vs sure corrsea or KENTUCKY.
._ What will be the cost of plastering the walls and ceiling of
a room 27 feet 4 inches long, 20 feet wide, and 12 feet 6 inches
high, at 27 cents per square yard, if 20 square yards be deducted I
for doors, windows and base-board?
If a train at the rate of 5-16 of a mile per minute; take 3}
hours to reach a station, how long will it take at the rate 7-15 of
a mile per minute?
A and B can do apiece of work in 2% days, A and C in 3g
_ days, B andC in 43;. Required the time in which all three, work.
ing together, can do the work, and in which each can do the
· work alone.
A farmer sowed 5 bushels, 1 peck, 1 quart of seed, and har-
i vested from it 103 bushels, 3 pecks, 5 quarts. How much did he
l raise from a bushel of seed?
Reduce 9 squa1·e chains, 11.25 square rods to the decimal of an
If a bar of iron 31} feet long, 3 inches wide, 2} inches thick,
weigh 93 pounds; what will be the weight of a bar 3% feet long,
4 inches wide, and 21} inches thick?
` Give illustrations of all the parts of speech.
Dehne pronoun, preposition, adverb, clause and phrase.
How are the possessive cases of nouns and pronouns
Analize the following sentence and parse in full all the
words in it:
"The soldiers of the tenth legion, wearied by their long
march, and exhausted from want of food, were unable to resist
the onset of the enerny."
What are the circles of the earth?
4 What are the meridians?
_ Define latitude and longitude_
What two meridians bound the hemispheres? ·
i Define the two principal forms of government,
' Bound North America and describe its political divisions.
Why is the climate of \Vestern Europe different from that
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