‘Tl’ S   with the men and knows them better than
§ anyone else, must SELL SAFETY to them.
YOUR LI FL   since the foreman is selling the sarety
. _ .V ` Q Idea, something he can*t just reach out
C;) ` 1 § and touch, he has to make the employee
‘ Q want safety for logical reasons. Each man q
_ __ § in interested in his and his family•s J
\((;>LJ |<_E;k|?’ I-Y § welfare more than anything else. Right *
§ here is the best point of attack in the ;
g selling compnign of the foreman. ,
    First, the foreman should have the man’s
E respect and confidence. He should_
” § appeal to the employee{s intelligence
S S S S S S S _I_ S I L_ I T_ ;{_ .   and ability to see how prevention of in-
_ g juries automatically prevents; (l) phy-
YOU can*t shift Responsibility without Q sical and mental suffering on his part;
paying a fat price. when you shift the § (2) loss of earnings and protects future
responsibility for your safety on to some§ earnings, a careless worker is no longer
one else*s shoulders, you may pay with Q wanted at any work; (5) promotes better
your life. ” "§ working conditions; (4) lengthens active
i time; and (5} assures family welfare.
Ȥ When the man sees Safety as beneficial
ATTENTION FOREMEN - - SELL SAFETY Q to himself and his family, he will be
· E ready to buy it by paying daily install-
The main purpose in preventing accidents Q ments of intelligent precautions. He will
is to keep the human body whole, well and; be constantly exercising diligence and
physically fit. The real motivating ,§ care by using safe work methods.
force in our Safety Program today is the E y `
company*s desire to send every man work- Q when the foreman SELLS SAFETY to his men,
ing in and about our mines home at the § they will work more safely and fewer
end of his shift in the same physical § accidents will occur. ,
condition as he was when he came to work.§
Although this may sound simple, it is n0t§ S_§_S_g_I_§_S O R S_T R A I N S
easily accomplished. In the first place,§ _' —-—- _`--_°*--
it is necessary to have the full cooper- g You may suffer at times with a pain in
ation of every man in and about the mine.; your back that you can mistake for a
In order to have this needed cooperation § sprain or strain, especially if such a
SAFETY must be sold to EVERY employee. § pain strikes you while doing some work.
This takes a better sales promotion cam- § Such a pain is often caused by infected
paign than just selling merchandise be- `§ teeth, infected tonsils. low blood pres-
cause, in selling safety, something that g sure, gonorhen, syphilis or an infected ’
you cannot see, at the moment, is being § prostate. See your doctor and have the `
sold. _ ` , E causes corrected so you will not have t
, Q- such pains.
Safety is a definate part of production i
because it deals solely with the most §
important cog in the industrial wheel - -$ EEQESQS YOUR DINNER FAIL °
the man. Since the company has to place j
the responsibility for Safety in compa- § On entering your working place, do you
tent hands, it is logical that the fore- § find a safe spot for your dinner pail and
man, the man who comes in close contact § then go to the face and work under bad top?
YQ}; "   ae; ~. M "     :2*   °"   . ·: