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Kentuc/ey Alumni
Enjoy The Magazine
One of the best things about fall is that the UK Alumni Association takes this opportunity to send all
alumni a copy of Kentucky Alumni, the quarterly magazine that association members tell us they enjoy all
year long. Among the alumni featured in the magazine recently were renowned landscape designer Jon
Carloftis who creates rooftop gardens, educator Julie Young who leads Florida`s nationally respected
online high school, and the very inventive David Mansbery who has a new oven just right for your busy
lifestyle. On the cover of this magazine Lexington Legends CEO Alan Stein. like the others. was generous
with his time and it was a joy to follow him around the ball park on game day. What a fun day! Our only
regret is that we can’t tell everyone`s story. Fortunately, we get to share them with each other at class re-
unions, homecoming, club meetings, on trips, at games and everywhere Kentucky alumni gather.
Vote For A Trustee _
Being a trustee of the University of Kentucky requires dedication and an enormous time commitment.
The UK Alumni Association has been delegated the responsibility to conduct an election to nominate
three individuals whose names will be submitted to the governor with one being appointed to a six year
term of office to represent alumni. Altogether three of the 20 seats are designated for alumni representa-
tives. Tear out your ballot in the center of this magazine and PLEASE VOTE. Each year the trustees make
many far—reaching decisions that affect not only the university but the health and wealth of the Common-
wealth, and indeed the world.
Connect With UK Alumni
In between magazines, visit the association at www.ukalumni.net for more features, news, events, career
assistance, and more. Update your address record and find friends in the online UK Alumni Community. l
Every day the staff of the UK Alumni Association focuses on providing the biggest bang for each dollar of L
dues received from its members by investing in scholarships, great teachers, college alumni and local club
» programming, life—long career assistance and social networking among alumni, students and faculty.The ,
tradition and spirit of the University of Kentucky is embedded in the loyalty of alumni.
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