Letter of Transmittal
T0 His Excellency,
llox. AUG‘UsrUs Oxvsmzv S·r.xNi,i;v,
Governor of ]f0ntuc7:_u.
Ynder the authority of the Board of Control of the Ken-
` tueky Ag·rieultural Experiment Station, and in aeeordanee with
an aet of (`ongress, approved March 2, 1887, and entitled "An
Aet to establish Agricultural 1·1xperin1ent Stations in eonneetiou
with the 1\g·rieultural ("olleges established in the several States
I under the provision of au art approved July 2. 1.862, and under
the aets supplementary thereto,°’ and of the aeti of the Legisla-
ture ot the State ot? Kentucky. approved 1*`ebruary 20. 1888, and
entitled "r\n Art to aeeept the provisions of an aet passed by
the (`ongress of the lvnited States, approved March 2. 188T. for
the establislnneut and niaintenanee of -\g·ri<·ultural Experiinent
Stations in eonneetion with 1\g·rieultural (`olle;;·es established by
the several States and Territories under an aet of Congress. ap-
proved July 2. 18