i` Vol. 2 February, 1945 No. 10
I ·——·· 
W. D. Armstrong, Horticulturist, Editor
PQSTWAR FRUIT GROWING answer is_ apparent. but certain
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What oro the pi-osposts rot- the §‘j€pf§§§’,§g“§§a§1§§Y,g’@?W‘l1°“’“d
_ fruit grower after the war'? This Quality fruit Should be expected
question is vital at this time. Al- to assume more and more iirnport-
» tl\OLlgl'l lt would l)(3 fOOllSll to ll`y to ance as congunjgyg are gblg {O get
. forecast the future, there are con- tree-ripened fruit quickly from
_ siderations that bear on the future, distant areas, and the demand for
F from lessons learned by experience, green fruit should fall. MQUY D001`
and such knowledge as we have of Qtiality. but h€1`€f0f0Y€ Pwfifablas
= the changes that are to come. varieties may become ¤¤P0PUlaY·
; The basis of our national econ- laggxgg SEE Ygéighslogngas ggggaa
l Omy has been Set for good pricss cmd consideraile frudt has bgen soil
and wages, as a means of paying off hl bulk On account Of Scarcitv Of
loo doot of too wal`- As the wor labor and containers, also of trans-
· ¤¤1<><1 Stocks of the world portation sitrriohiuos. Such methods
., \\1]l be low, and UTC Umfad Sfalf?5 have resulted in much fruit reach-
. will be the most important source ing the consumer in bad condition.
· of agricultural products. l\Ianufae- \Vith the return of a plentiful'sup—
turing demands will be high and ply of containers and quite possibly
will expand rapidly as soon as the the development of UCWCY f}'P€$·
A factories can be converted. An ex- Sfflcf grading maY baooma assw-
 ` tensive building program will be Hol
needed in every section of the HQW will aVailabilif>` 0f_ good
· United States. Great changes are €1UahfYffulfaffoofooosumpflonf It
· expected in transportation. Air ex- sooms 1`ossoodolo te ossumo that
, press and air freight may be able oottor dsstmbudooo of goodproducts
‘ to solve many distribution prob- Ehoulddleiggt m 3 slcfaflst mslséaseg
. lcms concerned with perishable ,liI§m?)\j_ l.Og(i{Ctg@“.,S 1§,L,hp1aC;u5,;
— products and Open up markets hcfs" general iseeognitioif of the health
tofore inaccessible. Modern refrig- pyhperuas Of h.uhS_ Shhuld insure
Nation is oxpoofod lo Yopldoo tho a continued large demand. Great V
old ice bunkers in rail transporta— hassihihtias hs ahsad ih pl-Omotihg
~ hoo New dovolopmools of sfofago the consumption of fruit to improve
` will greatly extend the market _f<>r tho health ofthe ll3flOl`l. Think what
psmshdblo goods- Exoolif ood ‘m‘ it would mean if evervone had the
port of food Products oro sol tv fruit required for an oiaooooto diet.
develop on a scale little dreamed of Cslstaihlv theyc \\yOu1d bc lgss doc-
until now. Foreign nations mU$t tm—s’ bills, less time lost through
have our food products, and im- i]1]'IQSS` and the volume of fruit rc-
ports of fofolgo goods d"o_ “ooossol`Y quired to accomplish this would bc
I to psy fof fhf`m· Pfaoflcauy fm" more than double our present pro-
·? known countries may become our duchha
 » §a%Eb8;   b In the granwing of gruits shore rniaiy
C been destroyed or sadly neglected C mfmy Cmugts'- C` Bm fled 1 _
 — during the ww · secticides that will be available
  ‘ ‘ after the war, promise to be more
 » Everybody will be affected, but effective than those now in use.
,_ how can fruit growers adjust their This may reduce the cost of pro-
  Drogram to profit most? No simple duction. and some who have aban-
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