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Minutes 2£.the University Faculty, April Q! 1252

The UniVersity Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall, Monday,
April 8, 1957, at 4:00 p.m. President Dickey presided. Members absent were
N. B. Allison. C. A. Anderson, Brinkley Barnett”, L, L. Boyarsky, We M. Carter,
Arthur L. Cooke, F. G. Coolsen, H. A. Ellis, 0. W. Gard, W. P. Garrigus, J. Eo
Hernandez', W. H. Jansen, J° L. Leggett, C. T. Lesshafft, I. L. Martin, Roy
Moreland, 0. Leonard Press’, Dwight M. Seath, Hill Shine, E. P. Slone. D. V.
Terrell and Frank J. Welch.

The minutes of March 11, 1957 were read and approvedo

Dean Wall presented a recommendation from the College of Agriculture audible
Economics that Farm Engineering 108, Rural Housing9 be dropped. This was appnwed
by the Facultye

In the absence of Dean Terrell Professor Grouse presented a request from the
College of Engineering that trips for groups of Engineering students be apprOVed
as follows:

5 seniors and one faculty member in Electrical Engineering to attend
a meeting of the Student Branches of the Southern District of the American

Institute of Electrical Engineers, April 355

that 45 senior Civil Engineers and one faculty member make an ins
specticn of civil engineering projects in the Cincinnati area on April 12
and 139

that 3 seniors and 2 faculty members in Mechanical Engineering attend
the Student Conference of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers,
Region VI, Southern Tier, Northwestern UniVersity, Evanstong Illinois,
May 294 inclusive

that 10 students and two faculty members attend the 1957 Student
Conference of the Institution of Aeronautical Sciences in Atlanta, Georgia,
April 17520 inclusive.

The UniVersity Faculty approved these requestSo

Dean Ginger presented for the College of Education requests for approval of
new courses and changes in courses, These were approved by the University Famfltp

1. New Courses

Edo 150 The Role 2: the Teacher and the Principal in
Guidance (3) I, II, S Adams
A first course for nonaspecialists, basic
principles and practical approaches to guidance for
prospective teachers and principals in service.

Ede 159a,b.c Student Teaching in Special Education (3 ea)
I, II° S Reed and Staff
Supervised practice teaching in the use of Special
techniques used in working with individuals with
exceptional education problems; speech handicapped9
physically handicapped, visually retarded, hearing dis»
ability, mentally retarded, and the gifted;

'Absence explained

‘1‘ —-‘ _,-4——\ firm —\ .—‘\‘,‘—’——'\u — .—..(‘.-——\-J—‘HL-—a ,fir—yfi. ——\\4,—\,r—-\.r“.r—‘d.’-_\;

\V r‘ /—~.~ .\




 :«rr: In _




Minutes 93; the University Faculty, Ayn g, lgfiz

Ed. 176 The Junior High School (3) I, II, S Staff
A study of the junior high school age pupil
the Curriculumg current problems, and administrae
tiou of the modern junior high school

2, Change

Ede 116 Problems oi the Coordinator ig Distributive Education
l3) In II: S Baker



——-\(l—-—\-hnl —— ,H...” yr‘, ——\V "4 mr“.r~—‘_..'—_\ I


Ie The Graduate Council recommends approval of graduate credit for '"Eyjf
the following courses previously approved by the University Faculty for
undergraduate credit.

3mm Class work on problems of the coordinator of a highoschool
(Wed program in distributive education, including selecting
students for the program, placing students in stores. rating
students, use of advisory committee, and OVereall planning«
the to
ed .
Ed. 116a9 b Problems 2£.§E3 Coordinator 13_Industrial and A " 5 ix _
tributive Education (2 ea) I, II, S Baker and McDowell , } -{§Vf,
a course for coordinators of Industrial and Distributive ‘ ’E l;.
n Education, including planning of local programs, use of advisory 5 ‘5‘
[ committees, selection and arrangement of teaching materials, and
{ overeoll planning and Operation of the programs
l‘ lean Spivey presented for the Graduate Faculty recommendations for approval
( mfgraduate credit for certain courses which were apprOVed by the Facultyt
d (

7 Animal Industry 101. épplied Livestock Nutrition (3)
( Prerenuisites: A. I6 81 and approval


‘ i of instructors. g ‘,g
7 116 The Graduate Council recommends approval of the following new
{ courses:
of _‘ t
up”. ( Metallurgical Engineering 250. Nuclear Metallurgy (3) : ;,

The metallurgy of such materials as are used in the various
components of nuclear reactors with Special emphasis on their

/ physical metallurgy. Scientific principles in their broadest
sense are emphasized. Material applicable to nuclearareactor
components in the ceramics, metaleceramics. and other fields;
Lecture and recitation. Prerecuisitep: B. S. in Metallurgical
Engineering or permission of the instructore

f Library Science 213. Problems ig_School Librarz Service (3)
For experienced school librarians and administrators concerned
[ with improving the program of library services in elementary
( and junior and senior high schoolsm Prereouisites; Library ' 4
Science courses leading to provisional certification ‘15 hours). 3m



Minutes g£_the University Faculty, April a. 1252


Several students in the Department 0“ Sociology have requested \
i permission to organize a Sociology Club on the campus of the University. (

5 They state that "the purpose of this organization shall be to discuss 9 Hall.
matters of general interest in sociology and related fields." If the . mmmt
request is approved, the club will function under the guidance of Ur. ' Ball'
Howard W. Beers. The students and Dr. Beers heVe requested that the “ V“ ¥°
membership of this club be restricted to graduate students in sociology /” §°°°
and related fields, must

The Committee on btudent Organizations hes reviewed this request 3'51
end recOmmends to the University faculty that this group be permitted to Wilh
organize and congregate as a formal activity group at the University of

7' Unin

'W minul

‘ Uhloe Gifford i fami

3; _ -- Jane Haselden

fl ~1;};- Joyce Lease

k 33;) ‘ C. F. Elton

111 e Mcoubb in

C. Syeck

G. T. Webster i
K t


. Whitaker
. Martin, Chairman

The Faculty adjourned.

{Ex/LG»? r v ‘ I, {:6} '

Robert L. M1115 7
Secretary I