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The student attending the University of K€r1tuCl0lh PTl1"1t€€l and of the University include specialized collections in the 5
m¤¤¤$€flPl· following departments and colleges: Agriculture, Archi- i
The general collection iii the Kirig (riiairi) Library tecture, Fine Arts, Biological Sciences, clremrstry and I
and other libraries are on open shelves and are avail- Physics, Educginon, Enginggyingy Geology, Lgiyv, Library
able to all students. Science, Mathematics, Medicine and Pharmacy. Each i
The main card catalogue, located on the second il00r community college has a library equipped with a selcc- l
of King Library, lists all books and library materials in tive collection geared to the special needs of the local i
all the libraries on the Lexington campus, including program.
tim Lexingiim Th€0lOglC€ll S€ml¤3TY· The University of Kentucky is a member of the
M0$'f Of thi? books and F€$€€iT€h m¤l€Yl¤l$ 3Y€ housed Center for Research Libraries in Chicago. The Centcr’s
in the following areas of the King Library: collections, totaling over two million volumes, consist
Reference ROOm__Ind€x€S nnti ntnet reference Works, of deposits of infrequently used research materials by
sneh as encyclopedias, ntinsesy und bibiingtunhies, to University libraries throughout the country. Members
assist students in using iibtuts, inntennis also elect to purchase infrequently needed journals and
. . . books for common usc—otten on microform. Faculty
_ Cfiveiiimciii Puiiiicdiidiis DeiidiiiiiG"i_OiHCidi iiiiiii and graduate students may request any of the Ccntcr’s
iicdiidiis Oi iiic Uiiiicd Sidici Uiiiicd _NiiiiOiiS’ Kimi collections on long-term loans through the reference
tucky, selected states, and selected foreign countries. dnnnnmnnt nf inn King Lnnnn,.
Newspaper and Microtext R00m—Newspap€rS from Through its participation in Public Law 480 and a
Kentucky and throughout the World. DOCLlm€¤lS, program of selective acquisition, the University library
books, periodicals, and newspapers in various micro- is acquiring a collection of Arabic language publica-
forms. tions in all fields currently published in the Middle
Periodical Reading Room—Current copies of the Edsi _ _ _ _
rnnst nnnnnnuy nsnd ncnndtcnie The collection of books, periodicals, niicroforms,
_ maps and manuscripts in the University libraries has
Reserve Book R°°m_BOOi