58 Twenty-mjizth Annual Report of the
e11ergy, personality and diplomacy of an inspector play a very t
large part in the efficient €11fO1’C€l11€11t of the food and drugs laws. I
It is l1igl1ly important that an inspector should be specially qual- I
ified alo11g some li11e of interest to this department. I
Dr. C. S. Porter, Acting Chief Inspector, in addition to a
his duties as Drug Inspector, routes out all the inspectors of the c
department to the best advantage as regards efficiency of time c
and labor, the idea being to cover as much of tl1e State as possi- a
ble, making due allowance for special demands as may occur from 11
time to time, in other words, keeping them as active as possible a
i11 the field. Dr. Porter inspects all drug stores in the State a11d I
'collects the official drug samples for analysis by the drug chemist li
of the department, Dr. L. A. Brown. In addition to his duties
as Acting Chief Inspector, Dr. Porter collects samples of food t
products a11d makes sanitary inspections of places where such t
products are produced or sold. ]
Dr. W. II. Simmons, Meat Inspector, is a veterinary surgeon I-
a11d has had la1·ge experience in that profession, both as a State S
inspector of live stock and also u11der the federal authorities. 0
Dr. Simmons’ chief work is the i11spectio11 of slaughterhouses, Q
meat stores and all other places where meat products are made f
or sold. He has been particularly efficient i11 this difficult line of 0
work. h
Mr. N. M. Cregor, Dairy Inspector, has charge of all the o
dairy inspection work and all places where milk products are la
handled or sold. During the past summer he has been ably as- . f
sisted by Mr. W. P. Tuttle. il
Messrs. XV. G. Terrell and G. M. Roach confine their time f'
principally to grocery inspection and sanitary inspection work. D
Mr. Melfarlin has been devoting his time chiefly to the sanitary B
inspection of bakeries in the larger cities of the State. H
Each inspector devotes his time in general to a particular  
line of inspection work, yet each does all lines of work as occa- ll
sio11 demands. After an inspector has been over a given territory fl
his results and recommendations for improvement are reported t
from the office to the parties affected. a time limit in sanitation Q
eases being given for improvement. At the expiration of the fl