repayment begins one year after the borrower ceases Each of the states participate in the Federally
to be a full-time student. Repayment is to be com- Insured Program or have a State Guaranteed Loan
pleted within 10 years thereafter. Interest does not Program which is similar.
accrue on the loan prior to the beginning of the re-
payment period, and interest thereafter is charged Part-time EmpIOym€11t r
at the mtg Of UNSC Pcrccnt PCI mmum` A IOM ls The third part of the University’s program of financial  
cancelled on receipt of proof of death or total, . . . ·
. .. ard to students is a Student Part-Time Employment t
permanent dlsablhtiu . Service. This service is designed to provide financial *
Related to the Health Professions Student Loans are . . V
. . . assistance to help meet the costs of education; to de- i
the Health Professions Scholarships for full-time stu- _ . .  
. . . . yelop proper skills and attitudes toward work; and i
rm rama the College O1   Dcnam Or to pievide an Simms Winer   iemest an   1
Pharmacy after February 1, 1966. An award cannot rich the Srudcnus rrcrrdcmic crrmrs PP °
exceed $2500 a year and the recipient must have r Cr r r ir; _ _ b' r _ _
Cxcrrrrromrr Hmrrrcrrrr med. n or er or tie niyersity to e o maximum service
T to a student who must supplement other resources in
Nursing Loans and Scholarships order to meet. his. cost of education, he must give first r
t r _ priority to maintaining a satisfactory academic standing. r
i Thc Nursing Studcnt Lcan Prcgrarn far full-hnic He ninst set aside in 1iis class schedule definite time i
students in the College of Nursing is established on blocks or from two to four hours par drur for “/0rk,  
it the same basis as the National Defense and Health prctcrrrbly ujust Otter rr Skill and pro,-rous Work  
li Professions Student Loan Programs. Afull-time nursing oxporrouoor and nlust at ru] tinlcs ussumo rr n]atur€ t
lf Studcnt at thc Unircrsirx rnav hcrrcw up tc $1000 in attitude toward his part-tiine work responsibilities. `
Zr i tmc Hcadclmcv rrar and fm agrgrcgatc at $1009 rrhc \Vork opportunities are available through the Uni-
ii )°rfOWCr_ must Sign A nom Clmlmcm O tlc Pan versity for both on and off-campus employment for
ri begins nine months after the borrower ceases full-time qrrarrrrcd Students who rcrrrrrrc rrrrd desire this type Or
r- Srndenrt gtatris and rnusrt be completed rV11;1¤r10r§'031; ussrsruuoo Thgsg Opportunities include general office
| tr‘“°" fcfd ““’“’“ rcgms 10 “_C"“‘°r“f;‘€r "gt““‘“§‘? workers, eletk-typists, secretaries, receptionists, sales
l K SCCOU year 8 DOUOWCI is Ou C? SC 100 ’ aa is clerks, tutors, research assistants, laboratory aides,
t three percent per annum. The loan is cancelled upon nurses, prides service Srrrrrorr and parking rot rrrrerrdmrs
l receipt of proof of death or total, permanent disability r r. _ _   d . ( . 1 I k d 1.];   ~
ri r thc borrower ce ryery true rivers, agncu tura wor ers, an 1 rary »
I O ' . . assistants. Most robs are for a maximum of fifteen
i. Related to the Nursing Loans are the Nursing _ _
.t _ _ _ hours per week.
it Scholarslnps for full-tnne students in the College of _ _ _ r r
1 Nursing or Associate Degree Programs. An award can- Sfurdcngsrrrsccklpé Pirrbtutlé Clllplfrirtiljrntss Em d r€O¤'
not exceed $2500 a year and the recipient must have mg rrr CC O ru (mf m‘m¥ra_ 1 ’ tu Cntr ag
exceptional financial need. Tlmc I?I;1°lOyH]°§tdS€{l11C$>_ Wirr utr Jdvafttcr O_ I 8
time a to is nee e . n tns 0 ce icy wr ne in er-
i Falmllr Insured km Program Z£€`l§’§1t““$rZI‘]l£§ 1“ “§’£EiE“’IZrff§‘§ELPl§it“2§“f{nt€l
uc n · in . r
l The State of Kentucky participates in the Federally r,]uood_ The Srudour Workor Sl·lOuld roporr promptly
  II]SllI`C(l LOLIIT I)TOgl'}.ll]l tIlI'Ol.lgII {lll HgT€€1llCHt \VltI`l IITG any unsatisfactory \vOrk rclationshipsy and is “rclCO1n€
gt D0Pu11ln0n1 cf 1103111% 1¥€1u031l0n» und “/0110*10- to discuss his work program with the Student Part-Time
i Through this program, a student is eligible to borrow Employmour Omoo at rmy tirncr
tl up to $51500 a year. lf the applicant's adjusted gross
r family mcomcris less than .515,000 per year, the federal The COH€g€ WOrk_Srrrdy Program
it govermnent will pay the interest until repayments are _ _
t to begin. Repayment of the loan begins not earlier T110 E00n01n10 OPP011ll1ll1S'A0101196”1» 3S 31110n€10d
I 1 than nine months nor later than one year after the by 1110 Hlg1l01rE€1u0n1l0n A01 cf_l_965. P10Vl€10S funds
1 date of graduation or withdrawal from school. Repay- tc crcatc P311·1lnl0 W011< 0PP0111l¤11l0S 101 S1ltCl€¤tS 110111
t ment schedules will normally be arranged for five to 10W‘ln00nl0 1?unl1l0$· ln dcrng S0, 1110 UnlV01$l1}' has
ten years, although the student will be required to pay 31101nP10€1 rc P10Vl<10 1n03nln§1u1 W011< 0XP0n0n00 101
a minimum of $$60 per year. The current interest S1u€10n1$- 1V11lnY 10175 1110 10131011 tc 1110 $1111101115 .3103
nite is seven percent simple interest. A fcc of one-tenrtli cf study- Such cppcrtunitics includc faculty aidcsr
t of one percent of the amount of the loan for the 105031011 3$$l$13ll1S, 1319013101Y 3$Sl$13n1$, 01011031 und
r   term of the in-school note is paid in advance. secretarial, bookstore assistants, administrative ofhce
r Application inaterials are available tlirongli partieipat- assistance, fccd scryicc workers, building and grounds
ing banks and lending agencies and the Office of W011<€1S, 3UCl 0111018-
, Student Financial Aid. Interested students are en- Under the College \Vork-Study Program, students
tr couraged to contact their local bank or lending agency. may work up to 15 hours per week during the academic
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