l In Memoriam  
Thomas D. Clark  
I Thcimas Dionysius Clark, . _ J   " ‘ ‘ Press in 1943, and two de-
: ]()] _ gi longtime prgfegggr ` 1-* Kat, ;,  ·; cades lZt[€I‘ 116 W21S lHSIfLlm€1'1- ,
' and chair of the University of .‘,[-jgk I   ._   tal in founding the University
Kcntuck histor department A , ' ’ , I Press of Kentucky, a state-
and a prd/lific auilhor of Ken- fxlulnnus · ,   /»i   , QQ   "'''l‘   V  wide consortium that includes
lucky l¤iSt<>ry» died June 28 at       I ‘  ‘`‘'   `’’‘’     _ d»··   ·»*=·; V   most or Kentucky’s mgitmai
the Mayl`air Village Retire- I   universities and private col-
mcnt Center in Lexington and { s *   “ leges and which published
private burial services were F . many of Clark’s works. Clark
held in the Lexington Cem- I. served on the Press’s board.
etery. * l In 1990, the Kentucky
Clark, whom former Gov. General Assembly honored
I Brcrcton .Iones called Clark by declaring him
E "Kentucky`s greatest trea- _ - Kentucky’s Historian Laure-
I surc," died two weeks short of Th()[l]2\S f I ate. This March the Kentucky
his 102nd birthday July 14. D   General Assembly voted to
I Born in Louisville, Miss., ° i rename the Kentucky His-
Clark was the son of John Kcmuckys I tory Center in Frankfort for
Collingsworth Clark and Sallie Ticasuicd Clark, who helped raise funds
Bennett Clark. He earned a Historian for the 167,000-square-foot
bachclor`s degree in 1928 facility.
from the University of Missis- Clark received many other
sippi. a master`s in 1929 1`rom honors, including the presi-
2 UK and a doctorate in history dencies of both the Southern
I lll`()I]]   LIKC LlHlVCl`Sll.y in l   (Laing Global • llcmlud f0rT0u1l Recall • tkucliinga Killer Earl) Historical Association Hlld
He taught history at UK . . , _ the Organization of Ameri-
1`or 37 years, chairing the de- Amcle lmm Wlnlel 2000 {lll/allable Ollllllg can Historians. He was a
partment from 1942 to 1965. lt at WWW`Ukalumnl'C0m m€ml3€1‘ of Phi B€i€1 KHPPH,
is estimated Clark taught Omicron Delta Kappa and
more than 20,000 students during his teaching career Phi Alpha Theta honor society in history.
which included five years as a Distinguished Professor "Dr. Clark taught with passion and vision, con-
of History at lndiana University after he retired from stantly sought new knowledge, and challenged the
UK. He also served as a visiting professor of history at Commonwealth to remember its history," said UK
Harvard, Duke, North Carolina,Tennessee, Louisville, President Lee T. Todd Jr. "One of his greatest legacies
I Wyoming.Chicago,Wisconsin,Washington State and is that he continually challenged our leaders to strive
1 Stanford. He was a guest lecturer at Oxford and in sev- for greatness in education as well, because he under-
I eral foreign countries including Greece, Yugoslavia and stood what it would mean for the future of our state
= India. and our children. Tom Clark, an adopted son of Ken-
1 le used most of his prolific history writing skills for tucky, will be deeply missed but never forgotten."
Kentucky. publishing volume upon volume of books Clark is survived by his wife, Loretta Gilliam Clark.
about the (`ommonwealth including "Exp/oring Kon- His marriage of 62 years to Elizabeth Turner Clark a
inc/<_x·, " used as a textbook in the public schools. Clark’s ended with her death in 1995. Other survivors are a
I account ofthe history of a Southern country store pub- son.Thomas Bennett Clark of Lexington; a daughter,
lished in 19-1-1 under the title "Pilfs·, Pr·tricoats am! Elizabeth Clark Stone of Bowling Green; a brother.
I I’lou·s," is one of his popular early books. ln all. he Ernest Clark of Dallas,Texas; two sisters, Wilma Sand-
I wrote more than 30 books on the American South. the ers and Ethel Atkinson, both of Louisville, Miss.; three
Westward Movement and Kentucky. grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
As recently as 2002. when he was 99 years old. the The family suggests that memorial contributions to
I University Press of Kentucky. which is housed in a honor Clark be given to the Thomas D. Clark Ken-
. I building that bears Clark`s name on the UK campus, tucky Center for History, 100 West Broadway, Frank-
published a (`lark coauthored book titled "T/ie Poop/cls fort, KY 40601. or to the Lexington History Museum,
I lIousr·.· (ioi·w·norKs rlrlansions (I/i]{(’lIII{('/(_\'. " 215 West Main St., Lexington, KY 40507.
l Clark helped establish the University of Kentucky
I — Ralph Derlckson
I -1 K1iNt‘ttt‘k\‘ Al.llMNl