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Aug. 12, 1947
lr. C. AL Dupr c,
;llock, _entu;ky. _
s I yneer A:. Jupree:
L/. {  
_ The man who tells you, "IHave Been Working In The Mines New For
Twenty sears And I Have Been Lucky. I Never Han An Accident" is
only preparing himself for a possible injure that may prove fatal.
We think that the man who has built up a twenty-year safety record
has to a great extent practiced safety. He may not be smart enough
to know it, but it has not been LUCK that has kept him from injury
all those years. what did save him was the KNOWLEDGE he had of
danger, the SKILL in avoiding it, the FORETHOUGHT to think of it,
CAUTION in approaching it, and enough SELF-DISCIPLINE so as not
to take unnecessary chances with it-
Whenever ho forgets these PRECAUTIONS, and starts to depend upon
his LUCK and his twenty years of freedom from injury, only God can
save him, and we want to remind you that "God helps only those who
help themselves." .
Seven out of every ton men killed in thc mines of Kentucky last
year had an average mining experience of twenty years or more. How
many of them, do you think, got so they were depending upon LUCK,
What did not happen during twenty or more years of working carefully
did happen in twenty seconds or less when they got careless and
were trusting to LUCK.
Then again, there are men who have suffered several injuries over a
period of five years or less, and they tell us that they have been
UNLUCKY. With a too easy manner they "pass the buck" on to their
LUCK. We know what was wrong with such men ———- CARELESSNESS,
ever they get rid of these failings, their prononess to accidents
will vanish.
So let us say, "LUCK BE HANCED:" It is what we do in the way of
working safely that is going to keep us from being injured and
killed, not our LUCK.
And we are going to mail this letter to your home so your wife and
family will join us in discounting LUCK, and in its place preach a
Gospel of Safety to you. 1
Sincerely yours,
P“ »»»vg x,