56 T1ve·2zt·y-mtntlt Almzlzml Report of the,
BY J. O. LixB.xo11, Acting Head
As Acting Head, 1 hereby submit a report of the work of
the Food and Drug Department of the Kentucky Agricultural
Experiment Station, from December 1, 1915, to December 31,
1916, inclusive.
During the period from December 1, 1915, to April 1, 1916,
the regular oiiieial work of iield inspection and collection of
samples for chemical and bacteriological examination practically
ceased because of the decision handed down by the Kentucky
Court of Appeals, that the Kentucky Food and Drugs Act of
March 13, 1908, was unconstitutional as to that part of the act
authorizing funds to carry out the various provisions relating
to adulteration, misbranding and sanitation of foods and drugs.
The appropriation clause was the only part of the act ruled
upon by the court, and the provisions as to adulteration and mis-
branding remained unaffected.
On March 23, 1916, the Governor of Kentucky duly approved
an appropriation to carry on the work contemplated by the Food
and Drugs Act of March 13, 1908. Since then the routine work
of field inspection and the collection and examination of samples
of food and drug products have been resumed. A very important
act, particularly applying to food sanitation, was passed by thc
legislature of 1916, approved by the Governor, and became ef-
fective in June, 1916. During the short time that this act has
been put into operation by the Food and Drug Department, it
has already shown very substantial benefit in improving the sani-
tary conditions involved in the manufacture, distribution, storagf.
sale, health of employees, and various other phases of the sani-
tation of foods and drugs, particularly as to the methods of