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P"D"CCIAL RESPIRATION administered by informed individuals has resulted in the ·
; ivfng of many lives, apparently lost from poisonous gases, electrical shock,
lretzning or cessation of breathing from injury. Do your part in preserving ’
human life by familarizing yourself with the contents of this page,
ff., . PESGUE victim from source of trouble but protect your-
ps Q ·» sel-f in so doing., Otherwise there may be two victims
li? "$\ instead of one. Ventilate area containing poisonous
".»   _ gases. Insulate yourself when removing victim from
  electrical circuits. Remove water from victim by
;' A Ar elevating his midsoction, and keep his head lowered
  ,, I   Prepare patient by placing him in prone
/,i:,·;  /4-j_,_,Z/`/y_ L "‘ y . Q position, extending one arm overhead, bend
  "" ' other arm at elbow and place head on fore-
arm with face toward outstretched arm.
Clnzar the mouth of all foreign objects, such as chewing gum, tobacco, false tenth,
etc. Flace tongue in normal position, Loosen tight clothing at neck and waist,
_ ADHINISTER respiration by straddling the patient on your knees be-
  tween the patient’s hips and knees, place your hands on patientis
  back, the heels of the hands about three inches apart, with
4,i,, Mx gk little fingers at short ribs. Swing forward, holding the arms
ia ‘,‘/\{ straight until sholders are directly above hands, Bear
\ }$—;_ ` weight gradually upon patient's back on the forward _
(5; il swing. The operation takes about two seconds. Swing  
{ [ I , immediately backward, removing hands and
:,Qpj»·s7/f¥"‘\{,hJz’   gqmjmg to rest on your logs with hands and
(L?$Xe'F’,;Q7   » _ "* R arms relaxed at your sides. Swing forward ‘
é·~7;{~;£--~~ "`""‘m’_- again after two seconds and continue the
rhythm of forward and backward movements at
the rate of 15 times per minute until breathing has been restored or until rigor
mortis (body becomes stiff) sets in.
TRENITVIENT for physical shock must be given to hasten
reviving patient. This may be administered by assist-
  ants who rub the arms and legs towards the heart,
. 4/\ apply warm packs about the body, (these should be
{gif, tested to see that they are not too hot), patient
  covered with blankets, coats. Allow patient to iezhnl
Lf     inhale aromatic spirits of ammonia. After patient
,?.($;_ ,; has been revived, keep him lying down and continue
  ·‘    }` shock treatment. When consciousness has been re-
4`;,!},::f   ,,p / .;{3’?$/Q stored, administer aromatic spirits of axtrzaoniop,
 `·~··?*°£f——€-···~... 4fij   one teaspoonful to a half glass of water, hot T
`T tea or coffee/
._   that any cessation in the operator giving giving artificial respiration
may m-yin the patient losing his life because tho artificial breathing cease:1. Ch gn;.
of eper· tors must be made without breaking the rythm. If patient ceases to brwptiie
xfter ·; temporary recovery, continue artificial respiration as long as the body
    warm. It ··v1y take three or four hours. Pure oxygen may be administered
is assist in reviving the patient. An inhalator may be procured from most fire •
f arrtmonts in why community. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH A PULMOTOR.

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