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I myton.‘ Karhucky‘
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service Organization
Vol. 16 No. 9
MI‘ Ky. Bear Fairness Scmmat‘: Dining Out
Altematlve Parenting for Life
, The third annual Mr .Ky. Bear
. ~ - _ 9
Contest Will be held at Crossmgs on Want to be a parent. Not sure The Third Annual Dining Out
Saturday Sept.8 at 10 pm. The where to begin? For heterosexual .

, , for Life event to benefit Moveable
first event IS a meet and greet the couples the mechanics are usually Feast of Lexington will be held
contestants on Friday the 7th at as simple as the birds and the .
c " Th 11 be d bee b tf LBGT‘ th ch " t ThurSday' sept 13‘ Many fine

rossmgs. . ere w' a ven or s, u or s e °'°e_ ° resturants and clubs have signed -
~ fair upstairs m the loft and a raffel to become a parent comes along wrth . . ..
b fit th K F . All' 'ta . be f t’ on so you Will have a wrde selec-
eneO Set yd airntelsts range. a :1 ggenng num r o ques Ions tion. They has generously agreed
n. a ur ay 5 a mg a , p.m. an concerns. to donate 20% of their evening rev—
there Will be a beer bust With free Should you adopt? Foster?

. . . . enues to Movable Feast. Get a
hamburgers and hotdogs on the lnsemmate? Whatwfll It cost? Wnat group of friends together and
Crossings patio. Vendors will be countries allow foreign adeption? choose from the list on page 5
open upstairs til 4 pm. What states allow gay adoptions? .

. Movable Feast delivers hot
. The contest starts at 10 p.m.. Do you have to foster first? CAN . .

, , _ - . , , meals to people With HIV/AIDS five
There Isa$5 cover. Major pnzes for you foster in Kentucky? Who Will days a week They alWays need
the raffel include a flat wall mount your dOnor be? Does the "turkey- ' .

_ .. , volunteers so give them a call at
stereo system With cd and cassette .baster method really work? And is 252-2867
player and asurround sound stereo it *really" true that if you use E. nts i f i . d
system. Tickets are $1 each or6 for Einstein's sperm, your child will be I estit Vix "A" ozgsgleb 141
$5.00. Anyone wanting information a genius? Enquiring minds want to S: , "r: t' :19 P by P . 1
call 621-4943 or e-mail Bobby know! And smart queer parents Hag/T 0259'; :h a: '29 am
@KYFARMBEAR@aol.com, should ask! M? Cl "3141' s” g“ ’ Pm
The Moomshine Bears of On Sunday, September 16th at Ms: “L th git t 8 2
Kentucky, a non—profit club for the new W.T. Young Library r. ex. ea er p see pg
bears and their admirers, was (Auditorium) on UK's Main
formed in August 1999 to provide Campus, Bluegrass. Fairness con- Sponsor of the Month
an opportunity to meet and enjoy tinues It's Educational Seminar
time together in a variety of envi- Series with "Alternative Parenting“. _
ronments and social situations. Our Suggested donation: .$10. The , I If ,.
bar nights are held at Crossings seminar will begin at1 pm to allow W/anéfij sleOl ,
every 2nd Saturday of the month for church-goers and late-sleeping .1
starting around 9 pm. heathens. alike! Watch your mail . fa)" 1'11, '
Come check it out. for more "mnfinued on page 2 ‘

 Fairness ..continued form page 1 Mr Lexington
GAY and 7 details or call Laurie at 2944521. Leather '.
2%.“; l E 5W Professionals in their field will
“EZWSEIZVICE speak on the subjects of artificial Hosted by the Lyons
“53‘ insemination, adoption. fostering, Leather/Levi Club. The Mr.
’ MANIZATWN surrogacy, custody, and co-adop— Lexington Leather Contest will be
Lex'flgl'm Karhidcy tion, as well as the “psychology“ of held on September 8 at the
being a queer parent - or the effect Limestone Club. 213 North
11.2. L 5 NEWS that has. or doesn't have, on your Limestone St. Doors open at8 pm
0 0 child. A panel of parents from with- and the mntest begins at 9. The
Vol. 16 No, 9 in our community will answer ques- guest emcee is nationally known
, tions about "what it was like for comedian Bernie Lubbers.
“”18th Monthly by them" and offer suggestions for There will be a full service bar.
published [[1011le by resources that may be useful to great door prizes and original .
~ - you. entertainment. Tickets are $8 in 1
me 119111191011 Ga! Lesman Related professionals and advance and $10 at the door. For
' ' ' organizations such as Lamaze. tickets contact Greggers at 233-
semce "mailman“ LaLeche, midwives, support 7438 or greggers@att.net.
_ 3218mm groups, accepting churches. and You are also invited to meet ;
~ more will all be available with litera- the contestants and judges on 1
m ture and to answer your questions Friday, September 7 atClub 141 at ‘
J h R' d ' in an adjacent reception hall. 9 pm. For more information,
Mary Crone o n I ner We've done the leg-work to get check out the website at httpl .
you started. Come find out what LyonsLeather.stcrmpages,com ‘
MW ' ' your options really are!
Terry Mulling, President 2 ‘-
Jerry Hicks, Vloe President GLSO News Subscribers: Last month the post
Cha'r‘lfleajinfigh‘; Egefsrurer ‘ office delivered newsletters late or not at a”. If you .
Ginger Moore, Secretary ctia’ not receive a newsletter we would be giant to f
Thelmas so?” extenct your subscription. Thanks for subscribing.
e e , .
Kellyng’Ferrell Ca” tlze office at 253-3233
John Ridner
Cary Sudduth
GLSll Annual Dues&llewslellen SEPTEMBER 17
Individual. $15 . .
Couple $20 Please Send Article: and New: Items To Both Editors:
- Mary: marrcrone@aol.eom
Opinions expressed in the GLSO News are John: ursa oooZ@aol.oorn
those of the authors and don't necessarily rep- . .
mmoseofmeGLso Board. Subnissions Ad: we know are coming can arrive by Sept 20.
are welcome and staff reserves the right to edit
submissions and advertisemenlsaswellasthe
right to reject submissions or advertisements. h _l_ THANKS _l_ IJ
E II_— __..JIEJ
GLSO Page 2

 {1’4 5:; rim: A!"
l ' r 1 ~ we 11} E ..
" lie : ’1 ' f “Y we? 131”” ' 1%
—- ag ~
Imperial Court .13“;
' the ' of KentucKL—J 77v§ ~1~

The lmperial Court of Kentucky will hold lnvestitures XX, T0 7V if? b
Aug. 29th 9 pm at Club 141. Come out as Empress XX Natalie MEI/0'6? m
Gaye and Emperor XX Christopher Rhorer give out titles for Reign , ,

XX. Then enjoy the Unity show with The Imperial Court of LMC has an exaung season ahead'
Cincinnati. "We are Family"... Mark You calendars now for the

The Court will be hosting "Wednesday Night Fever” on Sept Dee- 15th heliday Perfomanee "A
12. Showtime is 10 pm at Club 141. Bring out all of your friends Gala Holiday with Ann Haptom
and have a ball as we kick off September with Disco and Diva's. Callaway" and the June 8&1, 2002 '

‘ The ever popular Closet Ball Will be held October 3rd 9:30 pm show "LMC on Broadway."

at Club 141. This event IS named in honor and memory of Rehearsals begin Sept 9 at 5.30 at

Empress l of Ky Julie Vaughn. Contestants present themselves . _ ‘
in their born gender and then have 1 hour to transform into the St' M‘Chael's Ep‘scopal Chum",
opposite gender. Come out and have a blast! Application packets 2026 Bellefente Read. The chorus
will be available. Please see any member of the Board for further needs non-singing as well as singing
' information. members, so all are welcome-mo
' audition required. Rehearsals are
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 2 ..
. season includes two major concerts
S‘Stersaund dates. The chorus is a great place to

SisterSound welcomes all women to join us for our first meet new people and become
rehearsal on Sept 9 , from 6 to 8:15 at Landsdown Cumberland involved with the community.
Presbyterian Church, 333 Redding Rd. lfyou cannot make itthat The mission of the chorus is
Sunday, we will be rehearsing regularly on Sundays, join us any- . ,
time. Do not be afraid to give choral singing a try: we are a non- four-fold: muswal excellence m
audition chorus and many of our members do not read music. Woman“: fellOWShiP’ fOStefing
We just love to make music together. Pride Within the GLBT community

This will be our sixth season of music making. Our director and presenting a positive image of
for the second year is John Roark. In addition to singers, we the GLBTsto the general public.
have need for non-sin in auxilia members. . -

Our first concert wfil bge on Jariiliary 26; the theme is “Beat the For more mformauon comm
Winter Blues: The season promises to be a wonderful and excit- Mum“ at 253 4816 and 100k for
ing experience for all of us as Sister Sound continues to extend membership tables at The Bar-
its voice in the Lexington community.

GLSO Page 3

 V'vyV v V 'VVVVV;
V V V V fiocdegsyé
9 T0 3 AND ON snruanav moons. Fami|y Movies é __ g; 5
Discussion Group “5“" "'9'" 0‘" a“; « fr"

2 ' The Pride Center will hosta (Q; T"

The GLSO Discussion/Support Group meets every “Men's Night OUt' gay movie illghtThUFSdaYi 580t-
Wednesday night from 7-8:30 at the Pride Center (389 Waller 13 fit 7 Pm- The first meme '5 Broken Hearts -
Ave, Suite 100). The group provides a welcoming and safe Club - Just when you ve given up all hope,'a gay
place to express your feelings about living as a GLBT person St- Elmo S Flf e arrlves on the screenslt strives to 1
in Kentucky. The group respects our differences and seeks be great emertalnmentthat sutuates Itself some
to help each other by sharing our common experiences. It where between true reality and Sitcom contnvance
you need some time to be yourself, join us. For additional and succeeds wonderfully. We suggest that YOU-1
information all Jane at 859-276-0673(evenings). bring a dinner, or take out from any nearby restau-

. rant such as the Great Wall or Maxwells. Anyone
“Ag, ‘ ,', . interested in watching Queer as Folk some time at 5
"3;“ .“ " ' b ’1" Sr: d 1 . -,." the Pride Center? Join us for an evening of great ,
j‘ a“ 'I "‘1" 27 ,3“ "7' ,. in, ' ' entertainment. .
A- t“ “ I'V'éf'fi, V £1??? i V.- 0 o o
‘\‘ “ a an??? '75? ., ' ' Lesblan Mowe Nlaht
1 ,5. 8") s/LJ ,3 5 -. This month's selection for Lesbian Movie
, ' , ‘ , ,_ 7,7 , f i Q T!“ _Night is the romantic comedy, "Everything
‘ ”3’ } .1 ) g .f ; ‘51 Relative." Described as a lesbian ”Big Chill,‘ this
a '. . A I , tit 11’- <51¥ movie brings together a group of seven women
7' 7 (6 queer, 1 straight) who spent their college
, years together and now reunite revealing their
Written W01” d _ lives and loves.

Come readyou'r work 01' [isten t0 _ ' Come join the fun on Friday, September 14th
otflers read tfleirs at the Tricfe Center at 7pm at the Pride Center (389 Waller Avenue, ,
on Sum eveni Se t 2 at Surte 100) and bring a snack to share. Lesbian

' ‘ 771i: is 0 Zn t0 agg’eo-Z 3 7] _ - Movre Night IS held the second Friday of each

r. [[19 . J7; ,P . egg) month. For more information call the Pride

‘ a“ ; a ty}? es ofwrltlng‘ ' \\® ‘ ’ Center at 253-3233. ...more news page 13
am US. . ' I ’ 5 .
if“   , R'b-Wth
_ . . . am 0W a c er 5
I HumMmg Bird lnsrehts - Pet SitfinglExercising/Transportation
Balancing New age 8: Traditional Services - House/Farm Watching - Errand Running
Member of Pet Sitters International
' Tina Gale M6 Guidance 8: Counseling
' F325;? 5’}
' {K (859) 273-7202
I Phone 859-913—3620 e—mail: hummingbird@ptel.net iii Robyn Stockwell
1 5:24
'4' E. _J b http://www.petsit.com/memberslrainbowwatchers
GLSO Page 4

”\g@ f 33min?
' A
PLANS \\\ c? '
' , I 2:319;6
RIGHT 92:9
E $9 5 2991' Kc) Lb
NOW 19/
‘ I
- to patronize one of these ‘ Q
fine establishments ,
7~ \e Fez-‘2"- of Lexmgt
Thursday night, ° Benefit Movezb 0/,
September l3th.
14% Redfawmnf Malone’d
5. LI es ne St. Lansdowne Shoppes
410mb Gage 7/te Ill/mm
N. Limestone S Griffin Gate Marriott %‘
[s’e/Ja Node Mag
Nicholasville Rd. South S. Upper %
Edie an t/xe Pall/z 04cm’4
Rad son Plaza Hotel Lansdowne Shoppes
Cheaps de 8: ShoEt:ar & Gnll glino Rd.”
W P1412 600/.» 3/1070
N. Limesto e St. On Romany
deg/:42 Wm
Main & Broadway gMajn t.
' may - 04m ’3
\l'yT‘hlgifl 5 Bar & Gm" 5/.2Ashland Ave.
Midwa New Circle Rd. E.
l—Zfrtgdsabilfrg Rd. South \Zr‘sfies Rd.
anal/um Wat? Blue
It Gratz Park Inn South dway
. ‘ ‘ \2
. " c,“
Each has generously agreed to Q I\‘A,~”:I..
%> donate part of their proceeds to {gee-1““.‘5’3
Moveable Feast. Lexington.Thank you! Havana F233:
GLSO Page 5

 Kings Island ‘Pfide Night annual budget. it is a unique oppor—
tunity for the GLBT community to get
The fifth annual Lesbian and Gay together and party in a safe and w—
Pride Night at Paramount’s Kings affirming atmosphere,
Island will be Friday Sept. 21. The Parking lots open at 4 pm and
park will be closed to the general pub gates at 5 pm. Rides and entertain C
lic for this event. Thousands Of gay, ment go on until 11 pm. Tickets for .
lesbian. bisexual, transgender, and the event are $35.50 in advance or q.
supportive MEWS Wl" come together $39.50 the date of the event. THE ORIGINAL ONE DAY HI—TECH SIGN co.
for a night 0f fun, rides, f00d. live Tickets are now available online at Howard Stovall
entertainment and celebration. A" www.pkipridenight.com. For more Owner/General Manager
the big roller coasters and thrill rides information contact The Center at 332_Southlond Drive
- Lexmgton, KY 40503
WI" be open. SIB/5910200 or www.g|btcenter— (859)2601043
As part of the evening. there will cincinnati.com. (859) 260-2071 Fax
be live entertainment at two locations 1066 New Circle Rood
in the park. Headlining the production UK Lambda Lexington, KY40505
will be 80's superstar Shannon, per— UK Lambda’s first meeting for (859) 252-1200
forming her hits "Let The Music Play“ the fall semester Vlfi“ be Thursday, (859)252-13me
and "Give Me Tonight.” Other glbt sup- august} 30- W: Wé" {319:}: weekly ce":(859)321“3972
- - roug ecem er W: e exce . '
portiveperformers Will be featured. tion of Thanksgiving. Em“ Slgnsnowm
Pride Night IS organized by The . . . @SIgnsnow.00m
. . We Will probably be meeting In
Gay and Lesbian Community Center the student center. Check at infor-
of Cincinnati with the income making mation desk for room number.
up a large percent of The Center's
Matt Schuler, LMJ.
*Licensed Massage Therapist
*Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
*Associate Member American Massage Therapy Association
A Member of the GLBT Community Who Is Particularly Sensitive to the Needs of
Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Trangendered Persons
Office Appointments and House Calls
First Massage $40 With Mention Of This Ad (regularly $50)

 The Bar proudly presents
Thursday, Sept 27th, 2001
Miss Gay US of A At Large
1 Roxanne Cole “fiflfllfl'
7-8 Sheena Tfllsfllflllfillfs
, 14-15 Jamie Hunter 10PM
21-22 Lady Devane
224 east main street 0 lexington, kentucky
' must be 21 with valid id

. I Ky“? .
The Moonshine Bears of Kentucky
3’“I Annual
Mr. Kentucky Bear Contest
Saturday, September 8, 2001
Crossings /\

,i , van 117 N Limestone J .
ewe . Lexington KY sweetessrssz
Spemal Drawrngs throughout night & Hotdogs
Famous Stolie Jello Shooters 8 59_2 3 3_7 2 6 6

Contest begins at 10:00 pm.
Major Raffle at 12:30 am.
Surround Sound Stereo System
Flat Wall Mount Stereo System w/ CD & Cassette
(On Display at Crossings)
Special Drawings throughout the Friday & Saturday night
For Contestant info Contact KyFarmBear@aol.com
Or the Bartender @ Crossings
GLSO Page 8

 . . MW
GLSO lS grateful to all our contributors. ,
All new donations we raise this year will lanklng fur a @burtb that
be doubled through our grant from the
Gill Foundation. We only need to raise 7
about $1,000 more. These individuals £025 hfipflflb gttfiptafltt.
and groups have given recently or were
left out last month do to a computer .
glitch. anti has a great @arage §>ale ton?
Tom Collins U ' - U ° I' C h h
Steve ROSS (GSA Pamphlet) mtanan mversa Ist urc
' Steve Rosenburg ,2?" ”'13.
Jamie McDaniel (GSA Materials) ii I 3564
Sandra Simpson " i i“
W3 . l" Clays Ml“ Rd
Jane M1nder(office furniture) “EX ,1».- ,‘/
Judy Goldsmith 1
Gerald Hann and Allen Williams
Thomas Collins Garage Sale Septi 812
Steve Medley & Danny Uhl
Barbara Rainey NW
The Imperial Court of Ky. _ ,
If you have been receivmg
We particularly appreciate the effort a complementary COPY or
Tom Collins has made to organize fund if your mailing label is
raisers for us. Thanks to all the BINGO yellow. please cut and mail
volunteers too! this form today.
I New and renewmg subscriptions are needed for the GLSO News. I
I Your contribution will be doubled. l
IName Phone # I
lAdclress I
ICity, St, Zip I
l____ $15 Membership and newsletter Additional contribution I
: 320 Couple membership and newsletter 139""; :
I 3525 Two year membership and newsletter {at C . I
—— a??? ‘ i
I I would like the newsletter at this reduced rate ‘ 3‘5" ' I
I Mail to GLSONews PO Box 11471 Lex, Ky. 40575 ” l
GLSO page 9


Call Numbers In _

D' All News Articles and Ads G150 News 2001 Sponsors

irectory ._

TO Verify Place Of mUSt be placed by the 14th _ égg.

J. Mark Chambers, CPAOIOOOIOOIOOOOIOOZ66-8877 '3

Event . _ :

~-~ H“- —— —--———»—-——————————-————~~a-n—-—-«--————~—n~-~-—--—————“~———-——————~~ .-, ~r————————~ For all your Fmancral Needs ‘.

mun-womm , BluegrassFatm«es-«----------«---«------296-7812

1 1 Keeping our eyes on the Ky. Legislature '


, CLOSED FOR I Richardson Vision Center ..............278—4201 "


' i 1757 Alexandria Dr, Gardenside ?

92 3 4 5 6 7 8 ; '

l r . . i:

; 310:30 Faith MCC 7PM GSA 9PM Rainbow Bowling 7PM Sistahs 8PM Gay/Lesbian AA 9A-4P Pride Center l (“‘Ob‘le Ph°“C)-~-338'8483 Pam 5mm” Realm“ ?

i10145 UU Church 8PM AA Step Study 7PM Discussion Group Open , r,_ ; g:

I { 8PM Gay/LeSblan AA 9PM Mr Lex Leather Slstersound'0243i ls

‘ -, 8:30 Miss Club 141 10PM Mr. KY Bear i

‘ Pagent Diverse music for all women i

. I ’

1 Im erial court or [(611ka cocoa-00.0.252'3014 ‘

9 1o 11 12 13 14 15 I P y

610230 Faith MCC(Pets) 7P Imperial Court 7P GSA 7PM Discussion Group Evening- DINING OUT 8PM Gay Lesbian AA PRIDE CENTER A charity organization i:

i f10I45 UU Church 8PM AA Step Study 9PM Rainbow Bowling 8PM Gay/Lesbian AA FOR LIFE - Movable DEADLINE FOR ADS CLOSED TO THE i“

'12:15 Interweave 10PM Wed. Night Fever Feast AND NEWS PUBLIC ’ a. ,3

l 55:30 Lex. Men's Chorus 7PM Lesbian Movie ’ I The Bar CompICXOOOIOOOOOOOOOCOIOOOOOIIDOIDO.455-1551 E:

’ 5 6PM SisterSound Ni ht “Eve hing ,

; ; 6PM Dignity Rtglative” M 224 13' Mam E

9 316 17 18 1 9 20 21 22 ’ . Turner Counseling ..........................269-6497 3;

310:30 Faith MCC 7PM GSA 7PM Men's Night Out 7PM Discussion Group 7:M GLSO Board 5:30PM Gay Day at 9A-4P Pride Center if

F10245 UU Church 8PM AA Step Study Movie "BrokenHearts 8PM Gay/Lesbian AA Meeting Kings Island Open i 2216 Young Drive, Lexington

‘ 13P Classic Movie Night Club” . . 10PM Tiffany and Co. 8PM Gay/Lesbian AA 5 s

, :“All About Eve," 9PM Rainbow Bowling : Debra Hensley Insurance.............276-3244

‘5230 Lex. Men 5 Chorus I r

‘ 36PM S'S‘erswnd 1513 Nicolasville Rd.

:23 24 25 26 27 28 29 E W' d K II F 2994410 ‘

' 10:30 Faith MCC 7P Imperial Court 7PM GSA 7PM Sistahs 7PM C.O.L.T.S 8PM Gay/Lesbian AA ; m y "0 arm

g {10:45 UU Church 8PM AA Step Study 9PM Rainbow Bowling 7PM Discussion Group ; , _ . , _ _ E

! i5:3o Lex. Men’s Chorus 8PM Gay/Lesbian AA Riding Lessons, Trail Riding. Boarding a‘
! 56PM SisterSound ; .

‘ '6PM Dignity ‘ Lexmgton Men’s Chorus................231-0090 a

. l7PM Reading I

530 i Rehearsals start again in September ,.

l :10:30 Faith MCC : P%asus Travel .0...’u......."' i

; 110:45 UU Church 2 O O 1 j

[5:30 Lex. Men's Chorus . . ‘_

l ' ' ' i ’ " c136 men n

 2 Call The Creative Team 2 Call The Creative Team 2 Call The Creative Team 2 Call The Creative Team 2 Call The Creative Team 2
fl . . . l
E 3 ‘ i o .
.3 5i ’ '5. ® . . 2;. l
_; a .. W! Creative Realty 3
E; E Erna. WW 2808 PattimbO Drive #10? - Lexmgton. KY 40509 . :
E 3; 1" ~— _ 2350 Regency Roacifl - Lexington: KY 40503 ' i
a g "i .I ‘ (859) 422-2000 - (800-). 860-7468. S
I g Q ' VV‘JVW 5:’¢cl[l‘vCSl3:Ci'COl71 g ‘ ' DC
g =..... g on
E 3 Su
a 0 -
3 R"
a a m. The s ;
I ‘l ‘ ‘ . > I." : I J n
E »*- v ' e
.3 I Creative ;
a A?",‘ 4- E l?) I
3 —._..;.ra‘/ - T g M
E -, earn 2.
' 8 . ‘ ' § ‘_ fi.% 3 10
on ' 2; . I ‘
s .. . 1- _' j 9 Fr.
.2 _~ '- k _ ; mt
‘ z» e
5 E
o 2' a
5 Dan Rogers (859) 294-3812 Teresa Wagoner (859) 293-7058 ;. 1e:
3 darogers.com teresawagoner@remax.net 3 co.
I I .
E o S
E E? Su
g Not sure about the details of buying a home? What will my payment be? “3; at
3 Would I qualify for a loan? Want to sell, but perplexed with transition obstacles? g inf
I H ani
§ The Creative Team and REMAX Creative Realty will work for you, representing ,3 ofi
E your best interests with a professional, conscientious, and thorough approach to g on
g your real estate need. g m
? . . . . 5 rm
3 Call for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your needs. g I]
9 Call The Creative Team I Call The Creative Team i Call The Creative Team 3 Call The Creative Team ‘3 Call The Creative Team 3 I 0f
GLSO Page 12

 mu 6!! 8qu I
g}; i; Fag? E" rig—3,!" added to a warm feeling. It OUTREACH ‘
Sunday, Sept. the 9th, we will meet at coordinates with the new paint During the month of August we f
Don's for Mass. Afler mass, most go splashed on the walls last spring. The have sent out almost 200 cepies of .51
out to dinner at a local restaraunt. On church looks forward to offering a the newsletter to 54 counties. We ‘
Sunday, Sept. 23rd, we will meet at free Christian music concert on sent them to all public health :
Richard's for fellowship and a potluck. Sunday, October 7 at 10:30 am. This departments, tertiary schools,
Faith MCC Offers Will be a full concert With 1 V2 hours mental health clinics and public 1?
Pet Blessing and of music by Marcus Young. And it’s libraries. We hope to establish a 2
Begins Sunday time again for the annual Native source of information in public ,
Vespers American Christian worship service facilities for GLBT individuals in

Faith MCC, formerly Lexington's on Sunday, October 14. Worship these counties. The counties [2
MCC, invites everyone to a Pet service is held every Sunday morning include: Anderson, Bath, Bell, ’
Blessing, Sunday, September 9, at at l0230 am. at 145 Burt Road, Suite Bourbon, Boyd, Boyle, Breathitt, .
10:30-am. Every pet Will receive a St. 7, in Lexmgton's Zandale. Beginning Carter, Casey, Clark, Clay, Elliott, ;
Francrs medal and blessmg. The entire Sunday, September 9, at 6:00 pm.
. . . . Estill, Fayette, Fleming, Floyd, 5::
mormng wrll focus on our dear, fimy also! For more information, please 2;;
friends (and some not so furry). Bring call (859) LEX-FMCC. Franklin, Garrard, Greenup,
a photo or bring your little friends on a fl ,. s . Harlan, Harrison, Jackson,
leash or in a carrier. So, come one, Z“ lessimine, Johnson, Knott, Knox,
come all. I [A " VJ" Laurel, Lawrence, Lee, Leslie,
September also marks the beginning gm; Letcher, Lewis, Lincoln, Madison, 3,
of an additional service time at MCC. On Saturday Sept. 1, the Unitarian Magoffin, Martin, McCreary,
Sunday evenings, at 6:00 p.m., will be Church will have a huge garage sale. Mercer, Montgomery, Morgan, .
a time to gather and experience a more Come at 8 to get the early bargains or Nicholas, Owsley, Perry, Pike, ,
informal time of Bible study, sharing, later in the day when prices drop. Powell, Pulaski, Rockcastle,
and caring. Communion will be There are always some great deals. Rowan, Russell, 390“, Wayne,
offered. This additional service begins Sunday is bag day, everything you Whitley, Wolfe 311d WOOdfOYd- If
on Sunday, September 9. The first can fit into a bag for $1. your county is “Ct represented
in-depth biblical study will focus on Interweave will be sharing second here, and you feel it would benefit
love. Sunday potluck lunch on Sept 9. We from a COPY 0f the GLSO News in 2
In August, MCC received a donation will be eating at about 12:15 after the PUbHC facilities, please contact the
of $600 in new carpet that has really church service. office at 253-3233
‘ ...oontinued on next page Z

 Tiffany 8 do, become a mode of expression for evening will include a Cherokee
Tiffany and Co. invite you to many young people including LBGT Frybread Dinner and a
Crossings Wednesday, Sept 19 for youth. One national winner this Coffeehouse open to the public.
their monthly benefit show. year read a poem entitled “That’s Among the folks performing will be
Proceeds will go to Solomon the type of Dyke I am." Come see Reel World String Band and
House. Cover is $3, show starts at what the next generation is up to. Angelyn DeBord.
10 pm. Entertainers for the evening The cost for the entire retreat is
Include Roxanne Cole, Mescha, lronweed festival $60 which includes room and board
Lady Marmalade, Miss Sheena, The Appalachian Women's for Friday through Sunday, $30 for
Rayna Starr, and Randi Layne. Alliance will hold its fifth annual Saturday through Sunday, and $20
Come enjoy a great show! lronweed Festival, September 7-9, for Saturday evening's dinner and
at the Hazel Green Academy for Coffeehouse only. Registration
Poetic License Lifelong Learning in Hazel Green, forms are available for the retreat
On Saturday, Sept 15’ the Kentucky. The Festival celebrates through the Appalachian
Humanitafium and Diversity films the artistic talent, regional Ieader— Women's Alliance (540) 745-
will show Poetic License'afilm fea_ ship, and courageous lives of 5345matawa@swva.net. No pre-
turing teens poets panicipafing in a Appalachian women through registration is required for the din-
national poetry Slam. This KET music. storytelling, poetry, dance, ner and coffee house.
documentary will be at the Central and visual arts “Powerful women cha||en9n
Library Theater at 7:15 and will be This years festival is a retreat ing, honest, and beautiful songs
fonowed by Iexington youth reading featuring a collaborative experience and poems...Laughter and tears in
their work. for artists, activists, and women equal measure don't miss the
Public poetry performance has concerned about the issues facing next lronweed Festival." - Candie
women in Appalachia. Saturday Carawan,
a Real Estate Servrce With
i251???“ ~52 ‘ ' REALTORS .
5 ff j 3” Serving Lexington
“- ‘ * NTEGRITY & All of Central Kentucky
Scott Ackerman
Mobile: 859-338-8483 1;) EDICATION
Voice Mail: 859—294-2055 :8.”
Office: 859-269-7331 ,3.
E-Mail: SAcker4224@aol.com m NTHUSIASM [E 1W:WI
, Call me with all your Real Estate needs
, W“


‘ ‘ ’IVC‘TOV
MR. Lie): 1 x i
“ 'l‘lll‘lt

_ i"

_ ”LA 2.

; t 5/9“. ‘1‘,Vrltlw gs r11

. 5"»? ' L: i

’ "£41.." ‘ » l l L k E

. A st September 8th
L t _ at the :
f5} Limestone Club
213 North Limestone Street

Guest emcee - nationally known comedian t
Bernie Lubbers

Doors open at 8:00, contest at 9:00
Victory Dungeon Party after the contest

Full Service Bar - Great Door Prizes - Original Entertainment ,
Tickets - $8.00 in advance, $10.00 at the door

For tickets or info, contact greggers@att.net or (859)233-7438 3%
Charitable proceeds to benefit the National Leather Archives and Museum E?
Hosted by the Lyons LeatherzLevi Club

Host Hotel: Hyatt Regency - Ask for l'Mr. Lexington Leather 2002' 3‘
Preliminary for Mr. Tri-State Leather Nov. 16-18 in Cincinnati "
Website: http:/LyonsLeather.stormpages.com/ - g;

Meet the contestants and judges Friday, Sept. 7th at Club 141, 9pm

 ’___’ Rainbow Bowling ing approval at the organizational meeting. There is also
if?” . . a onceayear sanction fee that must be paid to bowl on

(yfi’g‘zg it's that time of the. year again, the league.

Lexington's Rainbow BOthlg League '5 The league hopes that the earlier time slot and the
preparing for its winter season. The Rainbow League is a lower cost will allow more people to come out and bowl.
gay/lesbian league that was started by members 0“ die The league currently bowls with teams of three and three
GLSO in the mideighties and is one Of the hundreds 0f people can join as a team.. lfyou want to bowl and do not .
gay/lesbian bowling leagues that belong to the lntemational have a team, we will put people together to make fun
Gay Bowling Organization. his a recreational league that is teams. We also occasionally need susbstitues when a
handicapped so everyone plays on an equal basis. team member is unable to be present.

There will be a meeting at Joyland Bowl on Tuesday, The league will begin bowling Tues., Sept 11 at
Sept 4. at 7:45 pm. to finalize arrangements for the win 7:45pm (bowling usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hrs). There will be
ter season. if you’re looking for a place to socialize out- 14 weeks of bowling, a three week break for
side the bars, this is your chance to make new friends and Christmas /New Years, 14 more weeks of bowling, a season
have 3 '0t 0f fun. rolioff, and finally an awards banquet.

The league will be undergoing a facelift this year. The schedule has been adjusted so that college stus
First, the league is moving to Joyland BOW' Off Paris Pike dents will be able to bowl in the league without missing
on Rogers Rd; the move was necessary due to scheduling matches at the beginning or end of the season. .,, v.
conflicts with Southland Lanes. We will also be bowling If you have questions please contact Shawn at 6?
earlier this year since Joyland was able to facilitate this 351.4550 (day and evening) or 859-842-4481
request. . (night) / igbosmf@earthlink.net or Steve at

In addition, the cost of bowling will be reduced. The 276-3058 jexrainbow@aol_com_
weekly bowling fee is tentatively set at $9 per week, pend

. . . Willslllnu Chan
. The National Women's Music Festival
Rainbow League ofiwague was an absolute gas!! We were thrilled, tick-
(v n z / led, overwhelmed, awed, amazed, excited,
New season Q? // touched, and moved beyond belief by the
experience. We thank all of that were in the
mmm_ Kentucky audience and gave us such z; wonderful recep-
. tion. We are still riding high omit.
Organizalonal [Heating fol/o”, We enjoyed working with Jamie Anderson who
Tuesday Sept 4th F ed by . . . . .
. ”5 gave us a great introduction. Jamle is getting
7-30 pm @ 80W 5 ready to work on a new CD and we are hon-
Joyland Lanes ””9! ored to be putting down some tracks for her.
\. , l / / Look for it sometime later this year.
\ \ \,\¢/ ’ /¢VZZ We are about to go for our third printing
. ‘ 8 a) / (in one year!) for '"l'he Ghost of Will Harbut"
. ' , / and will begin work this fall on the new record.
FonMore lnfo' " '. fly We can't wait to get started. Thank you to all
Call. 276-3058 / ' \ Lexin tonians for kee in it ' U h-
or e-mail: e 6/ k \ \ g p 9 90mg 8 osep
LexRainbow@aol.com Beth" . . . '
Rainbow League Regular season The Camegle Center, songwntlng class-
W'W' es begin in September and on Sept 5 we will
begins Sept. 1 I . . . . .
I G B. bowling @ 8:00 pm be playing at Lynagh s MUSIC Emporium With
wwww .w- ..———= Mother Jane, 9 pm

 mmmwm nresents l

- ”7 f ' .. .
' . ‘2 I WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 266.1 ' - l l

_ CLUB 141, DooR @ 8:30 PM; SHow @ 9:30 PM; $5 DONATION .- ' l

- . » . <2 ,. » it?

' OUT!" , _ .. .

, 2 _ ’ Detober 3‘, 2001 .,

: - . CLUBI‘H ~ * l:

. ‘ ' . DOOI’@83OPm l2:

~ ' . 2 f‘Mflesflm309m

. , w ,, ‘ i$smén~mwow l
Applmaizmfis Avaslfableeagmglflgb441 , ~ 2,:
GLSO Page 17 L

 Lexington ’5 Premier Alternative Dance/Show Club

OPEN 8:30 PM to1:00 AM TUES. - SAT.


DJ GHEGOR . Revolving Show Cast i

- ' And Friends 10:30 a 11:30

. - Miss Club 141 Pageant - .

. »