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Felon/17y 13, 1997



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Fll‘lll claims "K reached dBBISIOII

UK, firm to meet wit/yin seven to 10 days

By Mai Merton

Feature; Editor

Enter IINTB for the feasibility study for a new
men's basketball arena.

The Kansas City, Mo., firm, ranked by Building,
Design and Construction magazine as the sixth-
largest architecture and engineering firm in the
United States, has been selected by UK, said the
company's vice president, Mary Axetell.

“VVe‘ll certainly work hand in hand with the Uni-
versity," said Axetell, whose career at HNTB spans
Z-l years. “\Ve’re one of the few firms in the country
that have a specialty in sports architecture."

Axetell said an employee, project manager Mike
Handleman, answered the phone call from the Uni—

versity yesterday afternoon. Ilandleniaii could not
be reached for comment.

Some dispute, though, lies iii whether or not
IINTB actually has been selected.

George DeBin, UK vice president for adiiiinistra-
tion, said yesterday that the firm has only been the
top choice — to discuss the fee for the study.

Seven firms responded to UK's invite. DeBin said
each firm was ranked, with llNTB as first, and
Rosser, a firm in Atlanta coming in second.

Third was Huber, Hunt and Nichols, the Indi—
anapolis group that completed the feasibility study
on Commonwealth Stadium and a shoe-in for the
arena study until thisjanuary.

Five individuals oversaw the ranking process of

the firms.




They were: UK Proyect Managerjack Miller, L‘K
architect \Varren E. Denny, Physical Plant Director
liill Reeser, Athletics Representative Russell Pear,
and Ken Clebidence, director of capital construction
and procurement.

Once the study has begun, Dclim said Miller
“will be the University focal point between the firm
selected and the Liniversity."

DeBin said llN'l‘B is expected to meet with Lim-
versity athletic officials within sex en to [0 days to
agree on a cost for the study.

In response to Axetell's statement, Deliin said
Axctell knows llN'l‘B has only been chosen to meet
at the bargaining table.

“I'm 100 percent confident that she knows that,"
he said.

Axetell confirmed llN'l‘B’s appointment to the
study, and said she believes UK is considering no
other groups.


Illt honors Brown
prior to blowout

By Chris Easterling
Spam Editor

It's not like he didn‘t expect it
to be this way.

In talking to the Kentucky
media on Tuesday, LSL' (ioach
Dale Brown compared the likeli—
hood of his team heating UK in
his last game at Rupp Arena to the
Biblical story of David slaying

So the fact that the \Vildcats
clobbered the Tigers 84—48 last
night wasn't a surprise to Brown,
who was 4—20 in his career in Lex—

Prior the game, UK Athletics
Director (LM. Newton presented
Brown with a plaque from the
AB. “Happy" Chandler Founda-
tion, as wel as a giant collage to
commemorate the past UK-LSU

Former \N'ildcat coach joe B.
Ilall then did an imitation of
Brown's famous coat-throwing
incident frotn the 1976 season. To
remember this, Dawahare’s
department store had a special
sportscoat tailored made and pre-
sented it to him.

After Newton finished his pre-
sentation, he turned the micro—
phone over to Brown, who is well
known for some long-winded, off—
the—top-of—his—head speeches. But
with only minutes to go prior to
the contest, he was remarkably
brief in his comments.

locus on issues

By Chris Campbell

Arrixtmit Editorial Editor

Two state representatives are
making strides to continue the
long-standing tradition of UK
being the flagship university for
the state.

Kathy Stein and Ernesto Scor-
sone, both Democrats for the 75th
district, are voicing their opinions
and ideas for changes to be made
in the University,
higher education,
and praising the
leadership UK has
shown. .-

Among hot top—
ics in the recent I
hi her education .
deiates are UK’s
overseeing of the
community col—
leges, Gov. Paul Patton’s call for
$100 million in
higher education
spending, and a
Superboard ever
seeing UK and the
University of
Louisville. Pat-
ton’s plan for edu-
cation spending
won’t be out for
another few weeks.

Being a freshman House of
Representative has not made Stein
nervous. In fact, Stein said she has
not had time to think about
nerves, for she has been thrown in
with the wolves of state legisla-









“I spent a lifetime opening my
mouth when I shouldn't have,” he
told the 23,98] in attendance at
Rupp Arena to watch the Cats
trounce the Tigers, “so today, I
want to make sure I show the class
that (the UK fans) have shown me

He then read a quote that for-
mer UCLA coach john \Vooden
told him earlier yesterday after-

“I know the word thanks is a
sirn le. one-syllable word," he
read). “Often used without true
meaning. However, when it is
used with sincerity, no collection
of words can be more expressive
or more meaningful.”

Since he arrived in Lexington
Tuesday, Brown has attended
many different functions, includ—
ing a luncheon for the AB.
“Happy" Chandler Foundation
and an honorary breakfast at the
Hilton Suites sponsored by The
Cats' Pause publisher Oscar

UK Coach Rick Pitino was
pleased with the reception Brown


“I’m proud of the fans and
administration for givin Dale
Brown such a great send off,” Piti-
no said. “He certainly deserved it
for being at LSU for 25 years.”

The gifts he has received from
the various SEC schools will be
placed in the LSU Athletics Hall
of Fame.






MST llflllll LS U bead (oath Dale Brown receiver a bug from former UK [oath 7M If. Hall in
a pre—gome teremony before LS U lost 84-48 in Brown 'sfinal game at Rupp Arm/t.




By Cara Fedders

Contributing M’ntrr


“I am very pleased with m

committee assi merits," she sai .
Stein is a mem er of the Judiciary
and Education Committees, and
she is the vice-chair of the Health
and Welfare Committee.

“My commitment to the
women and children of this state is
as stron as ever, and that will be
reflected in m work with the
Health and Welfare Committee,” .
Stein said. mg

For Scorsone, the goal is to SGA will purchase $500 in
enhance the UK’s position as the taxi vouchers at SIO a coupon
state’s fla hi , and address the booklet from United Trans-
necds of aTlSw o benefit from the portation Inc.

University. The booklets will be sold to

“We’ve got needs across the
board,” he said. “We’ve got needs
to research purposes, for liberal
arts education, and we’ve got
needs to technical programs. And
the areas that will probably be the
greatest changes are going to be in
the areas of the community col-
leges and the technical schools.”

Community colle have been
causing a little bit 0 a stir in voic-
ing that some wish to break-off
from UK and become their own
separate entity.

Stein met with UK President
Charles Wethin on two weeks
ago, and said ethington is a


voucher to the driver.

SGA President Alan Aja
said the program is designed
“to alleviate drinking and driv-


from an executive surplus.

has not used all of the money.


“very same voice to what the Uni- to the proposal.
S“ a”. 0,, I Aja went the only alternative route and
’ l

The Student Government Association
is finding a cheaper way to make roads
safer for students by providing cab ser—
vice for the exchange of a pre—paid taxi

The taxi voucher works like cash. A
student will simply have to present the

students for $7, saving each person $3.
Aja said the $500 for purchasing the
vouchers from the company will come

The Senate allotted Aja $2 500 at the
beginning of this term, but Aja said he

“We will start with 500, if they don't
sell then UTI will buy the booklets
back,” Aja said.Lexington’s three main
cab services —— Holiday Cab, Lexin on
Yellow Cab and Wildcat Cab — w ich
are owned by United Transportation
Inc., will accept taxi vouchers at any time.

Aja designed a card specifically for taxi
use that worked like a debit card, but
United Transportation Inc. did not agree

Taxi company and SEA come
to terms for voucher system

decided on the voucher coupons. The

company agreed.

Aia is satisfied with the outcome.

“It passed many hands before it
finally got done,” he said. “It will be
cheaper for the students and I think it's
going to be great."

The money students pay SGA for the
booklets will be used for SGA’s child care

According to Aja, the child care grants
“help students who have children
with tuition expenses."

The money will help fulfill
SGA's goal to increase the num-
ber of child care grants next year.

This year SGA is supporting

SG five students with child care

Until SGA is able to negotiate
with a ticket distributor, the taxi vouchers
will be sold in the SGA office in 120 Stu-
dent Center, beginning Wednesday. Aja
said Student Center employees will be in
charge of collecting the money and the
cash will be turned into Student Center
Directorjohn Herbst.

The taxi voucher program was one of
Aja’s original campaign goals at the
beginning of the semester.

The student ori 'nally in charge of the
program left U at the end of last

It was then handled by Carrie Sterling
Wilder, former executive director of stu-‘
dent services, until she left SGA.

At the beginning of this semester Aja
himself took initiative to try to fulfill his
campaign promise.



“Lennon 5 lit-supomt 6


UK police chief
to quit in June



After nearly II) years serving; as thici oi t.iZII
pus, UK Police chief \\'.ll \1\(illlllil\T).l\\lkikl\ll d
to step down from the position

“I‘m resigning at the end oi
lune," .\lc (:omas said last night at
the L'K~LSU game.

L'K spokesman l\'.ilp|i l)t‘llt’k~
son confirmed .\lc( Ioiiias' resigna-

A I‘M] graduate of his, \lc( 'o-
mas returned as polite chiei in


\Vhen he was a student here McComas
the university didn't even l\,l\t a
police ilepiirtliit‘lit.
After graduation. .\lc('oni.is ioiiicd thi- .lllli':
.llltl tilitist‘ Illt’ Ulilll‘ll (il Iii! Illll‘i H3. p-ii!‘ i' ii-
.sci’vcd t\\'o toiiis oi tllIH :32 \it (I..i:l- on: l‘~ 1"
(Ulnllidlllllilg oiiitci oi .l iniiiiaiy p h e t utopia. \

and the second on .I top so iet inissmn t . xii-p
drugr traiiicking in Southeast :\sl.l

Following Vietnam. \lt( inllids st tit-d .is iici'
quarters commandant ioi Ilic onh \ \. I (i iioop
in l‘iuropc, returning to It (Xiiiipiu'il. lsy in

Stateside, he attended sc\ci‘.il police ii Illllll‘._
schools. including l‘iastcrn Kc‘iiiiit k} L not-ism
and the H“ \.lIlUli.ll At .idciny heiote itL‘UilllilIi'
Provost Marshall at \\'t~si l’oiiit. thc equivalent to
police chiei at .i military college.

l‘llls retirement is not the first tot .\lt‘( onus

He retired from ihi ilillII.l!\ .ind \\tst Point in
105',— dt tllt‘ .ltlc ‘il in

\Vith ()Iitllvlb oi iniltin ioh» in \il.i-.'
l.oiiis\illc .iiid l t\III:ZIHli \l.(.t.nt..-t v... thw. '
for lIl‘sSt‘t'l‘rlhl‘ i."“"l .lI hi ‘iI'Il in "I l .l\

lii an IllItI\lL\\ l\\ii\t ii iz'r- \lit I‘I‘i ms n "
thought he would It Iii: uh: Ii in- d» itv‘t x'ilmx'

jolt .lll\lllUH'


[511m Movie theater

hosting Ilscar nominee ‘ .

In an attempt to I‘LIllll‘r lllt \ ll-lt‘ channel lit»:
to Till, the l\t'liilit k‘, llit itt r is limiting i i
showingr oi .S/myr /f/.t.i.»

liillv Bob I hoitonis in \\ idizr is n iIllIll.‘Y' it
two of'tliis yc.it"s '\( .idt lIl'i \uaids. lit si \t t: I!
liest Adapted Si iecnpla}

Kentucky 'l heater 1,
once, today .ii 7: HI pm

Tickets can be plt‘kCil up at the Kermit kt I i. -
ater boxofiice.

showing: llll' Illl'i o

Student group selling llalentine items

The Social \Vork Association in holdiin: a halw
sale in the Student (Icnicr today and toint now

The group is raising funds for its ILIIIUEHl ion
ference in Chicago by selling heart-shaped cakes
and cookies.

A table will be set up in front oi Illt‘ S
Government Association ofiicc iii the I IN \i-idt ~:'
Center from ‘) a.m. to i put.

ill 113.5

On Friday, the group will be selling outsidt M '
the Student (Icnter l-‘ood Court iroiii " an. to

m Army abuse moves to Europe

BONN, (.erinany _. The sex scandals in the
U.S. Army have spread to (ierniaiiy, where the
service relieved three male instruitors oi tllt'll
duties after I I female soldiers accused them oi St"
ual abuse and harassment.

Two of the instructors at Darnis‘tadt traininLr
center have been in custody since lit-h, 7 after
allegedly trying to “influence the testimony” oi
one woman, the Army said yesterday.

The third suspect was ordered not to contact
any victim or )otential Witnesses at the training
center south o Frankfurt.

It is the most serious sex—abuse scandal to hit a
U.S. military installation in (iermanv in years. At
least some of the alleged acts happen.“ titer accu
sations of sexual misconduct suriiced at the
Aberdeen Proving (iround in Maryland last
Novemberfl‘he women in (iermanv accused the
instructors, all noncommissioned officers, oI
sodomy, indecent assault, cruelty and maltreat-
ment of subordinates, the Army said in response to
an inquiry by The Associated Press.


Billion expands presidential archive

ATLANTA —]immy Buffett now owns seven
Jimmy Carters.

The singer bought a leather-bound collection .-_
of books by the former president for $2,000 at a
weekend auction of Carter memorabilia, the for-
mer resident’s office said Wednesday.

T e Carter auction was held in Crested Butte,
Colo., where Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, held
their annual charity skiing weekend. . ‘ , *

Compiled fim staff. our: "pom. ' '




'7 " 7 "~ .~ " . ’ " 1. ' » . .» w". i a
..‘. 1 Hi" . ... / .. .. 1 1' _ - 1- ,1 i c " ‘
' i. T- _ ‘l l 1 '3' \ « l
-_ -- v .. ....-.._- -M.



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Room MN-463. (.‘hziiidlci'
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Medical ( ‘ollege Admissions l‘est
(M(‘ AT)

Preparation Workshop

I907 83011111.-

:rlzili )p.1‘n.
i‘vlcdiczil Center


The Oflice of Residence Life would like to co
following Hall Directors, Assistant Hall Directors, and Resident
Assistants who achieved outstandingacademicsuccess while
serving our students in the residence halls thispast semester:

Robert Aillon

Stacy Amburgy Mike Green Stuart Poage
. .5117 1 Angie Appleby Kim Haggerty Kevin Poe
, ”‘\- Maureen Barnett John Hayes Beth Privett
. 1’ Shelley Berrong Alyssa Herald Joe Ragland
“i; ‘10 Melissa Berrier Anqela Hetu'nger Colleen Reid
" Paul Binkley Sarah Hillard Jenny Rigas
Jennifer Blau Carrie Howell Natalie Riley
Eric Blom Brady Hunt Sara Ross
‘ Denise Boyd Aaron Hunter Allison Rowe
ff Carrie Brewer Dave Johnson Daniel Russell

*6 Doug Broecker

a. Shannon Bridgman


Christi Goetz

Chris Kendig
Joanna Kennedy



















f} fohnson
Passing his smile on

7lnrye11r The [\enmrley Kernel 11 Ill liefeaturmg one person eaih 1; eelrzz ho hm 11 pmitiz'e efjeit on the bit (corpus. F) nommare drop off 11 short paragraph
that my: 21 by your nominee should he profiled at the Kernel office or (all 75'1”] 5 and (olefin dint Herron.

By Lindsay Hendrix

Senior Staff lVrm-r

Everybody in Dickey IIall
know..s]] (James) )lohnson.

And it seems everybody in the
education department likes to see
him coming.

“J. l. I1 is the best sense of
humor and always finds ways of
brightening your day,” said
_lonathan I’rasse, administrative
assistant in the Office of the Dean.
“I he's not as concerned with him-
self as he is (with) how you're

_lohnson has worked at UK for
16 years in the custodial depart—
ment and has covered plenty of
campus. Ile has been stationed in
the Fine Arts Building, Anderson
Ilall, the (his A. Singletary Cen—
ter and the Art Museum —- just to
name a few.

But Dickey I Iall is his favorite.

“The people are nice here," he
said. “The professors and the stu-
dents —- they’re nice."


Michael Pedersen

Mark Schlueter
Molly Shabel

_lohnson‘s goal is to


He also has a good relationship
with the people whom he works
for in custodial services a Rober-
ta Young and I ric Moss

“I think that we underestimate
the importance of kindness, and
kindness can be a major contribu—
tion to the overall suc-
cess of students and
faculty," said Moss,
superintendent of cus—
todial services. “U._l.) is
a positive team mem—
ber —. he promotes a
positive work environ-

\Vhich is exactly
what he wants to do.

keep himself positive.
no mitter what chal—
lcnges he faces.

“_HlJ s overcome a lot of things
and I 111 proud of him" said
Young, Johnson's custodial super-

I“or example, after suffering
two heart attacks — his last one




on Vilentine 5 Day last vear -——
lohnson still 5315 his health is the
No. l thing he is thankful to have.

“You look around and there’s a
lot of people in worse shape than
you are,” he said. “I've got lots to

e thankful for.”

And that’s the motto
he lives bv. If he doesn't
feel good one day, he
tries to forget about it
while he’s at work, and
continues to keep an
“up” attitude and help
others do the same. This
is his own best medicine.

“I figure ifI can make
somebody smile, it makes
me feel good,” he said.
“The only thing that
keeps me going is faith
and a smile.”

Something’s got to keep him

Ile often doesn t go to bed
until after the II o clock news and
he has to be at work by 5:30 a.m.
But he likes getting up early.


“I’m so used to it."

When he s at home in the
evenings, he likes to rent mmies
and enjoy music

“I like music — all kinds.’ said

Johnson. But his favorite is Toni

Braxton. “I like to dance, too, and
I like to sing."

He used to sing with groups,
but now he mostly just sings to
himself, and occasionally to the
people on the second and third
floors of Dickey Ilall.

It’s just another way _lohnson
cheers up tired students, faculty
and staff.

“He’s an all~the-time—going
person." Young said of _lohnson.
“Everybody loves him —- we think
he's special."

Ironically, it's probably _lolm-
son’s way of making everyone else
feel special that makes him so pop-
ular. It definitely has a lot to do
with that omnipresent smile.

“They always say. ‘Smile. the
world will smile with you; frown
and you frown alone.m


Bob Brown Kirk Kenneth Tom Shelton
, Michelle Brown Jacci Kems Ronnie Shelton
"he Tara Bruce Steven King Sarah Signorino
_1. \W Lindsey Burns Tony Kordenbrock Kevin Singer
,. ~41? .1 Laura Busse Joseph Krimple Josh Smith
Rikki Cannioto Mark Linton Tom Smith
1 ' Marian Chisenhall Lisa Lyons Dan Souder
7L 1,1, Claude Christian Kara MacDonald Angie Sparks
Katrina Conley Ernesto Mansilla Bart Spears
Oscar Crawford Jennifer Marshall Amy Stout
Nancy Davis LaRonda Mathies Amy Sullivan
Kyle Deviies Jill McClish Matthew Thomas
Teresa Duba Heather McCollum Shasta Walker
Kristen Dunham Kara MCDermott Kurt Welsh
Carrie Fetter Danyelle Meredith Jeremy White fi‘VAC AT '0 N:
Sarah Fischer Tim Milbrandt Wendy White

Jennifer Fleming

Eddie Fossett
Heather Foster
Carisa Frasure
Melanie Getchel
Therese Gleason
Kimberly Glenn
Dan Gockley


Kristen Forrester

Nancy Mitchell
Richard Moore
Brian Mowery
Brian Mulberry
James Murdock
David Murray
Vicki Pack
Brian Patten
Amy Pedersen


Kelly White
Chanty White
Ben Wieseman
Adam Wilhelm
Dawn Wilson
Enid Wong
Janine Zabroski
Jason Zavada


This (11110 the Griswolds

are) (m a roll.

a .35;

- m










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. om ‘fl‘w.._~... ...._,......-.....—...w—-. 5“... . .. w... ... ... .wa 1»ku Wet-vinm .»v 414.. , - . .m. . . .

Ari/mild Arl'rlrl. H'miiui. l'r/viuri 1i, [997 3


1 trips." during which the
.4. user is frightened by the
J hallucinations he or she
i. lii some cases. LSl)
users have attacked these
hallucinations, iiiiuring
. themselves and others_
m ' “'l ltL'l‘t' is nothing scarier
.’-' . than .i had trip." said an educa-
.. .. tioii senior who .idiiiitted to using
’ ,. the drug, but did not want her
. , iiaine Used.
~ .i "I recommend that ifyou are going to
do acid, do it with people that you feel safe
. and comfortable with."
M, ; \Vhile statistics show that LSD use is on the
rise nationwide, many do not see it as a problem at
lle UK-
i wrote in his an “it's no more prominent here than anywhere
m . notebook about \ ‘h‘lulr‘ ‘ l ‘ else." said Jacquie liurrell, an l'inglish education
:5 experiencing a pleasant deliri— LN‘ m “,1 Ti, {n.lm‘l .Jm If”? I‘m“)? .
um characterized by an extreme degree of fantasy. l . l) . y l ' ‘. l }L_ k r_‘ m_ 0": l” "‘l'“ l l\ l’olice (Ihiet \\'. ll. .\lc( joiiias agreed.
id The condition which Hoff *1 1,9 ,d -bo. mm“ mm}: “L ml" “L ““r “WW-“L“ “ “Statistically. it's not a )roblem. nationally or
_ ‘ . man 53.“ ‘1‘“ ‘l ut hewhtened reality. .. ' . I ‘ ' -
m two hours, was the first—ever 80d “trip." R Us" ‘ . v. l .. _ ‘ . . _ ‘ .. locally. he said. “it .s lust not a drug of choice
i .‘ ‘H ’ ‘ N .. | .) . ‘ ‘ ‘ _. . . er s senses iteoint amplified. some bait here ~-
.( By Doug Wade llis psychedelic experience compelled llotiiiian even claimed they “mm a, N, “I‘m," ,l i u] ., . . , . .
(jgnmbmmg ”'77)” to experiment on himselfand on patients in mental smells ii Restlessii- . l i if ... l l“; ”u.“ Md ””1‘1‘ “ml I'M) “rm“ ”‘meth “'r only
5, institutions, as well as on some healthy volunteers, ‘ , 'g ‘ p U" “I“ “I‘m?“ "‘1 N" l" “" l5 pert ent of the total number of arrests for [995.
C“ \'lost 0 l .f t [h k f* V i« - i . By the 19505, LSD was being used around the “film“ happen lrcquepjly. - I)"W*"‘1””"f I‘M) " a ch“ 1) MM“. “uh ‘l penalty
K, ( f th ‘ 1P6 1P 8 prti er 0. h ".11 ((1), :19" r8 11:3”? world to treat de )ression It “in“ wonderful. "”‘l “ l’l‘l'“”l L"l““‘“l_"”l of three to ll\L' years in iail and a line“. 'l‘i‘aflieking is
.1 ) epast, umpet in wtt tie~ ye e ot its; out — x r l“ .0 i. ‘ ' .. } _ .. _ graduate studentawho- did not \\ .iiit to he identiiied. J (IAN ( . Mm] .:
‘ stock and other trends and events from the ()0s. _ 131”th drug ““5 1“” dumkd too unl‘rf‘l'ft“l’l‘ about her first acid in i “You '\
Lyser ric acid diethylamide, though, has made a l"? ”SUI“ medical FISC- ln ”(’6 Congress banned can ius‘t stare at the “hill .iiid v' 7 ._.._..,- ..._._.___,.._,
'” Comeback in recent years. [451) under the premise that usmg a drug that “he“ be amused for hours' it makes

' W l

I\' ‘ .‘ . . , ' )'s.".‘* ‘;"‘. “2 ‘ " 1' . I l

. Some 5“]de show that one out 0* UH." 10 high i iie sense of reility causes dinger to the indnidu il .‘"'” forget about CVCI‘YIlHHL’ . 1
school students, and one out ofevery 20 college stu- and ”WW Uthcrfi- mmnd “)va ‘ ‘ ;

Acid can be ingested in many ways, but the inost ’ l


l]. dengts, have experilmentehd with atlltlélli)[lk l0s. \\ hile Am] B usually U,”
. Cientists attri )utc t e rise o .. use in young sitle'rcd “fur than (,[hcr'dmm
_ , ‘ ._ _. i i ,5 . o -
'l‘ - people to many factors. lhe cost —* under 5) a hit ‘ it “I” has some dangerous “up. i A’ Of H'gh SChOOI students that have used-'-
— is conducive to a student’s bud Tet. & A $\ .. . k ‘ l
1‘ . Because of its odorless tastefess ani ‘olo is Q\ a“ ”mu ' ‘ ' ' l 1 0 i
‘C i . h d | ., _ i ( L I r Le v l)r. belly 5m” at the L k . D iimiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliquiiiiim o 5 /o l
‘ ’ properties, I e rug is easy to use an( concea . [)rwy lnforiii'ition (lenter s'iid ? I i
a . . ' . ._. i . .i i
[- LSI) is conSidered less dangerous than cocaine M, d t 1 on m“. “the psychiatric I i
U . ' . ' . . a 4- - _ - .- l 1
athdlf; agdietne drugs. h l g l f ""0 o and neurological problems. ‘ o
()C ' n 187.7. mUSIClanS 8V0 use< ae‘it or VC'Jrs‘ - . . r” .f} . ~~ _ ~- : iiiiuiiiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i
, . . - . ie isie iiatrie side t'lit‘ets ,1 .
It and enioyed the experience. Rumor has it gunarist Wh'te llghtnlng Cm ”wimp, flashbacks ”mt i ' 0 1
'n jimi Ilendrix cut a slit in his forehead for the acid so Blue heaven psychosis p16,? {nigh m l l
_ . ., i i i '. K i

it would get to his brain faster.
lhese factors, along with the drug's amazing
potency, make LSD many students choice for a

hehaviiir~induced trauma.

Windowpafle ()ther hazards iiicludt

. . seizures intracranial lesions
mind—altering drug. sugar cubes ’

1i HEROIN llllllIllllIIIIIIHINIH”llllllllllllllllll 1 - 2% \
LSD was invented in 1938 by Dr. Albert lioff— (Which can cause the “that-(1 i .»
man. At the time, Hoffman and his colleagues were . ' . . Pans “f the mm” (0 qllll [”an l MARI] UANAiiiiiiiiiiiimii 38 20/ l ‘
trying to isolate a chemical that would induce ehild- common way is by placmg a piece of and—saturated tioning altogether). and even ! I 0 j

‘ birth in pregnant women. After workin with a paper in the mouth. “"1““ i

f drug he called LSD-25 Hoffman left his la )oratorv As the paper dissolves, the bloodstream absorbs L‘sers have also been 58mph: 18.000WRW unlomn 1994 l
. . _ i , .‘ , . ' . .. . _ . “ Sonya: UK Cum on On; A Alcohol lumen Margin of one: o/- as l

. earlv feeling dizzy and restless. the acid. lhe drug takes effect in about 1) minutes known to experience had J1

éiiic’ stHbéiiiidiii’kfiw..hui



By Mat Herron

Features Editor


Louisville, he said, users are usually black,
aged 30—35. This data may be skewed, he
said, because it is based on those who voluntar-

Junk. Horse. Mud. ily come forward.

This slang vocab boiled down to the satne lleroin has pricked a path in pop culture. on
high, the same buy, the same dope for Victor screen and in print. TI‘NHIi/iixlllh'g showed iiwan
Borras. McGregor’s character Mark Renioii crawling

B age 10 he was smoking cigarettes and through a toilet while under the influence
drinking discount liquor. By 14 he moved onto The Baxkeiiwll Diariet, a biographical movie
marijuana. At 15, “heroin was finally another on poet/musician jim (Lariiill. shows
dru to ‘try."’ actor Leonardo DiCaprio iidgcting

I-grom bagging groceries to delivering furni- and foaming at the mouih for a
ture to cashing in soft drink cans, Borras paid score.
for the feeling. lle estimates he spent between Author \Villiaiii S. inr-
3100 and $300 a day or $72,000 a year. A lucra- roughs, known widely for his
tive robbery earned him $10,000 to use —— novel Naked Lam/.7, experi—
briefl . enced the needle in anoth-
“'[)hat went in less than a month into my er novel,]unlqy.
veins and I mean all into my veins,” the Bronx Lt. Bob Dargavell
Community College aduate said. “Based on of Special Investiga-
the cost ofeach ba ,... ’ve used at least one mil~ tions at [he Lex—
lion’s worth or so. ington police

No lecture swayed Borras from the drug, he department
said. Schools dished out the wrong information. said

“Heroin does not get you addicted the first
time you try it, and it does not destroy your sex
drive,” he said. “Erections remain up until we
decide to let 0.”

Derived om morphine, a class B drug,
heroin comes from opium poppy plants. Users
either inject into a vein (“mainlinin ”), smoke
throu h a straw (“chasin the dragon ’) or snort.



and populari-
ty. \'\'here cocaine
addicts expire after five
years. heroin addiction builds
to last over a decade.
Both drugs cost the same on
the street, but wholesale heroin
yields between $150,000 and
$2 50,000 per kilo; a kilo of cocaine nets
about $l2,f)()l). .
Historically. l.exmgton has been heroin
addicis‘ choice location to get treatment.
Leukefehl said the l‘cderal Medical Center on
l.<-estowii l’ike was the “first public center for
heioin addiction in the country."
it was also where Leukefcld saw a heroin
””0" addict for the first time a il-year-old black





Carl eukefeld at the U Center on Dmg 311d “Pf" male who had used for about 10 years.
NCOhOl Research said inlCCting is the “most of heroin “I le needed to get off the street and be corn-
efficient way to make it act on the bod ,” but . are fort-able," said Leukefeld, who has worked in
users risk contracting HIV. hepatitis and ""P‘M” drug and alcohol research for 30 years.
tetanus, especially when sharing needles. Smok- Cd 'm” Several sites around Lexmgton and tho state

, the United help addicts kick the habit. in the last four
. . States“ ‘ years. 220 heroin injectors and speedballers
Shblm :h'te frIomhAFia, “(M’nl‘im (heroin and cocaine users) have gone through
Cgfiriersacor SEMI?" Cg?“ fhecriicfijr Prevention Education for AIDS in Kentucky
the are sm'u led m agrplanz" ship. (l’l‘ZAK),'a program that gives counselin and

Mbch like gtghe progression of crack free lllV testing to addicts on the street P
cocaine to Lexington in the early '90s, the “ hcn Borras gave up the'dragon, h" PhY’"
cal Withdrawal lasted a grueling 72 hours. Psy-

progression of heroin and other illegal sub- _ I ll' . _
stances to small cities takes time, Dargavell said. Ch”l”g“3 3‘ ( mm)" “’35 CV0" more difficult to

“What you see in California may not show w ‘ ' . .
up here for a year and a half," he 58" . l he only way to beat this is to (be) occu-

A March I996 report from the US. Bureau pied,” he said. a relapsed 3 few times, but u
for International Narcotics a