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    Thg H6y·man   DOHOUQH Fellowship for individuals who demonstrate outstanding achieve-
  '··'     S _ C_t_ ment. This recognition emphasizes the importance
    for 871107 l mens which the University places upon academic excellence.  
 ];   Named in honor of the late Herman L. Donovan, Th; Undlilgladuatc Research and Creativity Plogmm
    University President 1940-1956, this Fellowship is rei mdcs a “g‘;ll°·““l °°“*“l?““°“ *°W·“d Shmulahng °“‘
`   people 65 years of age and older. It provides that they glu ents to, etter Hcademlc €H9ItS' Ulldllrgladuatc Slu-
*3 C31'1 CDt€1' tll€ UHl\’€fSit}' 2lI1Cl 2ltt€1'lCl HHY regular COLIISG Sellts Subngic Pglpcl-S Olkpl-Olccts lll HV? dlsclpllucs (soclal
  without the payment of fees. \Vork may be taken for C1€rl€€S’ lyslcal $C_1€nC€S’ _BlOlOglCal Sclcncch Hu-
  eieeie me       me geeteie   and   “¤*~ In   AM md Fhc
  degrees. Otllcrs register as auditors and attend Chsscs [)l’Ogl'ElHl CI.llIIllIl2ll'€S IH HH 2l\\'ElY(lS l)21l]qLl€lZ {lt Wll1Cll
for the Sheer im, Of learning The Program is available time the President of the University presents specially
. at the main CQHQPUS in Lexington and qt all Communitv designed plaques to students whose work is judged to
  Colleges in the Univcrsitv gystem ‘ be the best in each of the above categories.
Donovan Fellows participate in the many intellectual, Tllc llwlmls mc: First pl‘lCe_lll€ SPC?lllllY deslgllcd
social and cultural programs which characterize the plaque Zlllcl l>_l00? Second l’l‘lCc"a C?lllll°lll?> il lmllll
UI]i\,CrSit\,. Tllcx,7 together with retired UHi\,€rSit\. 2`lll(l SLll)SCIlpllOKl to tl SCllOl€l1'l}' ITl€lg€lZ1fl€ OI' journal lll
teachers and staff, have their own organization—The lllc llhploplllllc llcldi Tlllrd pl‘l?€—a Celllllclll? and
IDOHOVCID C]ub· This Club publishes The Pillars, 21 SLIl)SC1'1l)tlOI] to 21 SCl10lzlI'l§' lT1£lgLlZ1IlC OI' jOLIl'I]2ll lll tllC
monthly newsletter, holds regular parties, arranges for llpplopllale Held
travel-study seminars and symposiums on Great Issues ' Eilhh fhll·thh€ hh€l€Y8mr<>gram·
_,   .. . 0lClCf Rtlults with a view to devising appropriate
  ,’i`i` procedures for solving them.
    Inquiries about the DonovanIFellowship should be ROTC Financial Assistance
  i’.` 4» " addressed to the Council on Aging, Bowman Hall.
V  ’_ii ~ A Army ROTC
_ . _ Two, three and four-year scholarships are available
F . Speclal Awalds through the Army Reserve Otheer Training Corps
» j Under raduate Research program. These scholarships pay full tuition, laboratory
  g _ _ fees, books, and SSO amonth. The recipient increases
  ?   ,·  Bhd C1`€&t1V1ty Program his active-duty obligation from two to four years.
at J ’ i . . · · -
gi, gl; -` The Undergraduate Research and Creativity Program lht€F€$T€€l high $€h00l SCUIOFS IWW Ohhhh ih ?*P·
  i . if began in 1964 with the express purpose of encouraging Phcahhh fwh"1 thch School Chhhschh OY Pfhlcilml OY
  i research and creative activities on the part of under- by Whhhg tv the Cmhihahfhhg General. l‘1Y$t U·$·
Q j i graduate students at the University of Kentucky. ANN', ATTN} AUAAC·Cl‘», hhft CCOYSC C· Meade.
  .   The objectives of the program are twofold: (1) to h“hlY§’hlhd 20/*$·
  stimulate creative work on the part of undergraduate Length 0fScl1olarsliip, Application Deadline, W/liere
 ii e students, and (Z) to provide a measure of recognition to Apply: Four years, February l$; senior year of high