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Imprint varies. journals English Frankfort, Ky. : Capital Office, E. Polk Johnson, 1890-1948. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station Annual report. 1916 text Annual report. 1916 1916 2011 true xt7tx921cz31 section xt7tx921cz31 , ’ ’
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Kentucky Agricultural  
Experiment Station
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Kentucky Agricultural A
Experiment Station
PART 1. l
Report of Director and Heads of Departments. A
Water Analyses and Meteorological Observations.

 Letter of Transmittal
T0 His Excellency,
llox. AUG‘UsrUs Oxvsmzv S·r.xNi,i;v,
Governor of ]f0ntuc7:_u.
Ynder the authority of the Board of Control of the Ken-
` tueky Ag·rieultural Experiment Station, and in aeeordanee with
an aet of (`ongress, approved March 2, 1887, and entitled "An
Aet to establish Agricultural 1·1xperin1ent Stations in eonneetiou
with the 1\g·rieultural ("olleges established in the several States
I under the provision of au art approved July 2. 1.862, and under
the aets supplementary thereto,°’ and of the aeti of the Legisla-
ture ot the State ot? Kentucky. approved 1*`ebruary 20. 1888, and
entitled "r\n Art to aeeept the provisions of an aet passed by
the (`ongress of the lvnited States, approved March 2. 188T. for
the establislnneut and niaintenanee of -\g·ri<·ultural Experiinent
Stations in eonneetion with 1\g·rieultural (`olle;;·es established by
the several States and Territories under an aet of Congress. ap-
proved July 2. 18p1·iations. 191.5-16:
II2l1('ll   Adams
- I Fund. I l·`und.
. . I I
Receipts irmn the IIIl‘CklSll1.'CI.' of tl1eI I
Vnited States. as per app1·0p1·iatiI%1_5,00O.00I $15.000.00
I‘IX1’l·]Nl>I'l‘l`R1·]9.   I
1})* Salaries ....................I.II......LLII..,,L....,,....,II..I.._A_..._.,...I 9.851.80 12.541.66
lialmr ..........................................__............t....A...._,,,._,..... I $67.21 605.30
l’ul1li<·ati<>ns .,__........,._.......,_..._..........____....,,....._,,.___ 1.612.55 _.__,,,____ , _.._.,...........
Postage and S1'2l11f)11(‘1'}' ................ . .,....... _ 597.07 15.70
]<`1·eig·I1t and II‘IX|)1'l‘SS .................. . ................ 42.64 29.56
Ileat, Iiiglit. \\I2l1'<‘1' and I)(I\\'l‘1`. .......... I 472.56 147.31
(Il1<‘1]ll('2llS and lial>¤>1·at<>1·_v Supplies I 467.90 553.92
Seeds. Plants and Sunduv SupI»li<·sI 251.85 173.32
,l·`ei·tilix<·1·s ......................................._.._._......,.. . ......   ..,.._....._.....__..,....,... 7.60
]*`eest—]>h ll. Kustlv. who hurl lillctl the l)ll`C‘(‘l'()l`·S
<'ll2lll' with l>t·i· 26, 19],2. lt seems upprn-
" |>i·iut<· thut this i·t—p<>1·t shmihl imi·l<. ;\tit·l>l'1·<·]mi·t—tl for thv
uuuuul t'flll\'t‘lll`lUll of tht- ;\SSt)l1l2lll(lll of 4\lllt‘l'l(‘2lll J\{jfl`lClllllll'2ll
(`<»lh·g·l—s uml ,l·]xp<·i·iim·ut Ntutimis iu Nt>v<~i1il><·1·. lfllti. is in-
(‘<)l’[)()l'ill<*(l l1<·i·<·\\‘it‘l1. t<»g·t·t|l<·i· with i·<*s<»litti<»us utl<»ptt~i|1tt·(l to utrt us l)ii·ct·tr>1·. l>y ]`(‘$(llllll()ll 0f the
liuutwl ut (`tlIlll't>l ot th<· l‘lX[><‘l`llIlt‘Ill Stutinii ut u tmwtiiig till
S<‘]il<'llllN*l' 26. lfllti.
(imtxxi;»;J-.’i‘i<»N. 'l`ht· <>l‘Q'2llllXillltlIl <»t' th<· l‘lX]h<‘l'llllt‘lIl Stutinu
  - im·lmlt·s tl1i1·tt~<—u tlt·pui·t1m\11ts. i1utm·ly; utlmiuistrutittii. 2l}l'l`l(£lll-
llll`tll <*t·<>11m11it·s. u;;·i·<>immy. uuimul liitshumlry tl) hccf <,·uttl<·.
Nllt‘t‘]l uml swimn l2l tluiryvuttltih<>1·s<·suml]>r>11lt1‘y.<·ht·111istt‘y.
tlisi-usws nt' liyt- st<»i·l<. t‘Illtllllf>ll'ilt‘Illllll't‘.

2 T11¤c111‘y-11111111 z1}1}l1l(lZ Report 0f H10
S’l'.\’l‘1-(1N S'1`.\Fl·`. 111111* ]11·1·s1>11t staff of the 16X1)Q1.`1l11(‘111 $121- _
111111. 111(11ll(111lx€I 11112 150111*11 of (101111*01, 1s g1VC11 011 page Y11. of
this 1%*11111*1. '1`111* z111p11111t1111*11ts 211111 1‘CS1gl1il11()11S for 1110 3*0111*
211'O 1;*11*011 11011111*.
C. .1*]. 11(1(1{];(‘1‘S. Assistant C111*1111st, March, 1511.6.
N. 11. (11'l‘5i'(11'. 1l1S111‘1‘1'()1`. 1111111 &111(1 (11’L1QQ (1l‘p&11‘1]111‘111. A11l‘11.
11. (`. 171111111};*, 111 e11111*g1· (‘X11L‘1'111101l1&111'1211{C1`_\'. ·1111}'. 15116.
‘ A. -1. 1111115*. 11ss1s1z1111 11(11'11C'11111111‘1S1'. ·1111_v. 15116.
A. N. 11111*111111. ?lSS1S1&\111' 111 i1Q'1'<111l111l}'. ·1111}'. 15116.
111111l(*1' 1’1~1*1*y. N<‘l‘1.1 £l11211}`S1`. S1‘]11(.‘1l]11<‘1', 15116.
11.11. 11~()El1‘1I. 111>1111*1·1111*.1'111111 111111 (11‘11Qf (1l‘l12\1'1111l‘111'. Sl‘]111‘111~
_ _111‘1’. 15116.
J. XV. \\111ss1111. 11ss1st11111 111 11g1*11·1111111*111 1"1°11111111111'S. S1—11- ‘
1Al‘11111l‘1'. 15116.
.1.'1`. 111111;*1111 111 1·11111*g1· OQIQ-12l}'111Q'1'f11l11‘S1. H<*111(‘11111C1`. 15116. ·
.1)1‘1(‘1'. A. B1., A1·1111g 1111*1·1·1111‘. SCr1111‘11111<‘1' 26. 15116.
11. 11. 1)(‘&11(. 1111>:1111**<< i1Q_`l‘1l1'. (`11:111111*1‘. 15116_
(1&11‘1'11‘ 111*1* 112111121\\`21_\'. >1·1*<1 2\11E11_\`S1. (1C1'(111(‘1'. 15116.
A\1i\111‘1' Sl'1l(‘]1[1(*11112\11. 111 1-11;11*g1· 1‘X11<*1'1111(.‘1l12l1112l1{1‘1']·'. ·1il1l11-
:11*)*. 15116.
11. S. A1_\'<‘l'. 21$S1*A121111 1·1 11¥¥1.111111111A'. .1*`1·111*11z11*y, 15116.
11. 1’1'1111s111·1. z1s~1:~:111111 1'111‘1111S1'. .1‘11‘111‘111l1'_\`. 15116. _
1V. Y. H1111t11. :1~¤1s111111* 111 11111111z11 1111s111111111*_1* 111(‘l‘1l 1·111111·.
S11l‘1‘[1 :11111 >\\`111l‘11. A]11'11. 15116.
11. K. 1111*1;*111. 1‘X11T11*1i1!I 111 111s1—11>@s (1E11\'C‘ s10u1<. ·1111y. 151111.
11. 11. 1111111111(‘111(`1`g11`1.. ;1:<~1s111111 111 il11111l211 1111>112111l11'}' 1111*11
1·111111*. `i1l(‘1‘11 111111 S\\`11ll’1. »1l11_\'. 15116.
(.`. li. 1?1111.1g1·1·s. 21s<1s111111 1·111~1111s1. N1'1\'1”‘111111‘1'. 15116.
NV. 11. S11111111111$ 11*11111 111·11111·11111é111 (11. l11$1‘21%1‘F 1711u 11\11` r~111<'1{ 111
1`111111 111111 (11111;.1.111‘11111.11111`111. 21% 111<111·1·1·11*. -11111*. 15116.
(11. R 111'1<1l‘1‘ 11*11111 111r`l1111.11111\111 (11. (11\\\11S1r‘$ 111. 11v1— N111{‘1{ 111
(‘X1l‘l1$1111l (11\v1$11111. -111111, 15116.

 Kentucky Agricultural Experinzcnt Station. 3
L. R. Himmelberger from department of diseases of live ‘
` stock to department of animal husbandry (beef cattle, sheep
and swine), July, 1916.
N. R. Elliott from department of horticulture to extension
division, June, 1916.
,l‘;lTllil)IN(jS Asn l‘lQl?Il’)IliXT. Fifteen double colony houses
and eonsiderable equipment have been added to the poultry
farm. A number of maeadam roads have been constructed on
the tarm and several patent gates erected. Numerous small ad-
ditions in the wa_v of apparatus have been made to all depart-
ments and several hundred volumes have been added to the li- ·
N(>'l‘.\lSlil·l \Vom<. ltriet mention may be made here ot cer-
tain noteworthy pieees of work. more tiully treated in the de-
` partment reports and in bulletins of this Station. The import-
anee ot lysine in a ration tor growing ehieks was shown in a
' series ot experiments deseribed in linlletin 197. lt was shown
that when lysine was not present in suttieient quantity in the ra-
tion. the growth ot? the ehieks was stunted and development re-
tarded: whereas. with abundant lysine in the ration. growth and
development were normal.
('lnr work on the viability ot? blnegrass seed shows that low
pereentage ol' germination otten tonnd in the eommer¤·ial arti-
ele can be largel_v aseribed to allowing the seed to overheat in
enring. 'l`he details ot this work will be tonnd in llnlletin lfls. ’
i (ilne ol` onr most important lines oli work is tl1e stndy ol` soil.
t`ertility by means of the several experiment lields loeated
on ductivencss of well-bred hens.
New Legislation t
\\’ork has been taken up and actively prosecuted under the ·. {
food sanitation law (('hapter 37. Acts of l$)l6) and the seed law
(Chapter 62. Acts of lttlti). which went into etfeet this year.
'l`hc Station is charged with thc e itoreement of both ot these
laws and already great improvenzent in conditions has been
brought about as the result of our cfl'orts.
'l`he act of liegislatnrc t/(`haptc:· 20. Acts of lflltii accepting ·
the provisions of the Smith-Lever law and putting the work in
charge of an "extension committee," became effective immedi-
ately upon its approval by the tiovernor. March l5. lfllti. Ac-
cordingly. the agricnltin·a| extension work was organized under
a separate division of the t`ollcgc of Agriculture. doing awa_v
with the extension work of the lixperiment Station. llnder this
arrangenrent. money which had been used by the Station in .
carrying on extension work is now employed to offset. in part,
the Smith-liever appropriation. V
lt having been decided that the food and drugs law did not
carry any appropriation. the defect was corrected by the passage
of an act tt`hapter 44. Acts of lfllti) atlirniing the appropriation

 Kentucky Agricultural Expcri·m.er2.t Stcttlion. 5
_ originally contemplated. This enables the Station to continue
this important inspection work, as heretofore.
· 1.)UBLICt\TIONS. The following publications have been made
by the Experiment Station during the year 1916:
1.97. The Feeding of Young Chicks on Grain Mixtures of High
and Low Lysine Content. G. D. Buckner, E. H. Nollau _
and J. H. Kastle. January, 1916.
198. The Curing of Blue Grass Seeds as Attecting Their Via-
bility. ll. Carman and E. C. Vaughn. January, 1916. ..
199. Experimental Fields—A Progress Report. George Rob-
e1·ts. January, 1916. '
200. The Locust Borer. 11. Garman. February, 1916.
201. Hogging Down Soy Beans and Cowpeas. E. S. Good and
M. J. Smith. May, 1916.
. 202. A 1’relin1inary Study of the Marketing of Burley Tobacco
in Central 1{entucky. C. D. Bohannan and D. P. Ca1np—
I i bell. June, 1916.
203.}. Concentrated Commercial Feeding Stutfs. J. D. Turner
and H. D. Spears. July, 1916.
204. Further Investigations of the Etiology and Control of
lnfeetious Abortion in Mares. E. S. Good and \V. V.
Smith. September, 1.916.
‘ 205. Commercial Fertilizers. lil. E. Curtis, 1Vm. Rodes, O. S. ,
Lee and R. 15. Taylor, December, 1.916.
11. 1lot Beds and Cold Frames. C. S. Adams. March, 191.6.
12. The Egg-Laying Contest. J. J. llooper and R. 1*1. \Vil-
. . kins. June, 1916.
Scientific Papers
I "'l`l1e Blaintenanee ol? Virulence ot' Bacillus Abortivus Equi-
nus." E. S. Good and YV. Y. Smith. J. Bled. Res. \'ol. XXXIH,
No. C3. January. 1916.

 6 Trwenty-2z.i22th Amzzeal Report of the
"Thc Value of'Virulent Salt Solution in the Production of
Anti-hog Cholera Serum by the Intravenous Method." Robert
Graham aud L. R. Ilimmelberger. J. Inf. Dis. Vol. 18, No. 1.’
January, 1916.
"A Filterable Organism Isolated from the Tissue of Cholera.
1Iogs." 1). J. Healy and E. J. Gott. J. Inf. Dis. Vol. 18, No. 1.
January, 1916.
"On the Stability of Silver Fulminatc Under WHtC1`.’7 A.
M. Peter. J. Am. (`hcm. Soc. February, 1916.
"A Disease Resembling ‘Forage Poisoning' in Horses and
J Mules. \Vherein Oat Hay Incorporated the Primary Factor."
Robert Graham, L. R. Ilimmelberger and R. L. Pontius. J. Am.
Bled. Assoc. February, 1916.
N(.`ilCl111C2li Changes Occurring During the Ripcning of the
. VVild Goose Plum." J. S. Mcllargue. J. Am. Chem. Soc. Vol.
XXXVIII, No. 5. March, 1916.
"Tho Production of a Ilyperimmnne Serum for Infectious
Abortion in Marcs." 15]. S. Good and VV. V. Smith. J. Inf. Dis.
April. 1916.
"A Note on the Extreme Resistance of Two Spore Bearing
Micro-organisms.`° XV. V. Smith. J. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. Vol.
XLIX. April, 1916.
"A Simplified Method of Producing a Potent Precipitin Sc-
rinn." VV. V. Smith. J. Am. 1\led. Res. May, 1916.
"‘A Study of Gas Production by Different Strains of Ba-
cillus Abortivo-l·]quiuus," E. S. Good and L. S. Corbett. J.
Inf. Dis. June. 1916.
"Sludics in Forage Poisoning—III." Robert Graham and
L. R. Himmellicrgcr. J., Comp. Pathology & Therap. Vol. 29.
June. 191.6.
"1%a<·illus Abortus (Bang) as an Etiological Factor in In-
fectious Abortion in Swine." IG. S. Good and W. V. Smith. J.
Dart. July, 1916.
"Separation and Estimation of Polysultides and Thiosul-
fate in Lime-suli’nr Solutions? S. D. Ayeritt. J. Ind. S; ling.
‘L`ilOl11.. Vol. 8. No. T. July. 1916.
"'.l`he listiination ot` Thiosulfate Sulfur in Limc·snltnr So-

A. F:· A  ZA ;'·V
A  .     ,
V A ..V, V; VV   V  V, V¢V'A>__
[  `AA A ·‘§<    ` A    
I   r.VV V   4é·_;. “VnV A .   4. ~
A_ A ·q$'·  A  ·. .. A,
  Ay; _A A  §;i» ~?~V{**;.¤~. ,,l, A      
A_;;_jA_i   A     .· »,-~_·A gr AAA.; 
A8   - A ` .   J   i’}¥}A §  AA< .·V‘V  
1   - ·A A  i¤A.A+»i.¥iA·.·    A. { if  
· .A-.» A  ,A(£=c»;» ·»;·M v A .. M *4 * ··  A
A — AA AA~A.;#~»»=e»·¥§>  -·. gr -·A>~>,<*_ ..A ;···,A  ».  » , A
-;A _A V       { A    1. ~v·. ·gA_;Vj. A· V g_ V
l   . I A Wi ‘·2$?Z4A   4.  "A.¤#£.;i§ V  
S   A -jA·;.;3A,»_ ':-jgiijg ' .·An£. ,y*_, »$';;»j · Ain V   ·* I A   A { gy ,
.   . V· 1{Q;   A  . ',{;);. _` ·_  ~;'_:    " 7¤15 A VV    VVA  V
'   A A   °a·»s[*?;~£  “   AA A   ’ » ~?g¢.  A#»~»g;s¢q~.A¤·‘~A»JA  
- ¤s ...,e     ,,:·   - {,,A¢.i,i& 
·A   .   dHA~~AA» AA,A A é"§·7?‘   »
  » A A ,,   A·*'·.;· g Ai A , »¤·A.A 4,, -·
iw AA ‘ .· ` · A An __  `-i fA54;é§1§$`A`_A@1.?·*‘A"*    ,1  · .9
U . -. · A · é»··*.AA ·¤; n-;; s. A *—. A»f‘ ·A ./   ·A ...
,1 AA   `  "_:»_;¢/      A,AA A· -:. v
‘ Q.-Ak. { _ 4   *5;*% gétw V;Vg??.¢¢,· A   <§   Af.:   Z
A·     ’A¥*·  "?§; :,¤?. ii? A ·   gr- A  `A  9
>`·¤=·'   A- *    "¥ ”.· »  IV · ,.¤ L*%¤’ Y A ’’.A Aj 7   *‘ '”
B,     A }hf§V€V V4   ’. ,_    , ,6 2
A   ‘ V     V .   V _ hi _ ., §V VV    Vp;   E
:· A=-AA   AA   »  1 A       A~ A ` z.»~A`y.     A
JV AV    _ fz    V Agjcgf Vu?  ?;VV V__V_VV   E
A   ; A-ri   ·.. €·:‘  · Tm.,    A   wx   Ac
  - A y  f t;. ·~.;1y¥·     A;     z
·‘ ~=·  r » ·· uu.   *¥ 4. ~ ¤`*f A·A       >
iq A A-  A          
Eq   - A.     4  °A>:*;" .‘ _,_ ;¢   A . ·      
.   »— A   A A· A_V VV  1;.;  ·.  .5.};- V _ —  AA $,1 V   _:
.   __  —  VA.T:P.;VVVié§_\g_ V\1§é#AV.l,iVV V   AV V
A A   . A .¢_ ,.V~; A~,` ._V/ ._V  .· _, , A \< »_ LA _
A ~ »— _\·- 4 ·.A. A;} tl.`}  _A· v~AA¢-. , A . _
A A `A-A AA--~?%¥:..:. A. ,»~vA »4.W»‘$$°;Y»i; _ A   __  /*=/O `A ? I
A V A —- -A AA  ‘£;~;;.·M A A,w.$}{e  A : ~.t»·A   —   ·:
-1] -A »  3,..,    .‘·g~é;A*A·i?       * sf, ;
.1- ` AA °*’¥      ,,*·=$ 2
U   ` .  ` .··   j gjiéi ,£:_·$;;    ,   7 ..
. A _ _ A   M r~  5 i; 3;;,:;  _; V   7 ~: .
__ A . 4. V   E;. /.A1V`AVV VVV AA,g A: . V_ A
mq . `·A. A   A  .z.g»¥_; .—1A;vi  A A 4   — gz ;
- _   _ AA.;  Qty  V_   · —A_._A~_; ~ A Wi D
lcv   iiif   )  ’, _A·» Y’:£vf{A—»~€   $5 A`é2·· '•A  x 3 Y, . -
Q_ AA   { gas `»\._AW,-·,¢= A“?§‘1§?—‘k<        i
A .        *é?'~é?·A1  ·¤~¤~“Ai`·»Y—`~§A A i*** ,,A.‘i°iA—x,i. Q; :
g » A · · A  ' ",;i'·§§¢     ¤ *.A»»A;-Q  {,,~,$ A\xA ·. ie :
· A A· A.”"”’f¤2:;Z*';,2·j    -  TIA `
`-    AA£>¤V_ ».,;V_AA     » §
  A  2:;*    5 '· ‘ ’?. A   Ar$_,,i»; ;   .
}~A  Mw _A;,,€ **-"Z V ‘,;,A V " Z? `~ A Z
  ·.» A  ~.-5 ,A;   Ar
A ME ,?A·}*   5.;Q§;A A  ;_;aA»A     * -:
A A‘    ~·A A c; ·~.»`   Agia .·_. {VQ, ;
  =#»A AA   *.>  A .  L2. ai g
   = A; AA   V; 6 , $ 4*}:% E
‘¢` <»;g 4   A   L';¤ A   :>*   2
 ; ?f¢:,'·=    A      ¤ e `   _   A *
"°?Ai S7  Eg A  V m _; " ?G\~  AM n.’$£€ E
 q·’¤    M ;
A   ;* `
4' ‘   AA >

 Jfeiztuc/uy 41QI"tCllHl(?`((l E.l'[JG1`i}llC}l1 Sz‘uz‘i02z. 7
lnlions by Iodine '1`itrz1tion." P. L. B1ll111CllI[l12ll and S. D. Av-
eritt. J. Am. (1110111. Soc. September, 1916.
"The Results of the Use of Hog (`holern Globnlin o11 Three
Tlionseind llogs 1l1 the Field." Robert Graliant. Ain. J. Vet.
Med. Vol. Xl)., No. 9. September, 1916;
"Studies on 1"()1'2l{l'C P()1S()l111lg·;1[.`l Robert Grnliznii and
L. R. lliinnielberger. J. Inf. Dis. Vol. 19, No. 3. September.
"<>n the Distribution of Phosphorus 111 n Yertienl Seetion
ot lilnegrnss Soil." A. M. l’eter. Soil Seienee. October, 1916.
"'l`he Attennntion of 11og (`holern \'irus." D. J. Healy
and li. -l. Gott. -1. lnf. Dis. Vol. 19, No. 4. October. 1916. .
  "Stndies on the Residual Effect of Wi11te1· Feeding of Corn
  Silnge on the Ability of Steers to Gain on 1’z1stnre." E. S. Good i
  l)U[(l1't‘1\1l1. Soe. An. 1’roduetion. [11`l.)2lll2l. lll., Dee. 1, 1916.
E Experiment Station Medal
Q The inednl wais nwnrded to the tollowing gentlemen for
1 nieritorions exhibits during F2l1'l11l*1'S. \Veel§:
R. M. Squires. Lexington, for best exhibit of eorn.
, ll. liehninn. Midway, for best exhibit of ponltry.
Department Reports
Brief reports by the heads of depztrtnients nre given in tl1e
following pnges und the ninilyses of ininernl and potnble wnters
ninde in the ll(‘p2l1`1"E';.;1‘ll1 of eheinistry during the yenr nre puh-
i lished on pages 69 to 98 of this report. ` A

8 Tzcezzty-n-intl; Amiyzzal Report of the
On September 2-lth of this year the Kentucky Agricultural
lixperiment Station sutfered a great loss in the untimely death
of its Director, Doctor Joseph Hoeing Kastle, after a short
I illness.
. As a chemist his researches had made notable progress in
the field of biological chemistry; as a director his ability in
conducting investigation was showing itself in the increased
activity along many lines of agricultural research at the Ken-
tucky Station, thus making his loss a severe one to the agri-
i cultural interests of the State. lt is, therefore, appropriate that
we pause in the program of this association to recall briefly
some of tl1e principal facts in the life of this distinguished
Joseph Hoeing Kastle, only son of Daniel and Thane Yal-
landingham Kastle. was born in Lexington, Kentucky, January
25, 1864. His early education was acquired i11 private schools
in Lexington. In ]SS-l. he grzuluated from the Agricultural and
Mechanical College of Kentucky with the degree of Baehelor of
Science, receiving his 1Il2\Sl'(‘l"S degree two years later from that
institution. ln NSS he took the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
at Johns Hopkins University, where he was a favorite pupil of
Dr. lra Remsen, chemistry being his major study. The same
year l1e was plaeed at the head of the (`hemical Department of
the State College of Kentucky, which position he filled with dis-
tinction, produeing much original work, under great; difficul-
ties. until W05, when he aeeepted the position of (`hief of the
Division of (lll(‘llllSll'_\'. l'. S. Public Health and Marine Hos-
pital Serviee. 'l`his position he resigned in l$lO9 to accept the
t`hair of (`hemistry in the University of Virginia, which he
filled until ltlll. llis official connection with the Kentucky
  at ineetiiig of the A. A. A. C. & li.  

 ]\r€1ltI((‘h'_i] ,~l{]}`t(‘llllLtl}`(llv ,E;l`])(`I`liHl€Hll Station. 9
Agjrieultural Experiment Station hegan July l. ]9]l. as head
of the ])epartment of (`hemieal Research, whieh had just heen
estahlished hy ])]1`CCl()l.' Seovelli At the death of l)r. Seovell,
Dr. Kastle was elected Director of the Station and Dean of the
(`ollege of Agrieultnre. He held the eomhined position until
only a short time hefore his death. when he was relieved of the
al duties of the lleanship on aeeountn of failing health.
th Dr. Kastle was married. in ]S95. to Miss B. (Yallie \lVarner,
·rt who survives him. with two daughters. the elder of whom is now
a senior in <·hem.istry at the liuiversity of Kentueky.
lll ’l`ime does not permit us to reeount here l)r. Kastle`s
in aehievements in ehemistry nor to list his numerous seientitie ‘
Gd puhlieations. ,\. eatalog of his more formal papers comprises _
*ll‘ some lll) titles and he was a frequent eontrihutor to farm jour-
l`l· nals and to the daily press. Perhaps his most striking work
lat was that on oxidases, hegun while he was Professor of (`heinistry
HY of the State (`ollege ot? l{entueky. this heing then a new suhjeet.
ed hut one whieh has proved to he of the highest importanee
in the ehemistry of plant and animal lite.
al` Dr. l(astle`s position in the tield of Ameriean researeh at
ll`}, this period was unique in that he hrouglit to the work a keen
0]* intuitive vision; great skill in deviee and adaptation; unusual
ml industry and enthusiasm and a tirm heliet that; early puhlieation
et is an essential part of every prohlem. 'l`rained as a ehemist.
lull his sueeess was due to the applieation of the exaeti methods
ll'}, ol’ ehemieal and physieal researeh to the eomplex prohlem ol’ ‘
9i hiolo;;‘ieal eheniistry whieh had so ‘l`ar haliled human endeavor.
mc lliis work was soon followed hy important results. More than
V of one—third of the total numher of his l`ormal papers dealt with
he- hiolo;1i<·al suhjeets and these papers thoroly awakened the
?lll‘ seientilie world to the t`aet that met aholie aetivities are ol` the na-
Tlltl ture ol` termentatioiis.
[OS- 'l`he demonstration ot the reversihle aetion ol` lipase was ol`
thc speeial importanee as lipase aets on all the l`ats proper. and
ht the results ohtained applied to all tots ol? the food. Moreoveig
Ck}, he employed this reversihle aetion to demonstrate the preseuee

 · 10 Twenty-2mz2‘h Ainnzal Report of the
of lipase in various tissues. Thruout his life aud to the very end, t
A work was his constant inspiration. H
The following subjects may he mentioned as having oeeu-
pied his attention. in eollahoration with other memhers of the
Station stati’. during the time of his eoimeetiou with the lCx~
periment Station; Parturient paresis and eelampsia; the toxie 1
eliaraeter of the eolostrum in parturient paresis; the internal
seeretion of the mammae as a faetor in the onseti of lahor; eal- ,
eium salts and the onset of lahor; the eomposition oti the ash  
of the sap. leaves and stem ot` the wild grape vine; simplified .
. methods of water analysis for sanitary purposes; evidenee of l
the aetion of oxidases within the living plant; transloeation of V
mineral eonstitnents of seeds and tuhers of certain plants dur-  
ing growth; the amino-aeid eonteut of eertain feeding stutlis. A
and tl1e feeding of young ehieks on grain mixtures ol? high and
` low lysine content. l
l>r. l{astle was a teaelier of eminent ahility. lle possessed
in the highest degree that inhorn faculty ot? inspiring his stu-
dents with tl1e desire to think ont and work out; tor themselves
to the nttermostt analysis. tl1e prohlems put helore them. The
example ol? his eontagious enthusiasm and untiring industry was
as irresistihle as his seientitie