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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 30, 1895 - page 27-28

      Gen?1. Buell submitted a report of the Cordittee
on Military Instruction and College discipline, which was
received and filed.

      On motion the report was made a special order for
10 A. M. July 31st.

      On motion the Board adjourned to meet 9 A. MY. suntime
July 31.

V. E. Muncy, Sec.                R. J. Spurr, Chrm.

      The Board of Trustees met in the President's room
at 9 A. M. suntime July 31, 1895

Present:                        Genl'. Buell
                                Mr. Bird
                                Mr. Gathright
                                "t Gooding
                                It Hindman

      The minutes of the previous meeting were read and

      President Patterson offered the following Resolution
which was unanimously adopted.

           1t Resolved that the Board of Trustees in
      accepting the resignation of Prof. J. S. Terrill
      assistant in Botany and Entomology in the Experiment
      Station desire to record their sense of his eminent
      fitness for the position which he held, his dili-
      gence, his industry, and his uniform courtesy
      and gentlemanly bearing."


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 31, 189;:$ - page 28-29

      The President of the College submitted the following
communication with favorable comment.

                        Lexington, Ky. July 30, 95.

      President James K. Patterson
               Lexington, Ky.

      Dear Sir:

           Owing to the constantly increasing work in the
      Chemical Laboratory and especially in the line of
      fertilizer analysis, I have found it impossible
      to keep up with our work, without asking  extra duty
      of the chemists.

           Mr. Curtis is assigned the work in fertilizer
      analysis and therefore the greater portion of the
      extra work has fallen upon him.

           Mr. Curtis's salary is  now $1250 per years
      I believe his work now entitles him to an increase,
      I would recommend that his salary be increased
      at least $100.00 per year, such increase to be
      taken out of the fertilizer income.

                              Yours very truly

                              M. A. Scovell, ti

      Whereupon the following was offered:

           Resolved that the increase of salary of Henry
E. Curtis is voted with the understanding that the increase
from $1250 to $1350 per annum be in lieu of all extra
compensation for extra services in the analysis of

                 Resolution adopted by

Ayes                                   Noes
Gathright                               Bird
Gooding                                 Hindman
Patterson                               James
Peak                                    Riddell
Dr. Spurr
R. A. Spurr


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRIJSTEES,July 31, 1895 - page 29-30

      Gen. Buell submitted the following as a supplementary
report of the Committee on Military Instruction and College

      1. The attention of all officers of the College is
         specially called to the importance of a fair,
         diligent, and uniform enforcement of all regulations
         of the College affecting its discipline and
         routine duties.

      2. All orders ieretofore issued from whatever source,
         modifying the regulations in regard to the use
         of the uniform dress are hereby revoked. .

      3. All orders heretofore issued from whatever source
         exempting certain students from drill or any other
         established Military duty are hereby revoked.

      4. The male students shall be organized into companies
         of about 50 privates each, with the appropriate
         officers, non-commissioned officers and musicians;
         and in this organization there shall be no separate
         arrangement of dormitory students and other
         male students.

      5. As already prescribed by the regulations the officers
         shall be appointed from the members of the senior
         and junior classes in the order named, the captains
         being taken from the Senior if possible and all
         the lieutenants from senior and junior.

      6. The office of Major of the battalion shall be filled
          by appointment from the senior class.

      7. The major shall be paid monthly at the rate of
          $300. per year,   Captains appointed from the
          senior class shall be paid monthly at the
          rate of $150 a year.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 31, 1895 - page 31-32

   captains appointed from the junior class shall be
   paid monthly at the rate of $125 per year.

   First Lieutenants shall be paid at the rate of
   $125 a year.

   Second Lieutenants shall be paid at the rate of
   $100 a year.

   Provided that all of these officers shall be re-
   quired to mess and quarter within the limits of
   the college.

8. The procurement of an officer of the Army for the
   position of Military Professor and commdndant
   shall be effected by special negotiation and as
   far as possible by careful selection. The officer
   shall be fully informed of the service required,
   and it shall be stipulated that he shall conform
   without reservation to the requirements of the
   regulations in that regard; in consideration
   of which he shall be allowed an additional
   monthly salary at the rate of $1000.00
   a year.

9. The sum of $        a year is hereby appropriated
    to be used as far as necessary in procuring the
    constant attendance and service of a person to
    sound the signal calls for the various duties;
    in connection if possible with some other
    necessary service about the buildings
    and grounds.

10. The President of the College is authorized in
    his discretion to cause the issue of a complete
    uniform dress to such students matriculated for a
    year or more as may be found absolutely unable
    to provide themselves with the uniform, not
    exceeding ten in number. The issue will be
    in the nature of a loan to be paid when
    possible by labor or otherwise.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 31, 1895 - page 32-33

     M1r. Gooding offered the following:

           Resolved that the part of Genfl. Buell's report
which relates to salaries be stricken out.

           Carried by Ayes and Noes as follows.

      Ayes                      Noes
      Bird                      Buell.
      Gathright                Hindman,
      same s
      Dr. Spurr
      R. A. Spurr

           On motion ordered that General Buell's supplementary
report be taken up, by the Board, and considered section by

      On motion section No. 1. was adopted.
      On motion section No. 2. was adopted.
      On motion section No. 3. was adopted.
      On motion section No. 4. was adopted.
      On motion section No. 5. was adopted
      On motion section No. 6. was adopted.

      Section No. 7 was not acted upon it having been
stricken out by a previous action.

      Section No. 8. was adopted excepting that part
which relates to salaries.

      When section No. 9 was read Mr. Gooding opposed it
upon the ground that the pay or compensation of the
bugbr is a salary.



      Mr. Gathright then offered the following as new
matter in an original motion:

           Resolved that $150. per annum be and is hereby
      appropriated to pay a bugler to sound the necessary
      signal calls in the buildings and about the
      grounds.       Seconded.

      Mr. R. A. Spurr moved that Mr. Gathrights motion be
laid on the table.

      Carried by a rising vote:

      Ayes 6                    Noes 5.

      On motion section No. 10, was adopted.

      Mr. James moved to reconsider the motion to lay on
the table Mr. Gathright's motion relative to the compensation
of a bugler.

      The question was raised as to Mr. James f right to
move to reconsider.

      The chairman decided that the motion could not be

      Mr. Gathright appealed, from the decision of the
chair to the house.

      When submitted to the Board the decision of the
chairman was sustained by a rising vote as follows:

      Ayes 6                    Noes 5.

      On motion the Ex. Comt was authorized to look after
the legislation necessary to the payment of certain
flinds due the college from the State since Jan. 1, 95.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,1July 31, 1895 - page 34

      Mr. Hindman chairman of the Committee on Internal
Expansion reported in reference to the Transcript of the
action of the Faculty relative to changing from the present
system of marking to the centigrade system, as follows:

     Your committee, to whom was referred a paper asking
     that a change be made in the system of marking in
     the college, Ikave considered the same and beg to re-
     port they are unable to see any necessity for a
     change, as suggested in said paper, at this time;
     and ask to be relieved from the further consideration
     of the same.

                  (signed)     J. R. Hindman,
                                W. F. Peak,

      On motion the foregoing committee report was
unanimous ly adopted.

      The Committee on Internal Expansion reported in
reference to the Faculty's action concerning local examinations,
at various points in the State, for entrance to the College,
as follows:

      Your committee, to whom was referred a paper signed
      by a portion of the Faculty of the College asking
      that the Board of Trustees give authority for the
      examination of persons who desire to enter this
      college at any point in the state other than at this
      place, would report that they have considered the
      sane and that they believe that such proposition
      should be carried out, at any place where any
      number of students or persons express a desire
      to enter this Institution; and it is believed
      that the number would justify any person connected
      with this Institution to make a trip for the purpose
      of making said examination.

                   (signed)     J. R. Hindman
                                W. F. Peak

      On motion the foregoing conmaittee report was


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 31, 1895 - page 35

      President Patterson stated to the Board that in order
to stimulate students, and preserve a more perfect record
of their scholarship, a committee appointed from the
Faculty had submitted certain recommendations which the
Faculty adopted June 1, 1891.

      That the recommendations were adopted by the Executive
Committee on September 2, 1891, but that the record of the
action had been inadvently omitted from both the minutes of
the Faculty and Executive Committee.

      He then read the report of the Committee which is
as follows:

             " A. and M. College of Kentucky,
                    Lexington, Kentucky.

             Report of Committee on College Records.

      In order to keep a more perfect record of the scholarship
of our students; and that we may more easily, conveniently
and justly decide upon college honors and class - standing:
and in order that the President and the heads of departments
may keep better acquainted with the conduct and scholarship
of the student body; and that the class - standing of the
student may prove, in itself, an effective means of
discipline; we the undersigned Committee, do hereby
submit the following recommendations:


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 36


Section 1. That each Professor keep an accurate record of
the daily recitations of his students, and that he publish
the same each Monday morning in his own room, in any way
that he may see fit; and that at the end of each month, with
the exception of the fir-st, he be required to submit to the
President, on blanks prepared for the purpose, a report of
the monthly standing of each student in his department,
together with the number of his merits or demerits, which
shall have been assigned him in accordance with III
Sec. 1 of this report.

Section 2. These monthly standings, and those obtained on
final examination, together with the merits and demerits,
shall be posted in the general record books of the College
by some one regularly employed by the College authorities
for this purpose.

Section 3. That these general record books shall be
four in number, and be made according to the specifications
herewith submitted.

Section 1. That college honors and any other matters
involving the class - standing of students be settled by a
committee of five to be appointed each year by the President
and that this committee be altogether governed in their
decisions by the records preserved in the general record
books above mentioned; that college honors be awarded
solely upon the total scholarship of the student; and
that all members of the graduating class receive
honorable mention on the day of their graduation who shall
have obtained a total average scholarship of 14 or better.




Section 1. That the following system of merits and demerits
for class - standing be established, (in which merits
cancel demerits).:

An average
It   it
II   tl

  It  VI

  It  11
  Ii  VI

  VI  if

  It  It

  VI  ff



15.0 for 1 month equals   10 merits
14.5 "   1   "      "      8   "
14.0 "  1    "      "      6   "
13.5 "   1   "      "      4   It
13.0 '   1   "      "      2   WI

12.5 )
12.0 )

equals 0 merits or demerits.

for 1 month equals 4 demerits.
" 1    "     "l   8     t
" 1    f     "   12     "
" 1 i        "   16     "

" 1    t'    "   24     "
"t     I1    WI  28     a
if 1   "      1  32  

tt1    t     tt   40I36

Section 2. That any student who shall thus get 100 demerits
within the collegiate year be ipso facto dismissed.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of him who posts the
monthly records to inform the President of any student
whose demerits number 25 or more.

Section 4. That a student on getting 25 demerits be admonished
by the President, that on his getting 50 his parent or
guardian be notified, on his getting 75 he be notified
again, and that on his getting 100 he be dismissed
without the privilege of an appeal.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 31, 1895 - page 38

Section 5. That any student who willfully absents himself
from any final examination be given 50 demerits.

Section 6. That if a student leave college within six
weeks of the close of the collegiate years without a honorable
discharge from the President, his demerits be allowed to
accumulate against him until he shall have obtained a
sufficient number to dismiss him.

Section 7. That when a student files an application for
an honorable discharge within six weeks of the close, unless
it be clearly a case of emergency, it shall be the duty of
the Secretary to put himself in correspondence wlth his
parent or guardian, and that no honorable discharge
be granted until the parent or guardian be heard from.


Section 1. That the foregoing recommendations regarding
the submitting of reports to the President-- merits and
demerits shall apply to all departments of the

      Respectfully submitted by

                                Jo. H. Kastle, Chairman,
                                Walter K. Patterson,
                                J. W. Newman
                                                The Committee.

Lexington, June 1, 1891.

      In the discussion of Rec. III Sec. 4, it was suggested
that a monthly report of scholarship and conduct be sent
to the parent or guardian of every student in the



      On motion the foregoing report was received and
approved and adopted as a rule of action for the college.

      On motion of Mr. Hindman ordered that President
Patterson be authorized to take such steps as may seem to
him to be proper, in his discretion in order to secure
two or four townships of public land for the benefit of
the State of Kentucky, and finally for the special
benefit of the State College of Kentucky.

      Mr. Hindman stated, that the Committee on Internal
Expansion had not had time to consider the"meager returns
from the department of Civil Engineering" and requested
that the matter be taken up and considered by the
entire Board.

      After considerable discussion by various members of
the Board Mr. Gathright offered the following:

      i' Resolved that the Secretary of this Board be and
he is hereby instructed and directed to say in writing
to Prof. Nelson that the Board is not satisfied with the
success of the Department of -Civil Engineering and the re-
sults attained, and that unless there is a marked improvement
in the immediate future, that the Board will be compelled
to take steps to improve same."

      Mr. Gooding moved to amend Mr. Gathrights
resolution by striking out "1 Unless there is a marked
improvement in the immediate future, that the Board will
be compelled to take steps to improve same, " and
inserting instead, " Prof. Nelsonts resignation
is called for at once."


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 40

Amendment seconded by General Buell.


President Patterson offered the following substitute:

      Resolved that the Board of Trustees having had under
consideration the department of Civil Engineering are not
satisfied with the results obtained during the incumbency
of the present head.

      Resolved further that Prof. Nelson be advised of
this fact and that his serious attention is invited,
by the Board, to the organization management and
instruction in his department.

      Resolved that the Secretary be directed to forward
a copy of this action to Prof. Nelson.

      The substitute was carried by a rising vote as

Ayes 6

Noes 5

      On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 3 P. M.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 41

      The Board of Trustees met in the President's room
at 3 P. M. suntime July 31, 1895

      Present             Gent1. Buell
                                 R. A. Spurr

      In the absence of Dr. Spurr Genl 1. Buell took the

      The minutes of the Executive Committee from
January 1895 to June 1895 inclusive were read and approved.

      Dr. Spurr and Mr. Bird entered at 3:20 P. M.

      Mr. R. A. Spmrr called attention to a minute of the
July meeting of the Executive Committee which reads as

      Attention (was called) to the fact that Mr. G. V.
Green, is not legally a Trustee within the meaning of
section 8 of the new charter.

      Whereupon on motion ordered that the Secretary be
and he is authorized to address a communication to the
Attorney General requesting an opinion as to the meaning
of Section 8, of the new charter.

      In reply to the Secretary's communication the
Attorney General wrote as follows:

                        Frankfort, Kly. July 15, 1895

V. E. Muncy Esq.
Lexington, Ky.,


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 31, 1895 - page 41-42

Dear Sir:-

      I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of
your favor of the 5th instant, upon my return to the
office after an absence of two weeks.

      In response I desire to say, that in my opinion,
the provision of Section 8 cited by you, requiring vacancies
in the Board of Directors to be filled at the first meeting
thereafter," would require the election of Dr. Clardy's
successor on the second Tuesday in December.

      The adjourned meeting of July 30th, can only be
considered as a continuation of the meeting of June 4th.

                                 Very truly yours,

                                 Wm. Hendrick
                                 Attorney General.

      The special committee composed of Messrs. Buell,
Hindman, and Hines, reported as follows:

      The committee appointed to report upon the subject
of a post - graduate course of study recommend that the
report of the Faculty Committee on that subject be approved
and adopted as a rule of action for the college.

See page 13     (Signed)         D. C. Buell
                                 J. R. Hindman

State College July 31, 1895

       On motion the foregoing committee report was received
and adopted.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 43

      Mr. R. A. Spurr offered the following:

      1. Resolved that if practicable the Department of
Biology be placed under the charge of the Prof. of Geology
and administered by him in connection with his existing
duties, provided that this arrangement can be made under
the existing schedule of instruction, the practicability
of which is referred to the Executive Committee with
power to act.

             ( If Resolution 1 be carried into effect)
      2. Resolved that instead of electing an assistant
in Botany and Entomology in the Experiment Station, Prof.
Garman be relieved of his duties as head of the department
of Biology 4n the College in order that he may devote his
entire time to the duties of Botanist and Entomologist
in the Experiment Station to which position he was
originally elected.

      On motion ordered that the foregoing resolutions
be and they are hereby adopted.

      On motion of Mr. Hindinan, the order of June 4
abolishing the Department of Veterinary Science was re-

      On motion of Mr. Bird resolved that the Veterinary
Department be continued under Dr. Bennett on a salary of
$800.00 per annum.

      On motion of Mr. R. A. Spurr $800.00 was stricken out.

      Judge Riddell moved to insert $300. - motion lost. -

Mr. R. i. Spurr moved to insert $500, lost.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 44

      President Patterson moved to insert $600 with the
condition that the further continuance of the Department
beyond the next collegiate year depend upon the results
achieved during the year 1895,-6.

     Motion carried by rising vote.

     President Patterson offered the following Resolution
which was adopted: viz.

      Resolved that the President be authorized to contract
with T. F. Brown, or some other person for instruction in
Elocution two hours per day for the next collegiate year
at a compensation not exceeding $300.00.

      On motion the reading of the minutes of the Board of
control was dispensed with.

      On motion ordered " That the committee in charge of
the selection of a site for the Insectory be instructed to
reconstruct the foundation and to consider therewith the
propriety of a change of site."

      Judge Riddell offered the following which was
adopted: viz.

      Resolved that President J. K. Patterson be and he
is hereby permitted to select a site on the college
grounds on which to erect a building for a Library
in commemoration of his son, lately deceased and
bearing his name.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 31, 1895 - page 45

      President Patterson read the following transcript
from the minutes of the Faculty.

      At the regular monthly meeting of the Faculty May 3,
1895, the report of a Committee was read upon the subject of
class - marching. This report was in favor of a continuance
of the system and of taking such steps as might make it
more effective.

      Prof. W. K. Patterson offered the following substitute
for the report: viz.

      Whereas the regulations of the college relative to
class - marching and class - marchers were entirely suspended
from Sept. 1890 to January 1894: and

      Whereas their nominal enforcement from the latter date
to the present time has been the cause of great disorder
and confusion and much loss of time: and

      Whereas their enforcement in letter and spirit would
not materially strenghten or promote the efficiency of the
military department of the college - therefore,

      Resolved, that the Faculty recommend to the Board of
Trustees that they repeal those sections of the regulations
which relate to class - marching and class marchers.

      A motion to hold an adjourned meeting on Monday
May 6, cut off further discussion.

      At the meeting May 6, the following action was taken:

      Prof. Patterson's substitute was taken up paragraph
by paragraph and adopted by a viva voce vote. The
question was then put on putting the substitute in the
place of the committee's report, and the ayes and noes
were called.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 45-46

The vote stood - aye - Messrs. Anderson, Bennett, Kastle,
Miller, Neville, W. K. Patterson, White, Roark, - 8
No - President Patterson, Captain Swigert, Messrs. Pence,
Nelson, Mathews, - 5.

      Excused from voting by the President Dr. Shackleford.

      Absent and not voting, Messrs. Garman and Pryor.
Upon the motion of W. X. Patterson the Secretary of the
Faculty was directed to prepare a report of the action the
Faculty for transmission to the Trustees.

      When a motion to adopt the foregoing report was submitted
to the Board a division was called for with the following

      Motion lost  - ayes 4        Noes 7

      Gen'l. Buell and Gov. Hindman report that the
closets and bath rooms were in faidy good condition but
rather too small.

      Mr. Bird offered the following resolution which was

      " Resolved, that a committee of three be appointed,
by the Chairman whose duty it shall be to visit the college
after the beginning of the fall term and before the December
meeting of this Board and make a thorough examination o
each department of the college, ascertain the number of
students in each class, the hours taught, Salary of
Principals and assistants if there be any;  they shall
note carefully the amount of work to be done in each department
and what proportion is done by the assistant, also the equip-
ment and accommodations of each department. They shall
ascertain the number of employes connected with the
institution, the amount of labor performed by each


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 47 -48

and the salary of the same. They shall inspect the dormitories
and mess hall, also the order and deportment of students going
to, and from the mess - hall and class rooms. The committee
shall make a close inspection of the military department,
ascertain the methods of the Commandant and the time em-
ployed by him. The Committee is expected and required to
make a report in detail of their investigations, and to
make any suggestions which in their opinion would be in the
interest of economy and good government of the college. This
committee shall also visit and inspect the college in the
same manner during the last term and prior to the annual
meeting of this Board in June 1896.

      Chairman appointed the following committeemen.

           Messrs. Bird, R. A. Spurr, R. J. Spurr.

      President Patterson offered the following which was

      Resolved that the Secretary be instructed to inform
Mr. G. V. Green that his election was in the opinion of
the Attorney General invalid in as much as it was held
during the meeting at which Dr. Clardy resigned and could
only take place legally at the next meeting: viz -
Second Tuesday in December. The Secretary is however in-
structed to invite Mr. Green, to be present at the next
regular meeting as he will then be elected to fill the
unexpired term of Dr. Clardy.

      On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 10 A. M.
suntime December 10, 1895.


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