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UK head
coach heads

to Olympics
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alien ideas

Over the course 01
the last seventy years.
extraterrestrial life has
played a big part in the
entertainment industry,
providing heroes and vii-
lains of all shapes and
sizes. Here is a look at
the diverse range of op-
tions presented by
movte makers of the
past century.


The search i

‘ C


Gore unveils
savings plan

Different forms
of alien life


_ I’lv' I'll): 5W .ttn
~~ us ir‘ii‘iirlr ‘91.: I It




A mysterious blob
from outer space.
A simple concept
possibly pioneered
the makers of
e Invisible Man.

Hi hly advanced
ro ots bent on
destroying the earth.

Monsters from outer
space have taken
many shapes, from
hugs to weird lizard
people. They are
usuall hungry and
pisse oft so stay
away from these guys.

Some aliens will be
your friend if you just
give them a chance.
oda, Alf, and E.T.
are just a few of the
benevolent variety of
aliens. Be careful
thou h, reports of
:rob ng and im Iants
these frien ly
a ens have been on
an increase in recent

- Chris Rosenthal

a?» . .)...

i V

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The truth is out there: UK professor Robert Lodder
leads group in search for extraterrestrial life

By Ashley York


[TK Pharmacy associ-
ate professor Robert Lod
der spends his spare titne
on a peculiar hobby re
searching the possibilities
of the "little green men”
in outer space. Along with
several associates and vol
unteers. Lodder works on
an international project to
Search for Extra'l‘errestri
a1 Intelligence (SETI).

“This is something i
wanted to do in college. i
had the opportunity when
we moved in the .\S'I‘e(‘(‘
(Advanced Science Tech-
nologies and (‘ommercial
ization (,‘enteri building
because we developed
more capable engineering
abilities. We did some re
search. got patents. had
the time and money so
we started." he said.

liespite the lack ot~

funding from l'K. l.odder
and his grotip began the
project over a year ago.
and continue to study and
research it everyday.
Along with hoping to find
extraterrestrial life. l.od
der hopes to persuade the
University to do two
things: one. begin a class
that would teach the sub-
ject. and two. convince
them to allow a huge .satel

lite to be placed on top of

the AS’l‘et‘(‘ building.

The group at [’K is
only one of the Slit stations
of SETI. which exist in 17
countries. The
their satellites are in
America and west Europe.
but they all work together
on Project Argus (a sky
survey to monitor the sky
in all directions to search
for signals of intelligent

liodder and the
group perform
research with
a National

bulk ot‘

Institute of Health. which
supplies grants for the
SE'I‘l project.

Lodder said the fund
ing allows the SET! pro-
ject to search for other

planets that could support

lite. intelligent lite tsquiit
i‘els. dogs or even cock-
roachesl that lives in otlir
er parts ot. the universe.
atid for signals that might
be generated by other in
telligent life forms.

"The assumption is
that there are other intel-
ligent civilizations search
ing for intelligent ex
traterrestrial life. You
could imagine that these
are very hard to tind."
Lothh‘t‘ said.

l.odder‘.s explanation
of SETI seems like rocket

science. litlt the goal of

their research

"The goal is to answer
the question 'Are we on
earth the only intelligent
lite forms in the galaxy?" a
question that consumes
human kind." l.odder
said "it is only within the
late goth century that our
technology has begun to
improve to the point
where we can seek scienr
titic evidence to help an»
syver this ‘ageold' ques

Through continued
research. l.odder and his
associates hope to unveil
or at least contribute to
the answers of the in—
evitably asked questions.
‘ls there a (lod?' and ”Are
we the only intelligent life
forms on earth'."

“Science is silent on
this poitit (‘Is there a
(iod'."i. Testing

is quite

hypothesis about the exis-
tence of God requires us
to create an experimental
universe in which there is
a tiod. and a control uni
verse in which there is
not." he said. "This qnes
tion will not be detinitive
ly answered by science
anytime soon.“

Even though they
haven't totmd the answer
to mind-boggling ques~
tioiis. l.odder and his
group have accomplished
seeing the noise and inter
l‘erence that every other
SE'l‘l project has seen.

'l‘lit‘ Sl'l'l‘l projects
also discovered that other

planets exist outside ot‘

our solar system. and
though previously con
ceived as impossible. that
lite has been found to ex
ist in unconvcnttonal con~

As they continue to
search for extraterrestrial
lite. laidder intends to
cotitiiiuc working on the
SETI project until contact
with extraterrestrial life
is made.

"Project Argos is cur
rently scheduled to run
until contact is made. 1 ex-
pect that we will remain
with the project until
then," he said. “This is an
important probletti. but to
big for the government to
handle it is perfect for the
University and public be-
cause they don't just get
bored and walk away."

liodder encourages
students. stall and faculty
members to get involved
with the SET] project

“it helps if you know
a little about it. but we
welcome everyone." he

Lodder is not alone in his fasci-
nation with the unknown. For
years, Hollywood has been capti-
vated with the idea of extrater-
restrial life, such as the Steven
Spielbergs's E.T.

intelligent Iii

about SETI

1959 after the
publication of
Morrison's arti-
cle, "Searching
for Interstellar
in the British sci-
ence periodical,
Nature, on
September 19.

The acronym SETI
was coined in the
early 19605 to
describe the
activities of a
handful of radio
astronomers who
were searching
for the existence
of intelligent life
elsewhere in the

In 1960 Drake's,

Project Ozma was

the very first
SETI study. Ozma
served as a
model for many
other SETl pro-

The first SETl
meeting was at
Green Bank in
1961. The infa-

mous Drake equa-

tion (what SETI
scientists use to
evaluate their
developed from
the meeting.

these sites

out for info

tittii’lyi’i l 393':-
.ZCiU'-.‘.i ow."
.,‘,i/‘y‘.lll"t'll." {.37.
for more general


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Movie grading scale: A: Beyond brilliantl,
8: Worth one viewing, C= Dollar theatre
written all over this one, D: For video night
only, and F: Do you have to ask?

nmuairv nanyu | tnunsyny, JUNE 22 26007} 5

Gone In Sixty Seconds

One night to steal fifty cars makes this movie action packed and
intense. Nicholas Cage stars as a retired car thief who must unexpectedly
return to his roots to save his brother's (Giovanni Ribisi) life. Despite
some cheese ball effects and unbelievable scenes, this movie provides a
great cast, including Robert Duvall and Angelina Jolie, beautiful cars and
Cage's typical wacked-out humor. Gone in 60 Seconds is fun, entertaining
and satisfying.

Grade B.


Samuel Jackson stars in a remake of the 1971 classic private detective film
Shaft. The story centers around Shaft and his attempt to protect a murder
witness named Diane (Toni Collette) from the murderer Walter Williams
(Christian Bale). Actor Jeffrey Wright turns in a decent performance as the
head of a drug ring that is close to par with AI Pacino's Scarface. The best
thing about the original was the hit song by Issac Hayes. That goes the
same way here.

Grade: B+

Boys and Girls

When Harry Met Sal/y....ah, Boys and Girls that is, tells us that sex
changes everything as Claire Forlani and Freddie Prinze Jr. as Jenny and
Ryan, two kids who keep running into each other throughout their lives,
show this to be true. But, didn't we already learn that from Billy Crystal
and Meg Ryan? While there are funny scenes with Jason Biggs playing his
normal role as the guy who struggles with women characters lack the
chemistry that warms our hearts.

Grade: C

Fantasia 2000

After debuting on IMAX screens on January 1 of this year, Fantasia 2000
now makes its way to the regular format. Fantasia 2000 sets classical
music to Disney animation sequences that amaze duw to the genius of the
animators. The sequence from the original Fantasia known as the
”Scorceror’s Apprentice"brings Mickey Mouse on screen. Some of the
music included is Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and "Pomp and

Grade: A+

Cider House Rules

This Academy Award winning picture brings terrific performances out of
Tobey McGuire, Charlize Theron and Michael Caine. This heart warming tale
of an orphan named Homer leaving his home to discover the world
continues this week at Carmike Cinemas. Break out the coins and go
watch this movie again.

Grade: A



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