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     We, the mothers cf Bourbon County men
of World War II, who gave their lives or years
of their youth in a crusade for the preservation
of democratic principles, dedicate this record of
their valiant deeds to their memory in the hope
that it may be one more incentive to future
generations to guard that liberty so deeply
cherished by them and by all freedom loving







Additional service information which I should like to remember:





     Those who read the service records compiled and
collected in this little booklet will understand readily the
tremendous amount of work involved, the difficulties of se-
curing and checking the thousands of records needed. Those
who know the red tape surrounding organizations as large
as the Army and Navy of the United States, will smile know-
ingly when we apologize for the omissions and errors which
our records undoubtedly will reveal.
     To the best of our ability, we have included all of the
vital facts we could obtain from every known source. Should
there be names omitted or additional information concern-
ing the service men and women who are listed, we call your
attention to the opposite page and csk that you record your
information there. Then, in the years to come, your War
History may better serve you when you stop to remember
the Bourbon Countians who served you and our country in
World War I 1.

                         War History Committee
                         Bourbon County Woman's Club


The American Legion Auxiliary

     Dedicates this space to the heroic dead

     and living of Bourbon County World War

     11 who illuminated with their lives the

           paths to freedom and hope.

1. ... . .......................... . ..................I...................I................. . ...................................................................................





army c6breviationlt

Lieutenant General-Lt. Gen.
Major General-Maj. Gen.
Brigadier Generol-Brig. Gen.
Lieutenant Colonel-Lt. Col.
First Lieutenant-1st Lt.
Second Lieutenant-2nd Lt.
Flight Officer-Flt. Of.
Master Sergeant-M/Sgt.
First Sergeant-1st Sgt.
Technical Sergeant-T/Sgt.
Staff Sergeant-S/Sgt.

Private First Class-Pfc.
Women's Army Corps-W.A.C.
Women Appointed for Volunteer
  Emergency Service-W.A.V.E.S.
Women's Auxiliary of the Coast
A and P-Asiatic and Pacific
EAME-European, African, Middle
ETO-Europeon Theater of Opera-
DFC-Distinguished Flying Cross

                /avfy    cdbbreviationi

    Ensign-Ens.                   Carpenter's Mate-CM
    Lieutenant Junior Grade-Lt. (j.g.)Machinist Mate-MM
    Lieutenant Senior Grade-Lt. (s.g.)Motor Machinist Mate-MoMM
   Lieutenant Commander-Lt. Coin. Radio Man or Radar Man-RM
    Commander-Com.                Store Keeper-SK
    Captain-Capt.                 Electrician's Mate-EM
    Commodore                     Ship Fitter-SF
    Rear Admiral                  Pharmacist's Mate-PhM
    Vice Admiral                  Yeoman-Y
    Admiral                       Ship's Cook-SC
    First Class-i/c               Steward's Mate-St M.
    Second Class-2/c              Officer's Cook-OC
    Third Class-3/c               Printer-P
    Apprentice Seaman--A.S.       Coxswain-Cox
    Chief Boatswain Mate-CBM      Specialist-Sp.
    Chief Pharmacist Mate-CPhm.     Seaman-S
    Chief-C                       Aviation Radioman-ARM
    Chief Ships Cook-CSC          Aviation Ordinance Man--AOM
    Boatswain Mate-BM             Chief Ship Fitter-CSF
    Signalman-SM                  Chief Specialist (Athletics)
    Gunners Mate-GM                 C SP (A)
    Quartermaster-QM              Hospital Apprentice-HA
    Fire Controlmon-FC            Water Tender-WT

                                                               .......... . ... .











riosre 1tto (Satw Uleir iliurn

ADAIR, Jack G. (2nd Lt.)-
i Army Air Corps). Pilot. Entered
4-9-42. W e n t overseas 6-1-42
with 8th Air Force based in Eng-
land. B-17 on 13th mission with
Jack Adair as co-pilot was shot
down over North Sea, vicinity of
Helgoland     Island, 7-28-43.
Awarded: Air Medal with Oak
Leaf Cluster, and Purple Heart
I Posthumously).
ASHCRAFr, Miller C. (2nd Lt.'-
IAir Corps Pilot). Enlisted: 1941.
Killed in training crash in New
Mexico in 1943.
ALLISON, Leslie (Lt. Col.n-
Army, Inf.).  Entered: April,
1942. Sent overseas in J u n e,
1944. Led first troops into Char-
tres, France. Wounded in action
in France 9-10-44. Died 9-16-44.
Received: (Posthumously) Pur-
ple Heart, Silver Star Award and
French Croix de Guerre with
ALDRIDGE, W i I I i a m Martin
(Pvt.)-(Army). Infantry. En-
tered 11-6-40. Died in hospital at
Fort Benning, Ga., 7-16-42.

BATES, John Bunyan (Pvt.i-
Army). Entered: Oct., 1942. Re-
ported missing a ft e r his ship
was sunk in the North Atlantic,
BLAKE, Howard W. (Sgt.+-
(Army.) Entered: 2-5-42. Was
tank commander in 3rd Army.
Killed in action in Germany, 3-
BOOTH. Jesse Colliver (Jr. Phm.
M. 1 Ci-)Navy). Enlisted 1-12-
42. Killed in action on Iwo Jima
2-20-45. Had served in Marshall
Islands, Roinamur, Saipan, and
Tinian. Was awarded: P r e s i -
dential Unit Citation, B r o n z e
Medal for bravery under fire.
BROWN, Robert Lee (Merchant

C L A Y, William  T. (Colored,
iPfc,.-'Army). Entered: 1-1-42.
Died 11-13-44 at Fort Jay Hos-
pital, Governor's Island.
CONDER, Thomas, IS Sgt. -
i Army). E n t e r e d: 10-10-41.
Killed in action on Saipan 7-9-44.
Awarded Purple H e a r t (Post-
CORD, Omar (Pvt.) - (Army).
Entered: 4-20-43. Killed in ac-
tion in Germany 11-25-44.
Awarded Purple Heart.
COUGHLIN, James Samuel (S
1 'C)-(Navy). Enlisted: 1-26-45.

Served in Japan. Drowned: 4-
CROWE, John L. (Pvt.)-(Armyn.
Entered: 10-42. Went overseas
1-44. Killed in action in Nor-
mandie Invasion 6-25-44. Purple

DAVIS, Robert C. (Capt.i-
(Army). (Quartermaster-inspec-
tor). Entered: 2-5-42. Sent over-
seas in Fall of '43. Died: 9-24-44
in New Guinea.
DALE, William H. (Pvt.)-(Ma-
rine Corps. Entered: 5-42. Killed
in action in the South Pacific af-
ter 3 years service, more than
2 years overseas service.

ELAM, Roy E. (Pfc.)-(Army).
E n t e r e d : 4-4-41. Released 9-
28-45. Re-enlisted 2-16-46. Re-
turned from service in Germany
due to illness and died in Camp
Atterbury Army Hospital 10-16-
46. Was awarded: EAME Thea-
ter ribbon with 4 Bronze Stars,
American Theater Ribbon, Amer-
ican Defense Ribbon, Good Con-
d u c t Medal and Distinguished
Unit Citation with one Oak Leaf

FAY, Edward J. (Cpl.)-(Armys
Tech . 5/c. Entered: 2-17-42.
Went overseas 2-44. Was seri-
ously wounded during action in
France on 8-12-44 and died 8-13-
44. Received the Purple Heart
( Posthumously) .
FLEMING, Kenneth       (Lt.-
(Army Air Corps), (Navigator
on B-24). Entered: 4-2-42. Was
overseas with Army Air Corps
for 2 months. Reported missing
over Germany 1-28-43, later de-
clared killed in action same date.
FOWLER, Kenneth (Pfc.)-
(Army). Entered: 1941. Fought
in Campaigns on Gilbert and
Marshall Islands. Died: 6-20-44
from wounds received in battle
of Saipan. War awarded tPost-
humously   Purple  Heart and
Silver Star.

GAUNCE, Kenneth (Pvt.,-
(Army). Entered: 2-7-42. Died
in automobile wreck 4-15-44.
GILES, Howard (Pvt.)-(Army).
Killed in action in Germany, 11-

hospital at Jacksonville, Fla., 11-
HENNESSEY, John W. (Pfc.)-
(Marines). Enlisted: 1- 2 6 - 4 3 .
Cited for heroism on Guam 8-8-
44. Killed in action on Iwo Jima
HEDGES, Everett (Sgt.) -
(Army). Entered Cavalry 4-2-42.
Killed in action on Luzon, 6-16-
HURST, Ewell Conway (Pfc.)-
(Marines).  Entered:  12-15-43.
Killed in action on Iwo Jima, 2-
HUTSON, Leo (Pfc.)-(Army).

JOHNSTON, W i ll i a m Joseph
(2nd Lt.) - (Army Air Corps
Pilot). Entered: 2-43. Trained
at Clarksdale, Miss., Greenville,
Miss., and George Field, Ill.
Killed in the crash of a B-24 in
the mountains east of El Paso,
Tex., on 6-13-44.
JONES, Graham E. (1st. Lt.)-
(Army Air Corps Pilot). Enlisted:
7-11-40. Served in England and
N o r t h Africa. Awarded: Dis-
tinguished F I y i n g Cross, Air
Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters,
Purple Heart. Killed in action in
North Africa, 7-9-43.

KELLER, Henry J. (Pfc.)-
(Army). Enlisted: 1-42. Awarded:
Purple Heart Medal with 1 Oak
Leaf Cluster, EAME Ribbon, with
3 Bronze Stars for Rome-Arno,
Rhineland and Southern France
Campaigns: Distinguished Unit
Badge, C o m b a t Infantryman
Badge, E x p e r t Infantryman
Badge, B r o n z e Arrowhead for
landing in Southern France (8-
15-44'. French Fourragere, and
World War II Victory Ribbon.
Killed in action in Eastern Sec-
tion of the Siegfried Line, 3-19-

LAIL, Henry B. (Sgt.)-(Army).
Enlisted: 2-9-41. Wounded in ac-
tion in Italy, 1-20-44. Died: 3-14-
LAIL, Thomas Howard, Jr. (S
2/c)-(Navy). Reported missing
during period Sept. 7-21, 1942.
LETTON, James W. (Sc 3/c)-
(Navy). Entered: Nov., 1942. Re-
ported missing in action on USS
Princeton during invasion of
Leyte 10-24-44.

HARRIS, James Douglas (Col-
ored) (St. M. 2/c)-(Navy). En- MACEY, John Ireland (1st Lt.)-
listed: 4-23-43. Died in Navy (Army). Served as Staff Intelli-


Uriote  UUm  0aue  I 01etr Uiiurs

gence Officer in 337th Infantry
Division in Italy. Awarded: One
Citation, two Bronze Star Medal;
EAME Ribbon. Killed in action
7-14-44. Buried in Rosignana,

MATTOX, James M. (Sgt.)-
( A r m y ) . Enlisted: 12-26-42.
Served with 12th Armored Divi-
sion. Leader of machine gun
sqd. Awarded: Rifle E x p e r t
Medal, Good Conduct M e d a 1,
ETO Ribbon with 3 Battle Stars,
Purple Heart. Killed in action in
Eastern France. 12-10-44. Buried
in U. S. Military Cemetery, be-
tween Strasbourg and Nancy.

MARTIN, Earl Stanley (Pfc.)-
(Army). Entered: 1-1-42. Went
overseas with Infantry Dec., 1942.
Wounded in action in Germany,
9-27-44 and died 9-29-44.

McCARTY, Gordon (Petty Offi-
cer 2,c) - cNavy). Served in
North Africa and Italy. Killed in
action somewhere off Philippine
Islands after 26 months of serv-

McCORD, James E. (T/Sgt.)-
(Army). Enlisted: Oct., 1940.
Served with Infantry. Killed in
action in Belgium, Jan. 1, 1945.

MOORE. Stuart M. (2nd Lt.)-
I Army Air C o r p s ) . Enlisted:
Nov.. 1941. CBI Theater. Re-
ported missing in action 9-8-44
after B-29 raid over C h in a.
Awarded: Air Medal, Purple
Heart (Posthumously), Aviation
Badge (Navigator & Bo m b a -
dier), Distinguished Unit Badge,
American Campaign Ribbon, Asi-
atic-Pacific Ribbon with 4
Bronze Stars, World War II Vic-
tory Medal.

MORRIS. Jessie D. (2nd Lt.)-
(Army Air Corns). Entered: Au-
gust. 1942. After receiving his
pilot's wings went overseas in
Dec., 1943. Killed in action over
Burma, 1-18-44.

MORRISON, Lewis V. (Sgt.)-
(Army). E n t e r e d: 6-17-41.
Killed in action in France on 6-
24-44.                      I l

OSBORNE, Julian (Pvt.)-
(Army). Entered: 10-6-43. Died
in action 1-5-45 w h i1 e serving
with Infantry in Belgium.
OWSLEY, Alphard Stanley (E.M.
3/c) - (Navy). Killed in attack
on P e a r I Harbor 12-7-41 (1st
man from Bourbon County
killed in War).

PARRISH, R o d e s Shackelford
(2nd Lt.) - (Army Air Corps).
Entered: 1-9-42. S e r v e d with
Quartermaster Corps 9 months,
then transferred t o A i r Force.
Went to Italy in March, 1944, and
flew 13 missions as pilot of B-24.
Awarded: ETO Ribbon with 2
Stars, Air Medal with Oak Leaf
Cluster. Killed when his plane
w a s shot down over N i m e s,
France, 5-29-44, while leading his
group on t h e I r 14th Bombing
PATTON, James W. (S/Sgt.)-
(Army). Enlisted: 4-3-41. Served
with Infantry. Killed in action
on Luzon 2-13-45.
PETERSON, John B. (S/Sgt.)-
(Army, Infantry). Entered: Feb.,
1941. Was serving In Hawaii
when Pearl Harbor was attacked
12-7-41. Awarded: A&P Ribbon
with One Battle Star, ETO Rib-
bon, P u r p 1 e Heart, and Good
Conduct Ribbon. Killed in action
in Southern Italy 4-19-45.
PRINDLE, Franklin Theodora
(S. 1/c)-(Navy). Enlisted at age
of 16 in 1941. Killed in action
during battle of Guadacanal, 11-
PROWS, Joseph (Pvt.)-(Army).
Entered: 7-27-43. Killed in ac-
tion in France 7-17-44.

RADISLOVICH, Charles (Lt.)-
(Army). Entered: Feb., 1943.
Graduated from Officers Train-
ing School in November, went
overseas in June, 1944. Killed in
action in France, 8-12-44.
RISEN, Cecil Clay   (S/Sgt.)-
(Army). Entered: 9-18-40. Went
overseas with Infantry in Oct.,
1941. Killed in action in France
ROBBINS, Marion (Cpl.)-(Ma-
rines). Enlisted: Dec., 1941. Killed
in action in South Pacific 7-8-44.
Posthumously awarded S i l v e r

SAYLOR, Scott V. (Pfc.)-
(Army, Infantry). Entered: 2-2-
44. Awarded: Purple Heart, ETO
Ribbon. Killed i n a c t i o n i n
European Area 1-23-45.
SMITS, John (Cpl.)-(Marines).
Awarded: Asiatic a n d Pacific
Ribbon with 3 Bronze Stars, Pur-
ple Heart, and the Silver Star.
Killed in action 7-21-44 on the
Island of Peleliu in the Palau
group in the Pacific.
STACY, Lester Kernie (S/Sgt.)-

(Army). Killed in action in Ger-
many 3-3-45 after 3 years of

STANFIELD, C h a r 1 e s (Cpl.)-
(Army). Entered: 1943. Killed
in vehicle accident in France,

STEUART, Buford H. (Pvt.) -
(Army). Entered: June, 1942.
Sent overseas with Signal Corps,
Oct., 1944. Killed in action dur-
ing battle of Calmar, France, 2-
11-45. Buried in U. S. Military
Cemetery near Epinal, France.
Awarded: ETO Ribbon with Bat-
tle Star, Purple Heart.

STEWART, Henry (Colored) (SM

WAGNER, William H. (Pfc.)-
(Army). Enlisted: 12-10-43.
Awarded: Pacific Theater Rib-
bons, and Purple Heart with 3
Oak Leaf Clusters. Drowned in
Stoner Creek 4-21-46.
WELLS, Millard C., Jr. (2nd Lt.)
-(Army Air Corps Pilot). En-
listed: May, 1942. Went overseas
April, 1944. Participated in D-
Day as co-pilot of B-24. Was shot
down twice on 6-7-44 when en-
tire crew parachuted to safety,
and on 7-7-44 after which he was
reported missing in action dur-
ing raid over Bernberg, Ger-
many. Awarded: A r m y A i r
WEAVER, John (Fireman 2/c)-
(Navy). Killed on destroyer off
WHEAT, Clayton E., III (Lt.)-
' Army Air Corps Pilot). E n -
listed: Jan., 1941. Killed Jan.,
1942, in plane crash at Maxwell
Field, Ala.
WILLIAMS, G e o r g e (Colored)
(Sgt.)-(Army). Enlisted in 1941.
Killed in action in Holland, Dec.
23, 1944.
WILSON, Kenneth Foch (Pfc.)-
(Army). Graduated from Army
training school 8-28-43. Served
in battles of Gilbert and Mar-
shall Islands. Died of wounds
received in action on Saipan, 6-
WOODALL, Herman S. (Pvt.)-
(Army). Killed in action 12-12-.
WOODWARD, Frank Clayvelle
(Spec. 5/c) - (Marines). En-
listed: 11-26-40 (First volunteer
from Bourbon County). Served
with medical examining service
and recruiting station in Cincin-


Lourbon County Veterani of Word war VZo

                         December 7,1941-August 14,1945

ABNER, Allen Pfc.; (Army)
Entered: May 13, 1942
Discharged: Oct. 20, 1945
Served in: Normandy, Rhineland,
Northern France, Central Europe
Awarded: Good Conduct; EAME
Ribbon with 4 Bronze Stars
ABNEY, Thomas A T-4 (Army
Entered: 4-2244
Discharged: 12-13-45
Awarded: American Theatre Rib-
bon; Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Rib-
bon; Good Conduct Ribbon; Vic-
tory Medal
ACKE, Andrew D., T-4 (Army)
Entered: 6-25-41
Discharged: 11-1145
Served in: Rhineland
Awarded: EAME Theatre Rib-
bon with 1 Bronze Star; Good
Conduct Ribbon; Victory Medal;
American Theatre Ribbon.
ADAIR, Allan Percy, m, Capt.,
Pilot, Army Air Corps
Entered: 10-1-41-Still serving at
Geiger Field, Spokane, Wash.
Left England 11-742 piloting a
Transport carrying paratroops to
North Africa. Forced down in
Spanish Morroco and interned
in Spain. Released 2-1443 and
returned to his unit. Due to in-
ternment was taken out of com-
bat. Assigned  to Gen. Mar k
Clark's staff as Gen. Clark's per-
sonal pilot. Served in Tunisia,
Sicily, Italy and Austria. Return-
ed to USA Sept. 1945.
ADAIR, James William (Color-
ed). TA4 (Army).
Entered: 12-7-42
Discharged: 1-11-46
Sex ved in: New Guinea
Awarded: Asiatic - Pacific The-
atre Ribbon with 1 Bronze Star;
Good Conduct Medal; Victory
ADAIR, Sam E., Sgt. (Army)
Entered: 11-24-43
Discharged 5-27-46
Served in: ETO
Awarded: American Theatre Rib-
bon; EAME Theatre Ribbon;
Good Conduct Medal; Victory
Medal; Army of Occupation
ADAMS, Matt O.. T-5 (Army)
Entered: 10-27-42
Discharged: 10-545
Served in: Normandy: N. France:
Rhineland; Central Europe; Ar-
Awarded: EAME Theatre Ribbon
with 5 Bronze Stars; Good Con-
duct Medal; Purple Heart: Sil-
ver Star Medal; Bronze Star Me-
dal: (wounded, France, Aug. 20,

ADAMS, Henry L., 1st Lt.
Entered: 12-9-42
Discharged: 1-13-46
Awarded: Victory Medal; Ameri-
can Campaign Service Medal.
ADAMS, James Farris, Sgt.
Entered: 9-1542
Discharged: 8-2-45
Awarded: Good Conduct Medal.
Served in American Theater.
ADAMS, Archie Ray, CpL
Entered: 6-23-43
Discharged: 12-10-45
Served in: Normandy; N. France;
Ardennes; Rhineland; Central
Awarded: Good Conduct Medal;
Victory Medal; EAME Theatre
Ribbon with 5 Bronze Stars.
ADAMS, Charlie (T-5) (Army)
Entered: 8-8-40
Discharged: 7-2345
Served in: Algeria-French Mo-
rocco; Tunisia; Po Valley; Naples
Foggia; Rome-Arno; No. Appines
Awarded: EAME Theatre Ribbon
with 6 Bronze Stars; American
Defense Medal.
ADAMS, Denver (Field Cook)
(Marine Corps)
Ent.: 1-14-44--Dis.; 5-7-46
Served in: Guam, Marinas, Sai-
pan, Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands.
Awarded: Good Conduct Medal.
ADAMSON, Herbert (Private)
Ent.: 10-16-42-Dis.: 10-6-43
Subjected to close overhead fire
May 1st 43.
AGEE, Troy Lee (S2c;AS)
Ent.: 1-6-45--Dis.: 10-26-45
ALDRIDGE, Letcher (PMc.)
Ent: March 1942, now serving as
member of the permanent staff
at redistribution station No. 2,
Miami Beach, Fla.
Served in: Panama with Air
Forces as guard patrolman for
26 months.
ALLEN, Noble (Pfc.) (Army)
Ent.: 5-1341-Dis.: 12-845
Served in: Ardennes and Rhine-
Awarded: Am e r i c a n Theatre
Ribbon; Victory Medal; EAME
Theatre Ribbon with 2 Bronze
Stars; Good Conduct Medal.
ALLEN, Joseph C. (Pfc.) (Army
Air Force)
Ent: 9-4-44-Dis.: 10-2245
Awarded: Aerial Gunners Badge
ALLEN, William H. (Colored),
(Pfc.) -(Army).
Ent.: 12-2943-Dis. :3-2546


Served in: Normandy; Northern
Awarded: American Theatre Rib-
bon; EAME Theatre Ribbon with
2 Bronze Stars; Good Conduct
Medal; Victory Medal.
ALLEN, Woodford B. (Cpl.)
Ent.: 9-15-42-Dis.:12-20 45
Served in: Normandy Campaign;
Northern France Campaign as
machine gunner.
Awarded: Purple Heart; EAME
Campaign Ribbon with 2 Bronze
Service Stars; American Theatre
Ribbon; Good Conduct Medal;
Victory Medal.
ALLEN, Virgil Jr. (Colored) T-5
Ent.: 4-12-44-Dis.: 5-1946
Awarded: Good Conduct Medal;
EAME Theatre Ribbon with i
Bronze Star; Asiatic Pacific The-
atre Ribbon; Victory Medal
ALEXANDER, Joseph F. (Pvt.)
Awarded: Asiatic-Pacific Theatre
Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars;
American Theatre Ribbon.
ALEXANDER, Russell Carrall
(Sgt.) (Army)
Ent.: 12-24-41-Dis.: 9-24-45
Served in: Tunisia, Sicily, Naples
Foggia, Rome-Arxno, North Ap-
penunes, Rhineland, So. France,
Central Europe.
Awarded: EAME Theatre Ribbon
Adjutant, Randolph Field. Tex.
with 8 Bronze Stars, Distinguish-
ed Unit Citation.
ALLISON, William Hampton (T-
Sgt.) (Army)
Served in: ETO.
Awarded: EAME Cam p aign
Medal, Good    Conduct Medal,
American Campaign Medal, Vic-
tory Medal.
ALLISON, Edward T. (S-Sgt)
Ent.: 10-2843-Dis.: 4-146
Served in: Aleutian Islands.
Awarded: American T h e a t r e
Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre
Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal,
Victory Medal.
ALLMAN, Robert N. (Lt.) (Army
Air Forces)
Served in: European Theatre.
ALVERSON, Sanford A (Capt.)
(Air Corps)
Ent.: 7-28-42 as 2nd Lt. Dis.: 1-
Served in: American Theatre.
ANDERSON,    Bennie   Junior,
(Colored) (Cpl.) (Army).
Ent.: 10-16-42-Dis.: 1-1346
Servde in: New Guinea, Luzon,
Awarded: American Th e at re


Ribbon; Asiatic-Pacific Theatre
Ribbon with 3 Bronze Stars;
Good Conduct Medal; Victory
ANDERSON, Jesse Warren
Colored (Pvt.) (Army).
Ent.: 5-8-43-Dis.: 11-2445
Served in: New Guinea; North-
ern Solomons.
Awarded: American D e f e n s e
Ribbon; American Theatre Rib-
bon; Asiatic Pacific Theatre
Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars;
Philippines Liberation Ribbon;
Victory Medal.
ANDERSON, Earl Lee, Colored,
(Plc.) (Army).
Ent.: 5-25-42-Dis.: 11-26-45
Served in: Rome-Arno; Rhine-
land; Central Europe; Africa.
Awarded: EAME Theatre Rib-
bon with 3 Bronze Stars, Good
Conduct Medal, Victory Medal.
ARCHBOLD, Edward Andrew
(Pfc.) (Marines)
Ent.: 6-22-44 Dis.; 10-18-45
Served in: Saipan; Iwo Jima.
Awarded: Purple Heart; (wound-
ed at Iwo Jima 1945); Presiden-
tial Unit Citation.
ARDERY Philip Pendleton (Lt.-
Col.) (Army Air Forces)
Ent.: 9-10-40-Dis.: 10-30-45
Served in: Air offensive Europe,
Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Normandy
Polesti, No. Africa D Day.
Awarded: Silver Star Medal,
Dis. Flying Cross, with Oak Leaf
Cluster, Air Medal with 3 Oak
Leaf Clusters, Presidential Unit,
Croix de Guerre avec Palm,
American Theatre Ribbon, A-P
Ribbon, E-T-O Ribbon with 5
ARGO. Otis Clay (Pfc.) (Army)
Ent.: 6-10-43-Dis.: 12-21-46
Served in: Rhineland; Central
Awarded: American T h e a t r e
Ribbon; EMAE with 2 Bronze
Stars;  Good   Conduct   Medal;
Purple Heart Medal; Victory
ARGO, John William (Cpl.)
Ent.: 1-26-43-Dis.: 1-17-46
ARMSTRONG, Willard R. (Cpl.)
Ent.: 5-13-42-Dis.: 11-6-45
Awarded: American Theatre Rib-
bon; Good Conduct Medal; 4
Overseas Bars; Victory MedaL
ARNETT, Chalmer (T-5) (Army)
Ent.: 8-17-42-Dis.: 12-5-45
Served in: Central Europe, Nor-
mandy, N. France, Rhineland.
Awarded: Good Conduct Medal,
Meritorius Unit Award, Ameri-
can Theatre Service Ribbon, EA
ME Service Ribbon.
ARNOLD, Sam W. Jr. (S-Sgt.)
(Army Air Forces)
Ert.: 12-14,43-Dis.: 9-2245
Served in: N Appenines, Po Val-
ley Air Combat Balkans, Rhine-
land, as photographer.

Awarded Air Medal with Oak
Leaf Cluster, Presidential Cita-
tion; EAME Theatre Medal Unit
with 4 Bronze Stars.
ARNOLD, James L (S-Sgt.)
(Army Air Forces)
Ent.: 5-29-42-Dis.: 6-12-45
Served in: African Campaign as
Awarded: Good Conduct Medal;
Purple heart with 1 Oak Leaf
ARNOLD, Floyd B., (Pvt.)
Ent.: 4-5--45-Dis.: 6-6-45
ARNOLD, William C. (S-2c)
Served in: Pacific Area.
ARNOLD, Billy Clay (Pfc.)
Ent.: 6-5-43-Dis.: 1-6-46
Served in: Naples; Southern
France; Rhineland; C en t r a 1
Awarded: EAME Theatre Ribbon
with 4 Bronze Stars; Good Con-
duct Medal; Victory Medal; Pur-
ple Heart; Distinguished Unit
ARNSPARGER, William Ste-
phen,, Jr. (Sgt.) (Marine 1st En-
gineer Battalion, 1st Division)
Ent.: 9-21-44 Dis.: 10-23-46
Served in: China
Awarded: Asiatic & Pacific The-
atre Ribbon, China Theatre Rib-
bon and Victory Medal.
ASHCRAFT, Joanna (S-lc)
Ent.: 8-5-44-Dis.: 4-9-46
Awarded: American Campaign
Ribbon; Victory Ribbon.
ASBURY, Eslie (Cpl.) (Army)
Served 5 years, 30 months over-
seas in European Theatre.
ASHLEY, Marion D., Colored,
(Pfc.) (Army)
Ent.: 6-3-43-Dis.: 3-346
Awarded: American    T he at r e
Ribbon; Asiatic-Pacific Theatin
Ribbon; Good Conduct Medal;
Victory Medal.
ASHLEY, George Henry. Color-
ed, (Pfc.) (Army)
Ent.: 9-29-42-Dis.: 2-27-46
Awarded: ATO Medal; Good
Conduct Medal; Victory Medal.
ASHLOCK, Garland (S-2c)
Ent.: 8-28-43-Dis.: 11-21-45
ASHURST, Freeman (Pfc.)
Ent.: 3-6-42-Dis.: 3-1-46
Awarded: Asiatic - Pacific The-
atre Ribbon, with 1 Bronze Star;
Good Conduct Ribbon; Vivtory
Medal, American Theatre Rib-
ATCHISON, Thurman Eugene
(T-5) (Army)
Ent.: 6-3-42-Dis.: 11-15-45
Served in: Normandy; Northern
France; Ardennes; Rhineland;
Central Europe.
Awarded: American    Theatre
Ribbon; Victory Medal; FAME


Theatre Ribbon with 5 Bronze
Stars; Good Conduct MedaL
AYERS, John Lee, Colored, (T-4)
Ent: 2-29-44 Dis.: 12-30-45
Awarded: Victory Medal: Ameri-
can Theatre Ribbon; EAME The-
atre Ribbon; G o o d Conduct
AYERS, John M. (Pfc.)
Ent.: 8-13-45-Dis.: 8-28-46
Awarded Victory Medal, Ameri-
can Theatre Ribbon.

BABER, Vernon Howard (Sp.
(F)3C) Navy. Entered 3-1545,
Discharged 12-12-45. Awarded
Victory Medal.
BABER, Floyd C. Pvt) Entered
6-14-41; Discharged 12-2-45.
Awarded: Victory Medal.
BARER, Floyd C. (Pvt) Entered
6-14-41; Discharged 11-24-42.
BABER, Billy G. (Pfc.) Army.
Entered 8-344; Discharged 8-30-
46.  Awarded:    Asiatic - Pacific
Theatre Ribbon with 1 Bronze
Star; Philippine Liberation Rib-
bon with I Bronze Battle Star;
Victory Medal; Good Conduct
BABER, Charles Edward (S-Sgt)
Army. Entered 8-8-44; Discharg-
ed 2-26-46. Awarded American
Theatre Ribbon, Good Conduct
Medal, Victory Medal.
BADGETT,    Wallace Edmund,
Colored. (Pfc.) Army. Entered
12-7-42; Discharged 1-1245. Ser-
ved in Normandy; Northern
France: Rhineland. Awarded EA
ME Theatre Ribbon with 5
Bronze Stars: American Theatre
Victory Medal; Good Conduct
BAILEY, Carl Sparks (Yeoman
3-c) Navy. Entered 3-27-45. Dis-
charged 7-15-46. Awarded Vic-
tory Medal, American Area Cam-
paign Medal.
BAKER, Charles Edward, Color-
ed. (Pfc.) Army. Entered 6-30-42-
Discharged 11-11-45. Served in
S i c il y, Rhineland; Southern
France; Central Europe. Award-
ed Bronze Arrowhead, Good Con-
duct Medal, EAME Ribbon with
5 Bronze Stars.
BAKER, Walter J. Colored. (Pfc.)
Army. Entered 6-30-42; Discharg-
ed 1-12-46. Awarded American
Service Medal; Victory Medal.
BAKER, Roy L. (Cpl.) Army.
Entered 3-2-42; Discharged 11-1-
45. Awarded American Theatre
of Operations Service Ribbon;
Good Conduct Medal; Victory
BAKER, Robt. W. Colored. (Sgt.)
Army.   Ent.: 6-30-42; Dis.: 11-
12 45.  Served  in   Rhineland.
Awarded EAME Theatre Ribbon
with 1 Bronze Star; Good Con-
duct Medal.


BALDWIN, Grover C. Jr. (Capt)
Army Air Corps. Entered 9-5-42;
Discharged 4-16-46. Served in
Eastern Mcndates; Air offensive
Japan.  Awarded    Marksman-
Rifle AAF Air Crew; Member
Badge (Wings Bombardier
American Theatre Ribbon; A-P
Theatre Ribbon with 2 Bronze
Stars; Victory Medal; 1 Over-
seas Service Bar.
BALDWIN, John B. (Lt.) Pilot
Navy. Entered 12-4-41; Discharg-
ed 11-2-45. Awarded American
Theatre Ribbon. EAME Theatre
BALLARD, Bland (Flc(EM)
Navy. Entered 12-9-44; Discharg-
ed 5-12-45. Awarded American
Area Ribbon; Victory Ribbon.
BALLARD, Robert Andrew (Pfc)
Army. Entered 1-30-42; Discharg-
ed 10-27-45. Awarded American
Theatre Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific
Theatre Ribbon; Good Conduct
Medal, Victory Medal; 2 Over-
seas Bars. 1 Service Stripe; Meri-
torious Unit Award.
BALLARD, Hood (Pfc.) Served
in Ardennes, Rhineland; Central
Europe. Awarded Good Conduct
Medal: Victory Medal; EAME
Theatre Ribbon wiht 3 Bronze
BALLENGEE, William A. (1-
Sgt.) Army. Entered 11--3-4-;
Discharged 11-4-45. Served in
Ardennes; Rhineland; Central
Europe: Awarded Bronze Star
Medal: American Defense Medal
EAME Theatre Ribbon, w/3
Bronze  Stars,  Good  Conduct
Medal, Victory Medal.
BANTA. Alvin (Pfc.) Army
(Inf.) Served 18 months with
1st Army in Normandy, North-
ern France, Central Europe, Ar-
dennes and Rhineland. Awarded
EAME Ribbon with 5 Bronze
BANTA, Dawson (WAVE) Navy
BANTA, James Lot (ARM3-c)
Navy. Entered 1-12-44; Discharg-
ed 4-15-46. Awarded Victory
Medal: American Area Medal;
Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Ribbon.
BANNISTER, Tilton B. (Lieut.)
Navy. Entered 7-14-42; Discharg-
ed 1-28-46. Participated in Philip-
pine, Okinawa, and Japan en-
BARBEE. Leo (Pvt.) Received
Purple Heart, wounded in France
Awarded Medal for Sharpshoot-
ing and Hand Grenade Tossing,
Good Conduct Medal, ETO Rib-
BARBEE. Herman C. (Pvt.) Ma-
chine Gunner. Entered 3-2444;
Discharged 6-28-45. Served in
German Campaign in N. France.
Awarded EAME Ribbon with 2
Battle Stars. Hospitalized in Bel-
gium and England for 2 months.

BARKLEY, Fred (T14) Army.
Entered 4-9-41; Discharged 9-20-
45. Awarded Good Conduct Me-
BARLOW, Marvin Gene (S-ic)
Navy. Entered 3-26-42; Discharg-
ed 12-30-45. Served 24 months
in S. Pacific. Awarded American
Area Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Rib-
bon, 4 Bronze and Two Silver
Stars, Victory Ribbon.
BARLOW, Marion Jay (SC3c)
Navy. Entered 6-1-43; Discharged
4-5-46. Awarded Vivtory Medal;
American Area Ribbon; Asiatic-
Pacific Theatre Ribbon with 5
Bronze Stars; Silver Star.
BARLOW, Wilson D. (T-Sgt.)
Army. Entered 7-16-42; Discharg-
ed 3-20-46. Served in India-Bur-
ma. Awarded American Theatre
Ribbon; Asiatic-Pacific Theatre
Ribbons; with 1 Bronze Star;
Good Conduct Medal; Victory
BARNES, Joshua H. Jr. (Major)
Army Air Corps. 7-12-41; Dis-
charged 2-11-46. Served in Pa-
pua Northern Solomons; East In-
dies; New Guinea; Guadalcanal;
Bismarck Archipelego. Awarded
Silver Star; Distinguished Fly-
ing Cross: Air Medal; Distin-
guished Unit Citation; Asiatic-
Pacific Theatre Ribbon; Ameri-
can Theatre Ribbon, Air Medal,
Oak Leaf   Cluster,  Pre-Pearl
Harbor Ribbon.
BARNES, Harry R. (T-5) Army.
Entered 10-27-43; Discharged 11-
3-45. Served in Normandy; Ar-
dennes: Rhineland; Central Eur-
ope: Northern France. Awarded
EAME Theatre Ribbon with 5
Bronze Stars; Good Conduct Me-
dav: Victory Medal.
BARNETT,    Jefferson  (Pfc.)
Awarded EAME Ribbon 1 Star,
American Defense Ribbon. Serv-
ed in ETO.
BARNETT, Stanley L. (Pfc.) Ma-
rines.  (Paratrooper).  Entered
12-9-42;  Discharged  6-26-45;
Wounded on Iwo Jima. Awarded
Presidential Unit Citation.
BARNETT, Eugene (T-4) Army.
Entered 4-25-41; Discharged 11-
6-45. Served in Southern Philip-
pines; Luzon, New Guinea.
Awarded Asiatic-Pacific Theatre
Ribbon with 3 Bronze Stars;
American  Theatre   Ribbon;
American Defense Service Med-
al: Philippine Liberation Ribbon
with 2 Bronze Stars; Good Con-
duct Medal: Victory Medal.
BARNETT. Jefferson (Pfc.) Serv-
ed in ETO. Awarded EAME Rib-
bon with I Star, American De-
fense Ribbon.
BARR, Robert Daniel (Lt. JG)
Navy. Entered 5-4-43; Discharg-
ed 1-15-46. Awarded American
Theatre Ribbon; Asiatic-Pacific
Theatre Ribbon.


BARR, William J. Jr. (T-Sgt.)
Army   Entered  7-30-42;  Dis-
charged 3-16-46. Awarded Ameri-
can Theatre Ribbon Asiatic-Pa-
cific Theatre Ribbon; Good Con-
duct Medal; Victory Medal.
BARR, Ruth (Lt.) Army Nurses
Corps. Served in Africa.
BATES, B. Jr. (T-Sgt.) Army.
Entered 12-4-42; Discharged 11-
3-45. Served in Northern France,
Central Europe. Awarded Euro-
pean African Middle Eastern Ser-
vice Medal; Good Conduct MedaL
BAXTER, John F. (Pvt.) Enter-
ed 1-25-42; Dis. 5-2-46. Awarded
Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Ribbon
with 2 Bronze Stars, Philippine
Liberation Ribbon with 1 Bronze
Star, Victory Medal, Bronze Ar-
BECRAFT , Ralph Hunter, (Y-
2c) Navy. Entered 2-24-44 train-
ed at Great Lakes, Served at
Pearl Harbor and Guam. Arrived
back in States Dec. 10th 1945.
Re-enlisted. Awarded A-P Rib-
bon with I star; Victory Ribbon;
American Theatre Ribbon and,
Good Conduct Medal.
BEDINGER, Robert,     Colored.
(Pfc.) Army. Ent.: 1-8-43; Dis-
charged  12-30-45.  Served  in
Rhineland. Awarded European
African Middle Eastern Theatre
Ribbon with I Bronze Service
Star, American Theatre Ribbon,
Good  Conduct Medal,   Victory
BEDINGER,    Perry.   Colored,
(Pvt.) Army. Ent.: 5-13-41; Dis-
charged 10-8-45. Served in Lu-
zon; New Guinea. Awarded Asi-
atic-Pacific Theatre Ribbon with
2 Bronze Stars, American De-
fense Service Medal, Philippine
Liberation Ribbon with 1 Bronze
Star. Good Conduct Medal.
BEEDING, Thomas (Pfc.) Ma-
rine Signal Corps. Served 31
months in South Pacific, Guadal-
canal, New Britain, and Pelieu.
BELL, Harold Eugene (2nd Lt.)
Pilot, Army Air Corps. Entered
4-15-43; Discharged 10-11-45.
BELL, Dudley, Colored. (Pvt.)
Army.  Enter