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  Kmztueky Agrieuiltural Ezuper-iment Station. G
In the line of vegetable gardening a number of experiments .
in progress in 1016 are to be eontinued in 1917, ineluding:
T0maz‘oes—l’runing, training and staking.
i S'll.'CCLL_1)OlL((lLOC.S`——Vtl1`lCtlCSg level and hill culture; possible
, improvement. thru root seleetion.
i Irish P0tat0e$—Netliods of seed disinfection; spraying meth-
ods and materials, various methods of planting; variety tests, to
a limited extent. ,
igo,   C€Z(’)'_U—\T2l1'lCl`}’ tests for early and late kinds. A study of
art-   the eause of pithiness.
ign- 1 Ccrbbuge—Field methods of eombating eabbage worm and ‘
de- other pests.
ine- VVinter storage of eabbage and various root erops.
ires- i Our limited greenhouse spare is used largely for purposes '
of propagation and earrying plant stoeks thru the winter, but
oltl a number of experiments are being eondueted with: _
our Soil sterilization for the eontrol of lettuee disease and other
ng zi Fnmigatiou with various poisons for eontrol of the different
great greenhouse pests. . _ ,
e au- , Minor studies of tomatoes, radislnes, ele.
efer- ln tlorieulture some attention has been given to a. study of
lems V sweet peas, carnations and ehr_vsantlienunns under glass.
lity: lvpou the grounds about the greenhouse a eonsiderable ,
tual Humber of trees, shrubs and herbaeeous perennials are being _
sides grown for deeorative purposes. A eonsiderable eolleetion ot
;, gte. peonies, irises. phlox and other ornanientals is being planted for
small El stud_v of varieties, problenis ot vulture. ete. _
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