it with several cold spells and frosty Full crop: South Haven, Veteran,
periods a week to 10 days apart dur- Vieeroy and Dr. Burton.
ins thc DC3€h·bl0$$0ml¤éi l¤‘*`l*‘d·- Three-fourths erop· June lilberta
Each Of **1056 wld Pmods wok it oi-tote, stmtieaiii, U. Is. v. ti-00, ve; 2
mu Of blnssimnsi SU that Pm Snmc dette, llalchaven and Colora; also V
· Slms the enum Cmp wus wlpcd ‘“n· Bruce 1\Iuuson and America plums ’
In other locations and sections ` , . i` ~
some varieties came through with 0“°'h"" .°"“n° On“`ll_°i hnff ,
ninciicniiy A fiiill Ci.nn_ in nL,nL,‘ Beauty, Marigold and U`. S. V. i-it-. ,
the southern section Or the shit.; 0110-fvyrtly cron: Lzuily Ittisc.  _
suffered heavier than the northern Iflcini (“"".`¥i“'_ B*`ll“`· I`**"`lY_ mn  »
part; since temperatures were about }"'°“`· Mumw l"i’Sf*_ A}i"“· _("’i(l""  t
the same, yet the southern section R“i““iYi·   S·/X i‘)‘_‘)_‘i· I") OR/it S“"n·  [
was further advanced. These con- ,in_*"%"}‘· i in {‘\'¥·"}n~ 90 ‘*"""‘ l~
i ditions proved an excellent test of `)( dm Soul] ****1* l\U‘ “ ‘ _ i
cold resistance by blossoms N0 crop or only an occasional _
peach: Gold Allame, Golden Jubi-
Tne Variety tcst <¤`¤l¤¤r<¤‘f¤¤‘m¤¤¤<>S by inc "m`lOn$ "m`ic‘ Golden Globe. Sunhigh. White llale.
ties, that indicated their ability or `
inability to set a crop of fruit in ··—·‘
` the face of disastrous spring frosts
and freezes during and shortly after BLOSSOM BLIGHT OF
the blossom period. Although at _
this writing harvest is some time PEACHES
off for most varieties, it is now pos- Thc hinssnin blight iync hi iiiiiiii-
sible to €$nm3t€ the _$tZC Of thc of peaches has become very wide-
crop the various varieties have set. Sniicnd Gini. Wcsicin Kcnincky (ini,
I¤ Order ‘¤<> t>¤SSth1Si¤f<>¤`m¤ti<>¤ ¤¤ mg the last tow spasms alia wss .
to the growers as quickly as pos- isi-simply more destructive in 1944
sible some of these ratings are_ listed than any yciii i)i·C\-iOiiSiy_ Thi;
below- A fuller 1`€POi`t Wnl bc trouble has generally been more
Workcd UP 3ft€1`h31`\`€$t· prevalent on the Red Bird and
t Thc ratings nn thc Vaiiiciics at Champion varieties, butrin 1944 it
i Lexington nm given in.5i_ The \.ni.iC_ developed alarmingly in several 1
ties ai-G djyjdgd iiiih groups accord- Elberta plantings and was especially
ing to the Sim Oi ci-On they dm damaging in an Llberta orchard at
considéycd id bc can-ying_ Henderson where it had not been a _
Full crop: Mayflower, Arp Beauty, mem? bcimu _ _
Rgiyjtayi ROSO, Gdidch Jiihiicci Mai- This blossom-blight trouble is
qugttgi South Hgiychy Sim G10, Hdic- caused by an early season brown .
hgvgny Vcdcttey Vjcgi-Oy, Mdmic rot infection that enters and kills ·
Ross, Veteran, July Elbertg, Persian thc blossom andlmany small twigs
and Hunter NQCt3i·jnOS_ Hl'l(-l S])Lll`S OH Z`tllC(-Ztfjd l.l`CCS. l'llt`
Three-fourths my Polly Trio §""C°‘°{,d b"’SSi§“‘S and S“`“§ld""‘““
_· » ‘ urn rown, ave a scorc e ap-
gemt Aft¤fg1<>w»_ Olimlcy Sun G‘nd> pearance, and eventually dry upi
Belle Of Ggmiglat Vahanb Fmllc often leaving a small canker with a  »
Hale, Harpole Late Yellow and Sure bii Oi Wax dt ihc iOCniiOn_ This
Cmp Nectarine blossom blight stage of brown rot
One-half crop: Hardee, _Othelle, has been recognized l`or several
Goldeneast, Red Bird, Elberta, Niles years by Experiment Stations in
Elberta and Hiley. the central states. Several of these
Que-fourth crop; (jghddkay Rcdgi- states recommend a wettable sulfur
bgrtg, 5ummGi·Ci—CSi, Suiihighy Gold- spray in the pink bud stage _|ust be-
@{1 Glgbgi Ambgi-ggm and Rivers lOl`C l)lOSSOIT1S O[)(‘D~. $G\’t}l`Zll Oll`il`l`
· Orange Nectarine_ States 1‘ecti:mme1i1d/lidtiiczl lnnle sullur ,
_ · , . _ at strengt is of ,3 o ga ons per
One nlglith mop` Ncwday 100 gallons of water applied in the
N° 0101)* Gold Anam? late pink bud or very early blossom -
The June 15 ratings at the Sub- stage. It is generally considered _
station at Princeton are as follows: that the lime sulfur application is _