on motion duly seconded, unanimously adopted:

     Appointment of J. D. Foster as instructor in animal Husbandry, to be
assigned to the Guidance School, at a salary of $2,000 a year, effective
.Yuly 1, 1922, on a twelve months' basis.

     Atpoiatinew.t of J. H. Atkerson as instructor in soils, crops and horti-
culture, to be assigned to the Department of Agronomy for work in the Guid.ance
Schnol, at a salary of $1,920 a year, effective July 1, 1922, on a twelve
months' basis.

     Appointment of J. B. Hutson as assistant professor of farm management
in the Experiment Station at a salary of $2,800 a year, effective July 1, 1922.

     Appointment of Miss Ruth E. Weston as part time club agent, Knott County,
entuc~ky, at a compensation of $4 per meeting, for four meetings a month, the
total amount not to exceed $100, effective May 1, 1922.

     Appointment of E. S. Abale as instructor in geology for the year 1922-
1923, at a salary of $1,650 a year.   He will be graduated from Amherst
College this year.

     (14) Leave of Absence.   On recommendation of President MoVey the fol-
lowing action was taken on application for leave of absence:

     Sabbatical leave of absence was granted to Professor A. M. Miller, Head
of the Department of Geology, for the year 1922-1923, on half pay.

     The sabbatical leave of absence recently granted to Professor D. V.
Terrell for the year 1922-1923,,was cancelled at the reouest of Doctor Terrell.

     Sabbatical leave of absence was Iranted to Mrs. F. 0. Stout for the first
semester of 192a-1923 on half pay.

      (15):Inoreases in Rank.   The following increases in rank were recom-
mended by President McVey and, on motion unanimously adopted. approvers byr the
ioa.ed of Trustees:

     H. H. Downing, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, to be Associate
Professor of Mathematics.

     Carol M. Sax, Associate Professor of Art, to be Professor of Art and
Head of Department.

      Morris Scherago, Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, to be Associate
 Professor of Bacteriology.

     Professor W. E. Freeman, Professor of Electrical Engineering, te be
Assistant Dean of Engineering.



     (16) Law Relating to Free Tuition, eto., for Ex-service Men.   President
MoVey stated to the Board that several questions had arisen regarding the!
administration of the law relating to free tuition for ex-service men.   On
motion, duly seconded, it was directed that the matter be referred to the
-attorney General for interpretation as to whether or not an ex-service man
who completes a course and receives a degree may register for a course lead-
ing to another degree and still obtain the privileges of the law.*  The See-
retary of the Board was directed to prepare a statement for the interpreta-
tion of the Attorney General.

     (17) Claim of Claude B. Terrell.   The claim of Honorable Claude B.
Terrell for expenses while a member of the Board of Trustees was presented to
the Board for payment.   No vouchers were attached to the claim and, on motion
duly seconded, it was directed that the Attorney General be asked to give his
opinion as to whether or not the claim could be paid without the vouchers

                                         Respectfully submitted

                                               Wellington Pat riok

Secretary of the Board




                         Xf flee of til ruafg@aZ

                                            JXne 22, i9aZ~i

                  i  't, ?e 'l4tLp .ptRu

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  Minutes Of The Board Of Trustees   June 1922




         JUNE, 1922


                  Minutes Of The Board Of Trustees   June 1922


                        Budget Consideration

     The budget of the University of Xentucky is made
up in the following ways

     1. Notice to departments calling for budget.    Such
a notice was sent on April 17, 1922.

     2, Tabulation of budget, May 22, 1922.

     3. Modification of budget by President, May 24, 1922
to May 29, 1922.

     4. Formulation of budget for presentation, May 30,

     5. Consideration by Executive Committee, June 1,

     6. Consideration by Board of Trustees and final
adoption, June 13, 1922.


                  Minutes Of The Board Of Trustees         June 1922


                       Table of Contents

Division A, Inventory                            Page
     Grounds and.                          ...     6
     Buildings.............................               6
     Equipment of Department.................            6
     Miscellaneous Equipment.................            7
     Experiment Station          .       .           8
     Endao'ment Funds.......  .................   10
     Trust Funds.............................    10

Division B, Income
     Statement Income..12
     Summary General Fund.               .       13
     General Fund..14
     Experiment Station Funds.     .              15
     Extension Division Fund        .     .       16
     Trulst Funds.............................    16
     Balance Sheet.............                   17

Division C, General Fund, Maintenance of
     Buildings and Grounds         .     .        19

Division c, General Fund, Educational Service
     Graduate School..24
     College of Arts and Sciences     .    .      24
     College of Engineering..................     28
     College of Agriculture        .     .        30
     College of Law. ..      .....................33
     General Departments.....................     33
     Summer Session      .       ......... ...    34
     University Extension          .     .        36
     General Educational Service.    ...........  36
     Guidance School..36

Division E, General Fund, Administration
      President's Office.                 .        38
      Registrar's Office          .       .        38
      Business Office            .       .         38
      Stenographic Bureau.      ....................38
      Supervision of Students        .    .        39
      Board of Trustees.......       ................39
      Telephone and Telegraph.          .39
      General Administrative Expense. ........     39
      Alumni Secretary   .. .............. ....    39



                       Minutes Of The Board. 0f Trustees         June 1922

Division F, General Fund, Maintenance of
     Residence Facilities                              Page
     Patterson, Maxwell andl Smith Halls, Ments
        Dormitory....                 .............................   41
     Dining Room Service .. ...........