xt7t4b2x6h7v https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7t4b2x6h7v/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky State University of Kentucky 19140924 Accession number: 2015ua025; other titles include Idea, The Idea; published weekly during the academic year newspapers  English Lexington, Ky.: Idea Syndicate of the State University of Kentucky, 1909-1915. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Idea Lexington (Ky.)--Newspapers. Fayette County (Ky.)--Newspapers. The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 7, No. 2, September 24, 1914 text The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 7, No. 2, September 24, 1914 1914 2015 true xt7t4b2x6h7v section xt7t4b2x6h7v ._’4*"°° |B*`o\d_
. (\\
, 4\
Unnversity of Kentucky
10 • \ • 1 ~• \ N i I 1
n 5 .
......4.. 1WIIdc•t• Put Through Herd Praetleel .-—-- -..e- -._. 1
gtght Hundr•d s`ud•nQ·’ i.cu|gy:‘ Durmd wddd ddd Ar. llmpreulve Ceromonlta Mlrk Occ}- Profellcrl N0f‘W0¤d Ind BIT? lr¢lA|| PII! Members Requested to Be
1 Numb". Ind cmum In At- 1 Ht. 1 •Ion—Pr••Id•nt Darker Maku 1 cute; Qg gag; Mme, ¥ Pr•••M—Oth•r• lnvltde-4:45.
E   | Ineplrlng 8p••ch. t
tendnnce.   __________ ?   TI L H f M1- The Glee (`lub will hold its initial
· . 1e ‘o ege 0 nes and Metallur— [tt 1
—-- gm: UP NOT YET ANNOUNCED The nr11t(-1111pg|11e1·v|oe of the year gy 011p11ed ne doors laet week with mw ng 0 the year in Chapel Friday
V Thd Umvdrdny Cafeteria, usmtd ___ was held at Bmw University Wedmsl 1 - afternoon at 4:45. The plan or me
Ha1l'»1 was thrown Open to the student;   nh U18 \` "dC8[ {Bam Hhhphlg up day lncrning and was attended by u several changes HYUOIIK {ll? [`lI’Of(·¥SSOI‘S. mppting 18 to pprfnct d perrnurnent Or'
body Monday dndmddm dt fm",} in good form, Coach Hrumage ls not Inga numbe-r of Students lrof. Harry Draper hasten, a grad- gdnmdudn ddd ddmnd md work for
d.d1ddk' wml dn 1m,0rmd1 rdcdpddnliworrylng ln the least over the out- The Services were dpened with unte of Pennsylvania State, and mr the yan
e _ which was for the purpose of Interest': come of next Saturdays contest with Scripltural read and Praler b¥ Rev E Biveru you- Professor of Mining and All old members am urged to be
h md dn dwddmd 1d ddd new pmjddtl Wilmington. The game will start the J Caswell and President H S   l lno Surveying. rselgned tn June to present and an ndw men who are gdb
V`;   Opening marks   cu‘rninatl0n1   rolling for the State footballers ker delivered an addrxs of 'wokcomo accept'- position   the Illinois Pd in the aft of song are inVltQd {Q
  of d schdmd fostered by Prddlddntdand from all appearance State ls to to md dwdams President Barker Ml¤¤¤··` md Mechwlcs I““m“t€· come. Mr. Harlowe F. Dean, bggsu-
;   S,     Dgan Anna J_5bB representw   one     strongest gave tile returnitdg boys   girls l Trot.       well   c0n[antO' “’lll be the director in
l Hdmmdm and under ddmdddmddn fdrlteams that ever cavdrted on Stoll I nv U d l °" thu w°'k· “" he has had Charge rlnurgo. Mr. Dean directed the club
| ,Fleld, wa · Kme ng °·“ *° d wom mn me of the practlcal mlners' course at this 1. .1 to
m0re_than two ye,,_1.,_ for the erecttony campus and Patterson Han were mm 11 do our and put our an excellent 01-.
ogla suitable b11t1dt11g got- 11 dtntng hall; No *1*%******** “¤€’*¤P h¤¤ b¢€¤ d8¢ld¤d gmveyardd to mm when they were on »*':"°"¤"Y f°l' ¤<”'°l'¤l Y6¤l‘¤· 1;;1111m110,1_ prom the 1,,0,;,,111 dddddk
1 ‘ .
whew students would be ddd to dtd 1.1. by oem. emmm, but lt as my their mmm H h md th rot- Em Dl=·¤€¤¤··r Ms r··¤ls···*l°¤¤¤l‘€ of m¤·¤Y Y°"m**l`;this University, has accepted the chair The Agricultural Society has joined
g ture, well located on the campus i'or‘ sd1dctdd’ although ..3111. Bdudy dddmdi hrozrums by his renderings. ave alvgcgwd by Prot E.11t°11_ {hug y1·_ mth the management of The IDEA
’ the accommodation of both students td have the dau dt cent",. dcollo solo. B9|'¢€¤B€» {Nm J0€€lY¤·1Tgehnf, who cgmg tp ug lat yegr from and will be given 1; page each week O
Q and f‘*°““Y· It i” °°“"°m°“m" ‘“" The pmcqcc 1111,11 been goin; on {ut; B°'·h M"- HB"' Md M'; B'“m}}§¥8_' Columbia University, will have charge The society had planned to publish a,
1 . ranged to accommodate about two and mrtousty for the tut week and t110? **9*** ¤°°°mP¤¤i°d °¤ UW NNW W10! the work formerly handled by Pro!. Journal, but since they were enema
s hundred persons at one time. lt Will Squad 18111 11,18 t,.tm_ Coach Brumag€` MSB Frances G°*¤°‘· °¤° °Y tm m°°tl Dissenger. During the put summer one page tree ot cost, the wet- w .
1 1 Y 9 lll
1 be run on a sanitary basis and whole- had had dvd", one budding ddd the talented pianists among the students. M1._ Tabor vutted mvdml of the mg to cooperate.
. some food will be served at the reas· UNO L0d11ng.. Msn is td duddddd dn After Lieutenant Arthur Under- 1111-88 dnthmcitd c0111°1.1“ tn Pdunsyb The Mdchmdcdl and Ewcmcdl Dd
. enable rate of three dollars a week, dvd', Stoll meld 0 wood made the announcements for the yuh pdrtmem occupies d like pdsmdn most
while meal tickets can be obtained by Ndthtdg ts known of the strength Otl l'9¤l¤l¤d€l` °l' the “’°°k· the °¥€l'°*¤°**· 1 The position vacated by Prot. Barr of last Fall and continues same in
li those who do not desire regular meals. the w11m1ugt0n eleven. Last year. j which “’°"€ l"`“ld°d °"€*' bY P"°’· C-   will be fllled by Mr. J. W. Reed, of The IDEA. The "Ag." page was start-
Capt. A. E. Wells, formerly of C0- comms hte when the Wudcat, had? R- M**‘*`ll°'· dean °f the '“°¤· W°"° °°“‘ Jenkins. Mr. Reed was formerly ln- ed last Spring, but on account or e
Iumbia Military Academy, or Colum- 111811, claws sharp. they proved my cluded with the offering of benedic-lspectm. of Mme, tm. the C0m011dd1_10u mtsuddersmddtng ddd Mundial ddddd
b'u. Tenn., has charge of the cafeteria. plckmg, but they mmm ..pd11.. d ddd tion by Doctor Caswell. _C0d_1 C0_ mms wds dmdpdd
HE *“ ** man °f W*d*’ °"l’°"*°°°*’ ln the p1-me on state, lg as pmcucgtty 1161-.1 "` "D ° ° ' ‘ '   During the past week Prof. Norwood The IDEA expects to gave space to
management ot such establishments wm that the Ohtomt vm stm the;     Prof. Barr were called to the each department ln the University
“"d k"°“’“ “'°“ h°“' *° d°*1 wml “*“‘ home bpyg a 1-utmng good` game, l IN Y M C A CONTEST Gratz load mine in Owen county, and by so doing put out tt t-eat (:1111.;.1;.1
d¤¤t¤· and hmm th°i*` ¤°°d’· _...—.•..-—-—   . • • O where the surface plant was destroyed paper
The program of music was:       Central Kentucky Collegee Sollcltlngdby flre, notwithstanding the fact that H. F. Bryant was selected to edit
Violin S°|°_Ml’· Ch8·l’l°¤ H6l`Z· j Mpmbere for Association ‘le·ad mining ls not under Prof \lor the a
1 · 1 . l - grlcultural news, and will be as.
Plano Selectlon—Mlss Minnie (Tra-!   &   Th [ d It   1 1 U 1 1\\0Od`S jurisdiction. he and Professor slsted by others in the department.
mer. il. esuexeo rnnsyvana n—r
1 _ 1 llarr desired to render any possible as- Mr. Bryant has had m l i
{ Plano Selection — Miss Frances` ¤•¤l-lll W•d¤••Q•Y it N°°¤ it $*¤*°1v°rBhy’ ('eorgmown College' Stalwslstattce The Bureau of Mines' car in news writing and prol;i;e;x$§;u;Ihi:
’ 1 " Ul ·i,C lUl· , -1. H
(,e1g€]_ Hall for Both Tumi- tu‘;l;’f°'i\f;'Sl€ em"' d   Wrsiguxeu trom Terre Haute, Ind., was also on assistance to the journal.
Song-Mies Elizabeth Byers. T1 h T hl 1 1 y yan an emu ° °g€S’ the ground. Two deaths resulted
pt S 1 1 __M1 B *9 cow 9* an at etc comm V are entered in a contest in an effort . “""`       ’ V
am) €°°'· on Bs Judith °“"d· trom the hre, these men being over-
Pidnd S010_Mids Lois Budd". tees have made arrangement with the to em.011 the largest percentage of come by gases at the two foot I 11-C. W. Bally,
_ 1St0t0 Hallto satapart d 1 h C 1 1 ‘ “V° T -·omy Toplcsw-1~1. F neu:
vocdt b010__L80 _1_ Stmdmtmd m“““$°m°“'~° stu ents n t e ol ege Y. M..C. A. { d 38,1,4 [ h d · -
The Untvarstty Commtttw wu: t“’° ¤¤l¤l¤s *“bl°° f°" Mm UW V"' work before 7 o’clock Friday evening. Q U W 00 · I ` TM ”°°l°lY th9¤ had 8 88¤6l‘¤l dis-
President and Mm. sm", Mr. we ““’ “" ""°“'““““ ‘°‘“"" TM °°"'*‘B' °¤°"°° >’“'°’°°’ ’“°""l UNION RECEPTION i°°"i°" °f °h° `°“'°'" °“° "°"" "“°°‘
Mrs. Hywel owes, protester we '"“‘”‘““ “""°“ "“° °“°“ "°°" "" ***8 °° ‘° °'°'°°* Md **‘m°°t °'•*'>’l SATURDAY NIt—HT?"°" ““d “ """" """“‘° “"°“ “‘“‘
Mm Gm1S_ Dem Amd _1_ ddmmdd runsod for previous Wildcat toms student at Transylvania and many at __ ' i*l¤*‘***l°¤ wlll °<>¤¤tlt¤t¢ s nrozmm for
Dean O. A. Much". Deans W1 T. LM- and upon every occasion proper re- State w(,1·t1 we111·g11g 11 tug by dark ta"` Third Floor Alumni Hall, 7:30 p. m. I the new Y¤tlll‘<’·
muy, dh 1,. Anderson, wd E. Rowe. CI sults were obtained. The athletes re- 01·1,11111g_ Reports ,,1-0 tt, bt. tmtdt, dumé s`||dQ|‘\[| uwmd, Q The tryout for the inter-society de-
J. Norwood. A. M. Mmdr, A. S1 Mac- celve the food needed to keep them ln to State Student Su.,-t,ta1.1. of tht. yi ....... _ 1 hello will be held ln October and every
._ kddztd ddddph Kddddl ldddtdndm Ad U`lillllllK and become better acquainted M_ ty A_ 1n Kdutuctm me M_ Tdn.111·` I dmle °P;¤l¤1Ktl’•¢¢*;tl<;l ot the l nton11,101,11_,0,. of 111,, ducted, ts requested td
O mm Underwood. with each other. at L011t"m,,_ · ""‘“'y °° ° Y "' " Md ln ***8   get busy on his speech. The question
pdmmmdd of Wdmddd University Every member or otghey tum Headquarters dw ddw bdmd dd Sovlety room on the third Door or theyd ..Rdsd1t,t_d_ that md Monroe ddd
(dub; M". C- J- Nm_wddd'prdd1ddnt; should arrange to take his meal; at mused for the lttrdndylvdldd Ydudg ·~\l¤mhi Hall. Saturday night, at 7;:10% [1.1111, bhddld be dbddddddd by (hd
Mm Hywdt Dudes. Mm wdddm up the tralnlns tsblo durlns tho football \len's cnrlstum Endeavor nn the old D  1 d 1 h I 1 A ""“**" S‘“'€“·"
Seddon Morrison Coded Libr rd. _1 oung men s u ents o t e nat tn- _ _,_•____i  
isljtlilfsfljs.!ll`;l;“;:raK;?l:;.   gat`? Arm] 1,, Eyr 110 dt, A1. lt B 111 l°00lll thst will io t·o:venl;1:p:; (tht; mm am mviwd to °°m° and °uj°y
' ' ' ‘ ' ' “ · “ ‘ “ ms "·‘“K· " “ _ , the evening with the society members. DAVID BARROW Jr.
M,,|ct1,_11·_ M1·B_ Lyulan Ch1t1k1t,y_ May udyd workers In that organlzatlon. l\ea| K_ Pm H [ 1 ·
V 1 h ` i Mddowdny who was elected drdslddml to rs meet ng was held on lust $@11, ch1_K•y. .14,15
Ser ing at opening wore. hlsle The Bottle! Committee was com- -..111,110y utsht mth ,0,8,..1 m,mb,1.d
speck, Jessie Acker, Lois Bartlett, posed ot Chrlstlue Hopkins. Carleton or me Orgamzlmon Iam ml" has al-\pn·eent and an opening xrogrann was Drowned on Llk. Michigan
Elizabeth rms, nuuuem Moore, u1.,w.,1, settler amor, Annabel umu- "°‘“" """“" "‘“""'"‘ "‘° ""‘"'“ “'°"‘l W.1110,011 0,, 10110,,. I `”""° “""‘° °‘"°'·
. , . _ · l .
Tisrysllltx-rier, slight; 0;-;;;:11-11 Kt;/u1. d,.1._ Mtu,110 tyrdmdt. wd Mute Lou"' tlhltll hlll bo d0|lt* thls school sesslonl what · youd work?-couch. 1 Msmbu battaltqn,
een u van. etty cons. u a au Mlehot. ’_""`°'**"—‘_‘ \ .. ..l
1 PATR0NIld OUR ADVEn.1.1•u" The Vshw of l Ul·•l‘¤'Y T"U¤*¤¥· I parnomzl ou! ADVKRTIOIIIG

 •·-   `
_) 9 \ \ ` ` •
.. ll·Il·. Il)l·.A .
Symphonic Orchestra Exclusive Mutual and Universal Program of Moving Pictures (lo Whcrc the G0’s Go. l
“°°‘ IHE ORPHEUM I HEA I RE °"""'°"5°
Mc At Admission I0c
FIR8T·CLA88 IN EVERY APPOINTMENT J. H. STAMPEH Jr., Owner and Manager. OPEN 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. ‘
          l`•‘*<>l\l\|0¤l was lltloptell llskln; lll.-         ‘
» ~-- s w w :lt|ll#·tll· :llltlloI‘ltl•·s of tho lllll\'(‘l‘!ill\`
lhe ll|l\lIlI)U‘Il\(‘lll ot th•- .\ mp ¤<·-· mm <>¤ uw tml mul =·~#l~l COMET VISIBLE.
v z ‘* H S · . . , , .
hMm` spared to Umm') ‘ l D urday will hrlnz out some lntere-sting: ( '>¤l*‘h N•‘“*\¥`l lll hill “m`k~ _ ___ i___
"°"‘°· S"""’ """""’ '“""“ """' """g.l..,..-. 'l`ll|‘l\l\lll\lllH|)[)I'l‘I"l{ll(‘1~\(l\P (-nm. Obmvmry cpm on Tmday and   S
they dtd not like the hlll the llrst half Th? l,mWm“)_ Squad is in umm 3 Cmurh S“_wm_t is making tu mw ,I.m“_ Thuruny mah".
m Hm l‘r°’"'m “’°`°k'*?" mt"`] as mmw mul),. fm. H", ,,l,,,mn¤ game but th,. ¤}`l\`llllll\ lt foothull teuln of whll·h sho __, __ for every OCC8Si0D.
|"""'l‘“""Y “h““'“· Ih°r°’* mp lmmt mpm] ny the mam. new mm, wm h,. mln h»» proud. l)l\I`lll}{ tho Nllll uml A <‘0mPt is now vlslblv and <’Z·lI\ lw Color fB8$··*g\.IBI’3II·
Some Say they liked it ben"' wml?. wstwl. Rodman, Vest, |,;lll, t‘orn and wld of yvsterday afternoon (`OH(‘ll #— ¥‘ll at the olmervlltlwy on '|‘llt-ntlny feed $3t]§f3Qt()fy,
qlwhlly the m8.¥l8K€'¤N‘UY must {PSY mn Purkvr are all new material who wm ` Sgpwgrt had hill bqyg out in full foroo 0I` 'l`h\1l'8d8.Y Illillitl Hi €H('ll 0`¢‘l0('k. ulnslst On ArrOw•,’
U"` Imbuc ° week M two long"` and l,,. on {hp Hm. Saturdnyn hp,m,.S Ahn putting them through their paces ns |’l`of. H. H. l)(l\\’lllIl;.{ wlll be ill ('lHll`§f’     up
'h"" “ l"`°°"°°"Y p°rf°°t “"d°”m"d` ·.,ty,_ llplqgpx zprfms and ppak_ on illilllllll no mln were falling. of the observatory and wl·ll·ollws ull °
lng will have been arrlvvd lat. ll` mw Il und mat Nur to mm? who desire to vip". me mum`! Cluett, Peabody & C0., Inc. Mahon
lt' NQ . _` ‘ . V ~~···r ’ ' ‘ .
lmlf n·4·4·k’n hill, ln your oplnlon. suf- Hm Pqrk mwah] wm do uw wmv     LL._...,....... ..-.   `
""” "" "°‘“"“"“"“ ""“" “"‘“‘° "'°` illl: mlllllllllllllg. ··l-llll..»,··- l.,0l... good OF PENN. COLLEGE EDUCATION SOCIETY
\’l0\l§ lllll lllm you lmrll<·lllllrll· <·nrP¢| M_ WM Tame mw and wm my ~·———-—— CONVENES THURSDAY DR. J. D. KISER
for, do not thlnk the management ls V ' · I Elccwd Had °f Faculty °f w"hm°` ——--·~—- EYE_' EAR, NQSE lnd THROAT
Uchpuungu on me other hand DM- the old men in the havk field. (`l‘\lt¤l1- {on and Jegge,-Icn at $7.ggg Opening Session in Educational Build- spEc|A|_|8-r `·
' ··r llllll l)0\\'lllIl§.{ are to report next · S h
halls that show mst several hundred 8.I.ry' mg cptember 25* ' at Gunn Gmund {P QM"'
·ll~l·k. Their prese>lll·l· means more _____ 7;3q b·c|°ck_ M¤C|e||and Building.
dollars more` Ten the managpmvm power for Ilrt1m3ge`s nmclllnen The For Ul? ¤F(‘O¥Hl time lh lts more than _____*_ OHICQ Ph0|’\¢ 932-X Relldcnce 739-X
“-hat yo" `vnnt     \v"l be S“l)pIied‘ (·();{(·h hayl   b\]“('h \\'Qf‘klng in l\{¢\\`»`u vputury Of history \\vuShingt0n and Th? }·l0ru(·P NIE"`] l’itPrnry Suplpty 7 7 _ l V H rr r—~r" -‘  
lloginnlng today th? ¤•*“° NH ‘l`m mom, and is msmmm me ..pt,p·~ wmvh .lotTorsoll College has gone into Ken- will hold n*‘ °l’€"'"g *"*‘*"“"’" in *h" l
mdude ’:'°hqw:‘lrl;"‘:“;` mugmmi IM: ll-lll, lh,. mlpm l,,·p,lpm_ Shmlld mnkp tllvky to seek u president, llltlllcatlonal llulldlllg, 'l`ll\ll`S(l8)' night,
tures as oe tp sse .0mpa,ny ll   _ ~ I IM- { V lse Ember 25th
u “mm.r_ n .» t selected the Rel. Robert P ·
(my md T‘mP' Maud Norwood N About tlftl-en men will report lll llltyl- ll¤`Pf‘klll!‘ldge, a well-known e·dul·a.' 'l`lllS society is devoted to the in-
(ompgny ln u rattling comedy Skll. {mining table ai Stat? HRH Monday ‘ my and D,-(.a(.her of K€“m(.ky_ m head; tervst of tho School of l‘]dll(‘(-l[l()ll. All    
Dell & Dill. 8 N0! ln C0l\1mb\l** Klllls with this uddmmml priming thcllhp fupulu-_ Today me t,·u,;u.(.S unnn.3 stlltlmts who are interested ln thls·
week` The Three Van Sums in A \\'lllll·ats should retain their good von- im°“¤lY elected W6 R€V· F¥`€‘d€¥`l<‘k W- une °f work are eligible m ’“*"“b*’r' 2      
lllllph Muslculc und (`ll¤l‘€li<’ ill"' muon with less dimcuny thm yearn {mill, I),l)., Ph. I)., president of ('vnv IBM? wd im ’u"K°d to be l"""‘°m at ~
lfwm two girls in u Mass hy them. New blankets for the me»n_ mule. il‘=ll ['¤lVPTRlIY at Dunlllle, Ky__ an hg l l!lr· first meeting. 3 . •     . . 3 l
selves. MBUHFF °"*"`Y d**Y· l" °°mS‘ thing lmlqup ln Kentucky footbull. l"°”id°m· I LH an Om Students HM", meh my-1
adv' hm-,. M-,·l\·,.d ln [tmp for the Opening It is understood that Dr. Hlnitt will   ali! imd intervvt by their l”`*’***‘“<'*‘· 1 `
C0! 0§E‘L 4.;*-1__—__POAGUE (-Olllpll and wom plll on exllllllllon lll ¤<·¤<·l·¤- ¤¤d Um he will be l¤¤¤s¤¤r¤r·   N*““° '"°'“"°"* °"" "**‘“°” °"“ "°"‘| l UC MATINEE IUC 4
4     the window of Lau & Dunn y(_S“_rdm,· ed next June' His salary wm bp : tllally Invited to come und enjoy the;      
____ . 'l`ll(‘ blankets, intended for the use of $7·2"*’ il FPR?. OHS of the largest vol-! |"'°¤"**m of the 9V€“l¤g·
(`OIOIIPI     Poague. [r("8$' [hp playprg bgt“*ggn periods. are of leg? $l\lH.l`l(*‘S |)Kld ln [h(‘ llnltéd S[u[Q§_~ Thé program may be found on the V
um lll the v. M. l. lllslllllll-, died al ,m,-,- l,lu.._ tl-lm 8 white bolder, and Flr. Hmm ls re<=¤g¤lz·»¤ as one of *···¤*<·¤¤ b<>¤¤·¤ ¤¤ the MH <>f ¤¤·<· Edu- uml Enliraly ull. I|n|g|m|ni ‘
his home ln Lexington, Va., after ll ln tht. (·pm(»p ls a large block   he loading educators of the S0utll."'“U°“ Building-   .
llrief illness, on the Sth of Septélllbvl`. The wlndcw dlsplay lg u very attract- H9 h8·¤ ¤€|'V€d RB Dl‘€SidGIlt Of Parsons   »'
Ile wal-; respected, honored and Io\‘··‘ ·~··¤··=¤ ···· = Mw ··-· f§" "Q§.. "‘ ‘f“"j." “j“; ‘;" “` l. '> S¤¤P'¤¢* i A
• · _' i _ _ __ I x l olll st-ons ll. |‘L{l`1l(llH¢*( `roln Q ·, , · _
COR S- UMESTONE AND COLFAX illlll hlllluldlnl., ot bllllllglllltl, will that msmuuun in wu, Th? UPM ll Bllydes and R€[?3}Yb, Pennants and POSt€l°S, '
lllllke il (Pull) \\'lll<'ll ('llll well represent , l ` Fg hing Tackle .
  1 Near he relllulned to gel hls Zllllsters ll ` \ { l
K. k d C 1 C the Inl\'€!'SllY. (I ITT I [ qhk I f M _ , _ _ _ _
gn gg Q3 Q_   ___ _ *•_ el. < . lu . c llvss orlvd llllll w  Speclal Prlces on Gymnnlum Eqtupment, Eutman Kodak: l
. . . heave thl· work two weeks before the- i; ' ,
Anthraclte and Bntumlnous   mnmmmm ll . ‘"d S“""|'°‘· T°V‘· l [
  Y ,l`llf‘ following ls the (70lll!\'ll[l.€€ that Q I I46-l48 WEST MAIN ST. LEXINC,TON_ KY_ l "
, K k V Alumni °f D°"°"‘l"**l°"a' $°h°°' t'killllllli‘ll Professor Iiutt for the Alas-M
Lexlngtorh - entuc 3 W°“'d Rum"' A”"“*' c°'““‘· t•·r’s degree: Professor Ross l’rol`es· — — .
‘ ’ ’ _~ ' S . y Y- . S _ l  ;-_.•-_-.1t-- - -—A A ` `lr V "`W "`”_“‘“‘ {
W S GRIFFING .·.—l... l...ll..,.lt... |ll·l‘llll|.l   l"'_ l""`_"""’ i Y"?““““°' ""“‘. "
• • A .......l..·l lll ·l·l·l....l·ll-....l.. l`lll\•*l'· I'Q“‘_ "' '“I""""" "' T""‘“‘°'f"“· “""; . ‘ L
The S““it“"Y G"°°°" `“*` """"'“ """ ""”   """ " ...:ll):::?.:...,.mm hmmm in wm   &   I ··
Ph   llllll‘lll*Ull lll the l'lll)t'lllX llotel, All l ' . l ,,3
one ·. I. .l · ·. { . .. "’°*" ohm- V l  
com sl Umumm and Virgiml A". llllllll tn (het toplt o (Ull\t*l`hd[l0ll NOTICE To PURCHABERS it
uns the \'\\'(‘llt‘lll |H`()S|I¢'('lS whlvh th•~ OF VARMTY HANDBOOK •
lr.•.•..•••-•••••••••••••••’• t‘rlms0n football t(*lilll hus thls y•·llr. · I td · ·'
_ r——· · Ilt'()l'|)()l`ll ll. , V,
i cleanlng Prenlng, Altering § lt Mw at¢·l·’ wl·l··· \||H\|lllll()\1E lll the he lllllll next week _
· l'·` I ll- -·l ·l .‘ · * . . · .
bm 8* Lim. Pho". 1972* lll ttul ut l ltll l•*llllUllB w th %tut~ L. L. HALL,   North lllmestunc Lexington, Ky.
•• •• I nlll~rslty should be resunled, und al Seeretruy \'_ M_ (‘_ A, v
— l
'· i
A ll

• if T H E I D E A 3
· ` l--;-ww-  ""*""""*"' ‘··—··*····——•——·#·——————————----——·—- —·r ~.·.-.—......—-
. J {
{   {strhrtedofslmllarroadwaysonothcr,+•••••••••·••••••• +••••+••+++•••••·•
j. ' " "` lparts of the farm for the convenlence 0 Q     4 • *
l [     l l VI} me public in vlnmng the varlmm   " * ‘•' 9 O O 0 0 0 O 4 Q 4 4 gl.; 4. 4 4 Q :v+A•N¢T•€qI;qy:»IF• 4 4 4
l hs Q; C   l I .$ .$ `blllldlngs. 4 ....-....
Adjolnmg me greenhouse on th": Ile Pauw llnlverslty is soon to have  
WANTEI —-E l I -
"` " "—‘""* ‘‘‘‘ ‘ rt ‘ cast side is a two-acre tract. of landla [mw $100*000 gymm"°lum· Abmlt ‘ r It )t VM; Zfudgns hg mera! nl
·¤· s o rea e . , , -
      rum"- hy., |••1 gnd 9.;., ¢,“g|,_:on which an overhead Irrigauon ,,y,,}$‘l7·000 has been pledged hy alumnl in lim and (`ouma urrayll ven
‘H_m has bpm Installed fm, _x pri _ boards, students and friends and the g ' ’ ry '°" °m°n‘
      FAIR lst, Jas. B. Hudson .......... $15.00y ~ <» D» m·.n· FRANK \V· TUTTLE Mum 125 E
‘ 2...., uml.; sms ............ 10.00 ml r>··r¤o¤e¤· Thh system is used for °""”""""°" wm h°'"" '” ”°°” “” ""` 0 ll s ’ ° `
V ¤ {the lrrl ation of the land durln $T;‘ml0 drmerdrd by um "“”l°°“· lr. A nxwe lh
Ml", v.|u.b|• Pr°m|um· Olvan to -ll'(l, B.   Hancock . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.00. ‘ K g
annum. and num .° com- dmugh permdll raised. Work will then be rushed to
”• lst Wayland Rhoads $ Gm, ____•_•_•_____ completlon. The required $75,000 has      
There were various premiums of- 2nd, Phil E. Richards .,.,..,,, 3,00 ,   bien pmpumuy assumd by the        
fered for the bent judging or llve stock 3rd, W. D. Sutton ............. 2.00l     A umm athletic board' wm'.!] has l
by students and farm boys at the Stats Farm"- Qgygv com I l1l*‘*lR**.000. provided the citizens sul-rs Pgézeyégtwsnxz  
Fl", hu week About thirty student! lst, R. Wmmms   5·00` Luge crowd Frau", wnh Many New of Greencastle will raise $3,000, Thlst Ph 365 U WAIT
l wlll be easily secured it is believed.| °"°
competed for these premiums, which 2nd, H. Helm ................. 3.001 Members.—Te Jeln Home , p pp
aggregated $200 ln money and a $50 3rd, D. Robertson ............. 2.001 Eccncmlct The athletic directors hom m have}
silver cup. $126 was otered by Com- Sweepstakes for Students. l ,..__ the building rmdy for Occupatmul   I   I
mlsslcn ot Agriculture, .1. w. Newman, lst, w. J. Harris ............. $25.00] The Agricultural Society opened its Tn spring ° wm b° °"° M "‘°,
$30 by D. H. Ewlngs’ Sons, Loulsvllle, 2nd, P. E. Richards. season very ausplclously last Monday dma gymmmmms in the Bmw Of lull   1 T  
' I
and $30 by J. B. Bowles, Bardstown, 3rd, W. D. Sutton. evening with a record-breaking attend- mul" { l _
Ky. A cup valued at $50 was offered Sweepstakes for Farmer Boys. ance present. The president, John T. At 3 conference between Hywgll 127 Cheapslde
for the best judging of saddle horses P. E. Edwards, Versailles, Ky. . 425.00 McDonald, made the address or wel- D&vi,.,,,_ business manage, of State H°“'*‘ R 0-**1- 1** 8 0-m· l’l1*>¤e **04-X
by ll'|6 AUl€!’l¤8!l Saddle Horse Breed- ......._*.•.•...—.. como to the society, after which the University and representatives of l0_Y ..1-.1.;-—-—
ers' Association. It was won by W, J,     regular business sesslon was held. ca; insurance ,,,g,,nci0s_ the rewriting
Harris, a student from Nolan, West       Twenty-four new names were added of the $360,000 lnsuranca on the   You  
Virginia. The premiums awarded to `to the roster ot the society. It is rec- various bu"dmg8_ which was written The but _ i
-· students and farm boys were as fol- Ngw lngtltuugn Rgumly completed ommended that all new students, and May 10_ for one year, to cove,. B period wh _t I. mm: °° :°°d
lows: lg Vglugblg Agqulglflgn qq also all old students who have not of three years and become enecuve UL; czmu ° · P °}°°
Saddle Horse Trophy. work, availed themselves ot the opportunity upon the payment of another prsmiuml pap ° °n the ak "d°
_ W. J. Harris, Nolan, West Virginia. -— to 00001118 ¤1€¤1b0¤‘¤. do B0 at 0000- tor one year, the new policies to be ln we
‘• Draft and Llght Horaea. ADD!`0Xl¤1¤·¢€lY $12.000 Won Blloni f01' as this promises to be a banner year l dated M of May 10 1914 was enecmdp
lst, W. J. Harris ............... $15.00 improvements on the EXD€!'lm€¤t in the soclety’s history. lTh,, same companies that www the      
  2nd, W.'D. Sutton .............. 10.00 farm last Summer. and as a result the The Agricultural Society will hold lngurgncg in Mgy wg.-8 Elven th., poll-i 3]] w_ Min snub
· 3rd. Phil E. Richards ........... 5.00 Eonorol sDl>0¤·r¤n¢o of the farm has a joint meeting every month with the cies and the Same amount awarded to l
Freshmen Class Draft me Ll nt lheon greatly improved One of the rl lc l ll h n hl ` ` Th° sl°d°"l,' Ph°l°8"Pl'°'
’ 9 { ‘ ‘ omc comm cs K l` s· W ° we l 8 each company obtalns in the new poll-l
Hen", gimprovements is a new greenhouse, p year formed an independent society.1ci“_  
lst, Ben Mahoney ,,,,___,___,_ ;10_00lbuilt for use by the horticultural de·; —L...••--—- . I Benkart 6 Foflch. Proprletera
2nd, mak Johnson ........... 1.00 psrtment in exl>erhnent¤1work.whioh BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Q CLASS ATHLETICS E I B b  
3rd, James H. Williams ........ 5.00 is in charge of Prof. C. W. Mathews.; T0 BE ORGANIZEDl l ag 8 ar er op
__ 107 South Limestone Street
4th, Jadalr Hodges ............ 3.00 head of tho dollorlrnont of llorilcul . .... . Coach Brumage wishes to meet the Oppoliu the Phoenix Hotel Block
Farmer ley; fqr pan gnd ugh; ture. Prot. Frank T. McFarland, of the president of each ofthe four classes in Lexlnggqm Ky_
Hepa", The greenhouse proper is a building Agricultural Department, ln an ad—l his ofllce Monday, September 28th, F|RsT.¢;LAs3 WORK GUARAN-rggg
I lst, P. u. Edwards ......,.,,.. $15,00 of modern type, 29 foot wide and 85 dress to the Agrlcultul-sl scclsty Mon. at 12 yclocg, to mucus, ;.m.,.·.c;aSS `rMArrrr*·~-—~———
, _ eet Me After the Game at
and, Harold Rouse, Versailles. .. 10,00 feet long. furnishing a door space of day evening, announced that he ls or- athlctlcs, The president of each class
` 3rd, Raymond Ingrgm ,_,______ 5_00 nearly 2,500 square feet. It has a con- ganizlng a society for the pursuance is requested to be present, but lf he  
, ahup gnd Hog., crete lloor and foundation and is ot studies ln the ilelds of Natural His- cannot come to send a representative.
lst, W. D. Sutton ,,,,,,,,__,___ $]5_0() steam-heated throughout. tory, Biology and Natural Science. Probable schedules, times of games, where dl a wen md GOOD•
2nd, Jas. H. McConnell ......... 10,00 A Tho service building. or head house. This society wlll be conducted along eligibility ot players, etc., will be Hot Chocohte, C dy md ku
3rd. Wayland Rhoads .......... 5.00 at the north end of the greenhouse the same lines as the Natural His- taken up and dccldsd upon. rms ls ----»-‘.s.—~.._---._.._...
4 V Farmer Boys, Sheep and Hogs. proper. ls o. ono-story brick building tory, Biological and Darwinian Socio very lmportant and it is hoped that
lst, V. L. Rhea ................ $15.00 with basement. and is 26 foot by 33 ties existing ln almost every large every class will be represented at this
Q 2nd, P, E Edwards ___________ 1000 feet in size. The greenhouse was do- agricultural college in the country. meeting. Dr I Edward Gordon
l 3rd, J. B. Hudson ............. 5.00 signed by Anderson and Frankel. and Membership is open to all students of
Beef and Dalry Cattle. cost $8.000. the University, male and female, who     DENTIST
. lst, Phil E. Richards .......... $15.00 S Some temporary plant