located, and a certified copy thereof shall be filed in the
office of the Secretary of State; and said articles, or a
certified copy thereof, may be used as evidence in any action
for or against such bank. The corporation shall pay to the
Secretary of State a fee of twenty-five cents for one hun-
dred words for recording the articles of incorporation,
said fees to be turned into the State Treasury. (Read fol-
lowing section carefully.)
   4. Banking Commissioner to approve articles before
recording. Before filing the articles of incorporation of
any proposed bank, trust company or combined bank and
trust company, in the office of the County Court Clerk in
the county in which the bank is to do business, and with
the Secretary of State, as is required by law, the incor-
porators shall present a copy of said Articles of Incorpora-
tion to the Banking Commissioner for his approval, and
when same are approved in writing by said Commissioner,
the incorporators may proceed to the filing and recording of
same. Upon presentation of said Articles of Incorpora-
tion to the Banking Commissioner for approval, said Com-
missioner shall carefully examine same, and shall make
such inquiry and investigation as to the financial standing
and moral character of each of the incorporators as he may
deem necessary, and shall require said incorporators to
furnish satisfactory proof that each is worth, over and
above all exemptions and liabilities, at least double the
amount of the par value of his stock subscription. He
shall inform himself that the incorporators are seeking
to establish a bona fide banking or trust business, and are
acting in good faith, and upon his conclusions, he shall
approve or refuse to approve said Articles of Incorpora-
tion. If such articles be approved, then the County Court
Clerk and the Secretary qf State, respectively, may re-
ceive said articles for filing and recording. Upon the filing
and recording of said articles, and doing all other things
required by the laws of the State, the said bank or trust