xt7v154dpw6c https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7v154dpw6c/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19770930 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, September 30, 1977, no. 197 text The Green Bean, September 30, 1977, no. 197 1977 2014 true xt7v154dpw6c section xt7v154dpw6c 1 HE GREEN B N  
750 77 . 1 é
""""""' JA) E_!\i§i!\_{§ _
30 September - Administrative Council Meeting - Gallery,  
8:30 AM  
2 October - The Chamber Music Society of Central Kentucky _
- Trio d’anohes, Cologne - Memorial Hall,
8:l5 PM {see note)
6-8 October - KLA meeting at Covington {see notes)
7 October - The Gallery Series - Gordon Cole, flute - Noon
_ in the Gallery, King Library North
28-31 October - Seminar in Graphic Design and Fine Print Competition
at the King Library Press
Current Exhibits: Foyer, King Library North - A Tribute to
Vladimir Nabokov. Also display of Recent Acquisitions (through
October). Gallery - Department of Special Collections, Selections
from the Garrett L. Withers Collection (through October l0). See
notes regarding new displays.
Contributors to this number; Cynthia Bott, Gwen Curtis, David
Farrell, John Gray, Larry Greenwood, Faith Mardmin, Linda Newman,
Claire McCann (Editorb KaySaillard and Paul Willie.

 k —t-_jA‘£'énf” i V  
Terry Warth, Special Collections, will be the guest editor for
the Green Bean for the next two issues, October 7 and l4.
p Deadlines for each number will be 4 PM Wednesday, October 5
j and October l2.
Personnel Committee Meets
I met with the l977~78 Personnel Committee on September 14.
The role of the Personnel Committee as given in the procedures
document is to assist the Director in the identification,
recruitment and selection of new library faculty. The Committee
also serves as a representative group of staff with whom the
candidates can meet when they come to interview on campus.
It is the responsibility of the Committee to provide the —
Director with a recommendation on each candidate; the final
decision is made by the Director after consultation with the
y Committee and other appropriate staff members. Decisions are
made on a ’consensus' basis.
Known vacancies at this time are the Assistant Director
for Public Servies, beginning Reference position, and the
Instructional Services position in Reference which is presently
filled on an interim basis. ·~P.W.
Staff Development Committee Meets
The Staff Development Committee had its first meeting Wednesday,
September 2l, Send your suggestions for programs to Mollie
Sandock, the chairperson, King Reference Department (7—l63l), or
one of the following committee members: B. Baldini, C. Bott,
J. Gatewood, F. Harders, R. Harleston, T. Keller, L. Shrewsbury.
Map Collection Looking for Old Maps_of Lexington
In an effort to complete our collection of Chamber of Commerce
and AAA maps of Lexington, we are offering to exchange a 1977
Chamber of Commerce map of Lexington for any maps not already
in our collection.
If you have any of the maps listed below which you would like i
to exchange for a new map, please bring them to Gwen Curtis  
in the Map Collection, 40l MIK South. {
l) Chamber of Commerce maps needed: prior to 1950, l95l~l954, i
l958-l96l, l963, l966—l967, l969~l97l. g
2) AAA maps needed; prior to l969/70, l973/74.
3) Any Lexington map not already in our collection.

Three New Displays
The Department of Special Collections has recently mounted
three new displays. Six recent acquisitions of note are
included in the exhibit. Five of the volumes are from a
collection of 147 volumes valued at several thousand dollars
that are the gift of Dr. and Mrs. Thornton Scott of Lexington. l
The display includes 2 volumes of a handsome 8~volume edition
of Audubon”s Birds of America, ldlu, with 500 hand—colored
lithograph platesT~W`"W*`nWM”
The Nabokov display is selected from the many books written
by a man who was one of America's great writers in the
twentieth century. Nabokov was a Russian emigre who mastered 3
the English language, The exhibit includes Pnin, Lolita and *
Speak, Memory, tributes from a former student of his—at
Wellesley and from Guy Davenport. 1
~ `
Selections from the Garrett L. Withers Collection include
photographs. letters, scrapbooks and memorabilia from his
Papers which were recently donated to the Library by Mrs. R. B.
Griffith of Lexington, daughter of the late Senator Withers.
Mr. Withers, a native of Webster county. served as Kentucky
Highway Commissioner from l947 until l949, when he was
appointed by Governor Clements to fill the U. S. Senate vacancy
created by the resignation of Alban W. Barkley. He later
served two terms in the House of Representatives.
firm   ‘
Sorry we can not help you with that, but we can help you pass
your time in another way. The Circulation Department needs
assistance with making a small move in the stacks. We need
to have one hour of your working time on Tuesday, October ll
to work with a team of four people. Contact either Carla
Basanta, Roxanne Jones. or Gary Stottlemyer in the Circulation
Department to sign up.
Ts]-s@h¤¤s N¤eE¤s¤’>S  
Please note that the two telephone numbers for Cataloging are
257—383l and 3-2729. If Cataloging is being called from off-
campus at 3~2729, the call must go through the University
Operator. lf you call 253~2729 you will reach a man in
Versailles who will not be happy to hear from you.
Faculty Committee Changes
Andrea Bryant will be serving on the Services Planning Committee
and Nancy Whitmire will be working on the Personnel Planning

I§EIllll1§_tlJl3&¤Ll‘tl¥\_&>tQl£l.'§‘t it @53%
The Conference opens Thursday, October 5 and continues through
Saturday morning, October St All meetings will he held at the
Drawbridge Motor Inn, IWVS at Buttermilk Pike exit, Fort Mitchell
near Covington, Kentucky; A oopy of tbe program may be obtained
from the Editor, {Anyone neemlug a rioe to KLA on Thursday,
October 6 should contest lsa;1ea ‘“_. Timherleke or Patricia Renfr0.]
§P£9E€w€£lEE§El;t;_; ....
The Special Libreryes Section of EL3 is planning a European
Tour for l9FG. It will be open to all ILA members and their
immediate famlliesl To help pay for the expenses of making
arrangements, the SLB will Q -·e, selling mugs {$3900) and pots
($3,50) during the nhs Fall Meetingu in additiony special
orders will he taht. for any pots or mugs you would like i
personalizeo {5,FO extra on each ltemjt Buy a POT or MUG and
§_ee¤  M ; i i<2a   -’¢a e 2  
The Special LFbrerles Set; on wlll have its Luncheon on l
Friday, October 7, E2 noon during the FLA Fall Meeting at the l
Drawbriige Motor Inu, Ft, mitihellv Hentnoryl The featured
spea}*;;‘a§;;;E,s;gi; jioigj k;—?·_‘rJ5,‘w .’‘- eel m;ega;z.,i_n<;l Mr  Qdlate will relate his
experiences as l;»» = librarian for a national news magazine in
a talk gntltlao "The Special Lihrarian in the News(" Tickets
for the luncheon may he purchased ~ while they last ··~· during
registration for Sbnsum
University Training and Development periodically otrers a short
(approx. QC min!} course on dealing with the public ~_‘. over the
telephonet Although it is not soheanled for this fallp it there T
is sufficient interest in the Library, they will schedule a ]
special program for usb One staff member has expressed an
. interest in having this presented. If anyone else would be
interested in attending such a session, please let Faith Harders
know sometlme next week, and it we have a sufficient i».‘ lumber? l
it will he scheduledi l
QL/llllliil MU;  ,     T  
The l977 ·—Kv l978 season opens october 2 with an appt ·nnce of the »
Trio d'anches, Cologne, a German wtvdwind arsemhle, who »Lll
perform music by Mozart, Poultncv Martlnotn and Redel, on
Jctober 23, the Piedmont Chamltr Orchestra will mart its
first Lexington performanoe. This small O;LHQSKTh was
established in 2968 ty a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation
and was createo, prlmarily: to serve audienoes in the sooth~
eastern states. The Marlboro Trl; will appear January 22 with
a program of Mayan, Dvorak enc Hdioll in March, Trio olaccordo,

r an American string group, will play. The season closes April 9,
with the Zagreb Quartet. For additional information contact
Professor H. Wetzel, 320 Sycamore Road, Lex ngton, Ky., 40562.
Instruction for Effective Bibliographic Research in Anthropology
and History which is part of the American Society for Enthohistory
meeting, is scheduled to meet October l4, in Chicago.
Predicasts Training Seminars will meet October 27-28 in Cleveland.
For additional information see Faith Harders.
Barbara Galik will be joining the Reference staff in early »
October. Ms. Galik has a B.A. in Russian from Notre Dame, ` I
and her M.A. in Russian Literature and an MLS from the
University of Illinois where she worked for three years in
the Special Languages section of the Library. I
Data Process Clerk l8 —— Acquisitions p
If interested, see Faith Harders. j
Professional Vacancy
The University has received a two year NEH grant for the j
establishment of an Appalachian Center. Included in the I
grant is money for a half—time bibliographer whose primary j
responsibility will be building a collection of materials 3
to support the University's Appalachian oriented activities. Q
Additional duties will involve working with faculty, pre- ¥
paring appropriate subject guides and bibliographies, and Q
working on a computer—compiled bibliography of University I
resources on Appalachia. ·
The position will be a half—time, two year professional Q
appointment in the Department of Special Collections and will I
carry with it an annual minimum salary of $4,750. A MLS is
required. Interested people should send a letter of application
and a resume to Faith Harders; the application deadline is
October l4, l977.
Andrew W. Mellon Director of the Research Libraries, The New
York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations,
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York, New York lOOl8.
Anticipated Appointment Date: January l, l978. Application
Deadline: November l, l977. Salary: Commensurate with
experience and qualifications.

 ~#‘ ·-4.»
. ~6··
r I
Assistant Engineering Librarian, Purdue University Libraries L
and Audio—Visual Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette,
Indiana, 47907. Deadline for Applications: November 16, 1977.
Salary: $12,000 or more depending on qualifications.
Assistant Social Studies Librarian, Morris Library, Southern
Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois 62901.
Available: December 19, 1977. Application Deadline: November 1,
1977. Salary: Will depend on education and experience with
minimum for assistant professor of $l4,400,