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MAR(ll 9, Hill,“




CELEBRATlNO it) YDXRS ()l’ INDlil’ENlllfNel


Staff, faculty trustees question late agenda posting

By Juliannrllachon
ivacnonakyketnei corn

l'K administration made a this
take by not eotisulting Board ot
Trustees representatises bel’ore [CA
strieting aeeess to meeting agendas.
laeult) and stall trustees said )ester—

Top unixersit) administrators de-
eided to post the board‘s lull meeting
agendas at 0 am. the da} ot‘ its meet-
ing . instead ot tour da}s in adsanee
as it traditionally has.

The ”heart oi the problem" with
the decision is that the adiitiitistratioti
failed to insolVe the etttire board iii its

deeisioti-makitig. said taeult} trustee
lirnie ‘t'anarella.

"The adiiiitiistratioit aeted on be-
hall of vshat the) pereeoed to be a
board sentiment." Yaiiarella said "But
the issue \s as not brought betore the
board tor i'eeommeiidatioiis or a
\ote H

The uiti\eistt) ttitormed the

board‘s ehairtnati. James llardymon.
oi~ the deeisioti. said l'K spokesitian

la) Blatitoti.

“The deeisiott \sas made iii re
sponse to the eoiieet'ns articulated b)
Blantoii said. These
eoiieertis iiielude nests stories pree

the trustees."

\ietsing iiieetitigs. “lilLll make it ap

pear as though deeisioits hase been "I don‘t
open." \\ illiattts said

l'aeult) trustee Jett l)ettibo said
he hoped both sides Ll‘lllsl take steps
timaid resolutig the issue He sug
gested a broad diseussion between all
iiieluditig riiedia arid the
s best interest.

tirade betore the board \otes on them.
Blanton said earlier this \seek

Blaiiton ietet‘ted all other LIUC\
tioiis to llardstitoti. \\ ho did not re
turn a pltotie tail to his home last

Stall trustee Russ Williams said it
should ha\ e beeii up to the board to

the parties



to ensure the
deeisioii is iii e\et'_\oite'

looks or lt‘t‘ls

trips to testen the agenda ssith his
statt tiustee ad\isots eomiiiittee arid
.tli}tttic else. itieludiiie the media and
publie. \\ ho ssaiits to attetid l‘he
tiieetitigs are at 12 iii p tti iii Room
330 oi Semell llall

l'K‘s pt‘e\ious ptaetiee ot proud
trig trill meeting agendas tout da)s iii
ad\atiee “as one Hi the most Open

control its own agenda pi‘aetiees
"This decision is impaetitig the
board's eredtbtltty" he said "i'ltir
matel) it's the board that is iti eharge
of its own reputation I think we are a
eredible group \Hll] a lot ot integrity"
Williams said he does ttot support
the deeision arid hopes for a ehaiige

Dembo said

"l‘het‘e‘s a balatite that must be
aehie\ed. attd it's possible that the
peiiduluitt has sssung too tat in one
direetioti.” Deitibo said

In the meantime. \\illiaitis said he
\sill eoitttitue holding opeti diseus
sioiis the l‘rida} belore board meet

ptaetiees among state utiitersities
Northern Ketttuek) ltinetsit}
makes skeleton meeting agendas
a\ailable to the media and publie
about a \\L‘L'l\ betore itieetitigs. but it
does not pt‘o\ide agenda supplements
uiitil alter the tiieetities. said Kim

we Agenda . " war 5


Ju‘ilt.’ guard Raw Brain»

TVL-trvt(atv\tjrtf its [3133ij


Alabama. . 67

Arkansas 82
South Carolina _ .52

\Il .\\ l'\

Cats into second round

Doubts can’t keep
fans from flocking
to Georgia Dome

By Jonathan Smith

is't‘ttbakvkeme 12""

lot the llt'sl time suite the \outheasterti (’ontei
ettee 'loiit'tiaittetit started. (‘harhe ('ottibs had serious
doubts about point;

(ombs. a Nieholasulle. ls} resident \sho “as at
the tournament “till his \\ :te l otraitie. isn't too happy
\\ ith this lls' team

"\\e'i'e liiiHHg a thi\\ll seat." said (‘ottibs tt‘

t‘oiitbs said he llillllss there \\ ill be Iexset l‘ls' taiis
hete than usual. and he \sasti‘t the oitb one, e\eii \\ tilt
l ls's “or? \ietott. met \labaztta iii the iitst toiitid

Ritllillil \pplitig. \slio Loes iti \iottsulle. K} . :tt
tlte siiiitiiiet and lort \l\ers l la in the writer, said
he ‘\elie\es there ‘ail! l\ a ile’tie'ast‘ .ri llis ttuiiibet of
l'ls farts iii attetidarite

' l don't lllllils Keittuele} itaiisi behexe that the\
llit‘ss‘ a iealistn thatit e oi your: all the \\a\ to the it
rials." said .-\pphii::_ uho has l\\it . liildtett who etadii
ated horn [is "1 think toti'll see soitte drop oil I
lliillls there \\lll be a tot oi Keir'iii ls\ tarts h l\e al
r‘ead\ seen a lot but overall l thirds there \iill be a
drop ott iroitt uhat u e ii~it'ttiall_\ briite'

It there “as a drop .itt. it didti t appear to be \l‘L‘
:tiia tlll l is bliie doiitittated the sta'ids arid the e\tett
oi oi the (ieot‘eia l)oiite \estetda\ Hitting the game
the t',.'s tans iTT.iilt' their piesente =mtiotsii lisiliL' to
statiditiv o\atioiis se\eial llEii.’s

'loit : it a; :ltoiieh: one the i-xs “as the


By Jonathan Smith

is on iii the game. and t intiriiied


l‘\L‘ltliie ks tans ” said head ioat lt liil‘lW \tttith '\\e

WOTOS 8' Ki‘in‘ S'WLEY ‘ ’ia‘ e some great i tits arid at ’l‘. set "i exit '«it‘te ..
‘ “ "' ‘ " Neath his been under sezxttirix tor h.s ‘i ttti'

I it" .Htxe' lire t it; 3' I" 'la'ii filth

toss seas in under \ttai“. arid aist p out on the

ia\ ot 'he \lt li‘ti” a


o'ril \ear

Morris rallies

rite tight \Uihll lot the . . to , i . ~. iiiist take
sortie \hatiges *liilldt.‘ \\:Z. ' ' izti: e ‘eeh
iizaues and his assistants :it the pioz'tatti to get

l llh \pa\\ an l\ \ear oid “aide-t iar'ed l l\ freshman:

,. Fans

sit‘ittwikiket'W" it throughout. as he oiteti the is the at
teiitioii oi ttso or more \labaiiia de

lt‘litlct \

l'he last time l'ls

Georgia 80
Auburn . 65

LSU76 0T
Tennessee .. 67

UK vs MISS State 1 r: it:
3 lb p t“.
7 3:) 0 Pt

Arkansas vs Vanity
Georgia vs Honda
iSU vs Ole Miss

it ’t

i iu‘r'nr» ltt’aiil'tiii Ity’l hi ,‘t ‘ 'i

and \labaitia met. itiriioi eertter Kati
dolpli .\lot'tis shotked reporter‘s
\then he said his head \sasti't iii tli-.

testerda}. in .i lt‘llidlLli \Hlli the
(‘i‘riiisoii lide. it \s as elear Morris
\\ as eottipletel} toetised

So uh} did \loi‘iis ha\e suth a
drastie head ehanee iii the ttso

"It ttiiist ha\e been the “heaties
late this tttomttie." .\lortis said

\loriis‘ tlilllll~§latlli pre game
tiieal helped ltitti to seore if points
and ll rebounds iii a “to" uni oset
\labama iii the (ieor‘gia Home l‘he
“in put l K ttito todat ‘s i p tti
tiiiartertinal against Mississippi
State. a team the\ beat (sl tit! on lan

lliis led to open ltioiiite's
the ('ats tjlrllll shot ‘I oi 13 itorii
behind the are and otliet storing

l'ls' used three scpaiate riirts
l\\o iii the first halt and one in the
\L'sttlltl. to hilllkh out the (‘ritiisoti
'l'tde illi ll Lil teatii that \\.is taitlsed
iii the preseason top I“. but “ill
lilsL'l} be oti the outside loolsitig in
on Selet tioit Simda}

l‘he tuo riiiis iii the rust halt. i1
ll .illtl ll ll. lIL‘lPt‘il l l‘\ tittilt‘ l‘dels
trom an earl) Zl-li dette it

(letting doun l‘l),‘ earls is some
thing that the (Kits hate st'tl.iil\
done this seat lhis tittie thes set/ed
iontiol instead ot battlit‘ie l‘-l\l\ and

Kentucky (79)

int ‘qa 3p'l'a at

Alabama (67)

mt lua 3ptfta a pl rtr tp

, as ,2 ‘t '
\rii't'n wl‘dl i ‘

time lead

\ltit’rh made an impatt \et'_\ eat

Study: Out-of-body experiences are biological

ByrEriga Mitchell

news @kykernel mm

For eenturies. outrol bod) expert
enees hate \iidels been thought oi as
spiritual or mystieal phenomena. but a
new stud} through l'K's Department ot
Neurology supports a biological explana-
tion instead.

The stud}. lead by Dr KCHH Nelson.
a professor of neurology in the [K ('ols
lege of Medieine and ph}le‘liln at the
Kentucky Neuroseienee Institute. iiielud-
ed intersreus “Ilh 55 llltll\ltlll;tls \sho
have had a near death espertenee

Near-death experienees oeeur as a re
sponse to a lifc~threatenirig situation and

Flat but true. Subsequent issues 25 coats.

are ehai‘aeteri/ed b_\ disassotiatioii tt‘om
the pli_\stea| bod}. euphoria and transteri
dental or ni)stieal elements Hut oi bod)
e\perieiites. \shtth tspttall} itt\l\l\L‘ a
sensation ol iloattne outside oiie's boils
and in some eases seem}; ones bod) ttom
a loeatioii outside oi the l‘ll\\l\.ll boils.
usuall} oeeiii‘ tllll’lllil sleep traitsitiotts or
iteataleath esperietti es

lo stud} oiit ot boils e\perienees
tllll'lllg these times. the subteets uere
asked siieh questions as "rust betore
falling asleep oi rust alter .i\\.tlsL‘ttlli_L'.
ha\e son had the sense that you are out
side of Him bod\ and \satehitie sour
sell Another question that parttt ipants
were asked “as it during their esperienee

iallirie short b\ lithlli}; a N 3‘ ball

‘ A “7350 6‘01573l7112fiffl
,. Morris '.:;i a

New myUK computer
system stumping students

By Courtney Lacy

wwsslttyiuwit e

the\ had "ileatls lelt the ltt\\l\ and estst
ed oittsLde it

[he idea or leating the pin sltdl bod\
might seem tat ietehed to math people
but the stiid\ supports the idea that out

ot bods e\p«.‘iietttes and treat death e\pe
\oitie l is students are e \petieiiiine ptoblettis \\illl the nets

ttt\ l 'K s\stetit sinte the teeetit swath to \sebl ls

l l\ tirade the ttio\e irotti \sebl ls to 'ti\l is as part of the ln
teerated Resoiiree lillttrt‘iillittil .\\s'eitis l‘roie t. also lstiosstt as
the lRl\ l‘roieet. uhieh .iiitis to update atid itiodet’ni/e l'K's
eoiitpiiter s\stems

/4lkll W Hillll. a eotttputer st It‘llt e tieshttiaii said his probleitt
\\ ith the DC“ s} stem started as hen he tried to log in

l’he site «aid I should slldllgt‘ m_\ passssord men though I

had inst eharieed it so I did." Wright said \t‘et shattering ms
passuord and attempting to stun in again it still didn‘t “orli "

myUK new 5
Newsroom: 25771915, Advertising: 257-2872

tienees are biologieai

\ [‘rc\ltttts stiid\ had inditated that
the atoiisal \}slt‘lti. “hith tottttols rapid
e_\e itto\etitent lRl‘Ml sleep. \\.ll\t'llllllk‘\\
and attention during “.iketulness. seemed
to underlie tiear death experietit e \elson

lti Nelson‘s study the team in\esti_i:at
etl \shetliet .iti out ot bod\ e\pet‘ietii e
iotild be regarded as an arousal phetiottie

Out-of-Body I". 2‘ 5


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@ Horoscopes

By Linda C Black

To get the advantage, check the day's
rating 70 r5 the east/est day 17 the
most ChaI/engrng

Aries (March 21 April 19) - Today is
a 7 You don't have enough money
to waste. although you may wish you
did True friends don t need you to buy
them expensrve presents anyway
Taurus (April 20 May 20) Today
lS a 6 Don't follow rneekly behind
a person who ll get you rnto trouble
Choose your friends wsely .ind at
you re to doubt, head the other way
Gemini (May 21 June 21l Today
is in 8 You're doing a good yoh
Dont think about the money Thats
not wriportant now and such thoughts
lllllll‘vll your Muse

Cancer (June 2 July 2) Today
is a 7 It you ran agree on your
goals it'll be easrer intro

our“ tilfli‘

ure out what you should do now
Meanwhile, postpone the ’dCClSItrtlS
and perhaps even the conversation
lernpers are short

Leo (July 23 Aug. 2) Today is a
5 Continue to be (,ilUIIOUS when
spending the family rnoney What
seems to you like a good idea ought
not be to your mate You (I better have
a good reason

Virgo (Aug. 23 Sept 22) Today lS
.l 7 You ro stalled but only until
you we learned h o.. to run .1 new ma
thine or ptogt to ‘r\ not to get trus
IMIOLI Turkey tr tr' *e ll i lei/ell p
good habits

Libra (Sept. 23 001. 22) Today is
.in 8 The good news is that you
have the rhetk and its good Thais
wondertul The bad news is that you ll
have it spent in prdt‘lrtally no time at
all over: wrthout gambling

Scorpio (Oct 23 Nov. 21) Today
is an 8 A person you find ourtr zit
trartwe tools the slittit‘ way bark at
you You rt:- still warned not to say
much though Darnt 'nakte prorrtrses


Sponsored By.



Restaurant and Loun «-



XIo Euclid Ave.


you won‘t keep
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 Dec. 21)
Today IS a 7 Somebody's nagging
at you, quite possrbly your own con-
scrence Yes, it is time for you to get
busy and finish tip what you
Capricorn (Dec. H Jan. 19) To-
day IS a 7 Pass up the opportunity
to splurge With your trendy triends An
evening of reckless abandon would
be more expensrve than you can
Aquarius (Jan. 20 Feb. 18) To-
day is: ar 8 You could gain lot
more than expected, or a lot less The
difference depends, in part on your
attitude Assume you we earned the
greater amount and don‘t be :ntsnuv
Pisces (Feb. 19 March 20) To-
day is an 8 Travel tould get itorn-
plrtated Pack carefully Dont lorget
to take a low extra bucks along to re»
plate anything you lose And expect
changes in the schedule

on tenure may; stench iN.



Brad and Angelina bringing
home a 4-year-old from Vietnam

1119 DiSl-l

3! £98991NP'FEEF

On March 5. Brad Pitt and

Angelina Jolie indulged in one of

their favorite new pastimes:
strolling through their neighbor—
hood in New Orleans historic
French Quarter whrlc pushing
daughters Amara and Shiloh in a
$400 Maclarcn 'I‘win chhno
stroller. "’I‘hcy stopped and said
hi to all the locals who greeted
them." art cycwitncss tells Us.
”They were very nctghborly."
And although photographers sur-
rounded the couple » who were
similarly clad in white button-
downs. jeans and aviator sun-
glasses they didn't sccm to
mind. "They walked all around
the neighborhood. almost in cirr
clcs." says the onlookcr. "Zahara
and Shiloh Jllsl kept eating their
snacks and looked like they were
happy to bc outsidc "

Perhaps an even bigger rea-
son for the little girls' dcmcanors:
the news that they have a new
oldci' brothcr on the way. On
March I. Vu l)uc Long. head of
the Ministry of Justice for \YICI‘
nam. conliriticd to Is that his
agciicy rcccivcd frotn .lolic - who
you returned hour a trip to the
African nation of (had to galva—
ni/c support for Sudancsc
i'ctugct‘s (scc ho\. page 5‘“ ~ an
application via an American
adoption agcncy to adopt a -l-
)‘Cttl‘»t)ltl boy from the Tam Binh
orphanage in Ho (‘Iii .\Iinli City.

This is thc sccoiid stagc of a
Victnamcsc adoption, .Iolic. as

first reported by Ils. tiled the lirst
sci of Pth’t'work to thc lflS. (‘itis

lenship and Immigration Scr-
viccs during a January Iti—l‘) tnp
to Vietnam. according to an in-
sider close to the adoption. "The
kid is nonnal. healthy and very
good-looking." says the VICI‘
namcse source. adding that Jolie »
who submitted the requisite pu-
pcrwork as a single parent be-
cause Vietnamese law mandates
that an unmarried couple can't
adopt a child together - and Pitt.

43. have asked that the name of

the boy he kept confidential. (He
is about one year younger than
Maddox. 5. who was bom in
neighbonng Cambodia.)


As for how long until the
newest member of the Brangclina
posse can move into the couple's
$3.5 million New Orleans man-
sion. the adoption procedure
takes no more than four months.
says Nguyen Cong Khanh. the
deputy head of the country's In»
tcmational Adoption Department.
And the A—Iist actress won't be
given any preferential treatment.
"(.Iolic] will have to follow proce—
durc like any other American."
Long tclls Us. "No priority will
be given to them. They will be
lt‘catcd equally as any other pct»

Still. it‘s not out of the ordi-
nary to speed tip the adoption
process when cclcbs are in—
volvcd. 1’ la Madonna's scandal
with baby David Banda in ()cto-
bcr (for which Jolie later critii
and her in an interview with a
French magazrnc. saying. "Pcr~
sonally I prefer to stay on the
right side ofthc law. I would ncv-
cr take a child away from a place

where adoption is illegal"). And
there may be an added incentive
to rush things along. "She
promised to give 52 million to
the Turn Binh orphanage on the
very day she receives the child."
the Vietnamese insider tells L's.
Of note: The actual adoption fee
is only about SIZS. (Jolie's rep
didn't respond to a request for
comment: Pitt's rep had no corti-


Jolie publicly hinted at an im—
pending adoption iii December.
telling Diane Sawyer that the
biggest challenge was determin—
ing what country to adopt from.
"You know. now the questions
arc more when you have a
mixed—race family. do you bal<
ance the races so there's another
African person in the house for
Z?" she said. referring to
Ethiopia-bum Zahara. 2. "So
there‘s another Asian person in
the house for Madd‘? Shiloh has
Brad and me that she can look


Jolie and Pitt aren't the only
ones excited to expand their fam—
ily. Pitt's parents - father Bill. a
trucking company manager. and
mother Janc. a high school coun-
selor - are already lining up to
babysit. "They're more proud oi
their grandchildren than they are
their own children." Bob Bilycu.
a family friend of the Pitts. tells

s "I always ask how the grand-
kids are. and they say. 'Wc Just
got another one?’ or 'They'rc do
ing grcatl‘”

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CHEER 'I'IIE WILDGA’I‘S 'I'o Tile camprousmp


. I

'1 s? >rr':

sway ln'dr‘ni‘rqohr} r rwr


t 1% it:




March 9,

Chris Miles
Asst. Sports Editor


Cats deliver

when they
need it most

Conference tournament play
usually' comes down to a clash
of ‘D.‘ Not defense (although
that‘s a fairly
i m p o rt ant
part of the
game). but
tron and LleA

()n this
day. determi-
nation w‘on



A l'ls'

DEKLOWEILL team deter —

erne_ mined to

erase the

blah mentor

ries of the regular season and
get on a magical March run
proved too strong for an Alaba—
ma team desperate to saw a
season that began with national
title hopes.

It was the kitid of clash that
makes tournament basketball
fun. because there is no guaran—
tee of rriore games lor the loser.
Alabama had to win and it
didn‘t. UK wanted to win 7 and
it did. That imbalance iii moti-
yation makes the (‘ats‘ per'lorv
mance all the more impressiy'e.

L'K‘s best win of the season
was the start of what the players
hope will be a special month

l think “C slitiyycd gill year
that we can play with anybody.”
Joe ('rawford said. “March is
the tiriie when we get to show
that we can beat anybody."

Which is what the (tits did
yesterday. Playing an Alabama
team in desperation rriode
(‘rimson Tide coach Mark (iotv
tfrred conceded after the game
that it would take a “miracle de‘
cision" for his team to riiake the
NCAA Tournament the (‘ats
put together their best per'lor'v
mance of the season. l“l\L’ l'ls'
players scored in double figures.
and the Cats shot an el’tectrye
Sll percent from the lreid and ill
percent from the l«point line
The (‘ats are a different team
when multiple players make
shots It may sound oby ious. but
it's obyiously true,

“When you make shots. you
can coy'er tip for a multitude of

sins." L‘K head coach Tubby
Smith said “If we can make
shots. we're usually pretty
tough "

()ne of the players making
shots was Randolph Morris

And that's .soriiethrng he‘s been
doing a lot of lately Playing in
his hometown. Morris scored a
team-high l7 points on etglit~of
l() shooting. lu l'K‘s past three
games. Morris has
combined 47 points. and met
that stretch he‘s only missed
five total shots

Morris couldn't explain the
quality of his play on Thursday.

"Must‘y'e been the Wheaties
I ate this morning." he said
“Miist‘y'e gryeii me sortie ener»

Whateyer the cause. Morrrs'
play gave the (‘ats some energy.
and propelled tlierri to a quality

But the deterriiination the
(‘ats showed in oyercoming .-\l-
abama's desperation wasn‘t
quenched by' Thursday 's \it tory.
The confidence level in the
locker room was sky-high, For a

“()nce eyeryonc gets click-
ing. the sky‘s the lrriirt for us."
(‘rawford said.

So today the (‘ats will do it
all over again. Determined to
leave the regular season behind.
they'll take on a Mississippi
State team desperate lor an
NCAA Tournament berth The
Bulldogs have to wan to hay'e a
chance at getting in. The (‘ats
want to provide a reason for the
thousands of Nation members
infestlng Atlanta to stick

Desperation and determina»
tron tip it off at I again today.
Desperation better be ready

scored a


If it were intentional then his hand would
have been closed and he would have met him



Duke head coach Mike Krzyewski defending his

forward Gerald Henderson who was ejected from a game last weekend
for his flagrant foul on North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough.





lawns Miles

cmrles@kykerne| ,com

L'K football freshman reserye linebacker Micah
l Johnson. starting sophomore offensive tackle (iari'y
Williams and starting offensive sophoriioie guard
Christian Johnson have all been suspended limit the
team indefinitely for academic reasons. l’ls’ head firot~
ball coach Rich Brooks announced yesterday.

Each of the players may return to the team alter
y their responsibilities have been fulfilled to Brooks‘ sat—

i Micah Johnson. a Ft. Campbell. name and one of

the nation's top prospects in high school. played in all
13 games for the (‘ats this season. He scored one




UK hoi‘kevfor-tyrantlony‘i/‘aiwou :iai‘t twi‘w:


Star hockey


player aspires to teach


touchdown. had 2‘) total tatkles
and ayet‘agcd .5 yards a game

Brooks also announced that re
ser'ye coriierback Jarrell Williams.
who has seen limited playing tun-e
this season. has been dismissed
from the team for \ tolating Ull\PC\
rtied team rules

Rescr‘ye offensrye lineman
Micah Jones. who came to l'ls lll
2004 and saw significant playing


trrrie as a true freshman but has dealt w itli irviirrics

particularly in his back
decided to giye up football

RCSCHL‘ linebacker Herr \lctiiarli a l\\l' you letter




By Laws Walilriar

\\i‘lm ‘
‘. ll M t‘
play \'a
'::. int. ‘li :t .. 3‘
it t "\l ‘A
'll ' t
i' I 1' r "’
r t 'l;. it
to l‘


- \l.ts\r «up 'i ,i l


low water rat tarts lJls .r with!“

\1"rlt’l.1'7‘i’lt“'"'t:\ i il s

l'fi'e ll

.i ri.“t- it

and “lltk'l ‘-»ils wl’ui ltl ilitic:.:.1.. .


Hometown : Pittsburgh
Height: Sfootlttl

Weight 175 lbs

Major: Elementary education
Class Sophomore
Position: Forward 't


- knew ‘.\it.il ti» lt‘ .‘xlll

lllt‘ i l.isslv~ Itt‘i
like lllt‘

tiltilt'is Iiisl "i "t

.tt‘at itllii‘t‘» " ".r' l
l-‘ i\.


llis c\it«.;t'ta~ is the Li



0n UK: Speed player With no Significant
penalty minutes Helps lead the offense

ZINE-2th": Scored 46 goals for the Cats the fifth :w
lockey Assoriattons lJlslS‘illl ll

ZINE-2M: Scored 33 goals in 33 games as a "i’s'itll‘it'l

American Collegiate

2‘ yc.it~. .tnil I".i- il ‘..l's\ r'.ill\
liin‘i‘ \.ilcrrno s.izil
always try to help t‘-i‘l .i‘ ii.
lit'llltk .tl‘tl lt-tl“ illi'lt‘ l I

llis titliei Hurt \.



litl lllt‘ past l\\i\ sy'rlsitlis ll.ts

\‘iiyrrr‘ii sllll l '


l ir‘itt l r'l\

li‘l hi‘ii
\\ we" l 13'“ "ll i'iioiistlt l d
mirth his ki \ t inip
i-ixil tlt.it l lo\.\l

'l[}1\‘\ l|’\t‘


Three football players suspended, three off team

winner who lclt the team in lk-tern
bet with personal l‘lt‘l‘lt'llls. has also
\lt'tttlt‘il [U iillll it‘ltll‘nll \lclitdlll
had originally planned to return for
spring piattrtc but decided against
ll He will still st.i\ a: l ls to pursae
liis tlcglct‘

"l .iiri eytrcritely disappointed
tor \litalt . loncst. but I tliiiik this is

.i long terrr'. decision that is best lot
liis liealtlrf Brooks said in his state
riient "\\e w ill keep him on scholarship so that he

our stay in \sllUl‘l and get his degree

l hope that

things \\lll get back to normal for lllll‘ and that he will


make a ttill r'ccoycry "





5E} 'Mfit‘H‘VS

r leaving the rough ice

, p .i_ i
i 'l tls-
y i' l iii 1 t ‘y.i.t‘l'.lli' mils!
. H’ 1 \_ i_ ‘..t
i i i r i 'niit.l ‘i.lle'i l ' 'tiaii tic
gt, ‘ A ii tilt s
K i r . i
l ‘ i \._l lt \.iii
l8 s s‘ t‘t
\ [try
, In i
i, a i .\ l ‘ l “
tilt k
i ‘ \i‘.
yr ' . .
h g i ' '1
i to.
‘ ‘ ‘ . .iI
‘ l
r if i
.i l‘ ‘
‘ ‘ lit‘ i
‘ y r pit
. 4‘ i‘ ~
Vii .‘\>i st ' ”pt \ ‘ lr‘l
A I ‘ ‘J‘ J
l i.
TllNV VALFRlNO ‘ ‘ “‘
4. . l i i b
s ‘s H
it \. r\
. \,\


‘I‘ it 'iiiiil\|i_‘

'l " ":‘ll tl‘.

‘:tt\ ili.iriic1

the i ltiiiltcti s t‘l'i"','\ tr 1‘ llti'- ' r it” Iiis’r'ail
lll lll\ll.l\ll|rll. l.t‘ .tll‘l’ l
\alt‘tttto l‘tgat \‘wiikar‘ri' 'yi i ilt=lil‘ctt ir‘
cryililli eradc. when his ili lpcrl his 3 itlict .i \l‘lllll
liinkcy \l‘.!\ll iii l’ittsbiiiclr. lllll laskcy and
baseball i .irnps
‘f l] flip ”\ly kl li‘. s. ‘tccii maul rtts‘ lrs kz‘y l-vr o\ct



‘ll‘ {it


(i run. it .t. l‘i'tslnizm \
|-'.i: li.:t:.i: ‘ a kite

\i’ri .lililrci. it ..

.tT'lii‘ was .i
i 'ttiil
.ii.‘ ttl tlt'i'.‘

itt‘ Ei‘.tll:t‘r‘: "H! i-' li’i‘lrtsl

’i.s !.ir'.il\ lils


l‘Zi‘tlti'l said

His key

i ...

i l

li1s l!“'c‘ will;

in? ". .tll 't‘it‘i Tia" \t'i'kt‘litl



L‘.:'llt‘t.t.\;s ltt’ t‘.‘. l lit; ix i lvtst' l’t't‘ttfiitn
t.. i ;c \ \‘]].‘\!\‘Y ..-'i\."i
\.ll""l.if .:l\|‘ 's\> 'l; ‘, t in i“ sit. liis

iliirzig lllt l‘hi "to ll‘ii'tc
he worked Jill‘i elettici ?.t:\ accil il .lirrctt that
se'c .irst 'carnaie l iiglrsl‘.
lle l-~\ .d it. and they loved ltirii
lL‘l‘ttto saltl
lliat eyirttctttc ltclpeil lititi ill\«t’\t‘f that he
wanted to te l\ in elementary \\ liool
I think l want to teach third or lourth
\.ilc'rii . said ' lliat s always been the
age group I yc eniiweil working with the must i'
ltttt teathing isn't the only option \alerino

ililt't \‘\lt' sllll.7'>i.7\

l inila \a


w Valorino , 3,3004




+ St. Luke Church +
(859) 255~2349 ' 2319 Versailles Rd ‘ wwwstlukecec org
Sunday 10:30 am & Wednesday 6 30 pm
Sacramental + Evangelical + Spirit tried

RACE 4 I Friday, March 9, 2007


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the fundamentals." he said. "ll 1 could some
day be at the same level as my father and
considered half as good of a coach as him l
would be .satrstied with my coaching career."

Tony Valerino isn‘t out to change the
world through teaching or coaching. It's
much simpler than that. he said.

All he wants is to be an efi'ective teacher.
to "have a little fun" learning with kids and to
get "a sense of knowing (he‘s) kind of mak-
ing a difference" in the lives of some children.

that I wanted to coach this game." Valerino
said. "Hockey has been a huge pan of my life
eser since I started playing it. I think I under—
stand the game very well and I It“ e the strate-
gies lllVUlVCd in the game. (‘oaching i.s sortie—
tliing I really look torw'ard to in the future."

Unlike in teaching. Valerino hopes to
coach teenagers. following in his father's

"i love the strategies in the game. arid
when kids are younger. it's mainly just about


St. Chad’s Anglican Catholic Church
(059) “9-7051 httpjlst-ctud bloowattom
49m Silidoys holy Cmmori Zoo/4th [vensonq tst, 3rd 8 5th
l928 Book at Comm Prayer The Hymnal I940



hopes to pursue. The lite-long hockey play er
and coach‘s son completed his Leyel Two
coaching cenitication this summer by attend-
irig coaching clinics.

Level 'l\rio hockey coaches can coach
children up to age I:

“I‘ve always known since I was young


Matures-s ilnrly Indore hpni


I" ' :si.s'.


Cats face 'tough matchup' Miss. St.

By Jonathan Smith

rsmrth@kykernel com

l'K head coach Tubby Smith knows esactl} what to
expect tomorrow when the (‘ats ha\ e to defend MississipA
pi State‘s Jamont (iordon.

"He's probably the toughest riiatch-up tor its." said
head coach Tubby Smith. “He‘s strong. he's a left. You
don‘t see many lefties. So when you haye to play a guy
like him. who can make the Jump shot with range. can put
it on the floor. it makes e\ery body better."

That's what the Cats w ill be up against today at l pm.
when they play the Mississippi State Bulldogs MSl' tiri-
ished lirst iii the Southeastern Conference‘s Western l)l\l-
sion to earn a bye into the second round.

In the lirst riiatcliup. (iordoii scored l3 points. grabbed
eight rebounds and passed out The assists in liK's (slot)

For the season. (iordori is int-raging IRS points per
game. 7.: rebounds and 5 assists.

l7K entered the game oti d Ill-game winning streak.
and kept it ahye when ruriior center Randolph Morris hit a
layup with a minute reriiaiiiiiig. ()n the other end. he
blocked a Gordon shot with lil seconds left to seal the win
for l'K.

The Cats had one ot their poorest shooting pei'tor~
mances of the season against the Bulldogs. as they hit 36
percent of their shots limit the rield. and ‘1 percent trom
3-point range.

The winner will tltl\dllL‘L‘ to play the winner oi the
Vanderbilt.Arkansas gaiiic tomorrow at 1 pm.

The (‘ats were swept by the (‘omiiiodoi'es during the
regular season, and beat the Ra/orbacks in their only




r is



iuo 4:5 ' RU
“2"wa i... W


For . “(kl .
mum“ N as. its 4rd ass
mil. 40
1-2 a.

l I ...

I . warm hour

is or i» w

13‘) J 0 'll‘
MI) 35‘) 'i», «i».
‘20:”. Home

..., 410 Mt. w-

‘2‘\ us or-

i242 3t!) syn
74o row



4g ___________ 859-253—9927,}

summons A

$20 7 “12 $3

3% w

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otter expires march 313?. 200/
CQupon must be presented at time at semee it. cannot be combined with any other otter

REG. $25 REG $32
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KEITH srvrrtsv i smrr

Alnharria sophomore forward Alonzo One and UK ;unror guard Joe Crawford chaise
draw a loose. ball during the. second haif of UK's 79 67 Win in the first round oi the

SEC Tournament


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lrom lirlatiger. said it there is a de-

crease iti l'ls' tans. it‘s because of

. Smith.

Gary Ervin and Demo Townes each scored 16
points as the Razorbacks, the No. 3 seed from
the West Division, easily knocked oft the Game-
cocks, who finished last in the East. Four
Arkansas players scored in double figures and the
Razorbacks used a Sispoint second half to pull
away from South Carolina, which was led by a
16-point, 15-rebound performance from center
Brandon Wallace. South Carolina star guard Tre
Kelley was held to it points on four-tor-lt

The victory improves Arkansas' hopes for an
at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. The Razor-
backs ( 19-12) are on the bubble and could use a
win today over East No. 2 Vanderbilt to solidify
their postseason resume. Arkansas beat Vandy
82-67 on Saturday in Nashville.

The winner of today's ArkansasVanderbilt
game and the winner of the UK~Mississrppi State
game Will play tomorrow at 1 pm


Low Stokes scored 22 points and Takais
Brown finished with 19 pornts and 13 rebounds
as East No. 5 seed Georgia eliminated Auburn
from the SEC Tournament 80-65. The Bulldogs
(18-12) used a 102 ton to begin the second half
to open a 5133 lead, Auburn never threatened,
as the Tigers were unable to work their deficit
into single digits in the second halt. Georgia,
which is on the bubble tor the NCAA Tourna»
merit, likely needs to beat top seed Florida tomor-
row to have a chance to make the Big Dance

Josh Dollard led Auburn With 13 points and
14 rebounds. The Tigers had tour players score in