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l Karen lO,l9i2.
Mr. C.’A. Dupree,
Allcck, Kentucky.
9 Your Section Foremdn, John Campbell, wds bddly injured in en
automobile wreck lust Sunday morning. I think you will egree
with me thet he dil everything possible to keep you men from
working under loose slete. Jhenever he found nny of you tsking
chances under sldte thet should ndve been token down, he mode
you twke it before he left your working plece. He did this
beciuse he did not wont you to get killed or injured,
You -i», thut he is not able to trovel your vorking ploces, I em
nfrdid thot some one of you might take n chence, think that you
cen make H cledn—up before toking dorn some bed top, or not set
the number of posts you should to protect yourself while lending,
or neglect some other little thing that you cnn do for your ovn
safety. If you do not toke such chences, you will not be
A injured or killed, If you think you cen tdke chdnces, then we
will hove e few missing men from the men—trips some mcrnin;.
The msn who toker John Cenpb;ll’s pluce will be instructed by
me to look dfter, before unythin; else, tn; sofety of the men in A
your section. The roof you ere vorking UHU3T is too ddngerous
to tuke chdnces with. If he finds n single one of yeu doing
somlthinn dvoinst your oxn snfety, you must expect to be stopped
then und there. If you repent doin; it, then we must stop you
forn working in our mines. iQ expect you to cooperdte with us
when it comes to your snfety ond the hoppiness of your fomily.
Sincerely yours,
P. A. Grddy‘{;§¢-_ .