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 5 , .._. 2
. .‘J:,
f . Prepared by
The Survey of Federal Archives
Division of Professional and Service Projects
Works Progress Administration
V '3 The National Archives
5 Cooperating Sponsor .
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4 ,
5% e‘
1: _ NO. 12. ILLINOIS
L .
>|< >5: * >k * >|< * ac *
I Chicago, Illinois
The Historical Records Survey
‘ 1959

. E
E The Historical Records Survey
- 1E Philip M. Hamer, Associate National Director ,
I in Charge of the Inventory of Federal Al'chives
i Royal S. Van de Woestyne, State Director
' E 4, Division of Professional and Service Projects
E 4:! r ,
E 1‘5: ‘35: Florence Kerr, Assistant Administrator
'g 3‘ Mary Gillette Moon, State Director
“is. «93“
' l r. C. Harrington, Administrator
i Charles E. Miner, State Administrator
E ,
, 'E

1 The Inventory of Federal Archives in the States is one of the products of
E a nation—wide survey of the archives of the Federal Government outside of the
3 District of Columbia. This survey operated from January 1, 1936 to June 30,
i 1937 as a nationnwide project of the works Progress Administration, with the
3 National Archives acting as co-sponsor.' Since that date it has continued as
. 3 a unit of the Historical Records Survey, also a nation-wide project of the
Wbrks Progress Administration, and a group of state or local projectsnof that
‘ The plan for the organization of the Inventory is as follows: Series I con—
‘ sists of reports on the administration of the Survey, acknowledgments, and
general discussions of the location,condition, and content of federal archives
in the states. Succeeding series contain the detailed information secured by
workers of the Survey, in inventory form, a separate series number being as—
signed to each of the executive departments (except the Department of State)
and other major units of the Federal Government. Within each series No. l is V
a general introduction to the field organization and records of the govern—
mental agency concerned; the succeeding numbers contain the inventory proper,
separate numbers being assigned to each state in alphabetical order. Thus,
in each series, the inventory for Alabama is No. 2, that for Arizona No. 3,
that for Arkansas No. 4, etc.
E For each local office information regarding each series, or unit of related
1 records,is presented in the following order: title, inclusive dates ("to date" .
E indicating an open file at the time the information was secured), general den
‘ scription of informational content, description of the system of filing or
indexing (if any), a statement of frequency and purpose of use, form of the
record itself (bound volumes, sheets in folders, etc.), linear footage, de—
scription of the containers, physical condition of the records (not stated if
satisfactory), location by room number or other identifying information, and
finally, the number of the Form 588A on which this information was originally
. recorded by a Survey worker and from which it was abstracted for the Inventory
This form is on file in the National Archives. When it contains substantial
information on addenda sheets which has not been included in the mimeographed
abstract, indication of this is given by use of the reference "See addenda". ,
The work of the Survey in Illinois began on February 27, 1936 under the
supervision of Dr. Russell H. Anderson, with William E. Austin, Assistant
Regional Director, and continued until June 30, 1937. Since that time it has
been carried on by the Historical Records Survey under the supervision of the
Director. This inventory of the Archives of the Federal Courts in Illinois
was prepared by Stanley Schulty, assisted by Eugene Kendrick, and was typed
and stenciled by Margaret Birdie of the Chicago office. Before final typing
and mineographing, this product was edited by Dr. Richard R. Stenberg of the
I washington office.
- V/‘Ja’é (Y Z46 ‘4 aJfiM/M
1 RgZal S. Van de Wbestyng/l
June 30, 1939 State Director
Chicago, Illinois Historical Records Survey

INTRODUCTION...................................................... 1
Seventh Circuit
Clerk.................................................. 4
Northern District — Eastern Division
Chicago .
Clerk.................................................. 10
Old Circuit Court Records........................... 10
District Court Records.............................. 16
Probation and Parole Officers.......................... 51
Referees in Bankruptcy................................. 52
United States Commissioner............................. 71
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 72
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 73
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 74
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 76
' Northern District — Western Division
Deputy Clerkccusou.oon.oI...uon.ounce-o-uoououooonono-p 76
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 79
United States Commissioner............................. 80
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 80
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 81
Eastern District
Deputy Clerk and United States Commissioner............ 82
Deputy Clerk........................................... 82
Probation and Parole Officers.......................... 85
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 86
United States Commissioner............................. 87
East St. Louis
Clerk.................................................. 87
Probation and Parole Officers.......................... 93

Table of Contents
Southern District u Northern Division
Deputy Clerk........................................... 95
Old Circuit Court Records........................... 95
District Court Records.............................. 97
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 102
United States Commissioners............................ 105
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 104
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 104
Rock Island -
United States Commissioner............................. 107
Southern District — Southern Division
Clerk.................................................. 108
Old Circuit Court Records........................... 108
‘ District Court Records.............................. 110
Probation and Parole 0fficer........................... . 120
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 125
United States Commissioner............................. 125
, Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 124
- United States Commissioner............................. 125
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 125
' United States Commissioner............................. 125
Referee in Bankruptcy.................................. 126
United States Commissioner............................. 127
CHRONOLOGICAL INDEX............................................... 128


The United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit was
established by Act of Congress, June 16, 1891 and embraces the states of
Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. It is located in the United States Court—
house, Clark and Adams Streets, Chicago. This court has no original juris-
diction but takes cases on appeal and thus relieves the Supreme Court. One
Justice of the Supreme Court is assigned to each Circuit. The actual judges
for this court consist of from three to six appointed to the Circuit, and all
the district judges within the circuit. Court is held normally by three cir-
cuit court judges, but any district judge within the circuit may be assigned
to sit on any case except those which have been appealed from his court. The
term of court begins on the first Tuesday in October and is divided into
three sessions, commencing on the first Tuesday in October and the second
Tuesdays of January and April. The court retains its archives with the fol-
lowing exceptions: a writ of Certiorari will cause the removal of the files _
of the case upon which the writ is issued to the Supreme Court. Certain
financial reports are submitted to the Department of Justice, Washington, D.
C., and duplicates are retained here.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois,
Eastern Division, is located in the United States Courthouse, Clark and Adams
Streets, Chicago. Federal Courts first began to hold sessions in Chicago
sometime before 1850. It is known that Judge Thomas Drummond held court in
both Chicago and Springfield as early as 1850. Probably these were sessions
of both the Circuit and District Courts. The Northern District of Illinois ,
was established by Act of Congress on February 13, 1855, which divided the ‘.
state into two districts, supplementing the previous single District of 111i;
nois. The newly created Northern District included the counties of Hancock,
McDonough, Peoria, Wbodford, Livingston, and Iroquois, and those lying north
of them. Judge Drummond, who was officially stationed at Springfield at

' ‘ that time, as well as the Clerk of the Court, who was also officially sta-

. tioned at Springfield, were transferred to Chicago. Both the old Circuit and
the District Courts then held sessions at Chicago, as the seat of the North—
ern District. Section 2 of the Act of February 13, 1855 says: "There shall
be two terms of the circuit court and district courts begun and held in each
of said districts, to wit: at the city of Chicago for the Northern District
on the first Monday in July and the third Monday in December....." A con-
current clerkship served both courts until about 1894, when a separate clerk
was appointed for each court.

It was ordered in 1855 that the records from Springfield be transferred to
Chicago, and such a transfer was made. Thus, practically all the records for
the old District of Illinois, plus the records of the Chicago District from
1855 to 1871 were destroyed in the great Chicago fire of 1871. It may be no—
ticed however, that a very few records in the present files antedate the
fire. Various explanations of these old records have been obtained. Some
officials say that they were reconstructed from data located in Springfield,
or from data in private hands. Other officials say the records were kept in
certain fireproof vaults.

Records of the old Circuit Court are now in the custody of the Clerk of

i the District Court. The old Circuit Court was abolished December 31, 1911.
The equity case numbers of the old Circuit Court were dropped, as well as
the equity numbers for the District Court, and a new series was begun for

 Introduction 2
the District Court on January 1, 1912. It had been the policy after about
1878 to file the Circuit and District Court Law and Admiralty cases under
the same numerical series, and following the abolition of the old Circuit
Court that numerical series was continued for the Law Series of the District
Court. .

The present Northern District was established by the Act of March 3,1905.
The Eastern Division indludes the counties of Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy,
Kane, Kendall, Lake, LaSallc, McHenry and Will. The chief clerk for the
entire district is located in Chicago, with a Deputy Clerk for the Western
Division in Freeport.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois,
Western Division was established in 1905. It is located in the United
States Post Office and Courthouse, 115 W. Stephenson Street, Freeport. This
division includes Boone, Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson, White—
side, and Winnebago Counties.

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Illinois was
established in 1905 when a general change was made setting up three dis—
tricts in Illinois instead of the previous two. An office of Deputy Clerk .
and United States Commissioner is located in Cairo. The Eastern District is
peculiar in that there are no divisions, as there are in the Northern and
Southern Districts. The counties in the district are: Alexander, Champaign,
Clark, Clay, Clinton, Coles, Crawford, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Edwards,
Effingham, Fayette, Ford, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Iroguois,
Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Johnson, Kankakee, Lawrence, Marion, Massac,
Monroe, Moultrie, Perry, Piatt, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Richland, St. Clair,
Saline, Shelby, Union, Vermilion, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, White, and
Williamson. .

Court is held on the first Mondays in April and October in Cairo, the
first Mondays in May and November in East St. Louis, and the first Mondays
in March and September at Danville. It was apparent, from the records sur—
veyed, and confirmed by information from the Chief Clerk at East St.Louis,

. that the Chief Clerk now located in East St. Louis, at some time since 1905,
had his office at Danville, with deputies at East St. Louis. The office of
I the Referee in Bankruptcy has likewise been moved from one city to the other.
At present no current records are kept at Cairo. The records from sessions
arising at Danville are kept in that city and those for the rest of the dis—
trict are kept at East St. Louis.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois,
Northern Division is located in the United States Post Office and Courthouse
Building, Peoria. A Deputy Clerk to be stationed at Peoria was appointed in
1905, to have jurisdiction over the present district, which consists of the
counties of Bureau, Fulton, Henderson, Henry, Knox, Livingston, Marshall,
McDonough, Mercer, Peoria, Putnam, Rock Island, Stark, Tazewell, warren, and
Woodford. It is quite certain that sessions of Federal courts were held
here beginning about 1855, but it is not certain that there was a clerk who
maintained records here at that early date. According to one source of in—
formation, this first became an office of record about 1855. It will be
noticed that there certain dockets here for the earlier dates which may in—
dicate that there was a clerk officially stationed here, but that the case
records were filed elsewhere, as at Chicago until 1905. Necessary reports
are made to the District Clerk at Springfield and to Washington.

 Introduction 3

It is not certain when sessions of the Circuit Court were first held in
Peoria, but one official stated that there was a Deputy Clerk of the Circuit
Court before 1905. It appears from records found that the Circuit Court
case files may have been filed at Chicago until 1905 and then maintained
here after this city was placed in the Southern District.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois,
Southern Division is located in the Federal Building, 600—700 E. Monroe
Street, Springfield. A Clerk of the Federal Court was first established in
Springfield in 1839, when the state capital was moved from its previous locae
tion at Vandalia. The site of the District Court for the District of Illi—
nois had been at Vandalia, the seat of the state government, from 1819 to
1839. This office continued as the clerkship for the District of Illinois
until 1855, when the state was divided into two districts, the Southern Dis—
trict to consist of the counties lying south of the line formed by Hancock,
McDonough, Peoria, Wbodford, Livingston and Iroquois Counties. It is under—
stood from officials at Springfield that the District Court held sessions at
Springfield, East St. Louis, and Cairo (and possibly at Danville and Quincy)
during the period 1855 to 1905. In 1905 the state was redistricted again so ‘
that now the Southern District of Illinois includes the counties of Adams,
Bond, Brown, Calhoun, Cass, Christian, De Witt, Greene, Hancock, Jersey,
Logan, Macon, Macoupin, Madison, Mason, McLean, Menard, Montgomery, Morgan,
Pike, Sangamon, Schuyler, and Scott in the Southern division, with the Dis—
trict Clerk at Springfield, and the counties of Bureau, Fulton, Henderson,
Henry, Knox, Livingston, Marshall, McDonough, Mercer, Peoria, Putnam, Rock
Island, Stark, Tazewell, Warren, and Noodford, in the Northern division,with
a Deputy Clerk at Peoria. Court is held in the Southern District at Spring—
field on the first Mondays in January and June; at Quincy on the first Mon—
days in March and September, and at Peoria on the third Mondays in April and
October. There has never been an office of record at Quincy.

When the state was divided into two districts in 1855, it was ordered
that Judge Drummond and the clerk of court of the old District of Illinois
both be transferred to Chicago, and the records up to 1855 were likewise

_ transferred to Chicago. Provision was made that certain of those records
might be cepied so as to be available in Springfield. Such copies as were
made account for the few records in Springfield antedating 1855. The actual
records transferred to Chicago were destroyed in the fire there in 1871.

The information obtained regarding the activities of the old Circuit
Court in this district is not considered entirely reliable, but it was
learned that probably there was a Circuit Court holding sessions from the
time the District Court was established in Illinois in 1819. After about
1837, at least, the two courts had concurrent jurisdiction, and it is under-
stood that there was a dual clerkship for the courts until 1855. Since that
time it is certain that there was a clerk for each court, one for the Cir—
cuit Court at Springfield for 44 years until the Circuit Court was abolished
on December 31, 1911. It is stated definitely that the old Circuit Court
held sessions at Springfield, East St. Louis, and Cairo, and that sessions
of that court were also held at Danville, Quincy, Palestine, and Vandalia.
The records of the two courts have been separated in this report as much as
possible, but any combination records have been listed with the District
Court records.

 . 4
U. S. Courthouse, Clark and Adams Sts. .

Quarters were occupied in the Monadnock Building from 1891 to December
1904 when the office was moved to the present quarters. No archives have
been lost or destroyed, except for certain printed duplicate opinions .
which were stored in the dome, 16th floor, of the U. S. Courthouse and
which were destroyed after being badly water—soaked.

l. CLERK'S MINUTE BOOK, Jan. 12, 1892 to date. Entries of all cases
in court, motions, hearings, arguments, dates, decision of court, appeal
case number, title of case, and name of court from which appeal was taken.
Entered chronologically and numerically. General index. (Rarely, offi—
cial.) 11 x 16 vols. (27), 4 ft. 6 in., on wooden shelf. Vault in R. 725.

2. CLERK'S JOURNAL, June 16, 1891 to date. Copy of court orders in
various cases and proceedings before it, showing case number, title of
action, and date. Entered chronologically. General index. (Occasion—
ally, official.) 11% x 18 vols. (27), and loose—leaf book, 5 ft. 10 in.,
on wooden shelf. Vault in R. 725. (3735)

3. CLERK’S MEMORANDUM BOOKS, Aug. 6, 1891 to date. Showing name of
court from which appeal was taken, appeal case number, title of action,
attorneys, date of filing transcript and appearance of attorneys, date
when transcript was sent to printer, date returned, date of filing briefs,
and disposition of the case; entries are transferred to minute, journal
and dooket books. Entered numerically and chronologically. General index.
(Frequently, official.) 14% x 22 vols. (20), 1 ft. 8 in., in steel book
cabinet. R. 725. (3745)

4. CLERK‘S GENERAL DOCKETS, June 6, 1891 to date. Showing papers
filed, entered, and docketed in each case on appeal, notation of deposits,
fees, and costs in each case, appeal case number, title of case, and final
disposition. Entered numerically. Indexed; and general index. (Frequent—
ly, official.) 14 x 1? vols. (22), 3 ft. 8 in., on wooden shelf and on
steel roller shelf. R. 725 and vault in R. 725. (3749, 3750)

 ' Clerk of Circuit Court of Appeals, Chicago 5

5. RECORD OF CASES ON APPEAL, Aug. 1891 to date. Record of cases
Nos. 1—5961 appealed from the district and old circuit courts to the
Circuit Court of Appeals, containing an original transcript made by clerk
of district or circuit court showing complaint, documentary exhibits,
defendant's answer, court orders, amended pleadings, waiver of trial by
jury, testimony of witnesses, findings of fact and conclusions of law,
judgment, petitionfei-writ of errors, assignment of errors, order allow—
ing writ of error, bond of appellant, writ of error, praecipe for record,
certificate of clerk, and citation, all of which papers show the title
of action, appeal case number and attorneys. General index. (Rarely,
official.) 7 x 11 and 12 x 14 vols., folders, envelopes, and stapled half
covers, 6104 ft., in steel filing containers in 3071 filing cases. Rs.
728, 726, 725 and'727. (5704.5707, 5580, 5578)

V 6. CLERK'S DIARY, 1921 to date. Daily entries on all papers received
in appeal cases showing purpose, appearance of attorneys, and amount of
fees received. Entered chronologically and numerically. General index.
(Frequently, official.) 8% x 18% vels., 1 ft. 3 in., on wooden shelf and on .
desk. R. 725 and vault in R. 725. (5751, 5752)

7. RECORDS AND BRIEFS, 1891 to date. Record of cases appealed from '
district and circuit courts to Circuit Court of Appeals, giving complaint,
documentary exhibits, defendant's answers, court orders, amended plead—
ings, waiver of trial by jury, testimony of witnesses, findings of fact
and conclusions of law, judgment, petition for writ of errors, assignments
of errors, order allowing writ of error, bond of appellant, writ of error,
praecipe for record, certificate of clerk, and citations, all of which
show title of action, appeal case number, and attorneys. General index.
(Frequently, official.) 7 x 11 and 8% x 15 vols. (2179), 544 ft. 7% in., in
wooden bookcase. Rs. 725, 726. (5705, 5756, 5702)

8. OPINIONS OF THE COURT, Jan. 1891 to date. Typewritten opinions in
cases on appeal, showing title of action, case appeal number, dates appeal

' was argued and opinion was rendered, nature of appeal, statement of facts, ,
judge, opinion, judges concurring or dissenting, and dissenting opinions.
Entered numerically. General index. (Frequently, official.) 7 x 10 vols.
and 8% x 13 loose—leaf books, 16 ft. 6 in., on wooden shelf and in wooden
bin. R. 726 and vault in R. 725. (5755, 5577, 5740, 5752) ,

9. BILL OF COSTS, Aug. 1891 to date. Copies of itemized expense bill
of successful party in appeal case, showing costs, fees, and disbursements
as taxed and allowed by clerk of court. Entered chronologically and nu—
merically. General index. (Never.) 8% x 15 loose—leaf books (10), 4 ft.

3 in., on wooden shelf and in 3 wooden bins. Vault in R. 725. (3736, 3719)
10. MOTIONS FOR LEAVE TO APPEAL, 1956 to date. Petition for leave to
appeal from orders made in district court in various cases, showing parties,
case number, brief in support of petition, notice of filing thereof,n0tices

of appearance of attorneys for parties opposed to petition, answers and
briefs of opposing parties, and notice of hearing before court. General

. index. (Frequently, official.) 8 x 13 loose sheets, 2 ft., in drawer of
steel filing ease. R. 726. (5579)

 Clerk of Circuit Court of Appeals, Chicago 6
11. MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS AND ORDERS, Nov. 1891 to date. Judges' desig~
nations of other judges to take their place in court for a designated pe—
riod of time, resolutions on judges' death, judge's appointments of clerks ,
and deputy clerks, oaths of office and surety company bonds of clerks,
list of criminal cases in which petitions for writ of certiorari were de-
nied by Supreme Court, draft of memorandum opinions in cases prepared by
judges, oaths and affidavits of judges of Circuit Court of Appeals, copies
of notices served upon attorneys to strike their names from the roll of
attorneys and orders made thereupon, order authorizing payment to printing
firms for indexes and rebinding of opinions and law books in the judges'
law library, contracts with printing firms for printing cases on appeal,
appointments of marshals, and printed copies of court rules made in Aug.
1891 with amendments and revisions, applications and petitions presented
in various cases and proceedings for permission to appeal to this court
from orders made by lower court, decisions denying such appeal, orders of
Circuit Court of Appeals granting leave to withdraw transcripts of record
on appeal, and orders to show cause why certain exhibits withdrawn for a
definite period of time should not be returned to the file. These cases ‘
and proceedings are not numbered or docketed because they never became a
record of court after leave to appeal had been denied. Typewritten on
legal size papers. Filed alphabetically and entered chronologically.
(Papers, occasionally; orders, never, official.) 8% x 11 and 8% x 15 loose
sheets and loose—leaf books, 3 ft., in letter box files on open wooden
shelf and in canister and in 2 wooden bins. vault in R. 725. (3733, 3741,
‘ ON APPEAL AND ORDERS GRANTING EXTENSION, July 17, 1894 — Mar. 20, 1922.
Showing title of action or proceedings on appeal and case number. Entered
chronologically. General index. (Never.) 8% X 13 loose—leaf books, 1 ft.
4 in., in 4 steel canisters. Vault in R. 725. (3722)

V 13. CLERK'S NOTICE TO ATTORNEYS, July 7, 1936 to date. Notices to
attorneys in various cases and proceedings on appeal, showing estimated
cost of printing papers on appeal. Entered chronologically and numeric-
ally. General index. (Occasionally, official.) 8% X 11 and 8% X 13
loose—leaf books, 1 ft., in 3 steel canisters. Vault in R. 725. (3721)

14. NOTICE OF REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS, Jan. 20, 1916 ~ May 29, 1917.
Notices to attorneys in cases or proceedings on appeal to remove mechan~
ical exhibits stored in the clerk's office within 10 days from date of
notice or exhibits will be destroyed or otherwise disposed of; show case
number and title. Entered numerically. General index. (Never.) 8% X 11
loose~1eaf books, 8 in., in 2 steel canisters. Vault in R. 725. (3720)

15. BONDS FOR COSTS ON APPEAL, June 14, 1902 ~ Nov. 30, 1904. Original
bonds filed in cases as security for costs on appeals of cases to Supreme
Court. Filed chronologically. General index. (Never.) 8% x 13 bundles,
1 ft., in steel canister. Vault in R. 725. (3734)

 Clerk of Circuit Court of Appeals, Chicago 7

16. BONDS OF SUPERSEDEAS AND FOR COSTS, July 16, 1906 to date.
Bonds in cases pending before court to secure payment to successful

' party of final judgment, costs, and fines, and for compliance with
court orders and mandates. Entered chronologically and alphabetic—
ally.' General index. (Occasionally, official.) 8% X 13 loose—leaf
books, 10 fta, in 30 steel canisters. Vault in R. 725. (3743)

17. GENERAL INDEX TO PLAINTIFFS, July 6, 1891 to date. [Index of
cases before Circuit Court of Appeals showing appeal number, plaintiff,
petitioner, and defendant. Entered alphabetically, chronologically,
and numerically. (Frequently, official.) 12% X 13 vol., 3% in., on open
wooden shelf. Vault in R. 725. (3725) .

18. SURETY COMPANY QUALIFICATIONS, Nov. 6, 1916 ~ July 2, 1935.
Certificates, affidavits, and statements by surety companies, showing
their qualifications to do business in Illinois and their authority
to act as surety on bonds that may be required and showing that they
are financially responsible. Entered chronologically and alphabetic— ,
ally. (Occasionally, official.) 8% X 11 and 8% X 13 loose~leaf books,

1 ft., in 3 canisters. Vault in R. 725. (3718)

19. ROLL OF ATTORNEYS, 1891 to date. Showing attorneys admitted to
practice before Circuit Court of Appeals, date of admission, and signa—
ture of applicant. Filed alphabetically. (Frequently, official.) loose
sheets and 3 X 5 cards, 176 ft., on metal shelves and slides in card
cabinet. R. 725. (3726)

1934. Record of appealed cases sent to west Publishing Co. and Report—
ing Corporation for printing, showing case number and date. Entered
numerically. General index. (Rarely, official.) 11 X 14 and 8 X 10
vols. (2), 1% in., on open wooden shelfo Vault in R. 726. (3728,3730)

JAMES G. JENKINS, Apr. 10, 1906 ~ Nov. 30, 1930. Correspondence be—
tween clerk and members of bar associations regarding a meeting to
adopt resolutions in memory of justices, notice of funeral arrange—
ments, request for contributions for painting of a portrait of deceased
judge, replies, list of contributors and amounts, etc., resolutions for
the presentation of a portrait of judges, request for contributions to
defray expenses, replies of members enclosing contributions, notice to
contributors to attend presentation of portrait, account by clerk, and
vouchers showing disposition of funds received. Arranged alphabetic—
ally. (Rarely, official.) 8% X 11 and 8% X 13 sheets stapled together,
1 ft. 9 in., in cardboard letter file on open wooden shelf. Vault in R.
725. (3711—3717)

 Clerk of Circuit Court of Appeals, Chicago 8

22. CIRCULARS AND FORM LETTERS, June 1, 1926 7 Feb. 19, 1929.
Circulars and form letters of the Department of Justice to officials.
of U. S. courts relative to accounts, inventories, and form letters
to be used for the business of their respective offices in communica—
tion with the Department of Justice. Entered chronologically. (Fre—
quently, official.) 9 x 12 loose—leaf books, 1 in., on open wooden
shelf. Vault in R. 725. (3727)

23. CORRESPONDENCE ON LAW LIBRARY, 1891 to date. Letters between
law book publishing companies, court clerk, and Department of Justice,
relative to repair and replacement of law books in library; also pur—
chase orders, vouchers, and itemized liSt of law books in the library.
Entered chronologically. (Occasionally, official.) 9 X 12 vols. (10),
2 ft. 6 in., on open wooden shelf. Vault in R. 725. (3708)

24. CORRESPONDENCE, Aug. 18, 1891 to date. Letters from lawyers
and firms to clerk requesting copies of papers and information about
cases on appeal, and clerk‘s replies. Filed numerically. (Never.)

9% x 13 covers and 8% x 11 bundles, 18 ft. 4 in., in 4 drawers of
steel filing case and in 4 boxes. Vault in R. 725 and R. 725—A.
(374e, 3747)

25. CLERK‘S MONTHLY CASH BOOKS, Oct. 26, 1898 to date. Showing
monthly total of costs and fees received and expenditures for salaries
of employees in clerk‘s office, office supplies, and printing, and not
total earnings annually; also daily entries of deposits and fees re—
ceived and disbursements, and list of bonds in cases with notation on
return or cancellation of same. All items of deposits and fees are
transferred to the general docket under title of case. Entered chro—
nologically. (Occasionally, official.)