doned the business because of the tral or western Kentucky grower
difficulty of pest control, may be with mature apple orchard knows
encouraged to return to it. Then, that from 3 to 10 arsenical or nico-
there are new developments in tine sprays are required to control
spray equipment that point to the this pest. This will require from
` saving of time and labor. one to four (or more) pounds of I
Recently, the fruit breeding sta- arsenate of lead per tree, depending .
tions havIeI introduced many new on the tree size and the infestation.  
varieties. o doubt, from these new ,. . . , .. - , , r ,
$01*5, ¤ few will be f<>¤¤d te be H.*1:;:*1,:zrnzas*:,,¥r:;:·$ssi;;; i
more desirable ann ¤¤‘<>fit=¤l>1+= rnon wrsenical sprays one at shuck-fall 1
the old ones now cultivated. The turd one ILO Class re 2 weeks later l
varieties grown have always been la all peach serays mast gre“.el.;
n pig raoror in sueeess· and hi rne use as much limenas arsenate As
years ahead rney may bs or srnr lead or 2 pounds per 100 gallons ‘
greater importance Tne Ks¤i¤¢k>* plusyabouet 2 pounds of zinc sulfate
Experiment Station has a number as a eer.r.eell\,e fer.`ar.serlleal burrrv
¤f the MW rarisess <>¤ test wd me In addition to the above weste
comments on their behavior will be em' Keatueky growers have bees
reported in this bulletin from time eerrlrre `benem from an arserrleal
to tune spray applied for late curculio con-
Fruit gro}rers· on rne “`nore· are trol one month before harvest. For
more optimistic than they have been peaelr seal) sulfur ls usually added
for several years, but over-optimism re me leriday spray and arwtlrer
should always be avoided. Experi- sulfur sara`, appllerl before harwsr
enced growers in established locali- fer brewrr 'rel
ties may well contemplate new or- 7. ` .
chard plantings, with full considera- Mh*e pnsre needs of S_rr¤>·
tion Of the marked Changes Clrmly materials in mind it is good business
foreshadowed for the post-war era. fvr the grower ro order or. nnrrr
Irlexraerrerleed perserrs would be definite commitments for his ma- »
well, advised to give careful con- terror wen rn oorenee ono nor def
Siaeration to the highiy specialized pwd ¤¤¤¤ ss¤¤¤g It at the lee
_ and complicated nature of the fruit rnomenr Wnere orders. are prawn
business and proceed with caution. eorrY· rr grres the rernnen rrnorr"
The pOst_War period should wit_ Salélr, and nrz1flL1f8Ctul‘€1' all oppor-
ness the establishment of a sound runny ro denrer rne goods on nnse V
fruit program ra the areas Of Kem The same thing is true concerning  —_
tucky where fruit crops can be rernnZerrnoterrors·
made to flourish. Some of these It naturally takes a good machine
areas are already well established, to apply the spray materials listed
“ but many possibilities of develop- above. Hence it is the part of wis-
ment are still to be realized. dom to keep the sprayer well lubri— F
cated and tightened up; as well as ‘
to make needed repairs at any brief  .
ARE YOU PREPARED FOR slack period. A
THE PEST “BLITZ” OF 1945? Several pitifuldcases were re-
ported in 1943 an 1944 concerning
W‘ D' ARMSTRONG spray machines that broke down.
From the wisdom of history and resulting in the loss of the crop from _
€Xp€1`i€¤C€ th€I‘€ are things that we Scab Or worms before repair parts
have learned to accept as natural. could be obtained. Large quantities
Practically every Kentucky apple of spare and repair parts are carried
grower expects an early spring along by every armored division. lt
apple scab attack if he has such is just as logical for the fruit grower
varieties as Delicious, Winesap, Ben to keep on hand a few extra critical ,
- Davis, and Rome. The required and heavy \V€H1`iHl£', SPYBY P€li`l$·  
sprays for scab extend from the With all types of food and frurt  _
V start of growth to the first or second vitally needed in our war effort, it {
cover sprays; and require 2 gallons is patriotic to guard every possible '
of lime sulfur per 100 gallons in the way against loss from breakdowns. _;; 
pre-bloom sprays followed by 6 to 8 Sprayer parts are more difficult to .· 
pounds of microfine sulfur per 100 get now, but every company I is  
gallons in the calyx and first cover making a supreme effort to furnish  
spray. repair parts for their sprayers in  ‘
As for codling moth, every cen- use over the country.  .
2 r