Finance Committee Report
February 16, 1971




Members, Board of Trustees:


Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees authorize the Vice
President for Business Affairs and Treasurer to execute the nec-
essary documents to effectuate an exchange of properties between
the University and The Kentucky High School Athletic Association,
whereby the University will acquire the property at 763 Rose
Street, Lexington, Kentucky (presently the KHSAA office building)
at a cost of $99, 050. 00, and the KHSAA will acquire a 0. 9825
acre tract of University property (adjacent to ETV facility) on
Cooper Drive, Lexington, Kentucky at a cost of $27, 000. 00.

Background: This action is presented for the purpose of formal-
izing the approval of an exchange of properties between the Uni-
versity and KHSAA which will enable the University to expand its
educational facilities as planned, and permit the KHSAA to con-
struct new office facilities at a location suitable to the implemen-
tation of its cooperative programs with the University.

Action: Approved      X      Disapproved


Date:    February 16, 1971