13.    Development Dimensions International Pledge
14.    Gifts to Create Carey Professorship
15.    Jane I. Morris Estate Gift
16.    John Edwin and Gwendolyn Gray Partington Estate Gift
17.    Kathleen Strunk Gift
18.    Lindemann Foundation Pledge
19.    Lucille Caudill Little Pledge
20.    Michael P. Thornton Pledge
21.    Reese S. Terry, Jr. Pledge
22.     S. J. "Sam" Whalen Pledge
23.     Synapse, Ltd., Gift and Pledge
24.    Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc., Pledge
25.    A Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky Authorizing the
             Issuance of Said Board's Housing and Dining System Revenue Bonds, Series R,
             to be Dated the First Day of the Month in Which Sold; Authorizing Proper Proceedings
             Relative to the Public Sale of the Bonds and the Disposition of the Proceeds Thereof;
             Authorizing Execution of a Tenth Supplemental Trust Indenture Between the Board and
             Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Company, Frankfort, Kentucky, as Trustee, in Compliance
             with the Provisions of the Trust Indenture Dated June 1, 1965
26.    Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky Accepting the Successful
             Bid for the Purchase of $29,870,000 Principal Amount of University of Kentucky
             Consolidated Educational Buildings Revenue Bonds, Series Q, Dated October 15, 2000
             and Amending its Bond Resolution with Respect Thereto to Provide for the Issuance
             of Book-Entry Only Bonds and Redemption Prior to Maturity at Par