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     Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the-Board
of Trustees, University of Kentucky, March 23, 1945.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Universi-_
ty of Kentucky met in the President's Office at 10:30 a.m., Friday,
March 23, 1945.   The following members were present:   Judge Richard
C. Stoll H. D. Palmore, J. C. Everett, R. P. Hobson, and H. S. Cleve-
land,   Comptroller Frank D. Peterson  Secretary was present, and,
in the absence of President Donovan, bean L. M. Chamberlain met with
the Committee.

    A. Approval of Minutes.

    The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of Febru-
ary 17, 1945, were approved as published.

    B. Report of the Comptroller.

    The Comptroller.read the following statement to the Committee:

                                        March 13, 1945

    President H. L. Donovan
    University of Kentucky

    My dear President Donovan:

          I submit, hereto attached, the financial report for
    the University for the period ended February 28, 1945.

         The report shows realized income and expenditures for
    eight months of the current fiscal year, and reveals that
    collections are current on a comparative basis; expenditures
    are slightly accelerated on a comparative basis with last
    year, due primarily to increased appropriations.   If com-
    pared on a percentage basis, the percentages on the two
    periods are about current.

          I submit below a comparative statement of current (gen-
    eral) Income and expenditures for the periods of July 1st
    to February 28, 1945.


Comparative Statement
Expenditures, for the

of Current (General) Income and
Periods from July 1 to February




Colleg-e Division
Educational & Genera].
  State Appropriations
  Federal Funds
  Student Fees
  Endowment Income
  Sales & Services
    Total Ed. & General
  Aux.Enterprises & Activs.
  Total Colleze Division

Agr.Experiment btation
    tate Appropriations
  Federal Funds
  Sales & Services
  Total Agr.Exper.Sta.

Agr.Extension Division
  State Appropriations
  Federal Funds
  Total Agr.Exten.Div.


$ 874,994.42
$1, 135,955.06

$ 880,488.73
    97, 382.59
   115. 567.52

1,250 304.41  1 265, 738.33

$  98,622.00 $ 101,557.75
  128, 649.99   128, 649.99
  223.396.75    233,745.58
4 450,668.74 5 463,953.32

$ 116,250.00 5 127,875.00
  663,369.49    663 369.49
? 779,619.49 5   791,244.49

$2,4801592.64 ,2 520,936.14

$ 5,494.31

1 561 44*
  1. 218.17
W15 ,433.92

$ 2,935.75

10, 348. 83
$13. 284.58

$11 9625.00

$11. 625.00

$40. 343.50

Expenditures, including Outstandini^ Encumbrances:
Collepe Division
   admln.8& General Expense
   General Admin.Offices    $   51,064.09 $  57,566.67
   Student Welfare              18,929.59     20,799.72
   Public Rel. & Gen. Exp.      20.253.07     21,605.25
      Total Admin. & G-en.Exp.i5  90246.7,5 $  99 971.64

$ 6,502.58
  1 352.18
.4 9,724.89

College of arts & Sci,
College of Engineering
College of Commerce
College of Agr. & Home
College of Law
College of Education
Graduate School
   Total Instruction
Activities Related to
   Ins truction


$ 298,628.02
c.  61,661.30
    15, 988.08
$ 594,119.02

32 537.32
15, 636.98
97, 236.21

63.117.61 -6996171

$28 217.28*
$30 924.07*



, W



Instruction (continued)
   Total Instruction &
       Rel .Act.
   Operation & Maint.of
       Phys .Plant
   Auxiliary Enterprises
     Total College Div.

Arg.Experiment Station
   Hatch Fund
   Adams Fund
   Purnell Fund
   Bankhead-Jones Funds
      Total Federal Fuins
    State Revolving Funds
    State Appropriations
      Total State Funds
      Tot .Agr.Exper. Sta.

$  67,236.63

$ 136.601.39
S 71.481.69
j$ 955,566646

$   9,593.08
    35, 76101
    53 484.81

$ 148 247.24
$  854,090*85
$ 233, 338.09
8; 34 L, 91 6.86

$ 633,156.66 $ 24,079.97*

$  175.599.59 .. 38s9,20
   87.859697.   7837828
8  98.878       32,021.40

$   9,270.68 $
5 114 659047?
^ 165,532.65 ;
$  83. 297,36
23,83o01  '.
$ 363,489'48 _

  89, 80*
6, 080.70
17, 285.41
21. 572.62

Agr.Exten. Division
    Smith-ljever. Bankhead-
    Jones Fund           $
    Capper--Ketcham Fund
        Tot al Feteral Fundlsr
   State Appropriations
     Total Agr.Exten.Div. $

     TOTAL CHARGES        $1

2 4,102,7 32
54i -X7,197, 88

,841, 631 .20

$  354.873.88 $ 52,833,72*
    717,s 3i37.96
39s,261,84 7552,833.72*
   l45 2 073 35  45.971.03
$ 5333v19 6     6,862969*

$1 _8_8_41_2e53 $ 46,731.33

Excess of Income Realized
  over Charges

$ 638,911.44

623 5 61 61   38783*

     It is evident that the estimated income for the current fiscal
year will be exceeded, and there is a strong possibility that several
budget appropriations will be underspent, which will result in an un-
determined free balance June 30, 1945.

                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                      (Signed) Frank D. Peterson

     Members of the Committee examined the report in detail, discussed
same with the Comptroller, and took the following action:


H             . .



                           *** * ** * ** *

              1. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                 the report of the Comptroller is ordered re-
                 ceived and filed.

     C! Agreement with T. V. AO and State Universities in Tennessee
Valley Region.

     Dean Chamberlain presented Memorandum of Agreement with the
Tennessee Valley Authority and seven southern state universities which
provides that these southern state universities will collaborate and
give fincncial support, with the Tennessee Valley Authority, to prose-
cute an investigation of the relationship between government and
natural resources in the states served by the specified state uni-
versities. The agreement is to serve to implement the investigation,
to which the General Education Board has authorized the contribution
of M25,000.

     The Committee discussed the proposed agreement, read various
sections of same, and took the following action:

                           * ** * * ** ** *

              2. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carrieds
                 the Agreement is approved and authorized
                 executed-on behalf of the University of Ken-
                 tucky, and a copy of same is ordered filed
                 with the Secretary of the Board.

                           * * * * * * * * * *

    D. Fees for Veterans of 'World War II.

    Dean Chamberlain presented an opinion of Attorney General Dummit
relative to granting of educational fees and room rent to discharged
veterans of the United States Armed Forces, and explained that there
are seven ex-service men holding honorable discharge papers request-
ing entrance to the University, in accordance with Section 164.480
Ky.R.S.   He further stated that, pursuant to Board authorizations
the Men's Dormitory, not now inuse by the army, was filled with fresh-
man boys, and if the University were to house such veterans, it would
be necessary either to remove the freshman boys from the dormitory
or to provide money rent with which rooms outside of the residence
hall might be acquired.

     The Committee read the opinion of the Attorney General, discussed
the question at issue, and took the following action:



              3. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                 it is decided that, since there is before
                 the Attorney General a request for an in-
                 terpretation of Section 164.480 Ky.R.S., the
                 Executive Committee desires to refer' to the
                 Board of Trustees (which meets April 3, 1945)
                 the question at issue.

     E. Attorney Fee of Hon. Samuel Li. Wilson.

     Dean Chamberlain presented a statement from Mr. Samuel M. Wilson
for fee. in connection with the Eubank case, which has been before the
Court for about two years6

     The Committee discussed the case, recalling that the employment
was made with the approval of the Governor and the Attorney General,
at the time the suit was brought, to assist the Attorney General.
(This was referred to by the President at the meeting of January 12,

              4. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                 the Comptroller is authorized to pay the
                 attorney fee as submitted from the Haggin
                           * * * *n.* * * * * *

     F. R, P. Hobson Ajpointed Temporary Chairman.

     Judge Stoll explained to the members of the Committee that it was
approximately 11:40 and that it would be necessary for him to withdraw
from the meeting.  Members of the Commlttee expressed to Judge Stoll
their delight that he was again able to attend the mreetings of the
Executive Committee, and wished him continuing improvement, and upon
motion, duly made, seconded and carried, appointed R. P. Hobson
temporary chairman to preside during the remaining session of the meet-

     G. Cooperative Agreement, Aicultural Extension Service--Farm
Labor Program

     Dean Chamberlain submitted the following letter and agreement
with the 'WVar Food Administration:



                                  February 20, 1945

President H. L. Donovan
University of Kentucky

Dear President Donovan:

Enclosed is copy of a proposed cooperative agreement
covering interstate phases of the farm labor program.
This agreement is similar to the Section 3 agreement
which was entered into with the War Food Administrator in
1944 and which you signed. I recommend that the agreement
be approved and that I be given authorization to sign as
director of extension. You will note that your signature
is also desired. After you have signed, please return
copies to me,

                                  Sincerely yours,

                          (Signed) Thomas Cooper
                                   Dean and Director


                     Interstate Workers


                     (STATE OF

     THIS AGREEMENT, made this              day of
1945, between the War Food Administrator, U. S. Department
of Agriculture, hereinafter called the "Administrator," and..
the Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service of
         , hereinafter called the "Extension Service,


     WHEREAS, the Administrator and the Extension Service
desire to assist in providing an adequate supply and distri-
bution of workers for the production and harvesting of agri-
cultural commodities essential to the prosecution of the war,
pursuant to Section 3 of the Farm Labor Supply Appropriation
Act, 1944 (Public Law 229, 78th Congress, 2d Session), as
supplemented, hereinafter called the "Act":

     NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the undertakings set
forth below,



    1. The Administrator agrees:

    To allocate funds to the State of           , herein-
after called the "State", in such amounts and at such times
prior to December 31, 1945, as he may deem necessary, for
expenditure by the Extension Service in accordance with
Section 3 of the Act and this agreement, and to assist and
cooperate generally with the Extension Service in the
formulation and conduct ofthe part of the program to be
financed with the funds so allocated.

     2. The Extension Service agrees:

        a. To accept and administer the funds so allocated
in accordance with Section 3 of the Act and this agreement,
subject to the supervision of the Administrators

        b. To use the allocated funds only for furnishing
the services or functions set forth in the Schedule contained
in paragraph 5 of this agreement and to combine with and ac-
count for as allocated funds any receipts derived from any
feeding and housing operations conducted under this agree-

        c. To return to the Administrator all such funds
not obligated by December 31, 1945, unless the Administrator
otherwise directs; unless otherwise directed by the Adminis-
trator, to return to the Administrator all unexpended
property acquired with the funds or, if the Extension Ser-
vice so elects, the value thereof as determined by the Ad-
ministrator after consideration of estimates subaitted to
him by the Extension Service, when such property is no
longer needed in the administration of the program undertaken
with the funds; to restore any misapplied funds; and, in the
event the Administrator determines that the program is not
being carried out in accordance with approved plans and
procedures and his supervisory instructions and regulations,
forthwith, upon notice, to return to the Administrritor any
unobligated balances of allocated funds or unexpended prop-
erty acquired with allocated funds.

        d. To keep such accounts and records and make such
reports concerning the use of the funds and work under way
and accomplished as the Administrator may require.

     3. The Administrator and the Extension Service mutually

        a. That the plans and procedures for the administra-
tion of the program to be financed with the funds allocated
pursuant hereto to the State shall be formulated by the
Extension Service and shall be subject to prior approval by
the Administrator.



         b. That, in ca7rrying out approved plains and pro-
codures, the Extension Sorvicc shall be governed by such
inistructions aind reciluations with respect to the expenditures
of funds as ma~y be issued by the Administrator frDm time to

         c. That the program shall be coordinated with agri-
cultural labor programs in other States and with the nation-
al agricultlural labor program, and shall be carried out to
the extent practicable in cooperation with interested State
and Federal tagencies.

         d. That all rights and obligantions of the Adminis-
trator herein may be exercised and performed by anid through
duly authorized representatives of the Administrator.

         e. That the Administrat-or may from time to time
reauest the EXtension Service to perform functions and
services in connection with interstate labor not herein spe-
c if ically e-numerated and to the exte'nt that the Extension
Service ag.rees to and -Pc-rforms such functions and services
the funds allocated pursuant to this agreement will be used
to meet the expenses incurred.   Actual performance by the
Extension Service of any such function or 3ervice requested
by the o dministrator will constitute agreement by the Exten-
sion Service to the requost.

     4. No Member of or Dele.7&te to Congress, or Resident
Comrmissioner, shall be ad.mitGed to any share or part of
this agreement or to any benefit that may arise therefrom.

     5. Schedule

        A. Services and functions to be performed by the
Extension Service with respect to domestic interstate .agri-
cultural workers and their families transported with them,
a re:

           1. '.!hen upon request of the Administrator.
workers. are to be recruited in the State for employment
in another State:

               a. Recruitment of workers, including physical
                   examination and execution of work agree-

                ,. Transportation to and from place of resi-
                   dence and as:eimbly point and subsistence,
                   protection, shelter, health, medical and
                   burial service during such transportation,
                   before leaving assembly point, and after
                   returning thereto.

                ce Ful.rnishinzv of a re oiesentative to accompany
                   workers to point of emplorment and in area
                   of employment until wrorkers are adjusted.



           2i Mhen, upon request of the Administrator,
              workers are to be recruited in another State,
annd when it is mutually desired by the Extension Services
involved, the Extension Service of the State where the
workers are to be employed may perform any or all of the
services and functions listed under G11tto

           3, Upon receipt of approved certification, and
in accordance with arrangements  if any. for equipment and
facilities made by the Director of Labor with the American
Association of Railroads:

              a. Transportation to and from such assembly
                 point in the State of recruitment and
                 primary destination point in the State of

              b. Subsistence, shelter, health, and medical
                 and burial services while enroute.

           4. When upon approved certification, workers are
transported from outside the Statea for ermployment in the
State, after arrival at primary destina-tion point:

              a. Training and suparvislone

              b. Protection. subsistence, feeding, shelter,
                 health:, medical and burial services, except
                 wh'aore workers are housed in labor supply
                 centers operated by the Office of Labor.

              c. Transportation to and from primary destination
                 point and locality of employment.

              d. Execution of Work Agreements and Employment

              e. Except in the case of bona fide members of
                 Victory Farm Volunteers and Women's Land Army,
                 (1) Maintain records which reflect the employ-
                 ment or unemployment status of each worker
                 each day during the period covered by his
                 work agreement. (2)Obtain from employers'
                 pay rolls on forms prescribed by the Admin-
                 istrator information which reflects the
                 employment or unemployment status of each
                 worker each day during the period of the
                 employers' employment agreements. (3)Calcu-
                 lato and pay, subject to the terms of Work
                 Agreements, all sums due workers by reason
                 of failure to provide the minimum employment
                 guaranteed by the work agreement. (4) De-
                 termine the liability of employers by reason
                 of their failure to furnish the minimum
                 employment guaranteed by the employment
                 agreement and collect from employers any sums
                 found to be due on such account.



             B. Further health and medical services to be performed
      by the Ext._nsion Service, are:

                1. For agricultural workers and their families housed
      in labor supply centers operated as a part of the program un-
      der the Act, except labor supply centers operated by the Of-
      fice of Labor.

                2. For migratory agricultural workers and their t-
      ilies who, without recruitment or assistance of any Government
      agency, have entered the area served by a labor supply center
      operated as a Hart of the program under the Act, except labor
      supply centers operated by the Office of Labor, and are engaged
      in agricultural work in such area, and to whom adequate health
      and medical services are not otherwise available.

           IN WITNESS 'VHEPEOF, the parties have executed this agree-
      mentt as of the date first above written.

                              WAR FOOD ADIIIINISTRTOR

                    (S. ianed) By M. L. 'vilson
                                  Director of Extension Work

                              COOPERATIVE AGRICULTJUAL EXTENSION
                                 SERVICE  of

                    (Signed)  By H. L. Donovan
                                 President (or other appropriate

                                  State Director of Extension.

              5. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                 the Agreement is approved and same is authorized
                 execut ed.
                           * * * * * * * * * *

     H. Investment of Peabody and Student Loan Funds.

     rDean Chamberlain presented the following letter from the Comptrol-
ler, giving Information concerning the investment of Peabody and Stu-
dent Loan Funds, which was received and ordered made a part of the



                                             March 5, 1945

          President H. L. Donovan
          Universit*y of Kentucky

          My dear President Donovan:

               This is to advise that I have, pursuant to
          the authority of the Board of Trustees, invested
          $40,000.00 of the Peabody Fund, in the following
          U. S.Sqvings Bonds, Series a, under date of Febru-
          ary 1, 1945:

                  1 $10,000.00       X 509132 G
                  1  p10,000.00      X 5C9133 G
                  1 110,000.00       X 509134 G
                  1  $10,000.00     X 509135 G

               Also pursuant to Board authority, I have invested
          $20,000.00 of the Student Loan Fund in Series G Bonds,
          dated February 1, 1945, as follows:

                  1  Sl0,000.00      X 509139 G
                  1 $10,000.00       X 509140 a.

               These bonds yield 2.5  if held to maturity, twelve
          years from issue date.   Interest is payable immediately.

                                          Very truly yours,

                                      (Signed) Frank D. Peterson

     I. Report on Contract and Release Agreement with Mawen M:otor

     Dean Chamberlain presented the following letter, which was re-
ceived by the Comnnittee and ordered placed in the minutes.

                                          March 7, 1945

     President H. L. Donovan
     University of Kentucky

     My dear President Donovan:

               In November 1944, the Executive Committee of the
     Board of Trustees entered into a contract and release agree-
     ment with the lMlawen Miotor Corporation whereby the University
     agreed to purchase, and the hawen Motor Corporation agreed
     to sell materials and equipment owned by the Mawen Motor
     Corporation and at that time located in the Aeronautical


    Research Laboratory of the University of Kentucky.    Dhe
    Contract and Release Agreement was approved by the Attorney-
    G-eneral of Kentucky and signed by you as President of the
    University of Kentucky and forwarded to the officials of
    the Mawen Motbr Corporation for the signature of the pres-
    ident of that corporation.

                This Contract and. Release Areement has been
    properly executed by the president of the Mawen Motor
    Corrooration as of March 1, 1945, and is now of record in
    this office.   We have taken the necessary steps towards
    completing the purchase agreement for materials and equip-
    ment in the Aeronautical Research Laboratory.

                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                   (Signed) Frank D. Peterson

    J. Request of Student Loan Fund Committee.

    Dean Chamberlain presented request of Student Loan Fund Commit-
tee concerning the investment of receipts, and establishing the
permanent Student Loan Fund at 50,000o.

                                       February 27, 1945

     President H. L.Donovan
     University of Kentucky

     Dear Presifsdent Donovan:

          The Student Loan Fund Committee met in this office
     for a full hour yesterday.   The committee members are MXers.
     Holmes, Dr. R. S. tJllcn, Mr . Kilmer Combs, Miss Lucy Meyer,
     ivisa Jane Oldham, myself.

          We had no applications for loans but we explained
     to the committee the condition of the loan fund and its
     plan of operation.

          The committee decided to request you to increase the
     permanent fund to $F.OO000 by transfer of funds from the
     temporary fund.   They also request you to invest lOOOO
     of the cash now uninvested.

          The attached statement from the Comptroller's Office
     shows that on January 31 there was only Ql90 outstanding
     in notes receivable.   By April 1, we expect this to be
     reduced still further.   For the last two years collections
     have been good and the demand for loans has been small.




     I can not see any considerable demand for loons before Sep-
     tembber 1946, and the deomuad may not be normal for two years
     after that.

          During this lull we want to build up the loan fund all
     we can.   If we could bring the permanent or Endowment fund
     to $100,000 that would be a pretty good operating basis.

     The Committee discussed the investment of $10,000 of Student
Lo an Fund money, and after being advised that this amount had already
been invested, discussed the request to mt.zke the permanent Student
Lonln Fund $50,000, instead of 541,312.27, as is now shown by the
records6             (S-igned) T.T.Jones, Chr.Student Loan Fund Com.

     The Committee took the following action:

                          * * * * * * * * * *

             6. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                thie sum of i8,j687.73 is ordered transferred
                from tempornry funds to the permanent Student
                Loan Fund.   The Committee reserves the right
                to transfer this amount from the permanent
                Student Loan Fund if and when it deems it ad-
                visable for the good of the University and the
                Student Loan Fund program.
                          * ** ** ** ** *

     K. Gifts.

     Dean Chamberlain presented the following correspondence regard-
ing gifts:

     a. General Education Board.

                      GENERAL EDUCATION BOARD

                                              February 26, 1945

     My dear President Donovan:

                    I am pleased to inform you that the General
     Education Board has made available to the University of
     Kentucky the umn of ':2,O00, or as nucch thereof as may be
     necessary, toward a wiorkshop on resource-use education,
     mainly for schiolarships for teachers representing public
     schools and teacher education institutions, during the
     summer of 1945.



              The grant was authorized pursuant to Dean
Taylor's request of January 4th, which doubtless had your
approval, and is for use substantially in accord with the
purposes outlined.

              Please advise us when the workshop will be
held and indicate when payment of the grant is desired.
Outr Comptroller will require a statement of expenditures
shortly after the close of the workshop.   The termination
date of the grant is December 31, 1945, and any part re-
maining unused on that date will revert to the Board.
              The grant was made subject to any regulation
which the Office of Defense Transportation may require.
                                 Sincerely yours,

                           (Signed) W. W. Brierley
President H. L. Donovan
University of Kentucky
Lexinrton 29, Kentucky.

b. 0. T. Dunn, Class of 1902.

                              Winnebagc Illinois March Sth.1945.

Dr. H. L. Donovr-;n, President
     University of Kentucky
          Lexington Kentucky.

Dear Sir:-

          Wish to ask if the University Librarian or the
Dean of the College of Engineering would be interested in
receiving the following technical books, suitable i consider,
to be included in a Reference Section of an Engineering
College Library etc.

Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers
     Volo LXVIII 1910 to Vol. LXXIX 1915 with Index Vol. 1 to
     Vol. LXXIV 1867 to 1911

Transactions of the International Engineering Congress 1915
     Six volumes and Index
     Two of those volumes are on the Panama Canal with detail
     plans and drawings etc.

Proceedings of the American Concrete Institute
      Vol. 17 to and incl. Vol. 21; 1921 to 1925.

Proceedings of the Amorican Railway Englnearing Association
      Vol. 25 1924 to and  ncl. eVol. 31 1930,



The Woather and Climate of Chicago Illinois&
     Bulletin No. 4, The Geographic Society of Chicago6

A Hundred Years of Portland Cement. 1824 - 1924
     A history of the making of Portland Cement

Modern Sewage Disposal - 1938
     Anniversary Book of the Federation of Sewage Works Assoc.

              These are books which I have accumulated during
the time of my working along engineering lines, and I would
like to place them where they will, in the future, do the
most good for the largest numbers etc.

              If you would care to receive these as gift to
the University kindly advise and I will forward same to you.

                             Yours very truly,

                             (Signed) 0. T. Dunn
                                      Class of 1902, BCE

c. S. D. Averitt.

                                     March 15, 1945

Dr. H. L. Donovan, President
University of Kentucky

Dear Sir:

          Relative to the ancient Transit which I am pre-
senting to the University, I will say that I received it
f'rom the family of Judge T. C.Dpbney of Cadiz, Kentucky,
in 1886 or 1887 and that as a young boy was told that it
was used in running the line between Kentucky and Tennessee.

          The Dabney family caime into possession of it
through an uncle of Mrs. T. C. Dabney named Sumner and
known to the younger members of the family as Uncle "Sumner"
a young surveyor.

          Where he got it I do not know.   I have been un-
able to find out whether Xt was used in running "Walker's"
line run in 1779 or "Alexander's and Munsell's" line West
of Tennessee liver run in 1619.



              I will s tate that I am given permission by the
    last members of the Dabney family to present it to the
    UnJ X ers ity.
                               Yours very sincerely,

                                 (Signed)  S. D. Averitt.

     The Committee discussed these gifts and, after expressing their
appreciation of same, took the following action:

                          * * * * * * * * * *

             7. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                the above gifts are ordered accepted, and the
                President is directed to write a letter of
                appreciation to each of the donors.

    L. Contract with Miss Billy Jackson.

    Dean Chamberlain presented the following letter from Dean Cooper
and form of contract with Miss Billy Jackson, calling for instruction
in Animal Husbandry, and furnishing of saddle horses necessary for
laboratory instruction in a course in Light Horse Husbandry.

                                         March 2, 1945

     President H. L.Donovan
     University of Kentucky

     Dear President Donovan:

     It seems apparent that a number of students will be-inter-
     ested in a light horse course in the agricultural college
     during the coming quarter.   I have stated that, subject