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Kentucky center Reggie Hanson (left) drives on a Southwestern Louisiana defender in Friday night's second game. The 'Cats improved their record to 5-2 with an 88-71 win. For more on that game please turn to page 7. Due to the Christmas holidays, game coverage of the UKIT championship was cut short. Cuard Sean Woods (right), the key figure in Kentucky's first-round win over USL, starts a fast break during a win over Furman earlier in the week. Please see page 5 for the complete Furman-UK game story. Also, Woods is this week's Wildcat TCP featun. (pages
16-17). photos by Sieve McFariand
USL outguns 'Cats 116-1D to win UKIT in OT
Southwestern Louisiana ran its slate to 7-0 with a thrilling 116-113 overtime win over Kentucky, 5-3, to capture the 37th annual UKIT. USL overcame a six-point deficit in the final two minutes to capture the title after trailing 113-107 in the final 1:40 of overtime.
UK missed two chances to win the game in regulation and then blew a number of others to ice the game in overtime. "We celebrated too early," Pitino, who suffered his first loss at Rupp Arena, said. "This was a big, big loss because we had the game."
It was close all the way. although UK got only 18 minutes of action from Reggie Hanson, in foul trouble much of the night. All told. II players in the game scored in double figures.
John Pelphrey led the 'Cats with 24 points. Other double figure scorers were Derrick Miller with 19. Jeff Brassow with 18. Deron Feldhaus with 17. Hanson with 13 and Sean Woods with 12.
Several records were set in the race-horse game including an NCAA mark for three-point field goal attempts. The two teams fired a total of 84 three-point missies and hit on 24. UK shot 15 of 53.
77ip all-tourney team: Sydney Grider (MVP, USL). John Pelphrey (UK), Sean Woods (UK). Kevin Brooks (USL), and Louis Banks (Cincinnati). UC won the consolation game over Portland.
In the next TCP. there will be a play-by-play of the USL name plus further info and picturesftom the UKIT championship.
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"12	&rpo*s.. Ki.'vtu___	i:	'-:.	J		,		1	tu	_ l'4	!	~~2''				.		6	"4S	5*3
fi"		h	2.1	\_4			4	I	__/	I 	1			""(	U	4	4	i	-2 !			11		.....i	0	4 4	
. 6"	HIT! ," Told" ____	1	" 14					1		l"i	......"4	r&			(		':	1	14	11.
1 s	.Juntasx ^j'Lynu .....	0	6	h	j	I,	'" li	__0	i		"t.					" 5	"" 0	__0	9	4 i
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FREE	THROWS  lSl  HALF U/l	> /	1. Ii	2nd	HALF 14/1/			82.	it CAME		2	b/ 12			1 i					
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UP, UP AND AWAY: Taking his offensive skills inside, senior Wildcat guard REJECTION: Reserve Johnathon Davis sends Tom O'Donnell's short jumper Derrick Miller drives against Furman's David Stamey. Miller scored a game- away from the cylinder. Davis blocked three shots, scored six points and high 21 points, 18 coming in the first half. grabbed six rebounds in 15 minutes of action.
THREE MADNESS: A Wildcat fan places a three-point sign for one of the 'Cats' NCAA record- ANEW DERON: Last season forward Deron tying 19 treys against Furman. Walkon Junior Braddv drilled the final three-point shot of the evening.   Fe,dhaus took only six three-point attempts. Against
Furman he found the target three times on six tries. <3ecem/her SO, {(}$<}
77/e (ja/A'' (JScui&e
Wildcats rout Furman 104-73
Record-setting UK breaks game open early with runs of 78-0 and 25-2 midway through first half
by TCP managing editor Russell Rice
Three-point-shot records continued to fall, with promises of more of the same, as "Pitino's Pistols" bullseyed 19 of 47 long-range attempts and the University of Kentucky cruised to a a 104-73 win over Furman in Rupp Arena.
Returning to action after a 10-day layoff following a 55-point (150-95) loss to Kansas that set modern-day records for points scored and margin of victory against a UK team, the Wildcats racked up their third 100-point game of the young season while upping their record to four wins at home and two losses on the road as they entered their Christmas holiday tournament.
In burying Furman under a barrage of three-pointers, coupled with an aggressive defense, the 'Cats posted the following marks:
NCAA record for three-point attempts (47). besting their own mark of 41 set against Tennessee Tech. It was the third straight game in which they reached or surpassed 40 attempts.
Equalled NCAA record of 19 three-pointers shared by Valparaiso and St. Francis. Pa.
Beat SEC record of 18 three-pointers that they set against Tennessee Tech.
NCAA record for the number of players (eight) hitting three-pointers in a game. The old record was seven, set twice by Arizona (1987 and 1988) and Loyola-Marymount (1988).
NCAA record for most number of treys attempted by both teams (67), breaking record of 57 set during UK's loss to Kansas at Lawrence.
Senior guard Derrick Miller led the onslaught with five three-pointers in 13 attempts. Richie Farmer hit four of seven, Deron Feldhaus three of six, John Pelphrey two of six. Scott Brassow two of seven, Reggie Hanson one of one, Sean Woods one of two and Nehemiah Braddy one of four.
The number could have been nine, except that Johnahan Davis missed his only long-range try, which gave him two air balls in two attempts this season.
When asked about Davis' off-the-mark shot, Wildcat coach Rick Pitino likened the 6-foot-6 sophomore forward to Kenny Walker, former Wildcat All-American who played for Pitino the last two seasons with the New York Knicks.
"He wants to make one," Pitino said of Davis. "Kenny Walker was the same way.. Finally Kenny made one to get over the hump and we got him back inside."
"The records will be broken by us," Pitino said. "We'll break our records. Someone will break ours. They'll all be shattered as time goes by as people realize...well, anyway, they'll all be shattered."
Furman coach Butch Estes, still reeling from the onslaught, said he didn't mind the threes; he was just glad Pitino called off the press. "If they had kept pressing," he said, "that might not have been in the best light."
"I've never seen anything like that three-point shooting," he added. "Amazing. It was quite an exhibition."
While Pitino hinted that the three-point line (19' 9") might be too close, Estes said, "What it may do is make the NCAA think how close
 With the crowd begging for a three-pointer on UK's last handful of offensive possessions, freshman walk-on Junior Braddy obliged, tossing in a turnaround 22-footer with 14 seconds left that tied one NCAA record and broke another. Brad-dy's shot gave UK 19 threes, tying UK with Valparaiso and St. Francis, Pa., for most made in one game, and gave UK the new record for most players making a three in one game with eight, breaking records held previously by Arizona and Loyola-Marymount. The 19 threes is also an SEC record.
 Kentucky attempted 47 three-pointers for the game, a new NCAA record.
 The two teams combined for 67 three-point attempts, also a new NCAA record.
the (three-point line) is. But there's no question that from an offensive standpoint it's a great way to play. At least from a player's standpoint."
Pitino said the Wildcats aren't likely to be bombing from outside so often once he gets more inside players.
"Actually, the three is supposed to enhance the low-post game," he said. "You set up the shot by passing inside and kicking it out. And ideally (because the teams can't collapse inside because they're wary of the return pass outside) that should get you 18 to 20 shots a game against single coverage for your inside people."
The three-point onslaught began with a 21-footer by Feldhaus that tied the game at 7-7 with 16:42 on the clock. The Wildcats
came out sluggish, throwing the ball away on the game's first possession. With the score tied at 2-all and less than a minute gone, Pitino called a timeout.
He explained later that he never worries about television or radio timeouts, calling them instead whenever he deems it necessary.
Furman went ahead, 7-4, on a four-footer by Bruce Evans and a three-pointer by Chris Bass. Miller scored on a layup and Feldhaus started the three-point onslaught with a 20-footer, which was followed by another Miller layup.
Furman answered with a layup by David Stamey. a short goal by Derek Waugh and a three-pointer by Tracy Garrick for a 14-9 lead: then UK scored seven straight points (Continued on page 27)
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I TEAM REBOUNDS (Includld in Toij.a) I | I |   I g J
_4aA p.m.
^S-Cy,     Qan-.__ _Jifi1.eTr.
TOTAL FG V lit Hall __'ftt4_   2nd tint.
3-Pi. FG %: 1 at Htll___JJLS.%l-   2nd Hall.
FT %: tit Hail__J7,-S" >    2nd Hall.
Game .
HOME tint Name. First) 3*
*JZLltAdhzd*,..bc*a___!_ 3..
jc4- Miller, ncrrlif.__i* 3 iSL.LSJJ3_|_Q
j&lEtfcriC. ffcjue___
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18   (13, 4  ib (a ! lit
.L_L.j L<_ll
job 3* I 1/3
I   \0\& 5   I '
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I TEAM RESOUNDS (Included in Tolala) ' ^
~T3.il iOja.LiiJrjiik.1 
TOTAL FG % 101 Halt .
3-Pt. FG X: 1 ll Hall _
FT %: 11! Htll.
L 5		|		
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2nd Hlll_ 2nd Hail. 2nd Hai!_
Tecnmc A't-inrt
ii Pouir-i^Ttjjafl.Ba^-
		41			13-
		So			TS"f
UK-Furman play-by-play			
Time	Kentucky	Score	Furman
19:30			Evans follow.
19:04	Hanson layup	2-2	
18:06		2-4	Evans 10 ft.
17:08		2-7	Bass 21 ft.
116:40	Miller layup	4-7	
16:16	Feldhaus 21 ft.	7-7	
16:05	Miller layup	9-7	
115:52		9-9	Stamey follow layup
15:26		9-11	Waugh 3 ft.
14:08		9-14	Garrick 20 ft.
|13:41	Hanson 4 ft. drive	11-14	
J13:27	Brassow 20 ft.	14-14	
J12:49	Brassow 16 ft.	16-14	
112:21		16-16	Williams dunk
12:06	Woods 12 ft.	18-16	
111:29	Pelphrey FT, FT	20-16	
11:11	Brassow 20 ft.	23-16	
J10:36		23-18	Evans 4 ft.
10:19	Woods driving layup	25-18	
1 9:28	Davis 6 ft.	27-18	
8:04	Miller 20 ft.	30-18	
: 7:57	Miller 22 ft.	33-18	
7:21	Miller 24 ft.	36-18	
6:56	Pelphrey layup	38-18	
6:24 Farmer 21 ft.		41-18	
5:28		41-20	Evans 6 ft.
5:08; Miller 6 ft.		43-20	
4:54		43-22	Stamey layup
4:46; Woods FT, FTA		44-22	
4:38 Brassow FT, FTA		45-22	
4:27		45-24	Williams FT. FT
4:05	Miller 21 ft.	48-24	
j 3:46		48-26	Williams 8 it.
j 3:34	Woods 16 ft.	50-26	
l 24		50-28	Stamey layup
1 06	1 Hanson 21 ft.	53-28	
2 It	! Farmer FTA, FT	54-28	
1:01		54-29	Waugh FT, FTA
1 :32		54-32	Garrick 21 ft.
HALF		54-32	
19:49		54-34	Bass 14 ft.
19:09	Hanson FT, FT	56-34	
18:44	Pelphrey 21 ft.	59-34	
18:25		59-37	Garrick 21 ft.
17:50	Woods 12 ft.	61-37	
17:15	Woods 20 ft.	64-37	
16:42	Woods layup	66-37	
16:20		66-40	Hines 20 ft.
16:03	Woods layup	68-40	
15:40	Feldhaus 21 ft.	71-40	
15:23		71-42	Evans 6 ft.
15:05		71-45	Henderson 20 ft.
14:45	Feldhaus 20 ft.	74-45	
13:30		74-47	Evans 6 ft.
12:45		74-48	Evans FT, FTA
11:58	Davis 4 ft.	76-48	
10:37		76-50	Waugh FT, FT
10:20		76-52	Bass 3 ft.
9:57		76-53	Garrick FT, FTA
9:38	Farmer 21 ft.	79-53	
9:25	Farmer 20 ft.	82-53	
8:58		82-55	Garrick 16 ft.
8:17	Pelphrey layup	84-55	
8.T2		84-57	Evans 4 ft.
7:48	Pelphrey 22 ft.	87-57	
6:42		87-59	Garrison FT, FT
6:27	Farmer 20 ft.	90-59	
6:06	Miller 21 ft.	93-59	
5:43		93-61	Evans follow layup
5:32	Davis 3 ft.	95-61	
5:03		95-63	Williams 3 ft.
1 V		95-65	Garrick FT, FT
2 -li	Pelphrey FTA, FT	96-65	
2:12	Brassow layup	98-65	
1:4 1		98-67	Stamey 6 ft.
1 4 i	Pelphrey FT, FT	100-67	
1:31		100-69	Vbrel 7 ft.
:31		100-71	Edwards FX, FT
:14	Braddy 22 ft., FT	104-71	
I :02		104-73	Vorel 6 ft.
FINAL		10+73	
?TCP chart			
 ^/Wiv/z/nr SO, /jty
UK forward Deron Feldhaus, who scored 14 points, grabbed a team-high Wildcat forward John Pelphrey moves inside to power this one up as nine rebounds and dished out four assists, goes up for a short jumper over Portland's William McDowell (21) and Matt Houle apply the defense. Pelphrey Portland's Grant Tracy. photo by steve McFariand   scored 17 points and snared six rebounds. photo by steve McFariand
Kentucky's Reggie Hanson, one of five Wildcats
Kentucky guard Derrick Miller, who came up with a pair of steals and 12 points defends Pilot dUb'e f'8UreS scorin8 vvith 17 Points' looks guard Josh Lowery. Lowerv led all scorers with 27. ' for an Pen teammate. photo by steve McFariand
. ohoto by Steve McFariand Q)ece/tt//r so, /y6y
. 77/e ()(//* ' (aa/ie
Woods lights fire under 'Cats
Sophomore guard sets the pace to help Kentucky ease past Portland 88-71 in first round of UKIT
by TCP publisher/editor Oscar Combs
Thanks to the brilliant all-around performance of sophomore guard Sean Woods, who scored a career-high 20 points and gave his teammates repeated injections of energy. Kentucky eased past Portland 88-71 in the first round of the annual UKIT.
Woods, whom coach Rick Pitino said played his finest hour since his emergence from a year of Proposition 48, was the one battery ready and willing to crank up the slow-to-get-going 'Cats. Woods' leadership at the point guard position jump-started the club time after time and kept Portland from ever making a serious run.
His 6-6 statistics in rebounding and assists showed just how valuable he was on this particular night. But most important to him and his coach were his eight of nine free throws.
"Sean had his finest game yet." Pitino said. "I thought he had just a great game. He did everything you can ask of a point guard. He scored, had assists, hit his free throws and hit well from the field and he did a great job of running the offense in a different tempo game.
"Because of the tempo, a lot of people did not get into it. Sean was excellent in all areas
and that's why we won."
Although four other Wildcats assisted with double figure scoring, the spark seemed to be in only Woods' shoes. "It was kinda a draggy game and that forced us into a sloppy game and we felt sloppy." Woods said "but I just concentrated on getting into the flow of the game."
Woods credited Pitino's constant reminders of "getting into the game" as to what enabled him to take charge. And Pitino feels Woods is now beginning to shake the effects of a year's layoff. "At the beginning of the season I really worried. I was even frightened." Pitino said, "but not now."
"He's starting to gain confidence." Pitino said of Woods.
And on this chilling evening, where outside temperatures dipped into the red, the crowd was seemingly frozen.
And unlike the previous four home games at Rupp Arena this year, the crowd wasn't in a rock'n. roll'n mood. The yawning disease contracted by the 'Cats on this particular night apparently was shared by those fans in the stands. The official stats sheet listed the attendance as 18.639, but most observers along press row put the crowd more like 15.000 in the massive 23,000-seat arena.
Two factors obviously contributed. The bitter cold that had hit Kentucky earlier in the week probably kept people home in front of the fireplace listening to the games on radio and waiting for television replays a couple hours later.
And the field of SW Louisiana, Portland and Cincinnatinot hoop powerhouses these dayswasn't to be compared with the Big Four Classic.
And Kentucky's players responded likewise.
Pitino. however, found some good in the bad. "This was good for us because we got a chance to rest our players, style-of-play wise," Pitino said. "That's important in back-to-back games when you play twice within 24 hours."
True. ex-Wildcat Larry Steele brought his team to Lexington with something in mind other than to race up and down the court the way he once did under the late Adolph Rupp.
"That was what we needed." Steele said of the slowdown pace which had Rupp Arena patrons booing a couple times. "We just needed a little more poise."
UK shot out of the gate like it was going to post something like a 130-point night, first spurting to a 15-4 lead on a John Pelphrey three-pointer at 16:34 and then took command of a 27-11 score at 11:49 when Woods tickled the nets for a rare three-pointer.
But Steele wasn't about to be embarrassed in his first trip back to Lexington as a college head coach.
The Wildcats increased the margin to 17 (30-13) on Derrick Miller's three-pointer and went up 18 at 7:18 on Johnathon Davis' put-back as Kentucky led 39-21.
That's when the Pilots launched a couple attacks, scoring eight consecutive points and getting within 10 at 39-29 with 2:42 left in the half.
It was during the final six minutes of the half when Portland forced UK to play its more conservative game, a style Kentucky refuses to play well against.
More came in the second half.
Kentucky held on to a comfortable twin-digit margin most of the second half, but just couldn't shake the lazy, hazy play of Portland until the final minutes.
The Pilots struck a mini-fear at 6:58 when Josh Lowery scored a layup. reducing the margin to nine at 63-54. The Wildcats responded with Pelphrey hitting a short jumper. Feldhaus driving for a bucket and Pelphrey adding a pair of free throws for a 68-54 score at 4:39.
Missing in the entire second half was the constant outside scoring threat of three-point artists Miller. Farmer and Brassow. Neither scored from the outside in the last 20 minutes.
Miller, who scored 12 points in the first half, all but disappeared in the final 20 minutes and didn't connect from the field on
four attempts and failed to score after intermission. He sat out the game's final 2:39 although UK led by only nine.
Farmer didn't score at all on the evening and Brassow tallied only four points, none from long range.