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of America in similar latitudes?
Describe the mountains, principal rivers and lakes of Asia. `
. Describe the natural routes of commerce.
Commercial and Phonogrnpic Dcpartmen 1:.
C. C. CALHoUN, Principal.
SHERMAN W. Fsimrs,
M. E. MILLIKAN, Assistants.
C. D. CLAY, First Lieutenant U. S. A., Professor of Military
This Department is self-sustaining, depending upon its
tuition fees for its maintenance; but the College has made ar-
rangements w1th Professor Calhoun to give instruction without
extra charge to all matriculates of the State College who desire
to add book-keeping to the other courses of study provided by
the College,
Those students who matriculate in the Commercial, Short-
hand and Telegraphy Department will pay the fees charged by
that Department for its several courses of study. All such stu-
dents may have access to any of the classes in any of the other `
Departments of the College upon payment of two-thirds of the
fees charged by the College, and conversely, all matriculates of
the College may have access to the classes of Phonography,
Type-writing, Telegraphy and Penmanship in the Commer·
cial, Short-hand and Telegraphy Department upon payment
of two-thirds of the regular fees charged by that Department.
All the matriculates of this Department are subject to the
regulations of the College.
Professor Calhoun, with his corps of eiiicient teachers, who
‘ have had practical experience in their lines of work, is able to
give the very best training in theory and practice.
The importance of a thorough course of training for those I
who intend to apply themselves to business pursuits can not be
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