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8/11/78 » NO. 258 I
ll August — Administrative Council Meeting - Health Sciences I
Building - 8:30 A.M.
8 September · Fall Faculty Meeting, Shakertown, 9:00 A.M.
Current Exhibits: Gallery - Department of Special Collections —
° Science Fiction Display.
i Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, Faith Harders, Bill James,
Claire McCann (Editor), Bob Turner, and Paul Willis.

 - 2 -
Shakertown Luncheon Reservations
Will you please let Pat Lloyd know by August 25 if you plan to
P have lunch in the dining room at Shakertown on Friday, September
8, during the fall faculty meeting? Individuals will have to pay
for their own lunches.
Duplicating Services
While Bob Turner is working on the move in King stacks, duplicating
will be done only on Thursday afternoons; people with things to be
duplicated should allow for this delay. If an emergency arises,
and something is needed immediately, please see Faith Harders. The
_situation should return to normal when the move is completed at the
. end of August.
Bill Welsh of the Library of Congress has said that LC will respect
the wishes of the library community and will ost one LC adoption
of AACR 2 to January l98l. ARL directors were polled and noted
53 in favor of postponement, 30 not in favor, with 2 abstentions.
Publication of Anglo—American‘Cataloging’Rules is anticipated by
November 15, 1978. (A six—page summary on AACR 2 impact is on
reserve under my name.)
- Paul A. Willis
The Southeastern Association of American Law Libraries in conjunction
with the Southeastern Association of Law Schools will meet in
Lexington, August 17-19 at the Hyatt Regency. Program topics
include materials in legal/medical malpractice; new reference sources
and computerization and libraries, For further information, please
call Bill James (258-8686).
The Governor's Pre—White House Conference on Libraries and Informa-
tion Services will conduct Congressional District Committee Hearings
to provide an opportunity for citizens to learn about the Conference.
The meeting for the Sixth District will be on August 21 at l:O0 PM
in the Seay Agricultural Science Auditorium on the University of
Kentucky campus.

 - 3 -
. UC.Y | ANIT 0 k M {$1
4 A Traveling Humanist Grant has been announced by the Kentucky
Humanities Council. The recipient of the grant will present
programs to audiences in Kentucky during 1979-1980. The purpose
is to reach non-academic audiences who have had no contact with
, previous KHC programs. The topics covered will range over a wide
variety of subjects including public policy issues such as the
right to privacy, community concerns, e,g., changing roles of
women in our society, and selections from the humanities-
Finalists will plan at least one program to present to an audience.
The recipient of the grant will be chosen from the finalists based
upon the quality of the presentations. For application forms and
more specific information about the grant, please contact The
Kentucky Humanities Council, Ligon House, University of Kentucky,
Lexington 40506. The telephone number is 606-258-5932.
LT II - Law
Secretary grade 17 — Law
If interested, see Faith Harders by August 16.
Executive Director, Appalachian Consortium, Inc., Boone, N. C.
Available: September 15, 1978.
Director of Library/Media Services, Bluefield State College, Vermont.
Available: January 1979 or sooner. Application Deadline: September
15, 1978.
University Librarian, California State University, Fresno.
Available: Summer 1979. Salary: $29,748 — $35,976. Application
Deadline: October 15, 1978. g
Head, Collections Processing, University of Minnesota, St. Paul.
Salary: $15,864 minimum. Application Deadline: October 2, 1978.
Slavic Bibliographer, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Available: January 1, 1979. Salary: $13,000 - $14,300 minimum.
Application Deadline: October 15, 1978.
Ibero—American Bibliographer, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Available: December 1, 1978. Same salary as above. Application
Deadline: October 1, 1978.

Head of Catalog Department, Southern Illinois University at
Carbondale. Available: September 15, 1978. Application Deadline:
_ October 15, 1978.
Music Cataloger, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. ‘
Available: September 1, 1978. Application Deadline: October 15,
Librarian, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut.
Salary: In excess of $30,000.
For further information on these positions, see Faith Harders, Director's