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The Cats' Pause
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Cat Chasing
lona, Boston University and Texas A&M Head To Bluegrass This Weekend In Hopes Of Claiming Kentucky's Coveted UKIT Trophy
50,000-wa - i.ti in
AM dial, VLW beams cne Wilde Kentucky Network will car UK TELEVISION NETWORK (Milt throughout Kentucky, Indian. Th- UK TV Network will car'-
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Sfs. Seco
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' -5utf   K CSt    e>~n r    cAe J sn FJet; ss -   ci     s to -, 0r>fer    ^ F- Utc "ot.      foe      e    e Sc     e t  0,3J
u> in,.. eas0. so f "n
ser        J^ns;/ W ierft.
u th. coun[ry..
Holldiy F.,tll.    rh flr.t KT1T        ;     "rn.t. tll<) vlth Jh,  h vln, over Duke and LaSalu** 'h "M "d th
 T1,rOU8h th' )". UX h.> captured
Kentucky Wildcats (3-1)
F	30 -	Irv Thomas (6-7 sophomore)	9.0	6.5
C	44 -	Rob Lock (6-11 junior)	6.8	3.0
G	3 -	Rex Chapman (6-5 freshman)	14.0	1.5
G	10 -	James Blackmon (6-3 senior)	6.8	3.0
G	15 -	Ed Davender (6-3 junior)	16.3	3.0
the title 25 tlaea.
Her* Is the complete list of the nation's oldest ln-seson tourney
1. All-College Tournaaent................51 years
2. Sugar Jowl Tournament.................*8 years
3. UKIT..................................54 years
3. ECAC Holiday Festival.................34 years
5. Far West Classic......................31 years
6. Sun Bovl Tournaaent...................26 years
7. Milwaukee Classic.....................25 years
8. Buduelser Bayou Classic...............24 years
9. Rainbov Classic.......................23 years
10. Lobo Invitational.....................21 years
10. Volunteer Classic.....................21 years
12. Cable Car Classic.....................20 years
lona Gaels (4-2)
G	14 -	Richie Simmonds (6-2 junior)	21.	3	3	7
G	22 -	Alvin Lott  (6-0 junior)	12	8	3	2
C	34 -	Jeff Wilder (6-7 junior)	10.	8	8	2
F	23 -	Tony Wright (6-5 junior)	9	5-	4	3
F-	33 -	Chip Langdon (6-5 sophomore)	6	0	7	0
Texas A&M		Aggies (4-1)				
F	21 -	Winston Crite (6-7 senior)	16	6	8	6
F	44 -	John Trezvant (6-7 junior)	12	6	6	6
F	25 -	Hike Clifford (6-6 senior)	3	6	9	4
G	11 -	Todd Holloway (6-0 senior)	14	0	4	2
G	22 -	Paul Crawford (6-5 junior)	6	6	3	2
 vinig percentage of 9   \     [J'*"1""* Cch "olTiTRupp. Thafa
-seat arena
-- K"PP, the last los
downed Kentucky, 79-77,
coning on Feb. 24
Kentucky has a 2-0 r on Uec. 23. 1977, at course, vent
Anchorage, ST-jQ
cord against lona a*Jpp Arena
The two schools ith UK winning 104-65.
f..t.d the a,",!" tl,^^X"^?i*L> that
lrst met The Cats,
the next season
season. Kentuckv 'he Creat Alaska Shootout In
against Te,as ASM. Ai.M downed UK, 73-69
c	34 -	Jessie Spinner (6-10 junior)	6	6	3	6
Boston U.		Terriers (4-2)				
F	42 -	Paul Hendricks (6-5 senior)	14	2	8	2
F	21 -	Larry Jones (6-6 junior)	7	8	5	8
c	52 -	Peter Gabriele (6-7 senior)	3	0	4	7
G	11 -	Drederick Irving (6-3 junior)	17	0	2	3
G	10 -	Tony DaCosta (6-10 sophomore)	8	3	1	2
Kentucky has a :-, reCord ISM and SI-IS !n 19i6 tne 1978 ri;rr n,,,
'he UKIT si,,. ,,    ' s'ds as one of
since ovlns to upp jn [?_^
Kentuckv and Boston Lnlversity have
The Cats won 49-29 ln in the flrst gJne only two L'K losses ln
never net.
floa the Cats
gainst Unar, Kentucky
" 54. I for the matter.    After a
"Tpe^^frTtn0 "'U f 'h-dismal 6-for-|; OUUn;
^^.f:):Jj.v rnt^""""^u"-'"ousnL,v;;*r ,rothc
set last
W roster now dn r 'y My seo morc
 8lnt Lamar ma^,rjr:?.SChol8rshlP erdlne.
"aSon -Bainst PepperTl";; MCChed M8 ta"""Mgh point total.
THE OPPONENTS:      lona brings a 4-2 record inco the UKIT after capturing the
title ot last weekend's Manufacturers Hanover Classic "with victories over Grambling (77-65) and Morehead State (69-bb). Texas A&M brings a 4-1 mark   into the tournament after defeating Nebraska at College Station last Saturday, 6b-o4.    The Aggies' only loss of the season was a 93-79 setback at Oklahoma in the first game of the year.    Besides Nebraska, A&M owns victories over SW Texas Snare, Oral Roberts and Texas Southern.
Boston University is 4-2 coming into the tournament after defeating Colgate, 78-65, last Thursday, Dec. 11.
THE WILDCATS: Kentucky ran its record to 3-1 on the season after downing Lamar at
Rupp Arena Saturday night, 71-56. The Wildcats placed four players in double figures,  led by Ed Davender's 16 points.    James Blackmon added 13, while Rob Lock and Derrick Miller each scored 12.    Perhaps the most impressive aspects of Kentucky's game were the shooting 1,63.8 percent from the floor) and the assists (23).    The Cats, however, were once again out rebounded (29-27), which illustrates UK's cent imied lack of strength inside. Free throws continue to be an area of concern for Coach Eddie Sutton as the Cats hit only h-of-12 from the charity stripe. For the season, UK is shooting a .dismal^57.1,percent from the line.
 Q)ecem/>er 20, {98f
Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Brings Cheers (And Jeers)
Tis the season to be jolly.
And a time to bring joy to the faces of the young at heart, regardless of age.
With the Christmas spirit in mind, we take this opportunity to play the role of Santa to all our friends and foes around the sporting world.
To Indiana coach Bobby Knight who has revealed those awful transgressions of past Kentucky basketball teams: three appearances on Truth or Consequences with the consequences being three fishing trips with Joe B. Hall.
To former UK coach Joe B. Hall: an autographed copy of A Season On The Brink complete with a dirty language dictionary.
To former Governor A. B. "Happy" Chandler: a five-minute CBS-TV special prior to the Kentucky-Oklahoma game in March for all the world to see him sing "My Old Kentucky Home."
To former Louisville Courier-Journal sports editor Billy Reed: A Bobby Knight teddy bear to cuddle up with on these cold, lonely winter nights as he huddles near the radio while listening to his favorite college basketball team,_. (You fill in the blank).
To Louisville Courier-Journal sports columnist Rick Bozich: Billy Reed's old, worn-out manual on "How To Make Friends With A Knight In Shining Armor."
To new Louisville Courier-Journal sports editor Steve Ford: four video tapes of the original "Bobby Knight Weekly Television Show."
To Louisville Courier-Journal managing editor David Hawpe: a framed portrait of the popular automotive slogan, "Ford Has A Better Idea."
To Lexington Herald-Leader sports columnist John McGill Jr.: a Barry Bingham golden parachute policy in case Billy Reed comes aboard the Herald-Leader in the near future.
To Lexington Herald-Leader Wildcat beat writer Jerry Tipton: a ticket to the Washington Post for H-L writer Jeffrey Marx who likes to follow Kentucky sports.
To Lexington Herald-Leader's Jeffrey Marx who broke the Pulitzer Prize-winning story on UK: Tipton's job and getting snow-bound at Dale Brown's home for six months.
To LSU coach Dale Brown: six full pages of publicity in the Lexington Herald-Leader, complete with Marx's by-line, a Pulitzer Prize and 10 years probation by NCAA with sentence to be served in Siberia . . . of course his cell-mate will be Arvidas Sabonis.
To Alabama coach Wimp Sanderson who won coach of the year honors last season: his first national political race with the motto of, "Vote For Wimp, I Did."
To sports writer Bob Watkins: a book on how to win Wildcat friends while writing about the Louisville Cardinals, and a college course on how to win Cardinal fans while writing about the Kentucky Wildcats.
To WHAS and Louisville Cardinal radio analyst Jock Sutherland: an all-expenses paid trip around the world. . . with Jim Griesch.
To Jim Griesch: a framed copy of the Dec. 12 Louisville Courier-Journal announcing Biily Reed's resigiiitiiohalong with a copy of
the hit record, "Who's Sorry Now?"
To Sports lllustrated's Curry Kirkpatrick: a Wildcat poster autographed by Eddie Sutton.
To Louisville Coach Denny Crum: Kentucky's formula on how to enjoy a midnight practice and attract 12,000fans at the same time.
To UK radio color analyst Ralph Hacker: an autographed picture of Dick Vitale, a phone call from Al McGuire and a network television contract from CBS-TV, with money of course.
To Georgia football coach Vince Dooley: a new study hall for his football squad, a set of encyclopedias for each of his players, and a weekly tutoring session with Jan Kemp.
To SEC columnist Stan Torgeson: a Christmas card from the Ole Miss athletics department.
To Vanderbilt coach C. M. Newton: two more recruits from the state of Kentucky next spring to go with Barry Goheen, Scott Draud, Frank Kornet, Derrick Wilcox and Chip Rupp.
To Jerry Claiborne: several blue-chip linemen, especially one named Frank Jacobs from Northern Kentucky.
To injured UK cheerleader Dale Baldwin: a will to never give up the fight.
To ESPN's Dick Vitale: a new pair of glasses. . . and a hairpiece to match.
To NBC-TV color analyst Al McGuire: a bowl of hot chili from his favorite Lexington hangout, Brookings.
To CBS-TV color analyst Billy Packer: the credit he deserves. He's earned his own star.
To college basketball fans everywhere: Al McGuire and Billy Packer back together doing the NCAA Final Four along with Dick Enberg. Oh, how we miss this entertainment.
To UK's Eddie Sutton: A Kentucky-Arkansas basketball game in Fayetteville's Barnhill Arena preceded by a homecoming parade with Frank Broyles as the grand marshall.
To University of Louisville president Donald Swain: Denny Crum's coaching contract plus a million-dollar bonus.
To University of Kentucky president Otis Singletary: Walter Byers' NCAA job in Shawnee Mission, Kan. He's had plenty of experience with UK, the SEC and the CPA.
To Kentucky Governor Martha Layne Collins: Otis Singletary's current job. There's no bigger business in the Commonwealth than the University of Kentucky.
To Wildcat Robert Lock: Masters & Johnson's manual on "How To Make Love" . . . with the UK student section at Rupp Arena.
To UK running back Ivy Joe Hunter who gained over 200 yards against Vanderbilt last season: five straight games against the Commodores.
To former Wildcat Jim Master: two more years of college eligibility so he could enjoy the three-point goal from 19-9.
To Jim Master again: a videotape of his famous jumper against Louisville in 1983 which sent the game into overtime. He still [thinks it was the shot heard around the world:
To Jim Master again: a year of playing for Bobby Knight so he could experience a real "season of horror."
To Jim Host: another stroke of genius like the one which landed broadcaster Milo Hamilton as the play-by-play announcer for UK basketball games on television. Milo's fresh new approach has fans once again turning up the volume on television sets instead of switching to radio. Hamilton is the best thing to hit the airwaves in Kentucky since the legendary Claude Sullivan became a household word in the late 1940s.
To Milo Hamilton: An enjoyable season in Big Blue Country so he'll return for many, many more. He's a pro's pro and he's the best. Second to none.
To WKYT-TV's Sports Spectrum: a better time slot than 11:30p.m. on Saturday for the best locally produced sports show in history. It would be a hit at 7p.m. any week night. C'mon, Ralph Gabbard, give the show a shot in the arm.
To Channel 27's Rob Bromley who broke the retirement story of Joe B. Hall two years ago: the "Never Give Up Award." After apparently getting the axe from the station, he refused to quit, kept fighting back and broke one of the decades' top stories when Joe B. called it quits. He still doesn't get credit he deserves, but in his heart he knows he's a winner.
To all the greedy newspapers which publish gambling advertisements and Las Vegas betting lines: the same treatment that Basketball Weekly received for publishing said material. In other words, no press credentials for the NCAA Tournament.
To all the greedy athletics departments around the country which boast of crusades against drinking and drugs only to rush down to the bank with the huge checks from breweries for the sale and/or advertising of beer in game programs and broadcasts: rubber checks from said companies.
To Louisville's Freedom Hall: a return of the annual Kentucky-Notre Dame basketball classic.
To Indianapolis' Hoosier Dome: A Big Four Classic involving Kentucky, Indiana, Louisville and Notre Dame.
To UK's Memorial Coliseum: one Wildcat home game each season, preferably the University of Tennessee contest with all tickets being sold statewide on a lottery basis.
To UK baseball Keith Madison: a sparkling new baseball stadium so he won't dream of the good ole days at Mississippi State.
To all our readers everywhere: a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Eric ManuelSean SuttonDeron FeldhausLyndon JonesJay Edwards Prince StewartJerome ColesBrian PartridgeEric SmithAubry Boyd.
These are some of the top high school names around the state and nation and they'll be playing at Rupp Arena this Saturday in the first annual Coca-Cola Thoroughbred Classic.
Tip-off for game one is 9 a.m. as Chattanooga (tenn.) Baylor wilt take on Lex-
ington Tates Creek. At 10:45 a.m., Mason County' will collide with Lexington Bryan Station.
Game three at 12:30 p.m. will feature the nation's No. 1 high school team in the Marion (Ind.) Giants. Coach Bill Green's team will go against Prince Stewart and the Lafayette Generals.
Topping off a great day of prep action will be Top Ten-ranked Macon (Ga.) Southwest and Lexington Henry Clay.
This will be the only opportunity this season for University of Kentucky fans to see the exciting Eric Manuel play in person in the Commonwealth.
Manuel, who is headed to UK next season, is a consensus prep Ail-American and is considered the nation's premier player by several scouting services.
A limited number of lower arena tickets are still available at the Rupp Arena ticket office and any Ticketron outlet around the nation. Ticket prices are S10, S8 and 56 each. One ticket is good for all four sessions.
Kentucky senior James Blackmon should have quite a cheering section this weekend during the University of Kentucky Invitational Tournament.
Blackmon, who hails from Marion (Ind.) High, will have 600 or so hometown folks in the stands Friday and Saturday as UK defends its UKIT crown.
Some 1,000 Marion High fans are expected in Lexington this weekend to watch Marion in the Coca-Cola Thoroughbred Classic. Over 600 of Marion's fans have purchased tickets to the UKIT to cheer on one of their very own.
"It's going to be great," said Blackmon of his hometown fans coming to Rupp Arena. "They love their basketball up there. It'll be a great weekend."
Bill Greene, Marion's head coach, and two Marion Giants, Jay Edwards and Lyndon Jones, stopped by Sunday afternoon to visit with Blackmon at Rupp Arena.
Greene and his players were in town with other Coca-Cola Thoroughbred Classic coaches and players for a press conference promoting the classic.
When Kentucky meets lona Friday night in the second game of the UKIT, the Wildcats will be shooting for their 16th consecutive win in the annual Christmas classic.
Kentucky last lost in the UKIT in 1978 when the Cats were upset by Texas A&M 73-69. UK bounced back to beat Syracuse 94-87 in the consolation game and hasn't lost since.
The Wildcats have now won seven straight titles.
The UKIT is the third oldest in-season basketball tournament in the nation. The oldest is the All-College Tournament which has been in the works for 51 seasons followed by the 48-year-old Sugar Bowl tournament. Next are the UKIT and the ECAC Holiday Festival, each being 34 years old. t77i (oats' (ate
Q)ecem/>er 20, /ptfcf
NBA's Houston Club Picks Up Minniefield
Last week former Kentucky Wildcat hoopster Dirk Minniefield was traded to the 1986 NBA finalist Houston Rockets. The 6-foot-3 guard was averaging 2.5 points per game in 11 outings for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Minniefield will take Robert Reid's place on the Rockets' roster. Reid was placed on injured reserve last Monday (Dec. 7) following arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.
In exchange for Minniefield, Cleveland will get Houston's third-round pick in the 1989 draft.
Drafted by Dallas in the second round in 1983, Minniefield spent two seasons playing for the Louisville Catbirds of the Continental Basketball Association. Last season for Cleveland he connected for 5.5 ppg while dishing out 3.5 assists per contest.
He pumped in 8.7 ppg during his four-year stay at Kentucky. A member of the famous 1,000 point club (1,069), Minniefield still
Dirk Moves To Rockets
holds the all-time career assist mark at UK with 646 in 123 ballgames.
Minniefield joins former Louisville standout Rodney McCray in Houston. Those two are best remembered for playing against one another in the 1983 Mideast Regional finals, known throughout the Bluegrass as Dream Game I. Louisville eventually beat the Wildcats in Knoxville, 80-68 (OT) and won a ticket to the Final Four.
On that memorable day McCray scored 18 points while Minniefield netted 12. Now the two will be joining forces in hopes of helping Houston make the NBA finals for a second straight season.
Ironically, Minniefield played with the other McCray brother. Scooter, when he was with the Cavs.
Scouts' Dreams Are Sleepers' Destinies
State's Rip Van Winkles Can Add Spark
College coaches often tell me that they are looking for some Indians to play with their chiefs. In other words, these scouts aren't looking for All-Americans but for solid players who'll compliment the superstars.
Our state has its share of "Rip Van Winkles" as sleepers are often labeled. Below are who I consider the Bluegrass state's top 15 senior sleepers, and in many cases, some are playing in the shadows of a teammate who generally receives most of the ink for the team. Note that all players are listed alphabetically.
Btu^Jtett, 6-6, G-F, Wayne CountyA nice swingman
Rick Bolus
Cats' Pause Columnist
who has the potential to develop into a lower Division I big guard. Hit for 18 points per game and 10 rebounds per game as a junior but lacks the quickness to compete higher than lower-Division I. TENNESSEE-MARTIN AND TRANSYLVANIA ARE IN HOT PURSUIT OF HIM.
Willie Combs, 6-0, G, Hazard Teams with supermate, Terry North, to form the best backcourt pair in the state. Although North gets most of the recognition, it is Combs who is the glue that holds the team together. Hit for 11 ppg and 6 rpg a year ago for a team that got to the semifinals of the state tournament. MORE DIVISION II THAN DIVISION I, TENNESSEE-MARTIN AND MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE LIKE THIS GUARD.
Tony Commodore, 6-0, G, Newport Has impressive stats as a junior with 17 ppg, seven rpg, and six apg. Is an athlete from the word "go" and could be tabbed the best player in the Ninth Region before the end of the season. Just needs to drop a few pounds to aid his speed and quickness. NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY HAS EYEBALLED THIS LOWER-DIVISION I GUARD.
Nelson Cundiff, 6-3, G, Russellville-This   Rip Van
Winkle" for the Fourth Region averaged 17 ppg, seven rpg, and three apg as a junior with points coming primarily from the "J". NEEDS MORE STRENGTH AND TO DEVELOP PHYSICALLY, BUT A REAL STEAL FOR THE DIVISION II COLLEGES.
Kenny Davis, 5-10, PG, Louisville Valley  Played at Louisville Male as a sophomore and transferred to Louisville PRP as a junior where he was ineligible. Being at his third school in three years makes him an unknown but he can P-L-A-Y the game from the floor general slot. POSSESSES ULTRA-SPEED AND QUICKNESS BUT NEEDS MORE GROWTH AND RANGE TO VIE HIGHER THAN DIVISION II.
John Eubanks, 6-4, Swingman, Louisville Seneca 
Although teammates Junior Graves and Robert Peyton receive most of the ink for the Redskins, Eubanks is, in reality, really the second best college prospect on the team behind Graves. This late developer has all of the physical tools but just needs overall refinement of game. A LOWER DIVISION I PROSPECT, HE MAY HAVE TO GO JUCO INITIALLY DUE TO SUSPECT GRADES.
Mike Minix, 6-2, G, PaintsvilleWhen you think of Paint-sville, John Pelphrey automatically comes to mind. Minix, however, is a player who can play in the right Division I program. This handling guard can light up the scoreboard with his jumper and recently had 25 points in the finals of the Begley's Hillbrook Classic which his team won. MOREHEAD STATE HAS SHOWN SOME INTEREST.
Matt Pollitt, 6-8, C, Fleming County  Here's a late bloomer whose best days lie ahead of him. Possesses a nice touch for a big man but needs more of an inside power game in order to play at the Division I level. THIS THREE-YEAR STARTER IS BEING RECRUITED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF INDIANAPOLIS.
Michael Peachers, 6-3, F, Hopkinsville  Forget LaMonte Ware and Jeff Quarles for this team as Peachers could potentially develop into a better college prospect if his backcourt game ever comes around. This small forward hit for 15 ppg and 4 rpg as a junior on team that had a 30-5 slate and played a vital role as a sophomore when his team won it all. NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY LIKES THIS LOWER-DIVISION I TO TOP DIVISION II PLAYER.
Chris Russell, 6-6, F, Louisville Trinity  Recently signed with Northern Kentucky University and the Norsemen's coach. Mike Beitzel, inked him not because he is a scorer but because he can play defense and rebound. His high school coach. Joe Thompson, told Tlie Cats' Pause that Russell is the best defender he has coached in 13 years. HAD STATS OF 10 PPG AND 10 RPG A YEAR AGO.
Steve Spurlock, 6-8, C, Louisville Seneca  Here's a developing insider who won't get his mitts on the ball much this season with mates like Junior Graves and Robert Peyton around, but he'll do the other things needed for his team to win, such as rebound and play defense. SIZE, AND POTENTIAL TO DEVELOP DOWN THE ROAD WILL CATCH THE EYES OF LOWER-DIVISION I FOLKS AND TOP DIVISION II PROGRAMS.
Len Suber, 6-1, G, Hopkinsville University Heights 
Several college coaches went to observe his teammate, Enrique Tuluna (bound for Western Kentucky), and came away likeing Suber instead! This pure shooting off-guard can play at the lower Divi-
Paintsville's SleeperMike Minix
sion I echelon but needs more growth and improved handling for point guard to play beyond that level. KENTUCKY WESLEYAN, TENNESSEE-MARTIN, SOUTHERN INDIANA, EAST TENNESSEE STATE, MERCER AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARE SHOWING INTEREST.
Kevin Sullivan, 6-2, G, Louisville Southern Is in the
shadow of teammate Bill Farley, but it is Sullivan who holds the key to his team's future this season. Has an excellent jump shot with range and possesses all of the physical attributes in terms of speed, quickness, and leaping ability. LACK OF SIZE FOR OFF-GUARD AND NOT BEING A TRUE POINT GUARD WILL KEEP HIM INTACT FOR A QUALITY DIVISION II SCHOOL.
Leonard Taylor, 6-6, F, Louisville Ballard Has really improved leaps and bounds since last year. This forward runs the floor like a deer but needs better one-on-one skills with the ball in order to improve his game. VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH, WESTERN ILLINOIS, EVANSVILLE AND BRIGHAM YOUNG HAVE INQUIRED ABOUT HIM. WILL PROBABLY BE OUR STATE'S TOP SLEEPER FOR THE DIVISION I COMMUNITY.
Jerry Tevis, 6-4, F, Lexington Henry Clay  Ineligible as a junior after transferring in from Lexington Bryan Station where he played as a sophomore. He's the key to the Blue Devil's chances of winning it all this year. This small forward can stroke the jumper and hits the offensive boards. HOWEVER, HIS BACKCOURT GAME IS SUSPECT AT PRESENT. LOWER-DIVISION I PRO GRAMS WILL TAKE NOTE OF HIM. Defense Busters
On Defense: Kentucky Baffles Lamar With 2-1-1 Zone; On Offense: 'Cats Connect For 63.8 Against Opponent's Zone; Overall: UK Wins 71-56
By Nick Nicholas
Zone by the 'Cats? Really. How did they do?
Let's just say Kentucky's switch to a 2-1-2 played a paramount role in helping UK turn back Lamar, 71-56.
With Kentucky hanging on to a one-point advantage (46-45) with 11:38 remaining. Eddie Sutton decided it was time to make a change. And picture-perfect it was.
Kentucky initiated an 8-3 spurt and coasted to its biggest win (15 points) of the young season.
Another key for the Wildcats' was their hot shooting from the field. Lamar threw different zone varations at UK. Early on the Cardinals's full-court press also gave Kentucky troubles.
More than once did the hometown boys have problems while trying to figure out Lamar's defense. It was not until the end did UK solve the puzzle.
Kentucky's 25-11 run was the decisive blow which kept the visitors at bay. Combined with their pesky new-found zone tactic, the 'Cats upped their record to 3-1.
"We played in spurts again tonight, but overall we played a good game against a good team like Lamar," said Sutton afterwards.
"We turned the ball over a lot in the first half because of Lamar's press," Sutton added. "We played the press a lot better in the second half with some excellent passing from Davendcr and (Rex) Chapman.
Overall, UK turned the ball over 11 times. Ten of those miscues came in the first 20 minutes, however. Lamar committed 14 turnovers (eight in the first half)- The Cardinals' winning flight was shot down due to some poor shooting39.7 percent.
UK, ranked 19th in the country by AP, will now have until Friday to prepare for its annual UKIT. On Friday Boston University and Texas A&M will open the tourney followed by lona against the host Wildcats. The consolation and championship rounds will be played on Saturday night.
The 'Cats' repertoire featured an excellent shooting night from the field. Led by Derrick Miller's three-point arsenal (two of three), UK connected on 14 of 20 which totals a glittering 70 percent. Miller loaded up for 12 points in the initial 20 minutes but was shut out in the second half.
For the game Kentucky shot 63.8 percent from the field (30 of 47). Meanwhile, Lamar didn't throw in the towel. Twice the Cardinals erased considerable spreads in Rupp Arenaa difficult uphill task to the average opposition.
Junior Ed Davender responded with a team-high 16 points. He also pulled down six defensive boards and handed out five assists.
Lamar's outstanding big man, James Gulley, was a force underneath. The 6-foot-8 forward muscled in 24 points while snaring 12. Both figures were game-high marks.
"At the end of the game things kinda snowballed," said Lamar head man Tom Abatemarco. "We are a good team. They (Wildcats) hit 70 percent in the first half but we were down only a couple. At the half, Gulley was exhausted."
Gulley was held to 10 points in the second half and was shutout during the final 4:40 of play.
"This is the toughest game he has had." added Abatemarco."and I should have rested him more."
James Blackmon hit the double-digit column for the initial time this season. He connected on 6 of 9 from the field on his way to a 13-point performance.
Kentucky's Rob Lock had a fine overall game as he gave UK 30 minutes of consistent play. Lock contributed a strong showing last Saturday. And it couldn't have come any sooner.
The 6-10 junior pumped in 12 points while being credited with two assists and two steals to boot. Earlier in the campaign gainst Texas Tech, on a couple of occasions Lock received boos from UK's student section. Obviously, his efforts were appreciated by his classmates, drawing a standing "O" late in the contest. This may be a night for him to build on.
"I knew I could be play a lot better than I was playing," said Lock. "I feel good about tonight."
"Rob played a good game and we are glad to see that Rob is playing up to his potential," commented Sutton. "I feel that Rob can play like that all the time."
UK Run Late In Second Half Turns Back Cardinals
Lamar was no patsy. The represenatives of the Southland Conference only trailed 46-41 with 13:28 left. A 14-foot turnaround connection from Gulley followed by a 16-foot jumper from senior guard James Nance quickly pulled Lamar within one, 46^15.
Having only nine players available (two non-scholarship) Sutton was forced to shift defenses and play a 2-1-2 alignfnent. It worked.
"The changing point of the game came when Sutton went to a zone," said Abatemarco. "We didn't expect him to use it. It changed the whole complexion of the game.
"Davender, Blackmon and Lock then broke the game open."
Lock's eight-foot turnaround keyed a 6-to-zip Wildcat run. Baskets by Davender and Richard Madison made the count 52-45 in favor of UK. By this time Kentucky's 2-1-2 zone was in effect (in his postgame conference Abatemarco called it a matchup).
When down by bunches it's time to go to three-pointer. Lamar didn't hesitate as DeWayne Brown canned his bonus attempt from the right side. After a layup by Davender, again Lamar cut the lead to four (54-50) with 4:40 remaining. This time it was a Gulley layin which did the trick. However, Gulley's easy basket, his 23rd and 24th points on the night, was also his last.
In fact, Lamar was so confused it didn't score a point until only 24 seconds remained on the clock. Nance hit a three-pointer but by that time UK led 67-53.
The rout started like this. A nifty pass in the paint from the kid, Rex Chapman, to Davender upped the margin to six points. Davender was fouled on the play and com-
pleted the three-point sequence with a charity toss. He was the only 'Cat who could say they had a successful night