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Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, September 16, 1977, no. 195 text The Green Bean, September 16, 1977, no. 195 1977 2014 true xt7tht2g8t0f section xt7tht2g8t0f UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARlES' NEWSLETTER
9/16/77 NO. 195
Y _ 19 September - October 31 - Festival of Fine Print/
Seminar at King Library Press (see note)
23 September - Administrative Council Meeting - Gallery,
8:30 AM
6-8 October - KLA meeting at Covington I
Current Exhibits: Foyer, King Library North - The Kikkuli,
. Text: a new publication from the King Library Press. Also;
Recent Acquisitions. Gallery, Department of Special Collec-
»· tions - Three Exhibits prepared by Library Science students
(through 15 Sept.). University Art Museum - Exhibit of
Posters from the Department of Special Collections (through
25 Sept.).
Contributors to this number: Amelie Charron, David Farrell,
Faith Harders, Claire McCann (Editor), Mollie Sandockp Bob
" Turner, and Paul Willis.

@1UT THE I IBP,!)Vt_..¥ii;1s_-L.i§2 zssszigasg
The King Library Press is co-sponsor for a "Festival of
Fine Print" that begins Monday, 19 September, and will
run for six weeks with events in Lexington, Louisville,
and Bardstown. Included in the festival is a series of
exhibits, workshops, and seminars that celebrate Kentucky's
role in the modern fine printing movement.
The Festival opens with an exhibit of representative
books from the leading American private presses. The
exhibit, "Private Presses: The Book as Art", has been
organized by the festival's co-sponsor, Liberty National
Bank and Trust Company of Louisville, and will run at
the company's Liberty Gallery, Louisville. THE KIKKULI
TEXT, published in 1977 by the King Library Press, will `
be a special feature of the exhibit.
A second exhibit opens the same day at the Louisville
Free Public Library. It will be "Kentucky Private Presses,"
featuring books published by Anvil Press, King Library Press,
and Stamperia del Santuccio, all of Lexington.
Workshops in the book arts will be conducted for children
and adults during the six week long festival. Among the y
skills demonstrated will be paper decorating and book
binding (conducted by W. Gay Reading, director of the ‘
King Library Press) as well as paper making and paper
decorating for children
The festival will end with a four day Seminar in Graphic
Design and Southeastern Fine Print Competition at the
King Library Press, 28-31 October. Speakers and judges
for the seminar/competition will include four persons
internationally prominent in the history and practice of
book design and production. These are: John Dreyfus,
chairman of the Printing Historical Society (England),
author of numerous books on the modern private press
movement, and typographic advisor to Cambridge University
Press and Monotype Corporation; Stephen Harvard,
calligrapher, designer and stonecutter at Stinehour Press,
Vermont, one of America's leading commercial printers;
and Adrian and Joyce Lancaster Wilson, authors, designers,
and proprietors of The Press in Tuscany Alley, San
Francisco. Mr Wilson is author of a standard design text,
The seminar's lectures and workshops are free and open to
the public, but enrollment is limited. For further infor-
mation about the "Festival of Fine Print" contact David
Farrell or Gay Reading, Department of Special Collections,
King Library North; telephone (606) 258-8611.

 , 2• • 4
Co—sponsors of the Festival of Fine Print are:
Kentucky Arts Commission, Liberty National Bank and
Trust Company of Louisville, University of Louisville,
Louisville Free Public Library, and King .idrary Tress.
Co—sponsors of the Seminar in Graphic Design and
Southeastern Fine Print Competition include: Kentucky
Arts Commission and Southern Federation of State Arts
Agencies, Department of Art, College of Library Science,
Graduate Seminar Fund, and King Library Press.
The Reference Department would like to thank Karen Boucias,
Andrea Bryant, John Bryant, John Cleveland, Bess Clotfelter,
Evelyn Evans, David Farrell, and Roxanna Jones for volun-
teering to lead library tours last week. Their help was
certainly appreciated, and the tours were well received ‘
by the students.
The Circulation Department has assumed responsibility for
exhibits in the King South Lobby. Suggestions for exhibits
should be directed to Larry Greenwoodr David Farrell has
the responsibility for exhibits in the Special Collections
Department areas or King North.
!;is;siia.g,;‘3;2.é§.21e1;Jiessesge and   Year Plex
Copies of the University Biennial_Budget BeguestL_l978~l98O
and_Fiye_Xear Plan; l97j;lQ§; are in the Special Collections
Department. Sections of the document concerning the Library
have been given to the Planning Sub—Committee chairpersons.
Sghool of JpurnalismNLiaison
At the request of the School of Journalism, Marie Copeland
will be working with them through the semester to assist
in organizing and strengthening their Reading Room.
Popular Culture Symposium
The College of Library Science Office for Continuing
Education is sponsoring a Popular Culture Symposium on
Friday, October 28. The symposium will explore popular
culture as a valid genre for academicians and examine its
implications for libraries in terms of collection.
The Office of Continuing Education is giving the Library
system ten free tickets. Anyone interested in being
considered for a ticket should send his/her name to
Faith Harders by Wednesday September 2l.

 ‘* , ,
Kentuckiana Collection for Visually Impaired Citizens
Daniel Kreutzer, Deputy State Librarian, recently announced the
initiation of a program in the Department of Library and Archives to
collect recorded materials for Kentucky's citizens with visual im-
pairments. The emphasis will focus on a core collection of Kentucki-
ana including periodicals, fiction and non—fiction. The project is
designed to supplement materials available through the Talking Book
Program sponsored by the Library of Congress.
Clerk Typist 0016 Solinet
If interested, please see Faith Harders. `
. Affiliate or Assistant Librarian Assistant Head, Chemistry Library,
Indiana University Libraries » Bloomington, Indiana. Available:
December 1, 1977. Application Deadline: October 1, 1977. Salary:
Dependent on qualifications and experience.
Assistant Director for Public Services, University of Houston
Libraries — Houston, Texas. Salary; starting at $22,000.
Assistant Executive Secretary, Department of Library and Archives,
Frankfort, Kentucky. Salary: $8,hOO t $9.000.
Assistant Acquisitions Librarian/Serials and Orders, Center for
Research Libraries, Chicago, Illinois. Application Deadline:
October 31, 1977. Available: August 29, 1977. Salary: Base of
Affiliate or Assistant Librarian, Reference Services, Education
Library, Bloomington, Indiana. Application Deadline: October lh,
1977. Available: November 1, 1977. Salary: Dependent upon
qualifications and experience.
Newspaper Librarian, Librarian I, University of Missouri—Co1umbian,
Missouri. Available: present time. Application Deadline: December 1,
1977. Salary: 5}},000.