xt7t4b2x460r https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7t4b2x460r/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky 1965054 minutes English University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1965-05-may4. text Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1965-05-may4. 1965 2011 true xt7t4b2x460r section xt7t4b2x460r 

        Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of
Kentucky, Tuesday, May 4, 1965, Board Room, Administration Building.

        The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in the Board
Room of the Administration Building on the campus of the University at 10:00
a. m., Eastern Standard Time, on Tuesday, May 4, 1965, in regular meeting as
provided in KRS 164. 170, with the following members present: Dr. Ralph
Angelucci, Vice Chairman, Judge James A. Sutherland, Secretary, Dr. Harry
Denham, Dr. R. W. Bushart, Mr. Sam Ezelle, Mr. W. F. Foster, Dr. H. B.
Murray, Mr. Clifford Smith, Mr. Gilbert Kingsbury, Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer,
and Professors Paul Oberst and Lewis Cochran, non-voting faculty members.
Governor Edward T. Breathitt, Mr. Wendell P. Butler, Dr. Harry Sparks, Mr.
Smith Broadbent, and Mr. Floyd Wright were unable to attend. President John
W. Oswald, Vice Presidents A. D. Albright, Robert F. Kerley, William R.
Willard, and Robert L. Johnson, and members of the press were in attendance.

        A. Oath of Office Administered to Dr. Angelucci

        Dr. Ralph Angelucci, reappointed by Governor Breathitt for a term
ending December 31, 1968, qualified as a member of the Board of Trustees by
taking the Constitutional Oath, which was administered by Judge James A.

        B. Meeting Opened

        Dr. Ralph Angelucci, Vice Chairman, assumed the chairmanship of
the meeting in the absence of Governor Edward T. Breathitt, and asked Judge
Sutherland to pronounce the Invocation. Following roll call, the secretary re-
ported a quorum present, and the meeting was declared officially open for the
conduct of business at 10:05 a.m.

        C. Minutes Approved

        On motion by Mr. Hillenmeyer, seconded by Dr. Bushart, and so
ordered, the reading of the Minutes of the April 6, 1965, meeting of the Board
of Trustees was dispensed with and the Minutes were approved as published.

        D. President's Report to the Trustees (PR 1)

        President Oswald prefaced his presentation of the report by reminding
the Trustees of the commencement activities--the Baccalaureate-Vesper Service



followed by the President's Reception on Sunday, May 9, the Commencement
Exercises on May 10, followed by luncheon and the special Medical Center
Ceremonies--and urged as many of the members to attend these events as could
do so.

         Copies of the President's Report to the Trustees (PRI) were available
to those present and the Trustees were reminded that copies of the report are
also distributed to the faculty and certain key alumni.

         Particular attention was called to Item 2, Centennial College History
Series, in the report and President Oswald indicated that complete sets of the
published histories were in the folders of the members of the Board. Special
attention was also given to the Centennial Confe rences already held and the ones
scheduled for the fall semester.

        Without dissent, the chairman accepted the report on behalf of the
Board and it was ordered filed.

        E. Recommendations of the President (PR 2)

        PR 2, Recommendations of the President, is important but routine
items of business and the report is prepared for distribution to the Board of
Trustees in advance of each meeting. President Oswald indicated that the Board
was, therefore, familiar with the recommendations contained in the report but
he wished. to call particular attention to the following items:

1.  The gift from the IBM Corporat.hon of the podium which was first used at the
    University of Kentucky on February 22. 1965, by President Lyndon Baines
    Johnson. At that time the podium was on loan but 1BM has now presented it
    to the University with the following inscription on a plaque on the podium:
    "This lectern was used by President Lyndon B. Johnson for delivering the
    principal address to the University of Kentucky Centennial Founders Day
    Convocation on February 22; 1965. Presented by the IBM Corporation. "

2. Item VI - Promotions. A total of 45 promotions are recommended--12 from
    associate professor to professor; 1 8 from assistant professor to associate
    professor; and 15 from instructor to assistant professor. In addition, 24
    persons are recommended for continuous appointment (tenure).

3. The approval of the 15 persons who are the first to complete the program
    for the Associate in Science in Nursing Degree, the first such Degree to be
    awarded by the University of Kentucky.

On motion by Dr. Denham, seconded by Judge Sutherland, and carried, PR 2,




Recommendations of the President, was approved as a whole and ordered made
a part of the Minutes of the May 4, 1965, meeting. {See PR 2 at end of the

        F. Supplemental. Recommendations of the Pres dent "PR 3)

        Since the items contained in PR 3, Supplemental Recommendations of
the President, are received too late for distribution in advance to the Board, the
members took a few moments to examine these recommendations.

        There being no questions relative to any item contained in the report, on
motion by Mr. Hillenmeyer, seconded by Dr. Murrav, PR 3, Supplemental
Recommendations of the President, was approved as a whole and ordered made a
part of the Minutes of the May 4, 1965, meeting. 'See PR 3 at end of the Minutes.)

        G. Approval of Degree Candidates

        The following list of names of persons who are candidates for degrees
at the Commencement Exercises on Mav 10. 1965., was distributed to the members
of the Board. It was pointed out that the list included the names of those persons
who completed their work in August 1964, December 1964. and those who expect to
complete their work in May 1965. It was also explained that since the Commence-
ment Exercises will be held this year immediately following completion of exami-
nations, it was not possible for the Office of the Dean of Admisslons and Registrar
to certify satisfactory completion of requirements for the latter group prior to the
Commencement Exercises and, therefore, candidates will be presented folders
containing a certificate stating the following: "In your studies at the University of
Kentucky, your name has progressed to the status of candidacy for a degree and,
as soon as it has been determined that all degree requirements have been satisfied,
your diploma will be mailed."


Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

John James B. Ayres                        Wayne Franklin Ewbank
Austin W. Barrows, Jr.                     Doris Ethington Follettie
San- Jean Cho                              Donald Tha Frazier
James Kimbrough Cole                       James Arnett Graves
Martin Jay Crowe                           Lawrence C. Grebstein
Everett Wilford Cunningham                 Ben William Hayes
Boice Neal Daugherty                       Troy Walker Hinton
Ledford Wayne Dobson                       James Hayden Igleheart


Donald Ray Kelley
James Martin Kline
Daniel Willis Lynch
Robert Lee McGuire
Louis John Mensonides
Carl S. Menzies
Ralph Edward Mitchell
Richter Hermann Moore, Jr.
Dolores Louise Noll
Donald Ray Ramage

David Cox Redding
Donald Clark Robbins
Harriett Abraham Rose
Donald Shadoan
James Patrick Sullivan
Hari Suseno
Alfred Philip Tadajewski
Vernon Crafton Warren, Jr.
James Walter Wilson
William H. Zuber, Jr.

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Education

Alberta M. Chapman
Keith Edwin Davis
Norman A. Deeb
James Carlus Falkenstine

Bonnie B. Hume
Leonard Clemont McDowell
Drewry Meece, Jr.
William Fred Taylor

Candidates for the Degree of Specialist in Education

Martin Luther Carr

Ruth Willis Radcliffe

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts

Sandra Jane Alexander
Carol Ann Beesley
Rowena Holliday Boehling
Reece Alexander Bond
Rosemary Kent Boyer
Michael Warren Brown-Beasley
Konrad Justus Buschbeck
Paul Butcher
Ronald Jerome Butler
Jere L. Calmes
James Chester Claypool
Charles Claude Clever
Bonnie Wells Conley
Fred Hugh Cornelius
Jasper Creech
Gilbert Lewis Crouse
Mark Cunningham, Jr.
Richard McCullough Dom
Charles Thomas Easterly
Jackie Lee Elam
Joan Louise Fields
Kenneth John Fischer

Carroll Bruce Fitch, Jr.
Lloyd Wayne Franks
Mary Cecile Garmon
William Joseph George
William H. Gerlach
Jeanne A. Goff
John E. Hammer
Rosemary R. Hartman
Suzanne Shively Havens
Elizabeth Ann Heard
Ruth Bradfute Heizer
Jerry Spalding Helm
Marilyn Jean Hendricks
Barbara D. Hickey
David Leo Kruegel
Eun Sul Lee
Joe P. Lewellyn
Nedra Diane Lundberg
Gail Marie Matthews
Erich Fritz Mende
Harold Wayne Miller
Malcolm Keenan Miller



David Winchell Novak
Robert B. Phillips
James Edward Quisenberry
Doris Bowles Reichert
Schultz Riggs
Mary Skipper Ryan
Issam Safady
Shirley Sanders
John Francis A. Seggar

Roger William Shipman
Andris Skreija
Lee Houston Stinnett
Louise Boswell Tipton
Robert Eugene Tucker
Wallace Anson Clinton Williams
Virginia Bess Witherspoon
Norma May Woodward
Harvey E. Zimmerman

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science

Paul Joseph Armstrong, Jr.
Louis George Arnold
Larry Norman Bare
David Vincent Boyer
John H. Brevit
Pauline Rose Clance
Joe Richard Cowles
Larry Neil Craft
Darrel D. Dobbs
Donald Campbell Dykes
Nancy Rodgers Dykes
Larry Edward Erickson
Carroll J. Falcon
Shirley Anne Fifer
Robert Fishman
Hermogenes Flores
Walter Lee Helton
Charles Edward Holbrook
Karl Francis Kuhn
Sammy Duane Latham
Kathleen Elizabeth Lips
Joseph K. Long III
Bernard L. Madison

John Forrest Mahoney
Marshall H. Marcus, Jr.
Soewignjo Moeljo
James Donald Moore
Roberta Taft Moore
E ric Panitz
Soetijono Partosoedjono
James Allen Pearson
Ronald Eugene Pierce
Carol Lois Reagles
Utai Ruangwit
Martin John Sablik
Sarah Kyle Harding Sibinovic
LeRoy Victor Smith
Sheldon Steiner
James Wilson Stepp
Juhara Sukra
Donald Curtis Taylor
Bwee Lan Tjong
Dawan Sugandi Udikartaprawira
Juju Wahju
Charles Newell Warren
Peter Walter Whaley

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Agriculture

David Mitchell Allen
Sjarifuddin Baharsjah
Marcus Randall Barnett
Steven Arnold Callahan
David Lee Coffey
Leslie Donald Coivin
Marvin E. Davidson
John Wade Deme

Finnell Lowell Fields
Robert A. Floyd
Wallace I. Halcomb
Gene T. Harris
Ted Howard
Letta W. Jasper
William Edgar King
Danny Bruce Laster



Hugh Wilson Mahin
Amris Makmur
William Kenneth Martin
Roy Mason Morrison
Asikin Matasasmita
William Avery Norman
Asa Irvin Overall
Thomas Ray Phelps
Rankin Elwood Powell
George Raymond Prigge
Rochani Rasidi

Clint Manly Reese
Katherine K. Russell
Fred Ross Shank
Irlan Soejono
Adi Sudono
James Tipton Thompson
Mozes Rupilu Toelihere
John Henry Van Cleve
John H. Vaughn
Hayden Watkins
Ralph D. Wood

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Home Economics

Justika Ubuh Baharsjah
Miriam Camp Miller
Helen Lynde Palmer

Rika Rochita Redmana
Neva Bush Walling

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering

George Arthur Duncan

Brahm Prakash Verma

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Tommie E. Flora
Douglas Culver Griffin II
Shih-Chiao Thomas Lo

Praful Raojibhai Patel
Donald B. Shelton

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Ramanlal Rarmubhai Amin
R. J. Widodo Djojosoewarno
Daniel Joseph Diinne
Richard Douglas Harris
Harry Lee Hurd
David Alan Johnson

Terrell Anthony Lassetter
Henry Clay Locklar, Jr.
Maurice Lawrence Miller, Jr.
Sushil Gajendrarai Munshi
Fred L. Rogers, Jr.
James Curtus Warwick

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mohammed Junaid Barlas
Alvin Benton Broderson
R,, Harijono Djojodihardjo
Robert Foster Graham

Albert Benjamin Hackney
Arloe Wesley Mayne, Jr.

Candidate for the Degree of Master of Science in Mining Engineering

Bruce Wayne Finley




Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts in Education

Pauline Barbara Allen
Marion Jokl Ball
William Banks
Gertrude Webb Banta
Larry Joe Barr
Lynda Carol Beemer
John Pope Blackshear
Richard Carlton Boys
Ivan Mayo Bradley
Loretta Dixon Bradley
Phyllis Payton Brandenburg
Betty JoAnne Braden Burnett
Kaya Can
James Donald Casey
Ralph H. Childers
Ann D. Clark
Donald Earl Cline, Jr.
David Wylie Cliness
Iola Crisp
Jane Freeman Crowell
Charles Walter Daugherty
Edna Lytle Daugherty
Sandra Davidson
Patsy McLain Davis
William Gordon Duncan
Gayle Webb Ecton
Anna Bizer Elam
Jusuf Enoch
Harry Hawkins Farris
Ruby Elliott Fleming
Jack B. Friess
William Woolfolk Gravely
George W. Gray
Elizabeth Megibben Griswold
Paul Edwin Griswold
Atha Jim Grogan
Adrian L. Hall
Karen Chase Hall
William Oley Hall, Jr.
William Walter Hall
Fannie Rutherford Harris
Willis Ray Haws
David Lawrence Heizer
Janice Lee Woford Helm

Wanda P. Higbee
Alberta Hazely High
Anne Patton Hilgartner
Eugene Wesley Huddle
Charles Talton Hughes, Jr.
Randall Trotter Hughes
Jean Bell Janes
James Maurice Johnson
Bobbie Jean Clark Karsner
Elaine K. Kober Keen
Ronald Kincer
James Darr Kirk
William Augustus Lee
Patricia Rose Lewis
Lula Martin McInteer
Mildred King McKinley
William Howard Martin
Frances Douglas Mashburn
John Lee Miller
Glen D. Mills
Nancy Jones Mitchell
Russell Glen Mobley
Billy Ray Moffett
Teddy R. Marford
Gerald E. Morris
Diane Terry Orchard
Lillie Begley Osborne
John Stansbury Owen, Jr.
Eddie KyJ.e Parker
Lillian Hutchins Parson
Nancy Dale Peel
Ronald Gene Reed
Carol Jean Rush
Nancy Nicholson Russell-Tutty
Clarence Edsel Salyer
James Christopher Shifflett
Gilbert Shirley
Mary Levi Smith
Stanley Fleming Smith
John Kirklin Snider
Gerald Duane Snodgrass
Edmond Clark Sowards
Joan Craig Spies
Alice McCullough Strange


William Rodman Tabb
Gilbert B. Tanner
James Robert Taylor
Calvin Truman Terhune
Dorothy Geraldine Thomas
Barbara R. Timberlake
Margaret B. Treadway
Janet Van Hoose
Marjorie Smith Walden
Doris Ann Wallingford

Alvin B. Webb
David Calvin Webb
Arch C. Williams
Mary Martha Williams
John Elwood Wise
Anna Mary Wolfe
Edith Belle Yates
Linda Lou Arnold Yong
Mary Catherine Taylor Young

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Education

Harlan Clay Banks
Louise Alton Bennett
Nancy Elliott Bohannon
Lloyd Lee Cain
Mary Kelly Compton
Jarres Claudus Coomer
Isobel R. Crutchfield
Flora Evelyn Cates Denton
Rowena Sparks Freeman
Imogene Halcomb
Emogene Bennett Ham
Geneva Belt Harrison
Louise C. Hart
Lena G. Hawkins
Anna Lanon Johnson
Charles E. Larew

Mary Alice Lay
Pea-l _. McManaman
Opal H. Mann
Russell Howard Parsons
Martha Jane Proctor
Wilmoth Arnold Rock
Mary Ella Smith
Vernon Binford Sutton
Billy James Vice
John Cromwell Walsh
Earl Lee Webb
Murrel D. Webb
Sue Ann West
Oredia Carlene Whitaker
David Thomas Wilson
Harriette Hobdy Wilson

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Business Administration

Philip Alan Beals
Charles Frederick Berge
Dudley Edwards Bryant III
Boris Bumagny
Jack Martin Davis
William John MacAdam
Ronald Wells McCabe
John Edwin McClure, Jr.
John Francis McCourt

M. Duane McInturf
Lewis Gleason Noe, Jr.
John Robert Rothwell
Douglas Perry Searcy
Gordon Douglas Shadoan
William Joseph Shumann
Patrick Lee Vaughn
Toimmy Dale Wells
Charles Lawrence Wright

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Library Science

Sara Kathryn Akers
E. Ronald Bryson

Nancy Jo Canterbury
Luvenia Compton



Nelva Giles Crum
Chien Hwa Feng
Henrietta Elizabeth Greaver
Bessie Drake Heeter
Jo Ann White Koehne
Isadora Derow Kunitz
Harry Reginald Laswell
Frances Parrish Lester

Ann Wing Montgomery
Elizabeth Lee Morgan
James Norman O'Leary
Lily Koeshartini Somadikarta
Bernice Edwards Ussery
Jane Neal White
Barbara Anne Woods

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Public Health

Donell Kendrick Cash, Sr.
Donald William Chill

Louis Ivan Freedman
Lee Charles Harris

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Music

Selesta Faith Reid Alberg
Charles Lowrance Bradley
Celia Anne Butler
Phyllis Elaine Dixon

Larry Maxwell Jackson
Nancy Mefford Littrell
Timothy James Oliver
Craig Ernest Tetirick


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Jed Abrams
Gilbert Clement Adams
Jimmy Ray Adkins
Kathleen Chandler Adkins
Carl Wesley Albright
Frank Dennis Alerding
Linda Gay Allen
Natalie C raven Allen
James Claybrooke Allison II
William Hampton Allison
Carol Jean Ambron
Rebecca Irene Anderson
Carol Andrews Archer
Annette Louise Armstrong
Anne McCutchen Arvin
Phyllis Ann Bailey
Maurice Edward Bandy
Philip Charles Bare
John Ray Barker
Antoinette Barton
Barbara Lucille Baxter

Charles Patrick Beatty
Martin Douglas Becker
John Warren Bellue
Linda Swanson Blanton
Dian Jean Blossom
Julia Blyton
Brian Boldt
James Merle Bowling
Javan Botts Bradley
Melissa Bradley
Dennis Edward Bricking
Elaine B rite
Wade Hampton Brown
Wilma B. Brown
Keith Marion Burchett
Samuel Lewis Burke
Eileen Frances Burklow
Ercel JoAnne Burks
Bing Irvin Bush
William Taylor Cain
Darryl Patrick Calderon



Donald Winston Campbell
Felicia Shoemaker Carson
George Robert Carter
Catherine Lyle Cassidy
John Charles Caton
Ray Forno Cawood
John Beatty Caywood
James Allen Combs
Carl Timothy Cone
Marie Turpen Copeland
Elizabeth Ann Cornett
Nancy-Jo Cotton
John Raymond Cox
William Gary Crabtree
Frances Elaine Croley
Corinne Emily Crutcher
Jane Victoria Torres Cruz
Peter Malcolm Davenport
Gail Edmond Davidson
David Lee Davies
Thurman Blanton Davis
Mildred Ann Dickinson
James Gregory Dobbins
Thomas Kenton Donaldson
James Edwin Doran
Darlene DeHart Drake
William Brooks Drescher
Margaret Welch Dupree
Drusilla Rawlings Ellison
Susan Ann Emig
Spencer Francis England
Mary Anne Farnsworth
Annabel Sisk Fields
Woody Helm Fields
Douglas Alan Finnegan
Thomas Warren Finnie
Kathleen Marie Fitzgerald
Ralph Charles Fogle
Frances Ann Fowler
Mary Earle Fowler
Victor Fox
Madolyn Weiss Frockt
Anne S. Gabbard
Bruce Jay Gaddie
Jill Bebe Gallagher
Charles E. Garrison

Suzanne Carol Gearhart
Sara Martha Gegenheimer
Susanne Phelps Gilliam
Pamela Kay Glass
Fred Glatstein
Elissa Gordon Glenn
Lynda Lee Glore
John D. Goodin
Joy Goolsby
Forrest. Christie Gorman
David Lee Gossman
Judith Lynn Gower
Dorothy Lee Gray
James Luther Gray
Linda Joyce Greene
Billie Eileen Guthrie
Caroline Elizabeth Haase
Keith W. Hagan
Marguerite Lloyd Hagler
Barbara James Haile
Anne Taylor Hampton
Heidi Alden Hanger
Dorothy Patricia Harkin
Charles Henry Harpole
William Robey Harris, Jr.
Barbara Elaine Hart
Lawrence Joseph Hartman
Priscilla Mayleda Hauch
Mary Anne Hauser
Lana Anne Hawkins
James Harry Hazlett
Curtis Edward Hemlepp, Jr.
Julie Hessel Hemlepp
Margaret Elizabeth Hemphili
Carroll Baldwin Henry
Mary Susan Heiserman
Norman Allan Hershfield
Harriet Jane Hieber
Nancy Victoria Hightower
Carol Ann Horn
Albert Baughman Hoskins III
Elizabeth Jayne Howard
Louise Wilhelmina Huss
Katherine Anne Illston
David Raymond Irvin
Katherine Holmes Irvin



Ellen Wickliffe Jackson
Marcia Thelma Jaffe
Maxine V. James
Paula Gayle Jansen
Jacqueline Jones
Reba Mayhew Jones
Nicholas Roger Turich
Oren William Justice
Martha Ann Kandler
Nedra Diane Keepers
Lonna Elizabeth Keller
Larry Gibson Kelley
Cheryl Kelly
Thomas Rogers Kemp
James Leslie Kimble
Elizabeth Fontaine Kinkead
Thomas Harris Kitchens
William Forest Knapp, Jr.
Martin Jeffrey Kornfeld
Robert Lee Kosid
Carol Jean Landenberger
Alice Jeanne Landrum
Elizabeth V. Layton
Charlene Lea
Claude Ronald Lee
Karen Frances Lee
Roger Joe LeMaster
Mary Amelia Lenz
Norman V. Lewis
Vernon G. Lewter
Gary Lee Littleton
Lydia Adele Logwin
Deborah Ann Long
Maury Allen Lubman
Carole Reid Luckett
Jo Ardery McCauley
David S. McCracken
Joseph E. McDonald
Lucia Ann McDowell
Eloise Austin McGraw
Cheryl Huff McMurry
Pauline McNair
Charles Kenny Maffet
Walter Flippin Maguire
Sue Sanford Marshall
Trudy Belle Mascia

Joy Mae Mason
Anne Frances Mattingly
James Warren May
Martin Douglas May
Patrick Martin Mayerchak
Kathryn Christine Mayland
Ronald Carvell Meaux
Ernest Medina
Constance Challenger Mellon
Arthur Daniel Meyer, Jr.
Cap Carden Middleton
Helen Gay Miller
Howard Mize, Jr.
Gregory Lee Monge
Nancy Lee Montgomery
Claire Barksdale Moore
Glenn Irvin Moore
Joan Boyer Moore
Julia Hampton Moore
Kathryn Day Moore
James Eugene Morman
Janet Virginia Muller
Gary Scott Nunley
Donald Howard Oaks
Mary Louise O'Connell
George Mils Olson
Tracie Patricia Owen
Phillip Gregory Padgett
Rosa Lee Parr
Margaret Ann Parsons
Virginia Nester Patton
Dana E. Peck
James Franklin Perkins
Deborah Kirk Phinney
Margaret Sue Pierson
Billie Clay Pigg
Carol Ann Pitman
Susan Kay Pope
Emily Stull Potter
Eugenia G. Powell
Christina Balthus Preston
Penny Suzanne Price
Ora Ruth Purdy
Eveleen V. Quinn
Mary Elizabeth Ratcliff
Robert Edward Rawlins



Eugene Thomas Reed, Jr.
Rosemary Elizabeth Reiser
George Woodson Reynolds
Michael G. Rice
Mary Raleigh Ridge
Lucy Stanley Riley
Rebecca Ann Ring
Arinda Lin Roelker
Mary Elizabeth Roper
Charles Ronald Rosenstiel
Lynn Forsyth Russell
Virginia Kaye Sabel
Mary Ellene Salmon
Nancy Schirnpeler
Melvin Bruce Schisler
Carol Lyn Schultz
William David Schulz
Ann Marie Scott
Barry Roger Scott
Rachel Alice Scott
Joanne Lynn Shaffer
Penny Dillard Shelby
David Carlos Short
Ilze Sillers
Margaret Simmons
John Pennington Simpson
Edward J. Smith, Jr.
Kitty Wootton Smither
Patricia Jane Snell
Cecelia Fay Solomon
Betty Lucille Spencer

Carl Thomas Spina
Charles Herbert Spradlin
Bruce Robert Steibel
John Connally Stephens
Elizabeth Efkeman Stokes
Nancy Duke Stokes
Mary Elizabeth Straight
Joseph Michael Sullender
Ronald W. Summers
James Herman Svara
Ann Gregg Swinford
John Thomas Taylor
Katheryn Ann Thomas
Elizabeth Lee Unruh
Constance Emilie Vossmeyer
Arthur Norrie Wake III
Hugh Manning Walker, Jr.
Keith Ashley Warren
Bradley Faulkner Watkins
Annette Westphal
Barbara Ann White
Patricia Colleen Wickham
Elizabeth Vaughn Wiggins
James Morris Williams, Jr.
Gary Edward Williamson
Martin Clarke Wilson
Richard George Wilson
Judith Bryan Wiseman
Major Garland Woodroof III
Barbara Yeoman
Edward Clarence Ziegler

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Barbara Carter Allen
Eugene Miller Barnes, Jr.
Daniel Ragan Baugh, Jr.
Donald Larry Best
Robert Allan Blair
Burl Paul Bogardus
jerry Fox Bryant
Paul Ezekiel Buck
Mary K. Bunnell
Richard Eugene Capps
Slade L. Carr, Jr.
Nancy Harrison Chill

James Chester Clark
John Sherman Cole III
John Homer Compton, Jr.
Carrie Elizabeth Johnson Conrad
Michael Prentice Cox
James Alan Cranston
Richard.Alvin Crawlev
James Douglas Crutchfield
Walter Harold Duvall
Donna Jean Ellis
Jamnes Rondel Elrod
Charles David Emerson




Roger Lewis Ewing
Benjamin B. Finzer
Robert Angelo Fusco
James Michael Gracey
Wayne Gareth Hanners
Judith Ann Hamilton
Carole Lynn Hamm
William Darrell Hammonds
Barbara Ann Hampton
James William Hardin
Nancy Eunice Harmon
Ruth Lorraine Holt
Charles William Hudnall
Judith Ann Hughes
Mary Linda Jeffers
Anne Louise Hamilton Kelley
Beverly Ann Jenkins
Robert Lawrence Jones
Valerie Mayo Kish
John Elden Kohler
Joseph Henry Kurre, Jr.
James Donald Lee
Theodore I. Leight
Randy Lee Lewellen
Robert Franklin Long, Jr.
Nora Geraldine Lovan
Mayo Jane Lynam
Robert Joseph McDaniel
Willard Lee Mahan
Wayne Forrest Maultsby
Mark Vincent Marlowe
Martha Jean Minogue
Sally Crossland Money

James Walter Morris
Richard Curtis Musick
John Bentley Neale
James Donaid Nelson
Mitchel Chester Newman
Marie Eloise Newsom
Sharon Temple Perkins
Ann Carolyn Price
Don Michael Ratcliff
Kyle Yates Rone
Robert Ward Rummel
Calvin Lee Schoulties
Lydia Wells Sledge
Linda Lou Sowder
Arnold Davis Sprague III
John Michael Stallard
William Earl Stanfill
Paul Steven Stapf
Ronald Stephen Strange
Gunilla Gayle Sylvan
Amos Darrell Tackett
Nancy Hamilton Tompkins
Laurence Michael Tumbrink
Thomas C. Vanaman
Francis Marshall Van Meter, Jr.
Dorislyn Wheeler
Bobby Gene White
Judith Ellen White
Philip Rodger Whittle
Betty Jo Wiglesworth
Ernest Thomas Wightman, Jr.
Wende Joyce Winters
Ann Rae Withers

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Sandra Kay Brock
David Edward Carter
John Pipes Gaines
Martha Jane Geiser
William Russell Grant
David Vaughn Hawpe
Carol Anne Keller
Colin Ronald Macleod

Sandra Elizabeth Otto
Patricia Lynn Pullen
Henry Lee Rosenthal
Robert Dale Shrout
Michael Graham Smith
Carol Brorniley Tennesson
Terry Donald Trovato
Sidney Lee Webb



Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Music

Dianne Davidson
Edward Gustave Drach
Margaret Mae Dyche
Anne Plummer Hall
Anna Laura Hood
Jan Melinda Maddox

Lois Jean Miller
Donna Kathryn Poore
Carole Gleason Reynolds
Victor Phillip Rislow III
Cecelia Lora Sams
Michael Burr Sells

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

E~dwina Gene Balstraz
Sharon Craft Bates
Carolyn Frances Bishop
Suzanne Bufkin Compton
Doris Ann Critz
Mary Ann Denham

Mary Evelyn Kidd
Nancy Barret Prewitt
Sandra Lea Stiles
Joberta Elizabeth Wells
Linda Faye Wolfe


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Lloyd Allen Beasey
Jerald Paul Becker
James Charles Bierer
Maurice Philip Brown
Jerry A. Brumagem
Michael Hovey Chaplin
Robert Allen Chiles
Thomas Walter Code
Anne Coffev
Dwight Lyman Combs, Jr.
John Durrett Craddock III
Ben H. Crawford, Jr,
William Gex Diuguid
Carlton Louis Dolwick
William Robert Ewbank
Timothy Abbott Gardner
Harry Raymond Gibson
Jackie Ray Good
Mary Lain Grosscup
Gene Wellington Jarvis
Gerald C. Johnson
Donald Alfred Kemper
Richard Minford Kester
Kwangbae Kim

Theodore Roosevelt Kuster
Dennis Owen Liptrap
Harvey Duke Luce
Alan Lyons
Kenneth Eugene McMurry
Charles Lynn McPherson
Melvin Louis Marks
Clifford K. Meyer
John Paul Nelson
David Gene O'Banion
Thomas Alden Oldfield, Jr.
John Albert O'Neill
Charles Hasten Padgett
James Edward Peake
George Walker Pettit
Sara Jane Phar
Larry Keith Phillips
James David Quisenberry
JJerry Thomas Rankin
Ronald Wayne Ray
Teddy J. Roberts
Philip Howard Sewell
James Lee Shewmaker
Charles Harris Slack


John Allen Stadler
Robert Leroy Stakelin
Johnny Bartholomew Sullivan
Ralph David Tindle
Admiral Darrell VanFleet

Kenny Lane Wade
Stewart McLean Watson
Carl B. Wells
John Bernard Wells

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

Susan Dean Allen
Virginia Lee Allen
Judith Reed Board
Esther Janette Brown
Margaret Nooe Carey
Veronica Deloria Carmack
Linda Sue Compton
Nada Orene Dillard Berry
Mary Jo Dixon
Cheryle Nelson Ertel
Patricia Jo Foley
Sarah Jarrell Gilbert
Anda Lou Penn Gouge
Patricia Ann Hager
Karen Marie Hanks
Bonita Mattingly Hatfield

Catharine E. Hepner
Judith Ann Hilliard
Helen Elizabeth Jones
Ann Elaine Kelly
Dianne S. McQuary
Betty Faye Neely
Frances Lynn Parli
Carol Baker Parrish
Wanda Louise Showalter
Laura Lee Snider
Stephanie Rapier Spain
Betsy Turney Taylor
Rita Kay Thornbury
Rebecca Langsford Tucker
Barbara Ann Whitacre
Soon Wha Yu


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

Thomas Cromwell Bridges
Luther C. Godbey

Linus Ross Walton

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

William Douglas Coleman
William Lawrence Crutcher
Elbert Clyde Doyle, Jr.
Thomas Jerome Embry
Harold Burke Frodge
Ronald Robert London
Daniel Nohl Myers

Gerald William Powell
Thomas Sears Rich
James Clayton Stapleton
Robert Winston Stigall
James Maurice Wheeler
Oliver Rae Williamson

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

M. Ashraf Ali
Mark Sheldon Anderson

Robert R. Applegate
Clyde Parris Baldwin



Buddy Alan Beach
James Nicholas Birch
William Young Bivins
Roger Blair
James Hardy Bond
Charles H. Briggs
Solomon Cook
William Claude Cornette, Jr.
Roger Thomas Crittenden
James William Dills
John Strother Gaines II
Michael Neil Garrett
William Barton Gatewood
Howard JackmanGeisler
Bobby Glenn Gish
Bobby Harold Gray
Donald Louis Griffin
William Patterson Hacker
Paul French Haggard
John Burnette Hipsher

George Anthony Howell, Jr.
Don Colin Kelly
John Thomas McGinnis III
Reza Malekzadeh
Johnny C. Minas
William Ray Monhollon
John C. Phillips
Bahman Pour-Azar
Thomas Milton Rachford
Billy Joe Reed
Dallous Reed, Jr.
Ronald Wayne Rister
William Garner Stamper
Robert Lowell Tooley
James W. Turner
Robert Cecil Tussey, Jr.
Hugh Allen Ward
William Terry Willis
Andrew Jackson Winfrey

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Richard Wills Bailey
George Richard Bergen III
Charles Masby Bishop
Dwight Dillon Brooks
George Dare Broomell
Robert Beeson Brown
Teddy Ronald Brown
James Forga Caldwell
William Morton Caldwell,
Thomas Lawson Carney
Leon Travis Conway
Erma! Ray Curd
Charles Edwards Denton, v
Carl M. Elam
William Hurley Fleming
Ronald Lee Garrett
Harold Louis Goin
Jimmie R. Gross
Edgar Allen Helton
John Hobart Hfines
Richard Edward Hornung
Jo Carol Johnson
Lloyd E. Johnson


Donald Woodrow Jones
Thomas Murray Jordan, Jr.
Ronald Lee Krupp
Gene Edward Layman
Edward Christian Leibfarth
Jack Ramsey Lykins
Momman Lee McCay
Mark Wallace McClure
Jack Winfred McCowan
Gerald Miracle
Rene Morand
Robert Barkley Noe
William R. Ogden
John P. Ordway
Michael Parsons
Paul Vencil Price
Jay E. Queen
Robert Ernest Ratcliff
Bolivar Bernard Reamy
Wilson Morgan Routt, Jr.
Kelly David Sanderson
Ronald Leon Steedly
James D. Stout




John Richard Sweeney
Larry Wayne Thompson
Ben Franklin Wash

Gilbert Herndon Whittaker
Robert Hart Wood, Jr.
Joseph Check-Fu Yue

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Earl Allen
Noah L. Anglin, Jr.
Robert Joseph Baglan
Eugene Corbet Baker
Thomas Ray Dever
Ronald Dean Earley
Glenn Dale Easterling
Thomas Ray Gaffin
Lewis Boyd Gaines
Harold Lloyd Halfhill
Donald Ray Harris
Claude Bernard Hoffmeyer, Jr.
Arthur Holt Knight

Harry McKinley Long
John Anthony McAuley
William Edward McCracken
David Lamar Meredith
Frank Walter Noe
James Bennett Noe
Thomas Howard O'Daniel
Clyde William Owens
Darrell Kent Parrish
Thomas Speed Reece
Ronald Lee Shelton
Luther Franklin Talley
Ronald Dale Vanover

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

James Herron Barker
Ralph Edwin Gehbach
Ronald William Gossett
Hughston Keith Howard

Richard Osborne Huber
James Roscoe Mitchell
Kenneth Werner Stephenson
John Barrett Straw

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

E. Miller Cope
Terry Lee Gooding
George Edwin Harvey, Jr.
John James Kinsler

John Robert McIntosh
Frank Michitti
George Walton Strong
Dennie Hobart Swetnam


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws

Robert Matthews Alexander
Fredrick Jerome Anderson
James Garrett Anderson III
Kenneth Starling Baker
Robert William Baxter
Richard P. Blandford
John Richard Bozeman
Kenneth Herbert Breslow

Harry St. G. T. Carmichael III
Tommy Wayne Chandler
Ralph Lovell Collins
Michael Evans Conover
Johnny Marvin Coy
David Michael Coyle
Carl Gene Cunnagin
Wilbur Earl Dean, Jr.



John M. Dixon, Jr.
Cecil Farra Dunn
Sidney Easley
Richard Lane Elam
Paul Edward Fagan
Bruce Gilbert Gallagher
Larry Douglas Garmon
James Lucien Gay
William Henry Charles Gerlach
Jack Kenneth Giles
Mark Edward Gormley
C. Thomas Greene
Ronald Lee Grimm
Joseph D. Harkins
Norman Elliott Harned
Thomas Edward Harris
Bennie Joe Harrison
Marvin Lee Henderson
Julian Boiscoe Heron, Jr.
Paul Edward Hieronymus
Donald Joseph Hrabovsky
James L. Hummeldorf
Harold Thomas Hurt
Carol Winfield Johnson
Graddy Williams Johnson
Sidney Clay Kinkead, Jr.
William G. Kohlhepp
Richard Hayes Lewis
John Robert Livingston

Titus G. Lyle
John Mitchell McCausland
Paul Liston Madden
Sidney Russell Marshall, Jr.
William Lee Marshall
Charles Lewis Mathis, J