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‘  T A STUDY OF WORDS. q 153 .  
  _ _ cated him. Whether from Shetland Isles or Arabian   _
  Plains, or Kentucky Blue Grass the neighing of the horse  
  is the same. The Texas cow boy hears today the same  
  lowing of the herds that jacob did. .   . p
"   , Man’s language is his chief legacy from the past and t  
  his richest bequest to the future. It has become the most , i- Q  
  Q plenteous source of his knowledge. It is that which ~ ‘   _ 
·   _ ‘ touches nearest his soul, possesses the least of earthy clay  
  and its consequent mortality. It alone throws a glow of   ’
  life over the dead past. We travel far to visit scenes 01 A  
  human experience——battle grounds, buried cities, massive l  
  A ruins and ancient relics, but the vastest structure ofrnan’s  
  ‘ genius lies about us. It is like solid masonry built by ·  
~   hands, and yet has power to grow and die like a thing  I  ,
  ‘``` "·—· possessed ot life. It is labyrynthian in structure where  
  the great irmilies of language are ramihed and interlaced. .  
  There is the American Indian with its power of agglutina-   A
  tion or growing ofwords together, its beautiful metaphors  
  and soft euphoneous cadences. We have borrowed many S _  
  A place names from them and should have borrowed many ·  
  4 more. For example, Kentucky, dark and bloody ground ; _ »  
  lVIississippi, father of waters ; Missouri, big muddy ; Ohio,  
  beautiful ; Rappahannock, quick rising water ; l\‘linne—  
  V haha, laughing water ; Chicago, wild onion ; Chautauqua, ` t  
  foggy place; Saratoga, miraculous waters, and many  
  others. How much prettier Chatterawa, rippling over _
  rock, than our own. Big Sandy. S ‘_
if gf   There may be seen in this labyrynth the Semitic lan- _,
`     guage with its glorious coloring and rich learning whose n ij
  ‘ iridescence shines along the remotest past. `It embraces _ %
ii;. ` the ancient Egyptian, from which we derive our system of A =
 if . months and years, weights and measures, and which as A _ i
  * has been said Moses spoke but joseph had to have inter- A Y
 _` `_ preted to him. To the Semitic belongs the Hebrew, in _ ~
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