H · { Tf   I . ` i
. i ig-Magix -w-9 -Fe?-@-9**     w.rx;>.ya assay
A »] *·d ‘]W€Ba,.SEUElE ` €We arc not talking to a bunch of H. P. A.
" -*.‘ J V _ _ · t _,€ _ `WR ~ V Eworkers, but to you workers in a mine.
"‘“ ni ` _ {Fl `yq _ 'N§"Rest On Your Tools" whenever a supervis— `
¤— er" ‘_ A `¤,V ‘ V ior visits your working place. "Rest On
· VQ; ‘ I " A- A23 V·4 §Your Tools" whenever he comes upon you ~
p { vt ,_ _··· in w,~ glaying track, setting timbers, cleaning ,
V "wm ,“ Q__ __..-·‘‘ i `&::::LE ' yup slate falls, or doing any other work
, ._ ~ "‘,M ‘··. ',_" ·-‘‘ I} ,| §in or about a mine. A few minutes spent
‘ -· _ _jeQ '_`. ~ ?in talking things over will do much to-
n' tx (V ri.        wards planning the work so it will COIHG
` J _.·· ""\\ “» _____ i /_ V {easier and safer for you. Your ideas will
. . gj;r;IIij;;;;;:;:F;;E;E$_,,> _ §help him, and he may be able to help you.
` Z, ._ ‘ _. §The workman who rushes at work when the
. ` Qforeman approaches is usually not a safe
° Tire Changing Diagram . §worker; that post should have been set,
. · t §or the loose slate taken down, before he
Now that we are going to find it impose- Qcame. `Anyway, a miner, or a trackman,
' ible to get-tires or have them rationed §or any other workman is judged by the
out to us, more-care will have to be taken work he does, and the way he does it, and
to make the ones we now have last longer. ith; most skilled and safest menfalways
§give that few moments to talking things
.We can make them last longer by slower §over. . _- ‘
driving, by applying our brakes less and ¥ · V
A avoiding quick starts and sudden stops, Q - J , J
» and keeping the tires properly_inflated. @ Qt ,.‘ ·
` § " T A.K E C A R E 'Q_E_ Y O U R S E LF"
Experience has also proven that regular § , `_, ,_ ‘ tg _‘
and systematic rotation of tires from· §Your fellow worker or your_foreman will
wheel to wheel_increases tire mileage and §tell you to Be Careful, but when you are
V reduces the hazard of uneven wear and gtold to "Take_Care of Yourself" fit is
blowouts. ` i i §generally from some loved one at home.
_- _ .` §Even if.they do not express it in words
_ Tires on the right-hand wheels tend to Qthey may be hoping and praying that you,
wear out more rapidly than those on the {will; so for them, _"Take Care of
left side because: ’ , g I ]Yourself." ` . _ i _· ‘
l. Crowned roads throw more of the car's§ "` ‘ _ ··
weight to the right. Q __ » V .
2. The right-hand tires frequently ride Q T§§_MOST DANGEROUS PLACE. ,
the rough edge of pavement off the shoul-;
der and back again. , . §The Most Dangerous Place in any mine is
Z. The right hand tires often rub the Ethe place that looks safe and isn't, not i
curbs. ' · ithe place that looks dangerous.
4. The·right—hand tires are more apt to 5 t _.. ._ '~ _,
encounter sharp stgnes, glass, nails, Qetc   V _ __—_1—_————__——_ ,· 2-;
that find their way to the gutters. § T§§_SAFEGUARD `
The above diagram illustrates a scheme Q
which includes the spare in regular turn Egg g Egg THINKETH, SO HE wORKS_ EE
ivith the others. 5 "___"" """""`““ ""
._?·*5`?.IE@T.&•Qé·2I!;*&.P2· EEETE   ——""`—"
zssr. 5