Office of the President
                                                           April 5, 1983

Members, Board of Trustees:

                              PERSONNEL ACTIONS

Recommendation: (1) that approval be given to the attached appointments
and/or other staff changes which require Board action; and (2) that the
report relative to appointments and/or changes already approved by the
administration be accepted.

Background: The attached recommended appointments and/or other staff
changes require approval by the Board of Trustees in accordance with
Part VIII-B of the Governing Regulations of the University. These
recommendations are transmitted to the Board by the appropriate chancellor
through the President and have his concurrence.

Under the Governing Regulations, the authority to make certain appoint-
ments and/or other staff changes is delegated to the President or other
administrators who are required to report their actions to the Board.
This report follows the recommendations requiring Board approval.

Action taken:

Approved    X


April 5



_, 198 3