It is with sorrowful regret that we chronicle the news of the death of Wal—
is wm ~ lace Vandcrpool Smith. Mr. Smith died suddenly in California, where he had I
an excellent position.
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' 1 ` PARKER———LABACH. i
 ` The marriage of Miss Mary Shepherd Parker to Professor ]ames Oscar i
· Labach was solemnized V\/ednesday, October 10, at 12:30 o’clock at the Trinity  
' Fhurch in Asheville, N. C., Dean Robert K. Massie, of Christ Church Cathedral, 1
1 Lexinaton, Ky., otiiciating; i
 . The wedding was quiet and simple, and the celebration was at Asheville be-  
 _ cause of Dean Massie being there for the benefit of his health after long illness. {
X _.l 1 5 The rnarriaee of Miss Lillian Askew Gaines, class of 1017, Hopkinsville,  
DE;}   °- to Mr. Earl Benton \’Vebb, class of 1010, was solemnized on Saturday morning, §
. ., ,‘ ` October 13, at IO o’clock in Hopkinsville at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs.  
PE    , Thomas Henry Gaines. Rev. john Hawkins was the officiatingrminister, and the 5
mu "ii wedding was a very quiet event, with only the immediate families present. Q
§{§jfj‘§,  i RHoAps-HATTER. f
.entuck»; , The marriage of Miss Annie Laura Rhoads and Mr. E. P. Hatter, class ‘  
Ou gw _ of 1917, was solemnized Saturclav, October 13, at the Phoenix Hotel, the event
·~ ; C i being a surprise to family and friends.
€zi;Li;;,,i` 5 The bride is a daughter of Professor and Mrs. McHenry Rhoads. Mr.
I ’ " Hatter is now a lieutenant in the army at Camp Zachary _Taylor. 4
_ Miss Katherine Lillarcl, Versailles, and Mr. lames Martin McVVreight, Lek- V
: meton, were married Thursday morning, October 18, at the Sinton Hotel in
v_ Cincinnati. ·
\\.iCl_mt  _ Both Miss Lillard and Mr. Mc\\’reight are former students of the University. ,
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f,S{,C;"§f . rnoinasorvqxeppisn. ,
HO wise _ _ The rnarriane of Dr. \\’illiam Dandridee Reddish, of the class of IOOO, of this .
1 BU', to Miss Cornelia Thompson, of Edinburg, Ind., was solemnized Saturday, 1
, .1· ‘ her PO at 1 ·<0 o'clock at t`hattauooe‘a Tenn i
rlquaittp Cm · _ ·- » _ _ , , . _ _
` Dr. Reddish has been in trannng at Port Oglethorpe, Ga., with the ohice 0f 3
PC“j,m_;,_ giifft Lieutenant and is on his way to l”’hiladelphia to take a special course in  
¤ ·_‘t‘·; ` rain surqerv. 2
Orr “m` . ` The bride is an (\t`(`(\lHllii¥i]{‘