L. Designations for Henderson Community College Buildings (PR 5)

       President Singletary called attention to PR 5 recommending that the
three buildings on the Henderson Community College campus be designated the
Student Center Building, the Arts and Sciences Building, and the Administration
Building. On motion by Mrs. Blazer, seconded, and passed, the designations
recommended for the Henderson Community College buildings were approved.
(See PR 5 at the end of the Minutes. )

       M. Transfer of Kentucky Life Museum  (PR 6

       At the request of the President, Dr. Creech explained the proposed
transfer of the Kentucky Life Museum from the University of Kentucky to the
Commonwealth's Department of Parks. He gave some facts relative to the
development of the museum under the direction of Dr. Hambleton Tapp and
said that the collection of Kentuckiana artifacts was outstanding. The museum
appeals to a broad segment of the public but is largely unrelated to the Uni-
versity's teaching or research functions, thus it is a more appropriate function
of the Department of Parks than of the University. The Department of Parks
has indicated its willingness to accept the museum but it is necessary to have
approval of the Board of Trustees prior to further negotiations.

       On motion by Mrs. Blazer, seconded, and passed, the recommendations
in PR 6 were approved. (See PR 6 at the end of the Minutes.)

       N. 1970-71 Budget Revisions (PR 7)

       There being no questions, on motion by Mrs. Blazer, seconded by Mr.
Cooper, and passed without dissent, the budget revisions for 1970-71 recom-
mended in PR 7 were authorized and approved. (See PR 7 at the end of the
Minutes. )

       0. William R. Willard Department of Family Practice
Established (PR 8)

       President Singletary requested Dr. Bosomworth to present the recom-
mendation relative to the establishment and naming of the Department of Family
Practice in the College of Medicine. Dr. Bosomworth said that under legislation
passed by the 1970 General Assembly, the College of Medicine must have within
its curriculum a Department of General Practice of Medicine under the direction
of a qualified general practitioner. In establishing this new department, its
designation as the Department of Family Practice is being recommended because
"Family Practice" is the terminology approved by the Council of Medical Edu-
cation and the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association.