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     The Board of Trustees of the State University of Kentucky met in regular

session on Tuesday, June 4, 1912, at 12 o'clock in the Trustees' Room in the Gymnasium


     Governor 'McCreary was present and acted as Chairman of the Meeting.

     On roll-call the following were present:

Messrs. Cassius Id. Clay, Hywel Davies, Richard C. Stoll, Louis L. Nalker, C. B.

Nichols, James K. Patterson, James 1'. Turner, Tibbis Carpenter, William H. Cox,

Denny P. Smith, C. B. Terrell, and Henry S. Barker.

     Absent: Messrs. Barksdale Hamlett, Robert V7. Brown, Richard H. Wathen, James

Breathitt, and T. L. Edelen.

     The minutes of the December meeting were read and on motion duly approved.

Motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously that the presiding officer of each

meeting be required to sign the minutes of said meeting.  Mr. Clay thereupon signed

the minutes of the December meeting.

     The minutes of the special meeting in April were then read, after the reading

of which Mir. Clay requested that the minutes be corrected by the insertion of the

word "publicly" in the report of the agreement with Dr. Patterson, just before the

words, "criticise the administration".  Said correction being made, on motion the

minutes were approved and signed by Governor !ZcCreary.

The Secretary then read the minutes of the Executive Committee.

Tune 4, 1912



      br. Clay objected to the resolution in the minutes of the meeting of the Execu-

 tive Committee of April 12th., which reads as follows:

      Upon motion made, seconded, and unanimously carried, the money due Dr. 'Tames K.

Patterson on his retiring allowance shall be paid him whenever he sends to the Chair-

man of the Executive Committee, to be handed to the Board of Trustees, his resignation

as a member of the Board of Trustees, his resignation as a member of the faculty, his

resignation as a mimber of the Library Committee, and also a statement of his relin-

quishment of his claim to an office in the library building on the campus.  The Chair-

man of the Executive Committee, Mir. Nichols, mill furnish him a copy of this order.

     He made a motion that the said resolution be stricken from the minutes. On roll-

call on this motion the vote stood:

     Yeas: Messrs. Davies, Clay, INTichols,   -   3

     Nloes: 1Iessrs. Walker, Cox, Carpenter, Smith, Barker, Terrell, Turner,

            and Governor ElcCreary, - 8

The motion was declared lost.

     Motion was made, seconded, and carried that the minutes be adopted as read.

     President Barker read his semi-annual report, which is as follows:

Board of Trustees,

                  State University of Kentucky.


         I have the honor to submit to you my report as President, setting forth the

condition of affairs of the University for the period intervening between the regular

December Term 1911 and the present time.   It has been well said, "Blessed are the

people whose annals are short", ani with equal truth the same may be said of Univer-


Tune 4, 1912



      So far as the educational side of the University is concerned, it is now enjoying

 a period of unexampled prosperity.  The Registrar's book shows a total enrollment

 for the school session 1911-12 of 1262 students, and I confidently believe that this

 number will be greatly increased during the coming session of 1912-1913.  It gives me

 great pleasure to say for the student body that it is equal in moral tone and deport-

 ment and in mental endowment and application of any similar student body in the land.

 There has been no hazing nor other outrage, no destruction of property during the past

 session, and all of our students seem deeply imbued with a high university spirit and

 a determination to build on our campus a university which shall be second to none in

 the country.

     [e have, as you perhaps know, the honor system prevailing and under it the

students have taken into their hands the government of themselves and are carrying it

forward with the greatest success.   They have their own courts and trials, of which

the faculty have no knowledge whatever. Several students have been sent home by the

students for dishonorable conduct without the slightest friction or criticism. what

the students do of course creates no feeling of resentment towards the faculty or the

university and there can be no suspicion of unfair treatment.   We have only had this

system in good working order for a few months, but thus far I am exceedingly gratified

at the result of its work and I am looking forward to the greatest good in the future

from its more perfect development in the hands of the student body.

     During the early spring, in conjunction with the State Department of Agriculture,

whose head is the Hon. John W. Newman, the University operated an agricultural train

through some seventy counties of the State.   The railroad corporations owning these

lines furnished cars and hauled the train free and the State and the University are both

greatly indebted to them for their generosity in this matter, as it viould have been im-

possible, with our limited means, to do this without the aid of the corporations. This

train stopped at three or four places during each day and was thrown open to the in-

spection of the farmers who congregated there to hear the lectures and to see the

June 4, .1912


MINUTES OF TKE BOARD OF TRUSTEES       -       June 4, 1912

exhibits of live stock and other agricultural products and to hear the lectures on

various subjects best suited to the development of farming industry.   The State

Department of Agriculture had in its employ several distinguished lecturers from other

states and these were supplemented by various professors from the Agricultural College

of the University. The train created a great deal of enthusiasm and very large crowds

congregated for the lectures every time the train stopped, and I am sure that the bene-

fit accruing to the farming interests by what was done is very great and not the least

part of this benefit lay in the fact that there was presented to the minds of the

youth at least a glimpse of the great possibilities spread out before the farmer, if

he could secure a scientific education in agriculture.   I feel quite sure that no

department of the University will grow so rapidly for the next year or two as will the

Agricultural College.

     T'he General Assembly, as you know, appropriated to the Agricultural Department

an annual income of $50,000.00 for extension work throughout the State, and also for

the benefit of the whole University, including the Agricultural College, an additional

sum of $50,000.00 a year.  W'ith this money it is proposed to push the Agricultural

College as fast as it can grow.   This department, up to the last year, has been

almost wholly neglected, being practically a negligible quantity in the work of the

University, but I promised the Legislature last session that if these appropriations

were made, every effort should be put forth to forward the agricultural interests of

the Conmonwealth; and this promise should be redeemed, so that the farmer can feel

that the University has a substantial value for him, and when this is done, there will

be no trouble in securing all the money that is necessary for building up a great

State University.

     The financial affairs of the institution are not materially variant from the

conditions set forth in my report to the General Assembly at its last session. The

indebtedness is now, as then, $97,000.00, which we of course are unable to pay, but

it was understood that if the Legislature would make the appropriations mentioned,


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSS        -       Tune 4, 1912

that we would be able to carry it until the next meeting of the General Assembly, When

provision for its final payment would be made.

      I will not enter into any detail as to the coming budget, for the reason that

 you have a special committee now preparing the same, who will make report at your

 meeting in June, and their report will embody what I shall ask your honorable board

 to order for the coming term. There will be submitted to you at your meeting the

 Business Agent's final statement which will show accurately the condition of the

 finances of the University, and enable you to make such provision for the future as

 your wisdom may suggest.

      In conclusion, it gives me great pleasure to say that in my opinion the Univer-

 sity is entering upon an era of great prosperity. The increase in number of the

 student body has not been the mere acquisition of quantity at the expense of quality.

 I believe we are attracting the attention of the very best student material in the

 State, and I have every confidence that the great increase in numbers which I expect

 will bring with it a corresponding increase in the quality and character of the student

 body. Our faculty is deeply imbued with and stimulated by the hope of building up a

 great University and I rely vith great confidence upon their loyalty in aiding me in

 the laudable enterprise of giving to Kentucly an institution of higher education worthy

 of her splendid history.

     With great respect, I am

                                 Very sincerely yours,

                                      HENRY S. BEAKEMR.

     Motion made, seconded, and unanimously carried that the President's Report be

referred to the Committee on the President's Report.

     Motion made, seconded, and unanimously carried that the Secretary be authorized

to have the regular order of business made out and printed or typewritten in the form

of a program.



     The Chairnan thereupon appointed the following regular committees for the

ensuing year:

     President's Report:   SuDt. Healett, Messrs. Edelen and Davies.

     Finance: Messrs. Nichols, Clay, and HIamlett.

     Apparciations: Messrs. Carpenter, Nichols, and Patterson.

     Exerimant Station: Messrs. Davies, Barker and Wathen.

     Sailaries: Messrs. Barker, Stoll, and Davies.

     Internal Expansion: Messrs. Terrell, Carpenter and Smith.

     Military Instruction & College Discipline:   Messrs. Stoll, Smith and Terrell.

     Minutes of Faculty: Messrs. Hamlett, Terrell, and Clay.

     Nominating Executive Committee: Messrs. Barker, Edelen and Walker.

     Nominating Board of Control: Messrs. Barker, Edelen and 31athen.

     The Special Committee appointed at the ADril meeting Vas asked to make a report,

andrMr. Davies, for the Committee, stated that they had not had time to prepare a

definite report dealing with facts and figures and asked for more time to prepare the

'budget'which could best be done after the closing of the books on July lst., and that

said report could probably be made by Yuly 15th.

     Motion was made and carried that the Committee be given further time.

     Motion made, seconded and carried unanimously that when this Board adjourns, it

shall adjourn to meet on the first Monday in August in the Trustees' Room in the

Gymnasium Building at eleven o'clock.

Tune 4, 1912



     Motion made that the Board take up the election of a treasurer of the University

 to fill the vacancy caused by the death of M1ajor Robert S. Bullock, seconded and

 unanimously carried.

     Ir. T. W. Rodes was thereupon nominated as Treasurer.

     Motion made, seconded and carried that the Secretary be authorized to cast one

 ballot for Mr. Rodes, as he was the only person in nomination, which was done and Mr.

 Rodes was declared elected.  It was moved that the Treasurer be required to give the

 bond required by the statute.

     President Barker stated that he had received from Dr. -Wickliffe Rose, Secretary

of the Trustees of the Peabody Education Fund, the following letter:

                                         May 28, 1912.

President Henry S. Barker,

          State University, Lexington, Ky.

Dear President Barker:- I am enclosing papers for FAX execution by the proper

authorities of your Institution. Please have these papers executed in triplicate;

keep one of the copies for your ovm files and return the original and the other copy

to me. This other copy will be placed on file in this office and the original will

be sent to Mr. Choate. When Mr. Choate receives the paper properly signed his Com-

mittee will instruct Mr. Morgan, the treasurer to pay over the funds.

                                         Very sincerely yours,

                                            WICICLIFFE RUSE.

He thereupon presented the following preamble and resolution:

     'TMEtAS, MTH TREEUS OF EE PEABODY EDUCATION FUIDD has voted to grant to the

STATE UNIVERSITY, LXIINGTON, KEBTNUCIKY, the sUm of forty thousand dollars, the prin-

cipal of which said sum of forty thousand dollars is to be held as an endowment -- to

be known as the George Peabody Endowment -- on condition that the Trustees of said

Tune 4, 1912


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES     -      June 4, 1912

University agree to apply the income of said fund to and use the same for maintenance

of the School of Education in said STAIE UrTCrvISI-T , dLKJ  ON, I1TUCKY, and for

no other purpose, and agree to appropriate and contribute each year for the maintenance

of said school in said University such further sum as will make the perpetual annual

income for such School at least the sum of ten thousand dollars; and the said LI E

TRUSTEES OF TIE PEABODY EDUCATION FUN-D is ready to pay over the said sum of forty

thousand dollars to the STATE UNIWERSITY, IXCINLGTN, KEM[U CKY, to be used for the pur-

poses aforesaid, and upon the condition aforesaid, IxlW, TkrEREOPLE,

     RESOLVED, that the said grant of forty thousand. dollars be and the same hereby

is accepted by the STATE UDUN--i,'SIj-,  =11UND11, IMFTUCKY, and that the principal of

said sum of forty thousand dollars be held as an endowment -- to be known as the

George Peabody Endowment -- that the Trustees of the STATE Tj1VErSIjTY, I iCE)-1  ,

KENTUCCY, and the said University agree that the income of the said fund will be

applied to and used for the maintenance of the School of Education in said STATkh UNIV1-

SITY, LGXING'rN, EN TUCKY, and for no other purpose, and that the said Trustees and

University will appropriate and contribute each year for the maintenance of said School

in said University such further sum as will make the perpetual annual income for such

School at least the sum of ten thousand dollars; that the President be and he hereby

is authorized and directed to sign and execute in the name and on behalf of the STATE

WNITERSITY, IZIiZIS  N, IEMTUCIY, and affix its corporate seal to a receipt for said

sum of forty thousand dollars to be used as aforesaid, and an agreement so to use the

same as aforesaid; and to prove the execution of such receipt and agreement and to

deliver the same on receipt of said sum of forty thousand dollars.

     A true copy.


     On motion, seconded and unanimously carried, this resolution was adopted,

and President Barker was authorized to sign and deliver the following receipt:



     "RECEIVED this the seventh day of Tune, 1912, from TSE  AU TTES OF 5EE PEABODY

EDUCATION MtMh the sum of forty thousand dollars ($40,000.00), in consideration of

which the STATE TNIVERSITI, I=EXNGTON, KENTUCKY agrees with the said Trustees, its

successors and assigns, that the said University will hold the principal of said sum

of forty thousand dollars (,40,000.00) as endoiment -- to be kAown as the George

Peabody Endowment -- and will apply the income of said fund to and use the same for

maintenance of the School of Education in said STATE UNTVERSITY, IINIMTON, KEMNITu3CY,

and for no other purpose, and will appropriate and contribute each year, for the

maintenance of said school in said University such further sum as will make the per-

petual annual income for such school at least the sum of ten thousand dollars

*( 0,000.00o).


corporate seal to be hereunto affixed and these presents to be signed and executed

by its President thereunto duly authorized, the day and year first above written.

                                 ST-1 lb TvESITY, IEKINGTON, NE IIJCKY

                                   By hEMMY S. BARKER,


State of Kentucky
County of Flayette

     I, JXames R. Bush, a Notary Public in and for the State of Kentucky, duly commis-

sioned and sworn, and residing in said County of Fayette, and an officer authorized

by the laws of the said State of Kentucky, to take the acknowledgement and proof of deeds

to be recorded therein, hereby certify that on the seventh day of Tune, nineteen hundred

and twelve in said County of Fayette, before me personally came Henry S. Barker to me

known, who being by me duly msorn, did depose and say that he resides at Lexington in

the State of Kentucky; that he is the President of the STATE UMIVErSITY, LIE13fINGIN,

KEEucIEY, the corporation described in and iRhich executed the foregoing instrument;



that he knows the corporate seal of said corporation; that the seal affixed to said

instrument was such corporate seal; that it was so affixed by order of the Board of

Trustees of said corporation and that he signed his name thereto and executed the said

instrument in the name and as the act and deed of said corporation by like order.

     - l  ~IN TE'SS WK~R  F, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my official

seal the day and year last above written.

                                           JAMES R. BUSH, Notary Public
                                           Fayette County, Kentucky.

                                           Mty conmmission expires Feb. 5, 1916.

     It was stated by President Barker that the Southern Railway Company desired to

offer a scholarship in the State University of Kentucky, by which one boy shall be

supported in the Agricultural College each year.  He therefore asked permission from

the Board to accept this proposition in the terms in which they offer it, which are as



     First:   The scholarship shall be awarded to boys, preferably from the farm,

living in a county, within the State, traversed by a line of the Southern Railway


     Second. The boy must meet, without condition, the entrance requirements of the


     Third. The boy must be financially unable to avail himself of an agricultural

college education without assistance. Provided, that the President of a college, if

he deems it advisable, may divide the total amount awarded to such college among two

or more boys who may be able to defray part of their expenses from other sources.

    Fourth. Subject to the above conditions, the President of each college for

which scholarships are to be awarded may determine for himself the method of selecting



the boys to whom they shall be awarded.  The management of the Southern Railway

Company, believing that the best results rill be obtained if the selection of the boys

shall be left entirely to the college authorities, will not participate in such se-

lection in any way or recommend the award of a scholarship to any particular boy.

      Fifth:  Each boy to whom a scholarship may be awarded must maintain a good

 standing in his classes throughout his entire college course and must conform to the

 rules and regulations of the college.  The authorities of the college shall have full

 and final authority to determine the degree of delinquency or of insubordination that

 shall constitute grounds for withdrawal of the benefits of a scholarship from any

 student.  In no case shall a beneficiary of a scholarship be permitted to appeal from

 any act or decision of the college authorities to the Southern Railway Con~pany.

     Sixth.  In colleges in which it is customary to send to the parents or guardians

Of students periodical reports as to their standing and conduct, such reports as to the

beneficiaries of Southern Railway scholarships shall be forwarded to the President of

the. Southern Railway Company, as well as to the parent or guardian.

     Seventh,, Each beneficiary of a scholarship shall be required to subscribe to the

following agreement:

                 The purpose of the Southern Railway Company in awarding a scholar-

ship to me being to aid in the agricultural development of the territory traversed by

its lines, in accepting this scholarship, I agree that, for at least three years after

the termination of my course in college under this scholarship, I will devote myself

to practical farming in territory contiguous to a line of the Southern Railway System

or to teaching agriculture, or working on an experimental farm in some state traversed

by the lines of the Southern Railway System.

    Motion made, seconded and carried unanimously that the President be authorized

to accept the proposition of the Southern Railway Company.

Tune 4, 1912



      The President stated that he had opened up negotiations with the Louisville

 and Nashville Railroad Company, looking to getting a half-fare rate for the students

 of the University.  He moved that Governor McCreary be appointed a Committee of one

 to interview the officials of the various railroads and see if a uniform half-fare

 rate could not be gotten for the University students.

      Governor McCreary asked that the name of the President be added to that Cow-

 mittee, which was assented to, and the motion was duLy seconded and carried.

      It was stated that Major Embry Allen wished to make a. statement to the Board in

 regard to the claim of his sister, Mrs. Wallis, to a balance due on salary.  Motion

 was made and carried that Major Allen be requested to come in and present the matter,

 which was done.

     Major Allen presented lirs. 1W1allisIs account which is as follows:

                                         Lexington, Kentucky, Dec. 12, 1911.
                                                  326 Aylesford Place.

Kentuckyj State University,

                         To Mrs. Caroline CIallis, Dr.

Jan. 1, 1904 to Dec. 1, 1905

        Balance on salary as Matron of Patterson Hall
           0 $10.00. per month for 23 months                   $230.00

     And also letters from MPirs. Wallis and Major Allen as follows:

                                           Lexington, Kentucky,
                                             December 12, 1911.

The Hon. Board of Trustees,

         Kentucky State University.

Dear Sirs:-

         I herewith enclose my account against the State University for balance due

me on salary as matron of Patterson Hall from Tanuary lst., 1904 to December 1, 1905 -

Tune 4, 1912



23 months at $10.00 Der month - t230.00.

      In explanation of this account I wish to say that when I began my duties as

matron at the Hall, the Board, for some reason, did not fix my salary, but entered an

order directing that I draw $40.00 Der month on account of salary to be fixed at some

later meeting of' the Board, it being understood that whenever my salary was fixed it

vould relate back to the beginning of my services.

     -I drew the W43.00 per month until my salary was fixed, which was at the December

meeting, 1905.   Since that time I have continued to draw the regular salary, but have

never received the back pay of. $10.00 per month for the first 23 months.  This mattez

was thoroughly understood by the members of the Board at that time.

                                         Yours very respectfully,

                                               CAROLINE E. WALLIS.

                                  Lexington, Kentucky, March 18th., 1912.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees,
                  State University, Lexington, Ky.


          Referring to the attached claim of hMrs. Carrie E. Wallis, which was referred

to your committee by the Board of Trustees, December 12th., 1911, to investigate and

report the facts back to the Board, I wish to state that by permission of Xudge

Lafferty I made an examination of the minutes of the Board of Trustees and find the

following minutes relating to the question of salary of the matron of the girls'


                  December 8th., 1903.        Vol.  4.      Minutes of
     the Board of Trustees, page 255.

          "Thereupon the following motion vas made by iMr. Ferguson and duly


         Resolved that the Matron of the Girls' Dormitory be paid the sum of

    Wy4O.00 per month from the time she enters upon her duties until the meeting in

-Tune 4, 1912


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES     -       June 4, 1912

     June, said amounts to be charged against her salary; and to have in the

     Dormitory board for herself and three children until said time; and at the

     June meeting her salary to be finally fixed.

           Said motion was placed upon its passage and upon the roll-call the

     vote stood as follows:

          Ayes: Hopkins, Carpenter, Ferguson, Hager, Nelson, Bell, Clay,

                 Kinkead, McChord, Ramsey and Patterson.

           Noes: None.

           The motion was unanimously carried."

     The minutes from the June meeting of the Board of Trustees contain no reference

to the salary of the Matron.

                   December 13th., 1905.  Page 66, Vol. of minutes marker
            "Minutes of the Board of Trustees, June 1st., 1905 to December 8th., 1908."

            'Mr. Ferguson moved that the salary of the Matron of Patterson Hall be

     fixed at $50.00 per month and the board of her three children.  Motion was

     seconded by Judge Barker, put upon its passage and carried, the vote standing

     as follows:

           Ayes, 7; 'Noes, 2; not voting, 1.
           (The above underscoring was done by the writer;                      .

     From the foregoing minutes it is perfectly apparent that the allowance of $40.00

every month, as fixed by the Board at the December meeting, 1903, was simply a payment

on account of salary of the Matron and that when her salary should be fixed it would

relate back to the time she entered upon her duties.

     In addition to the above minutes Mrs. lfallis obtained a letter. from Mr. Ferguson,

who VaS formerly a member of the Board of Trustees, in which he sets out the whole

matter very fully and states that it was fully understood by the Board of Trustees

that when the salary of the Matron was fixed it should relate back to the time her

duties commenced.   This letter was referred by siMrs. 17allis to your committee.



     At the time Mrs. Challis was elected Matron I was thoroughly familiar with the

 incidents and had several conversations with the various members of the Board, as I

 was naturally very much interested in her election and I know, from my conversations

 with various members of the Board at the time, that it was thoroughly understood and

 intended by the Board of Trustees that when the salary of the Matron was fixed it

 should relate back to the time she commenced her duties.

     I am not presenting this matter for Mrs. Wallis as an attorney, but am very

much interested in it because she is my sister and I feel that her claim is a per-

fectly just one. It is simply a matter of asking the balance due her on her salary

and I sincerely trust the committee will unanimously recommend the payment of the


                                         Very respectfully,

                                                 J. BaMRY ALLEN.

     Motion was made and seconded that this claim be allowed.

     On roll-call the vote stood:

     Yeas: Messrs. Stoll, Smith, Clay, Davies, Carpenter, Cox, Terrell,

            Nichols, Turner, Patterson, 1M cCreary and Barker.

     Noes: Judge Walker.

     the Secretary was instructed to request Mr. Rodes to prepare his bond, to be

approved by the Board in accordance with the statutes.

     Motion made, seconded and unanimously carried that the bond of the Treasurer

be fixed at $50,00000.

It was moved that Mr. Nichols and Mr. Stoll be appointed a committee to confer with

the new Treasurer and make the best arrangements for the University that is possible,

in regard to interest on deposits and overdrafts, whtch motion was seconded and

Tune 4, 1912


MnNUTMS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES    -     June 4, 1912

unanimously carried.

     The Committee on Nominating the Executive Committee reported that they desired

to recommend the appointment of the same Committee as last year, Messrs. Nichols,

Clay, Stoll, Davies, Terrell and oaelem.

     M. Clay requested that Judge VWalker be appointed in his place, but Judge Walker

declined to serve and Mir. Clay thereupon moved that the report of the Committee be

amended by the substitution of Mr. Edelen's name for his own, which amendment, on vote,

was lost, and the report of the Committee was adopted as originally presented.

     The Board adjourned to meet again at 4 o'clock at the Phoenix Hotel.

     The Trustees reassembled at the Phoenix Hotel at 4:30 o'clock, P. M.

     Mr. Stoll stated that'he and Mr. Nichols had conferred with Mr. Rodes and that

the Fayette National Bank had allowed from 2 to 2N, on deposits and had taken care

of all loans at 5Vo, and Mr. Rodes had stated that his bank would make the same


     Mr. Rodes presented the following bond:

                                       Lexington, Kentucky, June 4, 1912.

     We, J. W. Rodes, Principal, and the Title Guaranty & Surety Company of Scranton,

Pennsylvania, a corporation, Surety, do hereby covenant to and with the Commonwealth

of Kentucky in the penal suz of fifty thousand ($50,000.00) dollars that the said

J. W. Rodes, Treasurer of the State University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, shall

faithfully perform all the duties of said office, and he Vill pay over all moneys that


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTS       -        June 4, 1912

shall come into his hands to his successor in office, or to such person or per-

sons as may be laxmrully entitled to receive the same.

     Witness our hands and seals, the date above given:

                                          J. N. RODES        (SEAL)

                                      The Title Guaranty & Surety Co. of
                                                         Scranton, Pa.
                                      By R. Arnspiger
                                                (Attorney in fact).

Witness: Miss Mary E. Cwens.

which upon motion was approved by the Board and he was elected upon the same terms as

his predecessor.

     The Treasurer thereupon duly qualified by taking the oath before a Notary

Public and by executing the bond above set out.

     Motion was made, seconded, and unanimously carried that he be also made the

Treasurer of the Adams & Hatch funds of $15,000.00 each, which are paid over by the

U.. S. Government for the support of the Station.

    Motion made, seconded and carried that the President, the Business Age