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/ Gal}; and , The GLSO NEWS

W Les ian

Services July 2008



A Publication ofthe Lexington Gay Services Organization

Volume 23 Number7
The Lexmgton Lyons at 10! Lexington Fairness

Leather clubs empower our R0115 Out “164 OfJuly
communities through the visibility of their . . . .
service, whether that is through education annulaelxllrnagiiggsstggtesfzr iii/1|: Ems: JET;
and outreach, having notorious and/or . , ,

. . . arade. We are llcmn olunteers from
edtcamr‘?‘ ”ms' or by fundra's'”g arid 2n GLBTQ orgariiationg \to walk with or
being VISIbly known as a community ride on the float You do not need to be
benettiicetotexington Lyons celebrate 10 affiliated with any organization to join us.
years of service to the community with a LexFlaIr wants to sctieteha anasswe crowd Of
banquet at the Lexington Radisson Hotel, peoPTigngsrrifig floaet SVEiaII'maintain the

' ' 2 . . .
thls C:$':g;u%:8t19%8 there are 9 full theme of the Pride Festival: We Are
members today and 11' Associates The Family. The back of the float will have a
Lyons are humorously known as "the faux house, and volunteers will make up
- .. - re resentations of different t es of

Leather Junior League for being a down farsiilies We hope to make thisxfie best
home group 0f fOIKS from the Bluegrass LGBT float Lexington has ever seen 80
State that share an interest in the . '
leather/levi lifestyle. The group travels to put on yglt" besttwatlking shoes and come
events throughout the country while ”waffle (flirt? i2: eon Midland Avenue
supporting organizations here at home and startin at 23230 Let's show our ride and
is recognized by an international presence h g ' ‘ | fl t Ith
as committed to bettering both our home ave more peope on our oa an any
community and the national and 0th? float m the parade. Lets iet
international Leather brotherhood. Lexrngton know that we r? here and we re

Over the years, the organization has queerandwe have allies. Remember to
received local, regional, national, and Zheckt out the LexFaIr booth while you are
international accolades and awards for its own own.
service work. Again this year, several
members of the organization have been
nominated to the community's highest The Lexington Lyons
award - The Pantheon of Leather, to be
presented in Chicago this July. The club i LYON?) i Tenth
has also been nominated to receive the ‘il ‘7 , 5 _
Pantheon's Small Club oftheYearaward. ,‘2’ ii Anniversary

Over the years the organizations -." " §§ -
membership has included many Kp/ Dlnner
titleholders, including several Mr. Kentucky ' . August 28
Leathers, Mr. International Rubber,
Kentucky Leather boy, to name a few.

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 finale month Wrap 31p .

. . .As | write this, the last big week of Pride “:wa GAY AND
Month has yet to happen, but we know it was flay”; L E S B I A N
fabuLous jlustothg tstrime.th Hovtv couldthit be $1“? SERVICES
any lng ese. u en, een ire mon saw ft“
record attendance at various events where {in _ORGANIZATION
people had great fun. Lexmgton, Kentucky

. . . Our outstanding success this year was I

. , . . . . ncorporated as
transforming GLSO 5 traditional pride planning The Gay Service Organization
committee into a much larger and diverse group
of dedicated people. Numerous organizations
and creative individuals came together to plan P'O' B°_X "72 Lex., K: 40588
Lexington’s First Downtown Pride Festival. www.IexrngtongIso@ya oo.com
Find a list of the organizations and workers in ”MM!
the middle section. They did a fabulousjob. '9 lsopc.org

. . . The Court kicked off the month with
Coronation, see page 4 for a summery of their also NEWS
weekend events. On June 5, GLSO hosted an
art show that displayed works by a record VOLUME 23 N0. 7
setting number of local artists. Thanks to
3‘3""? 12°T33e‘2'22pifiiLitait’aS‘si'Lli’atCZ News Edit“

ow oge e . . .
ofthe artists who displayed and, in some cases, Mary Crone 8‘ Sarah PhIIIIpS
donated their art as part of a silent auction at the
Pride Festival. . .

. . . Moveable Feast's BBQ was greatfunanda Pr'de Center Office Manager
fingnciald success. Ladies of the Court Bil] Chandler
pe orme and their tips went to Moveable ‘ _

Feast. Insight showed the new film “Fabulous! M
The Story onueer Cinema" at the Pride Center GLSO BOARD

on June 20. Several church’s had servrces

celebrating theirGLBTQ members. Mary Crone, President

. . . During the tinalweek,The KYTheaterwas Ginger Moore, Secretary
the scene of rainbow glddlness as many of us
turned out in costume to watch and sing along Sondra “Hello“! Tr'easurer
with The Vtfizard of 02. We are not in Kansas Thomas Collins
anymore! . _ Jane Minder
. . . The Lexrngton Fairness Awards Banquet Terry Mullins
was another benchmark in our Journey. The D W W f d
evening was a blast - read about it in the ana a m or
Fairness articles on page 8
...The Saturday Pride Festival was GLSO Membership
incredible. We are beautiful in our diversity. This & News|etter
celebration deepened our sense of community Individuals/Couples
and strengthened our commitment to our $20 er ear
common goals: equality, freedom to be p y
ourselves, and honored for our many ,
contributions to the world.

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 Com 'ty N
c'hg'es Art House Movies
The Singles are atitagain,We areg Davina and Kathy have started an Art
oing to rentaroom at the Radison forthe House Movie and Discussion Group
Fourth 0f JUIV' There W'” be a 90"“ through the Unitarian Universalist
Chaise Of $40" ‘i' person. The room 's on Church. You do not have to be a church
the Fireworks Side so we should have a member to join us for an evening of
great V'eVY and we “I'll stay COOL independentfilm and discussion.
Everyone is asked to bring whatever The group meets the firstThursday
they want to drink and a dish to share. If of the month to view a film at
Elihu drink to mulch if“: can sleep :off. approximately 7 pm. at the Lexington
emore peop e,t evess cos so ring Green MoviesBorthe KentuckyTheater.
your Single fnendstorom In. Contact Deb Aftenivards the d‘
group iscusses the film
to let us know how many to expect. fun, ata nearby restaurant
fun, fun! Deb S, at 859-967-3263 or . . . ' .
debs.5010 ahoo.com An e-rnail listing the mowe, theater
—@y_# and meeting time is sent the Monday
before the group's meeting date. To be
BENEVON added to this notification list or for
Creating Sustainable Funding information, contact Davina at
for Nonprofits
Benevon trains and coaches .
nonprofit organizations to implement a The GLSO Pl‘lde Center
mission-based system for raising needs your support. P|ease
sustainable funding from indIVIdual subscribe _ there is a form to
donors. This system ends the suffering .
about fundraising and builds passionate send In on page 14
and committed lifelong donors.
Benevon is presenting a free
workshop entitled Engaging Your Board in Bluegrass Women's Network
Creating Sustainable Funding. Tammy ‘
Zonker will be presenting on Thursday, .Bluegrass Women‘s Network '3 a
July 10 from 8:30 to 10:30 at the Catholic some" group for women of a” 3963- T0
Center, 1310 W. Main St in downtown receive emails about events contact
Lexington. WW. They plan
lfyou would like to register forthis a variety of outings and women can
session, please go to choose yo attend whatever is appealing
http://www.benevon.com/ to them. They have had several weekend
|ntroCalendar.htm camping trips, a party, attemded soft ball
If you have any questions, please games together, and supported the
contact Alaina Szlachta at 206-709-9400 Downtown Pride Festival with money and
ext. 132 or volunteertime,
"it ~. Page 3

 Lyons continued ,

Just in the last three years, the club has Impenal Court Of Kentucky
raised and disbursed over $31,000.00 to Begins Reign 27
beneficiaries across the country. They were
instrumental in assisting the New Orleans The imperial Court of Kentucky
AIDS Task Force in their rebound after concluded Reign 26 in early June with its
hurricane Katrina. Theyfund mealsforPWAs annual Coronation Ball. Empress 26
and their loved ones across Kentucky. They Lawren LaMoore and Emperor 26 Brad
sponsor the state's GLSO and are 3 Shepherd welcomed visiting courts and
benefactor to not only our own AVOL but also local guests to several events including
Nashville CARES, the AIDS Volunteers of the In-Town Show, Out Of Town Show,
Cincinnati, The AIDS Volunteers of Northern the State Dinner, and an After Party at
Kentucky, andtwo hospiceorganizations. Bang Nightclub. The weekend

The members are continuing sponsors of culminated on Sunday, June 8th, With
the Leather Archives, They have been the Coronation 27:Wonka’s CircusTrip.
responsible for over $7,000.00 raised for the Coronation was well attended by
Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend the community and visiting courts with
charities. They sponsor the Leather Spirit nearly 200 attendees filling the Grand
retreatweekend here in Kentucky and hostan Ballroom at the Radisson Plaza Hotel. A
annual party at International Mister Leather in Circus and Vle Wonka themed opening
Chicago that brings over 500 folks for a production featuring many ofthe court’s
donation only taste of Kentucky hospitality members and volunteers. wowed the
party (bourbon included) as a kickoff for the audience. Several entertainers from
weekend. Their cookbooks, filled with the visiting courts performed for the crowd
best of southern hospitality, are available for as well and there were also final
order: (see the email address that follows if performances from Empress Lawren
you are interested in purchasing one.) and Emperor Brad.

Additional recent beneficiaries include The annual elections of the court
The Sexual Minority YouthAssistance League were held that evening. incoming board
of Washington DC, International Deaf members for Reign 27 will be Jason
Leather, and the Atlantic Bear Leather Asher, Louis Vite, Dary Royse and Brad
Festival weekend, The Lyons have Shepherd. They will join John Ridener,
consistently supported the Great Lakes Richard Hembree and Donnie Royse.
Leather Alliance, Mister Kentucky Leather, who were elected last year to 2-year
Midstates Leather, Kentucky Leather Sir, and seats on the board. Daryl Royse was
lDLtitleholder’s runs. elected to the newly created position of

For more information on the Lyons Parliament Member, who will represent
Anniversary dinner, their upcoming annual the imperial Court of Kentucky at the
yard sale and ongoing fundraisers and events International Imperial Court Parliament.
,emaillexingtonlyonsll@yahoo.com,visittheir Donnie Royse was elected as the
web site at VWVW.LEXLYONS.COM snail alternate for that position and they will
mail Lexington Lyons L/L Club, Inc. PO Box both represent the Kentucky Court in

121 Lexington, KY 40588-0121, or call 859 San Diego laterthis yearatheinaugural
468 6371. Parliament meeting.

The Lyons meet at the Pride Center, 389 Highlighting the evening was the
Waller Ave. every second Monday at 7 PM, election and crowning of the new
and they invite you to join them in celebrating monarchs for Reign 27. Eve St. Mychal
the diversity of our community. was elected as Empress 27 and

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Page 4 '_

L L Y 0 N s L
X .
x I H
3 N j T
5 (13 H
1 0 fa F
1 N 3 I
Y, L E V I
v ' ‘
S ,
3 ,
n _
:1 ’ I ;,
1 _ :fl,‘ ,2 ’57:}, I: > V _
n , ,, / ' “5/ /, ,V? 2
1r ' I '
8 B ENE f E c l, AR I, E” S: i _
t. NéW'Orlé’afis AldSmsk'Force; MoveabiéfiéaéggifiLe‘Xihgt‘hnKeintucky GLSO; Prlri’defiehmter off¥he
e a J;Bluegrassgme:‘Auantic: Bear Leather FestiyaIggMiqsmiesLeather; Mr. Kentuckueathen; Leafy“?
n :1‘:A'r,¢hiv.és-ann:‘wlus9un1c1eveland Leathé’v’.-Avv_avehss1weékendévInternafiona' WWW“ ”W:
‘ 1,: 165nm Mlfiétl-géthéifTh? Great Lam L'eéihé‘wliéfibéé’£6thch Fairness Allianéérfrfiefimswbluif
n 5153;319:1311;gnemgam,»me=ms VoluMeets:9f'5Nbfifiémifiéfifiiémwns Volunteers Memgmmw
1| 12gxgatu¢kyétf§aiwéyneau:spim Weekakentmeatherma Kentucky Lthersnmesexu'
MinornyvoutnAssnstance League of Wasfi‘ifi’e‘tiifi?Pcsméériviuéibmas. r11
6 IL: ‘3’” ’15»: 3:” x “WSW Aka an: WEE/3,1: “fizz: , ‘N‘xfi‘égfl ‘3‘? 71/ ($1,132:
mewxmmu 1.1st
EY‘QU‘éAIfil ' r SiEEiE-‘Q’Ngégfl 1 N
- WWWWM Wimée%efifi%1%éky’sfli\ér§yg’ficK ‘7
Page 5

 GISO Pride Center
389 Waller Ave. 859 253-3233 Open 10 to 3 Mon - Fri 12 - 2 Sat.
lexingfon Insight} DISCUSSIOII Group
Lexington lnsight will meet for our Every Wednesday nght

regular potluck on Friday, July 11 at 7 pm Pride Center 7 t0 9

at the Pride Center. (No meeting on the All Are Welcome

first Friday since it is the July 4th.) We will

then meet on the July18th for movie night. 0,08” for Fa”

Everyone is invited to join us for these

meetings. For info call Darla at 859- . . . The Pride Center has been pretty

230-2428. much a mess for the last several weeks.
But now the Pride Festival is over it is

fidflSKé’flfi/L’ky getting back to normal.(or as close to

normal as we ever get.)

TransKentucky is a support, social, This would be a great time for
and resource group serving Lexington and people to plan a games night, a movie
Kentucky. Our mission is to provideasafe night, or another fun activity for the
place for transgender individuals and community. Call Bill during office hours
others who do not fit the standard gender to see what nights are available.
norms. We support each other by offering Tuesday and Wednesday nights are the
advice, resources and insights from our only onesthatare always booked. Some
own experiences. This is not a therapy Sunday afternoons are open for activity.
group. . . .This is alsoagreatplaceto schedule

Family, friends, and supportive meetings. You can also rent space for
community members are invited to attend private receptions. In the past we have
to gain understanding of issues had numerous art shows and we are
concerning gender presentation. identity, looking to dork with local artists again so
and variance. We meet on the first give usacall.

Saturday of each month at 7:30 pm. . . .
Meetings are free and you may dress ' mflfi
mat":fet':::l:°;a:'.:.::“";$::t the August Newsletter
TransKentucky@gmail.com WI" be completed by
July 17
”Weep the "we you find. ‘ Sometimes you can get
'7‘ 99‘ the ’0” Y0" want!” articles and ads to me late L‘
" Not this month -'
Jessica BollingerLCSW Deadline Ju|y 15 fig
Imago Relationship Therapist miss it and you will
. EMDR Trauma Work ,_ probably not be in -~-'«:3
’ Couples, Family, Individual :1} the newsletter
imagoconnection.com 552-6533 -;l" ‘
.1 :' it”
Page 6

 It Scott Ackerman Real Estate Service With
5 Lifizsul'rs RENEW
1 u Winning.
if wreanrrv WW .,
i IIEnIcn'I'IoN
.y .
to Mobile: 859 338-8483 [E
Fax: 859 269-0065 Serving Lexington & "“’°'
9r E-mail: Ackermanteam@aol.com All of Central Kentucky Q
Ie no.
18 m
I: Call me With all your Real Estate Needs
i. 1) ,l / _._, Every lst and 3rd Tuesday
J 1 1 13 a
I: b l! i N . o H TNUGB— of the month at 9:00 pm.
ie 117 lXil ,
f: prosL-HLSW M l g \?
> - Q i
K [A R A®Kb
, \f‘
/ K / /"
, / / xi 3% Q j
/ / L/ -
& {/\‘/ in
i Singing For Prion.
I A F"m3/LD—1{aizse'r for tbe
GLSO Pribe Center of tbe Eli/legrass
{55$ 5...: :13; C I” c; :1: 17:1: :7." if 1; . ” ' 1 .7.
( Page7

 ' fundraising were being completed. An
mperl ourt
Continued from page 4 official announcement of results will be
released once the numbers are
Daddy Wayne was elected as Emperor 27- complete. Reign 26 would like to again
They W'” be announcrng upcoming events thank the community for its continued
50°”I W'th the annual investitu-res support and assistance with fundraising.
Ceremony being the first major fundraiser Stay up to date with the court by visiting
ofthe year.Atthis eventthe new monarchs t h e i r w e b s i t e a t
bestow ““9? and honors on the www.imperialcourtkentucky.org or at
m e m b e r 3 h ' P 0f the | m p err a I myspace.com/imperialcourtofkentcky.
Court and announce therrlmes of descent New volunteers are always needed as
forthe year. . well. If interested in becoming involved,

As Of press-time, final figures and contact the Board of Directors at
disbursements for Reign 26’s ImpCtKy@aol.com.

Tidbitsfrom LexFair Park. Hundreds of people enjoyed

varied performances, speakers, raffles,
By Pablo cornhole. and a dunking booth.
. . Celebrations continued long into the

Lexrngton Fairness wants to night as festival goers filtered down to
congratulate the Clty of Lexmgton 0n the theirfavoritelocal establishment.
best pride month Lexington has seen to The month concluded with AVOL's
date. annual AIDS run. AVOL celebrated a

The l/lflzard 0f 02 at the Kentucky success as tons of people came out to
Theater kicked Off four days of Pride. run in an attempt to raise money for
The Kentucky Theater has been_an AIDS prevention efforts, testing, and
ardent supporter 0fthe QLBT population, case management. Besides enjoying
andpeople turned _°Ut '“ droves to see a solid fundraiser, AVOL also showed
thISIconIcgay classrc. off their new executive director, Mark

The FairnessAwards came nextwith Royse. That's right! AVOL took on

a huge thunder ofapplause. Entertainers Lexington's best pride month to date by
RObb'e Bartlett, A” Gold, and Tran La introducing anew leader who will bring
served as a true star, and Senator needed community agency.
SCOrSOne delivered some eloquent Lexington's pride month was
words- The most endearing moment 0f awfully proud, and Lexington Fairness
the evening was surprlsmg Jennifer is shouting out many thanks and rounds
Crossen by naming the Out For Fairness of applause to all those who worked
Award after her. The close of the show tirelessly to see it happen. Thank you
left people wanting more and '00km9 organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and
fon/vard to next year. Lexington.

The end of the Awards was not the For the latest in LGBTQ, log on to
end ofthe party. The party continued the www.|exfair.org. Shoot an email to
next day with Lexington's first ever pride info@|exfaihoro to tell us what your
festival in dOWDtOWh- Fourteen pride impressions of Pride were. We wantto
banners hung high with pride around the hearfrom you.
city as the party consumed Cheapside
Page 8

:9. ~ 93 CNTUCKY
wg , fig /
l t O? ’-
f’” \
it ‘ \
— :10
3| 4 n".
i “s c E
' ‘ vA 1 ll ‘ ' I...
, s
; Our mission is to educate and serve the needs
; of the Kentucky LGBTcommunity. T hanks for
‘ helping us make a difi’erence in the lives of
those in need.
1 Congratulations to our new Monarchs
) Emperor 27 Daddy Wayne and Empress 2 7Eve St. Mychal
) wwwimperialcourtkentuclg». org

 o o o 0
Pride Festival Planning Committee
These energetic enthusiastic . .

. . . ’ ’ .Terl MOSIeI‘ Kentuc Stonewall
passronatc, Visronary and PROUD people Democraits) Crealgd ress releases
participated in planning and creating the . . . p ’
Lexington annfnwn Pride Festival 700?? Managed puDllClty, contra“

They came c development, Tickets
representatives of many of our community's .Leea Haarz (Lexmark GALE) DWCIOI36d
finest organizations. They gave up as many as fundraismg plan; Coordinated
16 Saturdays, from March 15'" to June 28'" to _ Lexmark PhOtO bOOth; "Cheerleader"
make this festival happen, Everyone oBI‘lan Slate (AVOL & Coldwell Banker)
participated in the lively discussions and often Fundraiser; Silent Auction; Speakers;
electric debates, and followed through with "Cheerleader"
the hard work that helped shape and create the oHarold Keutzer (Cincinnati Pride Alive)
synergy that made Lexington's Downtown Pride Festival Consultant
Pride Festival a truly extraordinary event. .Burley Thomas (Lexington Fairness &

. . . G3) Silent Auction; Publicity;
oGinghe r 11:4 oore-lhginder (GLSO) Chm? Of Volunteer recruitment; "Cheerleader"

EI—ieacelstherlledrelrr'l'g Committee, .Russ Draper and Donny Hrdlicka (D&R

G'ft T- h'rt ; S'l tA t‘ d' l ;
oSamara Baker (GLSO’s GSA) - made the "ClhzirleZdleri I en uc lon [Sp ay
original suggestion to have aPride .Dennis Wheatley (LexFayCity Health

Festival downtown and recrurted Department) Organized Health

various organizations/persons to Department Health Fair

part1c1pate; Cheerleader" , .Dana Wallingford (GLSO & Lexington
.Aaron Baker, Secretary of the Festival Insight) Volunteer recruitment

Planning Committee; Wr1stbands .Ann Malcom, Coordinated knitting of
.Sondra Mellott (GLSO) Treasurer of the Pride Afghan common sense ideas

265“th Plaggngpf’mm'g‘ie’ .Bill Chandler (GLSO), Organized mini

Prrogfiilrlgreiiefit' "(glizltelflseggefl Pride Festival Idol Contest, continual

’ dt fft'ftGLSO b't
.Thomas Collins (GLSO) Booth/Vendor .Donliiy 3:55: (listpldiizl Cou rt) we 51 e
Colordihatgr, 90mm“ Management; oDavid Hutcheson (Imperial Court)
C leer ea er oDebby Hemstock & Lynn Matlock
.Jane Minder (GLSO) Volunteer (Bluegrass Women's Network)
blCoordinator . F . Publicity; Volunteer recruitment
'Pa O Brov‘!“ (Lexmgt on airness) . oVirginia Morman, Sponsor contacts;

Entertainment Co-Coordinator; Media Publicity

spokesperson .Melissa Caldwell "Cheerleader”

.Terrell KEV“ (AVOL) Entertainment CO" .Karen Stormbringer, Raffle; Cheerleader

Coor inator . . oLiz Wilhelm (Sistersound) Entertainment

Jonathan Barker (Lexmgton Fairness & .Joan Welch (Just Right Farm)

QX.net) TV; Radlo’. and YEP. oGayle Kelly, Sponsor contacts; Giveaways

Advegiémg, Organizer 0 alrness oCOrrinc Keel (UKGSA)

Awar anquet . oZach Schultz (UK GSA)

oAndrew Tan (Lexmgton Farmess)
. . . 1 oAnusha Hall (AVOL)

Designer of Qfficral Festiva Logo, .Joe Hill (LexFAYCTY Health

Lexmgton Pride WebSIte and other Department)

Festival Graphics; Organizer of . Paul Sikkema (Insight)

Fairness Award Banquet

.Ma C o GLSO and GSA Media . . .'
rgioolieslrfeison‘ Created Pro)gram flyers Specral thanks to Norma Stine and Jen
and ads 3 ’ Liles for makingthe rainbow corn hole set

 3 lfiesttiiwnll §lltl®llll§®lr§
JVI * >/ e.
m UnulySupply
9“ , a
5 \tnet
+.-.ir J,_
x- e! KELLER
> 4-?- WILLIAMS.
Pride Alive ' . ' V
rt Realtor
__ _ _ lflhie Imntelrliall Court
? “53:55 «O! Kentucky
1| ‘ K
“6 Dr. Nick ouns
Dr. Gary Patton
} M A ‘1 A
r a it
it ,. . . . . .. .
I S Morningside Woodcrafters
y Shelby Reynolds & Willy Brown
. Urban League of
Democratic © Lexington-Fayette County
.- Party
5 set

 Rediscovering Our History "inverts" and stated that homosexuality
was not an illness, criminal activity or
GLBT Publishing in the immoral. The book was suppressed
Nineteenth Century and in 1897 a bookseller was
prosecuted for stocking it. Ellis is
Bil mail "one sometimes said to be the person who
first used the term 'Homosexual‘ but he
How long has positive material about said "(it) is a barbarously hybrid WOFd,
LGBT people been openly published? and l claim no responsibility for it." In
Where are the newsletters, books, poetry addition to supporting invensi Ellis
and articles that make up our history? We supported a woman right to use birth
have a rich history but, no doubt, more has COhtFOi (considered radical at the time)i
been destroyed than we know. Several of the need for eugenics to hUiid a better
the articles or lists I found in my search to human race, and sexual freedom for
answer these questions started their adults. Eugenics becameacornerstone
accounts of publications in the second half ointler’s reign something unforseen by
of the Nineteenth Century, ignoring earlier Ellis.
work. They were also Eurocentric, which Ellis married Edith Lees in 1891-
has limited what i can write about at this Lees was an English author and
time. proponent of women's rights. She was
We clearly have written about openly in relationships with women and
ourselves for centuries. Sappho wrote did not live with Ellis for most of their
poetry about women loving women on the marriage. This "open marriage" was the
Isle of Lesbos in 580 BC. Much of her work central subject in Ellis‘s aUtOhiographyi
was burned. Perhaps a topic for a later My Life.Anumberof books authored by
article. Havelock Ellis including the ones listed
German activist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, here are available onAmazon. Some Of
a pioneer of the LGBT rights movement, them are new editions Of his work.
was one ofthe earliest published authors of indicating that they are Stiii relevant
gay related material in Europe. Ulrichs The most expensive b00k found in my
came out publicly in 1860 when he search was bY" Stories and Essays, 2
published books about same—sex love and volumes, " by "Mrs. Havelock Eiiis"
gender variance. Ulrichs coined the term (yoursfor$325).
Uranians to describe people with a range of Among the earliest publications
gender expressions and same-sex desires. addressing GLBT issues was a
He considered himself "a female psyche in scholarly journal dedicated to the study
amale body". of homosexual concerns published in
The word "homosexual" first appeared 1899 by Magnus Hirschfeld. Jarhbuch
in German in an 1869 political pamphlet by far sexuelle Zwischenstufen, the first
Karl Maria Kertbeny (the pseudonym of journal forthe study of issues of interest
Karl Benkert) to protest the inclusion of to homosexuals. Hirschfeld collected
sodomy statutes in the constitution of a materials concerning human sexuality
unified German state. (the legal from around the world. However,
antecedents of the infamous Nazi Hitler's rise to power included the
Paragraph 175) ransacking of Herschfeld's institute.
In the 1890s., Havelock Ellis and John One of the most famous pictures of Nazi
Symonds co-authored the first English b00k burning was one taken as every
medical text book on homosexuality, b00k in HiFShfeid'S collection was
Studies in the Psychology of Sex Volume burned as his Institute was smashed.
2: Sexual Inversion. They used theterm Continued on page 13
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 Hirschfeld nevertheless had an ofLone/iness..
impact on other people writing about and Hall's first novel was The Unlit Lamp
researching human sexuality. In the published in1924. lttoldthe storyofJoan
United States, Kinsey based some ofhis Ogden. a young girl who dreamed of
research on Hirshfeld theories and establishing a home with her friend
published articles, Elizabeth and studying to become a
Although often published in doctor. Hall discribed how intolerance
academic journals, Urlichs, Ellis and and social isolation made Joan‘s life
Hershfeld were read all over the world, miserable. The book was long and
People who knew they were different depressing and did notsellwell.
were hungry for new ways of Two years later she published
understanding themselves. The Adam's Breed (1926), WhiCh became her
following article about Radclyffe Halll most critically accalaimed novel. The
demonstrates the connection between story concerns a Italian headwaiter who
their scholarly research and the growing stugggles with his identity and eventually
number of authors who used their ideas gives away his belongings and lives as a
in poetry and fiction hermit in the forest. The book's mystical
themes have been compared to Hermann
Radclyffe Hall Hesse's Siddhartha. lt-sold very well and
won two Significant prizes, Prlx Femlna
The Well of Loneliness and the James Tait Black Prize, a feat
previously achieved only by E. M.
_ Margugite Radc'yfie Ha” “(as born Forsijiali yfifififl’ifi' The Well of
ll2523:”df'rgrL88fiérShegrfrgsupgfltsorr]: Loneliness, the only one of her eight
f h , lth l; d h 'th novels to have a character that identified
at ers fwea rtprovr : ert 3" ”a as an invert. Because of the success of
Egafifseslilpgg :5 viriiecrreaHZr 31%;; Adam's Breed, Hall believed that her
. . ' growing audience would be willing to
Efig'gjfggsgzrn‘:Sb‘xgrseogfiffgy:::i: read a story about a masculine female
. . . ' who was an appealing and sympathetic
Tr? werewltpdp/o/pular up until the time person. Self published in 1928, the book
0 t T $357 gr II atr. df II' | ‘th was immediately banned in Britain due to
M r; B a me 6:an e In ove\tm it’s lesbian theme even though it was not
'abe fatten, a5‘1Ne -dnown . agnifetur sexually explicit. The book was allowed
323:]: SUSS; d (:2 d Trig/[e set 5F: to be sold inthe United States aftera long
rt l .
residence together. Batten gave Hall the cou Ttltaettnivel concerns a girl born into a
nifchknalrgtesflolgn,l\évthlgh s1h9e1gsed the rest wealthy English family at the turn of the
0 eye]? daesecriISedn herself as a century. Her father, Sir Phillip,
"congenital invert" a term taken from the desperately wanted a boy and names hls
writings of Havelock Ellis and other turn daughter Stephen. Sir Phillip sees thathls
—-——. daughter is different and seeks to
selarifoncseaigrsy My HSLLJS: understand her. He reads Karl Ulrichs
. . . . theories and gains an understanding of
throughoutbher Hefn pisséflélmfizférf his daughter. (This is one of the ways that
merlcan __|__ue_sbsidge —h—— t Hall used the work of sexologists to
tigzisir: fright; alngeloxastln:iianmcesd explain her characters and educate her
'. der .
three of Hall’s books including The Well rea 3)
Continued on page 14
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 Stephen grows up to be a masculine
woman who identifies as an invert. She falls
in love but feels compelled to forsake the K E IT H D 0 NIP H A N
woman she loves in orderto protect her from E L 5 TO N
a life of ostracism. We might consider this ,
internalized homophobia today, but for the ATTORNEY AT LAW
time period itwas a realistic ending.
The Well of Loneliness sold more than “5”"
20,000 copies its first year and paved the ; w,
way for other works with lesbian themes. . “‘
Through this book, Hall was successful in " ,.
educating and influencing public opinion 1‘7
about women loving women. For years, it "5 ' g ‘5‘
was one of the only books available for f :'
women struggling to come to terms with '
their sexual orientation. Today, some people
feel that Stephen is best understood as a ELSTON LAW O FFICE'.
transsexual character. Indeed, Radclyff (859) 225. 2348
Hall might have considered herself
transsexual if alive today. The Well of
Loneliness is number seven on a list of the 5‘ l'A WEST SHORT STREET
top 100 lesbian and gay novels compiled by LEX'NGTON' KY 40507
The Publishing Triangle in 1999.
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