Senior Class
Gilmore Keown, LL.B....................Hartford, Ky.
"We do not see much of Keown where squirrels are commonly fed. But he helped win a war in Europe where squirrels dared not tread. For six long years he's been a victim of wedlock's holy ties, But, withal, he's a promising lawyer, and we expect to see him ripe.
Margarette Elizabeth Ligon, A.B.............Farmington, Ky.
Basketball Team; Girls' Rifle Team.
Coming to us this year from that famous Georgetown College, Margarette has proved to Kentucky as one of the stars of the baseketball quintet that it does not take two, nor even three, years to "make me what I am today." We are proud to claim you as our graduate, Margarette, and only hope that there are others like you in Georgetown who may see the error of their ways.
E. L. Langsord, B.S. in Agr...................Boston, Ky.
Agricultural Society; Class Football (3); Varsity Basketball Squad (2, 3); State Judging Team (4).
During his stay in the University "E. L" has never been very far from the campus, and has never roamed closer to town than Columbia Avenue. He is quite versatile, as he smokes, drives a car, and has been known to wear a dress suit occasionally.
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