60 Trweaty—a1`nth Annual Report of the
Owing to the war in Europe and other causes, and the re— Sl
sulting scarcity of many food and drug products, prices have P
increased enormously on many products; consequently the mar- A
ket is being flooded with worthless mixtures that require con- S?
stant attention to prevent the consumers of the State from being ll
grossly dcfrauded. The high price of food and drug eommodi- tl
tics is a constant stimulus to the unscrupulous to defraud the T at
public by the practice of short weight or measure a11d by the St
substitution of worthless or inferior products. H
The drug laboratory under the charge of Dr. L. A. Brown, in T  
addition to the regular work of analysis of drugs, has done a in
- large amount of miscellaneous analytical work on unofticial sam- H]
ples, checking up new methods of analysis and so on, and also 01
has done most of the toxicological work in suspected poison ul
cases. m
In September, ltllfi, the new edition of the United States  
Pharmacopoeia and the National Formulary became the stand- fc
ard recognized by law. The United States Pharmacopoeia and to
the National Formulary are revised and issued every ten years. in
and are the legal stzindard of the Federal Government, as well bl
as of most of the States, for such drugs and preparations as are an
recognized therein. The new issues will bring with them many ul
problems affecting the drug work that cannot be forecast, in-
volving new methods of analysis, new standards of strength and
purity, changes in formulae and new methods of preparation
of official drugs. ("onsiderable work is anticipated in assisting
manufacturers, jobbers, druggists and others in complying with
the law in reference to such changes as have been made from the
previous editions.
The baeteriological laboratory, under the charge of Dr.
VV. R. Pinnell, not only docs the routine bactcriological examina-
tion of food products, such as milk, beverages, canned goods
(swells and springers), sources and examination of water sup-
ply used in process of manufacture of foodstuffs, but also has
referred to it cases of poisoning probably due to insanitation or
· carelessness in handling or storing perishable food products
In the main it handles such problems of food supply as ai?